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Chapter 1029: Top Princ.i.p.ality of Emperor Xia’s Realm

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Xiao Sheng, Xiao Clan’s pulse, Princess Xiao’s nephew, Xiao Qingyuan’s cousin.

Never mind his G.o.d-given talent, just this status alone was something few could match in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Emperor Xia was his uncle by marriage.

This kind of background was enough to be the envy in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Seeing that Ye Futian had arrived, Xiao Sheng smiled and said, ” I have long heard of the name of Brother Ye, so I invited you to come together to get to know you, and your reputation was not in vain; please take a seat.”

“You are overly kind,” Ye Futian nodded and greeted in return, then the servant girl took him to a seat to settle down, and Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen and the others sat down next to him. This time the three saints. such as Yaya, did not come. He did not want to bother them with everything, so he would rather spend time on the road.

After Ye Futian sat down he glanced at the others in the other direction, and heard a cold voice that spoke, “A mere imperial bodyguard, what qualification does he have to be seated as the main guest? Young master Xiao is too kind to him.”

Ye Futian looked at the person who spoke, and saw Fengxiao and the Mo Li of Lihen Heaven, but the person who spoke was not neither one of them, but a cultivator who sat below them. The disciples of Lihen Heaven were sitting in the main position, and those other ones were sitting in the second place faintly seemed to be led by Lihen Heaven.

Lihen Heaven being the first holy land of Sword Way, had many powerful connections within Emperor Xia’s Realm, and was also the first choice of swordsmen in Emperor Xia’s Realm. Many swordsmen who were able to enter Lihen Heaven to cultivate were themselves quite extraordinary, born of holy princ.i.p.alities, such as Pei Qianying, who was from Jueying Palace.

The grudge between Ye Futian and Lihen Heaven would be commented on by those who were attached to Lihen Heaven, which was to be expected.

Ye Futian didn’t even bother to respond, but Yu Sheng turned his attention and glanced indifferently at the person who spoke, “He’s the palace lord of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Nine States under Emperor Xia’s jurisdiction, Barren State that rules all Nine States. What of you?”

The man stared at Yu Sheng, only to see the arrogance in his eyes, revealing a strong oppressive force, which made it difficult for the others to look him straight in the eyes. There was a faint aurora of the sword in his eyes, and he did not avert his gaze from Yu Sheng, “This is the Upper Worlds, not the lower Nine States.”

“What about the Upper Worlds?” Yu Sheng was now full of great and intimidating demonic magic and said, “Little mice who needed the intervention of saints to save their puny lives dare to make a sound?”

“You…” the man looked awkward, but was unable to refute.

In the battle of that day, if it was not because the Sword Saint of Liyang intervened, the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven could really have been finished there.

He turned around and looked at Fengxiao and Mo Li, but all he heard was Fengxiao’s indifference, saying, “Shut up.”

The man looked pale; he had wanted to avenge Lihen Heaven with his words, but he had messed up and ended up being humiliated by Yu Sheng.

All the cultivators from Lihen Heaven looked terribly.

The rest of the people were looking at Yu Sheng. This must have been the person who had crushed Lu Cheng previously.

He had also followed Ye Futian to break through the Ninth Layer of Heaven together and entered the Jiutian Ranking.

“Today is my grandfather’s birthday banquet, so I invited everyone for a get together and get to know each other. There is no need to hurt each other’s feelings.” Xiao Sheng said gracefully and was full of smiles.

“How about young master Xiao introduce to Palace Lord Ye the guests of today,” Fengxiao did not continue the attack toward Ye Futian, she knew that she wouldn’t win. After all, now the combative power between Ye Futian and Yu Sheng probably far surpa.s.s her, unless senior brother w.a.n.g Chuan would come down from the mountain.

Right now, Lu Cheng was cultivating hard under w.a.n.g Chuan, trying to comprehend the power that was below Saint Plane, probably because he wanted a chance to avenge the humiliation he suffered before.

“Sure,” Xiao Sheng nodded, “there is no need for me to introduce brother Ye, as you are well known to everyone. I will introduce to you the people who are present today.”

As Xiao Sheng was speaking, he looked at the person in the direction of his left. There was a young man with an outstanding temperament, whose skin was as delicate as that of a woman. He wore a simple robe, with very beautiful hand, and ten long fingers. His eyes were full of spirits.

“You must have heard of the Eight Sacred Generals in Emperor Xia’s Realm? This is the son of Sacred General Yin, Yin Yan.” Xiao Sheng introduced. Ye Futian nodded slightly. He had learned of the Eight Sacred Generals not long ago. The eight sectors of the Emperor Xia were ruled by eight Sacred Generals, they were the main force under the Emperor Xia.

The eight sectors were heaven, earth, Qian, Kun, Dou, Monster, Yin, and Asura.

The Eight Sacred Generals were extremely powerful, and they were all stand at the top of Saint Plane, fighting for Emperor Xia and defending the Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Yin Yan was very beautiful and smiled and nodded at Ye Futian.

“Gongsun Zhong, of Divine Cloud Valley.” Xiao Sheng introduced another person to the right, the premier armorer of Emperor Xia’s Realm, the valley master of Divine Cloud Valley was surnamed Gongsun. Gongsun family was the most direct line of descendants of Divine Cloud Valley, so there was no need to further explain the importance of Gongsun Zhong’s status.

“Gu Mu, of Jiutian Temple,” Xiao Sheng pointed to Gu Mu.

“We have met,” Gu Mu smiled and nodded slightly to Ye Futian, as if he paid no mind to the death of Pei Qianying. Jiutian Temple was the top force in Emperor Xia’s Realm, and Gu Mu was the heir apparent of Jiutian Temple. He would never lightly become the enemy of a man who had infinite potential. In the past, Pei Qianying cultivated at Lihen Heaven days, just to deal with Ye Futian of the Lower Worlds, so he was naturally on his side.

But now, Pei Qianying was a lost cause and Jueying Palace was destroyed. Why would he stand up against Ye Futian because of a dead man?

“Xuanyuan Palace, Xuanyuan,” Xiao Sheng continued to introduce, Ye Futian looked at a strapping young man who wore an impressive golden robe.

The other also glanced at him, his eyes showing neither surprise nor awe. From those eyes, Ye Futian could see an extremely strong pride without concealing it.

Ye Futian thought of the introduction of Xuanyuan Palace in the books, and was not surprised.

Xuanyuan Palace. Now Emperor Xia’s Realm stood at the top of the power, but an even more brilliant past belonged to the history that was Xuanyuan Palace; once upon a time the descendants of Xuanyuan Emperor were the real descendants of Renhuang, the Renhuang that was before Emperor Xia.

It was only after the fall of the Xuanyuan Emperor, that the Xuanyuan Clan went into decline, but even so, the name of Xuanyuan was still extremely respectable.

“There is no need for me to introduce Lihen Heaven.” Xiao Sheng smiled and pointed to a young man clad in Taoist garb decorated with yin and yang fish. The appearance of this young man was unremarkable, his eyes were long and narrow, giving an impression of shrewdness. Before Xiao Sheng could make the introduction, the young man took the initiative and smiled at Ye Futian, “Tianji Pavilion, Mo Wen.”

If Jueying Sword Saint and Pei Qianying were still alive, they would surely recognize this young man, who was the one who traveled to the Jueying Palace to convey the news about Ye Futian.

Tianji Pavilion had always been at peace with the world, only focused on seeking profits, therefore the name Mo Wen was not well known.

But in fact, he knew very well about Ye Futian, and it could even be said that he was the person who knew the most about Ye Futian, beside Emperor Xia and Xiao Qingyuan. Prior to this, he was the one responsible for tracking the news of Ye Futian in the Lower Worlds.

“Qin Palace, Qin Bai.” Xiao Sheng introduced the person who was at the last seat. There was another person next to Qin Bai, Qin Qi, whom Ye Futian had met once upon a time at the Jiutian Temple, on the battle platform, defeated by his third senior brother. His strength was extraordinary, and he sat next to Qin Bai.

After Ye Futian heard the introductions by Xiao Sheng, he thought that it was little wonder why that Lihen Heaven sympathizer made those sarcastic comments about his lack of qualifications to sit at the head of the table.

Those who were introduced were all the people who were currently at the peak of the Emperor Xia’s Realm, the son of one of the Eight Sacred Generals, the descendent of Divine Cloud Valley, and the descendant of Renhuang of Xuanyuan Palace.

He was conferred as the imperial bodyguard of the princess, and what it really meant was that Emperor Xia was protecting him, but he could also be said to be just a imperial bodyguard, and even though a imperial bodyguard of the princess was quite a respectable t.i.tle, but it was dependent on in whose company.

On such an occasion as today, even the t.i.tle as the imperial bodyguard of the Princess seemed rather mediocre.

Fengxiao deliberately asked Xiao Sheng to introduce these people seeming also to intend as such, so that Ye Futian would know just in whose company he was in.

Not just their origin alone, but the strength of the people presented, such as Xiao Sheng, Xuanyuan Ao, Qin Bai, Gongsun Zhong, were acknowledged by the public of the Upper Worlds to be those who were the most powerful just beneath the Saint Plane, well known by the young people in the Upper Worlds. It was just that as a newcomer Ye Futian was only familiar with the top powerful figures and didn’t pay too much attention to the younger generation, so he was unfamiliar with them.

“Brother Ye is now the palace lord of a holy land, and also the imperial bodyguard to the princess. In due course, you will thrive and succeed, and perhaps one day, you will be at the position of the Eight Sacred Generals.” Xiao Sheng smiled at Ye Futian, “but my cousin the princess is arrogant and solitary with unparalleled talent. I am afraid that Brother Ye would not have an easy time next to the princess.”

“The princess has a straightforward personality. Suppose there is a chance to cultivate under the princess, it should not be difficult to get along.” Ye Futian responded. Although this is what he said, but he knew that he would never cultivate next to Xiao Qingyuan. As incompetent as the two of them were, Xiao Qingyuan probably would never cultivate in peace.

“Get along?” Xiao Sheng was a bit shocked upon hearing Ye Futian’s words, but he only smiled and said nothing, just gave Ye Futian a deep look.

“It’s so lively here?” A light laughter came through, just the sound alone made those who heard it felt their hearts jumped slighted, it was full of wonderful charm.

Many knew who it was without looking, but of course, no one would not want to look at who was coming.

Every one’s attention turned to the voice and saw a woman wearing a thin, blue, long dress walking over slowly. In an instant, she became the absolute focus, as if she was the only person in this s.p.a.ce.

Her features were picturesque with an airy figure, her movement was elegant and ethereal like a fairy. When she smiled, it was as she was the only woman in the world.

“Most of us present today are men, and in the presence of the fairy, the rest of the world dimmed in comparison,” Xiao Sheng smiled.

Ye Futian’s gaze also fell on the woman, and he admired silently, what an unearthly beauty.

He instantly thought of another force, Yaotai Divine Palace.

According to the books, the palace lord of Yaotai Divine Palace was a woman whose beauty could rival Queen Xiao. To be considered a compet.i.tion with the first beauty of Emperor Xia’s Realm was enough to see just how outstanding her beauty was.

Of course, the woman who appeared at this moment was not the palace lord of Yaotai Divine Palace, but the current reigning Yaotai Virgin, Yao Xi.

Many people in Emperor Xia’s Realm had said that in the future, Yao Xi could very well become the first beauty in the Emperor Xia’s Realm, so one could imagine the extent of her beauty.

Ye Futian looked at Yao Xi, and saw Yao Xi looked at the crowd, and then linger a moment on Ye Futian, and gave him a smile. Her extremely beautiful eyes seemed to wield wonderful charms that seemed to make one sinking inside her enchanting beauty, which gave out a sense of purity.


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