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Volume 4: Chapter 30: The Beast

Urahara Kisuke was shocked, and his excitement was overwhelming.

Qin Yi’s Zanpakuto felt the Hogyoku’s power. He had a hunch that the Zanpakuto is more perfect than the Hogyoku.

“Are you both concerned about the power of Hogyoku?”

Qin Yi took back his Zanpakuto, slowly inserted it into the scabbard, and asked with a smile.

The main plot of anime bleach was around the Hogyoku, its powers are magnificent.

Overbearing Power, Desire Materialization, the ability to absorb the desires of those around it and manifest them into reality, the Hōgyoku instinctively protects its master by healing its master’s injuries. What’s more terrifying is that when the master’s ability reaches its limit or its life is threatened, it can make the master break the limit, an endless evolution to the next level!

When Urahara Kisuke discovered the power of Hōgyoku, he felt that he could help the s.h.i.+nigami to break through the boundary of Hollow evolution. It was not truly an ability of the Hōgyoku itself. the orb took on this property because it is what Kisuke Urahara desired when he invented it,.

After Aizen went to Hueco Mundo, he broke down the Hollow s.h.i.+nigami boundary using Hogyoku, he established the Arrancar regiment, controlled Hueco Mundo.

“This Zanpakuto had the power to feel the Hogyoku, what about its ability?”

Urahara Kisuke murmured in shock.

“If what you have Hogyoku, then my Zanpakuto has all his properties.”

“And beyond!”

Qin Yi said.

The words that he uttered shocked Urahara.

In the legend, the sword possessed by the king of the underworld had its ability to break the limit of Hogyoku. It was so terrifying rumor that he could not even imagine it was true, and he could see it in person.

“too frightening!”

Muttering to himself, Urahara Kisuke was already confused.

After a while, he sighed and looked at Qin Yi.

“I didn’t think that anyone would awake such a Zanpakuto!”

“But, are you sure you can control this Zanpakuto?”

His eyes are extremely solemn.

such a powerful Zanpakuto requires his master to have much willpower. Ordinary Zanpakuto requires a lot, let alone this is Hades Zanpakuto who has no s.h.i.+kai nor Bankai! It is like a beast without a rein. Once it is wandering in the wild, no one knows what the consequences will be.

At that time, no one knows whether that Qin Yi controls the Zanpakuto or the Zanpakuto controls him!

“Are you sure?”

Qin Yi looked indifferent.

“Who knows?”

he said with a casual tone, he held his Zanpakuto handle, his eyes flashed sharply.

” there’s a first time for everything!” all of them stunned before his majesty, and then they were silent.

The Zanpakuto also recognized its master, without sufficient power, the Zanpakuto will not awaken.

“You have such a Zanpakuto, even if you can only use it for a few seconds, it is still powerful enough and has extremely destructive power!”

“However, I still want to know how much you can control it!” Urahara Kisuke took a breath and said in a deep tone.

“Want to know its power?” Qin Yi raised his eyebrows, grinning from the corner of his mouth.

“That’s not a good idea. I think anyone who wants to see his power will regret it!”

“And, I don’t seem to have said, I can master its power perfectly!”

Urahara Kisuke was startled, a little speechless.

He stared at the weird Zanpakutu with fear in his heart.

“So, what can I help you?”

Qin Yi didn’t hesitate this time, he directly said: “I want to go to Hueco Mundo.”

When Urahara showed doubt in his eyes, he explained.

“I need to verify this Zanpakuto and my new strength.”

” my new strength is the best place!”

Urahara Kisuke understood.

“Well, you have done such a big thing in Soul Society. The Soul Reapers are probably searching for you everywhere. It is a good thing to hide in Hueco Mundo!” The two men set out without delay.

After searching for a secluded place, Urahara tore a crack in the sky.

the black and red light glowed in the crack, like the mouth of a wild beast, revealing an ominous atmosphere.

“You go in quickly, the method of coming back is the same as I did just now, you should have learned it.”

Urahara Kisuke said in a deep tone.

He wanted to follow Qin Yi, but Li Yuanli’s mask practice was at the most critical period and he couldn’t leave him alone.

Qin Yi nodded, pressed his Zanpakuto, stepped into the pa.s.sage, and disappeared suddenly.

“This kid enters Hueco Mundo, I’m afraid it will cause a violent shock to that s.p.a.ce!”

With the power of the King of h.e.l.l, if he goes on a rampage, Urahara Kisuke believed that even if it is Vasto Lorde the first rank dude, it can’t resist!

Suddenly, Urahara Kisuke’s whole body was shaken.

“That’s it?!” He

turned his eyes quickly and looked towards the sky in the northwest.

Cracks appeared there, and several dark shadows flashed out quickly, the person looked hideous, and his eyes revealed a heavy murderous intent.

” Kenpachi Chengdui!!”

“He is still alive!”

Urahara Kisuke was shocked.

” those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Technological Development Department must have done it, and only they have a way to resurrect this beast.”

His eyes flashed, Urahara Kisuke lowered his hat, and his eyes became extraordinarily solemn.

Besides Qin Yi, Chengdui was also a terrifying guy that was difficult to deal with.

“All the Methods of s.h.i.+nigami, including Kido, Zanpakuto, kendo, he is proficient in almost all of them and has achieved ultimate!”

“such a beast!”

More terrible What’s more, Urahara Kisuke had already felt that this guy was about to break the boundary between s.h.i.+nigami and Hollow only by his own strength in the previous short-term confrontations with each other.

It is shocking, he has never seen a s.h.i.+nigami reach this state! His talent made Urahara a little frightened.

As he walked along, Urahara quickly hid, silently observing the actions of the gang of Chengdui.

“They must have come to look for Qin Yi. Fortunately, he has already gone to the Hueco Mundo.”

“Otherwise, with Qin Yi’s just awakened state of Hades, I’m afraid it’s not the opponent of Chengdui with all his strength.”

Urahara had a clear concept of the strength of both sides.

The last battle between Qin Yi and Kenpachi Chengdui was an exception weird battle.


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