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Volume 1: Chapter 67:




Qin Yi hits with Rasengan the Kazekage directly, but the body of the Kazekage has

turned into sand.

“it Does Sand Clone?” Qin Yi thought and raises his head.

On the other side of the tree pole, the Kazekage was printing.

“Earth Release: Sand Whip Technique!”

A long sand whip tied up Qin Yi’s neck and then threw him aside.


The sound of the wind was whistling in Qin Yi’s ear, he took a Kunai with his right

hand and cut the sand whip.

“No wonder you are the Kazekage your reaction is really fast.”Qin Yi said.

” I admire your power, Qin Kage! but Who are you?” The Kazekage shouted

He is really jealous of Qin Yi’s strength, only a few minutes and he saw tricks that

make him shocked. Both of them performed very perfectly, even deceiving each other

several times, but still, none of them took the superiority.

“you remember the army in the forest of Konoha about four months ago?”

Qin Yi said that and his eyes were suddenly changed at this moment and became

Sharingan with three Tomoe.

“The weak army? Is this?! Sharingan, are you Uchiha?” The Kazekage shocked and


“Uchiha? Hehe.” Qin Yi smiled and changed his eyes to Mangekyō Sharingan


” you asked for this battle! I’ll show you h.e.l.l” Qin Yi said and his figure disappeared.

The Kazekage’s eyes narrowed, almost instantaneous, and Qin Yi’s figure appeared


” Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!”

a fireball that was big enough to have a diameter of 30 meters crashed down.

The Kazekage leaped high and his hands were printing.

” Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

The Kazekage formed a water barrier in front of him blocking the fireball.

However, soon, Qin Yi’s pa.s.sed over the fireball and leaped to the top of the


“You can’t escape, Kazekage sama, today, you will die!” Qin Yi said and he printed so


“Explosion release: Explosion Storm!”

“Puff puff!”

Instantly, this technique has a wide range, all the big trees beside them were burst.

In this explosion, The Kazekage quickly jumped, and his eyes were shocked at the


“This kid is so strong!”

On the other side, the Mizukage that fought with the three generals saw this scene, and

his eyes narrowed, he shocked from Qin Yi’s strength.

“The Kazekage is in a bad situation.”

The Kazekage was leaping so fast trying to rival Qin Yi.

Qin Yi looks cold and calm.

In his Mangekyou Sharingan vision, The Kazekage’s movements were clear like a

slow motion.

“Kazekage, you don’t have to run away. Under these eyes, you have no way out!” light

words from Qin Yi made the Kazekage shocked after a jump he stopped and he said.

“You who such eyes, I have never heard about you.”

“I’ve always kept my secrets abilities.” Qin Yi said.

Then, he raised his eyebrows: “did the Kazekage sama give up?”

“Give up? Haha, how can it be? a Kazekage, how can I be defeated with the hands of a

stinky boy! ” With a big laugh and his eyes were glowing with kill intent.

He realized the power of Qin Yi, but he didn’t think that he could easily kill him.

In other words, even if they don’t understand each other, this battle is still seeming a

battle equivalent!

Anyone could die!

The two stared at each other, their hands hanging on their sides without expression.

It’s like two cowboys pointing at each other with guns, waiting to shoot.

The Mangekyou Sharingan of Qin Yi was rotated, and he suddenly moved his hands to


At the moment he moved, the Kazekage leaped toward him to hit him with the right


The Taijutsu’s speed can be much faster than the speed of the seal. Qin Yi was forced

to stop the seal and his body shape leaped toward the side.

At the moment he leaped, the print of the ninjutsu of the Kazekage had already been


“Wind Release: Cast Net”

He saws the big net that came to him, Qin Yi stepped forward. After and he

disappeared directly.

“So fast!” The Kazekage was shocked by the speed of Qin Yi, which is almost

equivalent to teleportation.


In the blur, Qin Yi’s body appeared behind him with Rasengan appeared in his right



The Kazekage did not turn around or dodge it and Rasengan was directly penetrated

into his body.

Qin Yi surprised by this scene, the Kazekage responds in the last instant.

But at the same time, the Kazekage cannot understand how could Qin Yi use such

technique without seals and with such power.

“This Technique !!” The Kazekage was shocked the tree behind him exploded.

“without hand seals Ninjutsu!!” He was injured but not that serious injury, he responds

quickly to avoid death.

“It’s really a Kazekage, even my tactic couldn’t kill him.” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

” Boy your strength beyond my expectations, you surprised me.” The Kazekage said.

” But it’s not that easy for you to kill me.”

“Why don’t we bury this hostility for now, and we’ll take care of this later.” the

Kazekage said. However, Qin Yi did not intend to let him go it is his opportunity to

revenge and for rapid rises that happened by accident.

War is a bad choice, but there is no doubt that war is one of the most efficient ways of

rapid expansion.

“Wouldn’t it be easy to kill you?” As soon as Qin Yi smirked and his eyes rotated.

“Actually, it’s very simple!”

The Kazekage changed, and he saw black flames in front of him.

At this time, what Qin Yi looked at was exactly where he was.

“what is this?!”

When he saw the fire, he responds quickly and hurriedly dodged it, but he couldn’t

save his right hand.

” it can’t be extinguished!”

he hit the tree pole with his burning hand but without avail.

During this period, the five major powers have no relations with each other, they only

heard about each other’s reputations rather than have information about each other’s


For Qin Yi, this is useful.

This lack of information, let the Kazekage lost in this moment.


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