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1596 The Return

In the City of the Ruins, cultivators were still coming one after another.

At the moment, a group of people entered the City of the Ruins. They were from the Yuanyang Realm, one of the realms belonging to the outer region of the Imperial Realm. Similar to the Tianhe Realm, it was not too far away from the Central Imperial Realm and was covered within the boundary of the Central Imperial Realm.

One could have said that the Yuanyang Realm was actually a branch of the superpower that was the Imperial Realm.

Many years ago, a super-powerful pillar of a figure emerged from the Yuanyang Realm, who was its Region Lord. Later, he was not satisfied with the Yuanyang Realm alone, so he warred and conquered all that was in his sight. He eventually arrived at the Central Imperial Realm. Once there, he was a force to be reckoned with. He was the founder of the Yuanyang Clan, which was now the top clan of the Central Imperial Realm. It dominated the area.

When the family first came from the Lower Worlds, they did not have great numbers. Thus, Emperor Yuanyang absorbed cultivators from the Lower World but still did not abandon his control over the Yuanyang Realm. He continued to absorb cultivators from the Yuanyang Clan. Now, many years later, the Yuanyang Clan had grown into a superpower in the Central Imperial Realm.

Bamboo Emperor was a Renhuang from the Yuanyang Realm. He had started his own clan in Yuanyang Realm. They had also come to the City of Ruins to fight for an opportunity for their younger progeny.

The daughter of the Bamboo Emperor, Zhu Qi, was greatly gifted with talent. While she was cultivating in the Yuanyang Realm, she was already well-known. She once cultivated at Yuanyang Palace. The Palace Lord of Yuanyang Palace was from the Yuanyang Clan in the Imperial Realm.

“Here we are.” In front of the group, the Bamboo Emperor said, “Yuanyang Palace should have already arrived, so let’s go there.”

As long as they were in contact with Yuanyang Palace, the Yuanyang Clan would send someone to bring some of them into G.o.d’s relic.

Many cultivators had their own ways of entering G.o.d’s relic. The Bamboo Emperor from the Yuanyang Realm was no exception.

Everyone nodded. The group continued to sail across the void, heading toward the City of the Ruins.

“Are they going to Yuanyang Palace?” In the crowd, Black Wind Condor’s eyes were swollen. He blinked and said, “My master is already in the City of the Ruins and knows that I am coming. If my master takes you into the ruins, and you serve my master well, he will make you as happy as a lark.”

The woman glanced down at Black Wind Condor and said, “It seems that I was too easy on you. There will be many other cultivators on this trip into the City of the Ruins. It would be useless to keep you around. It’s much better if we just roast you and eat you for a meal.”

The Black Wind Condor shrunk his head and whispered, “How cold. After all, we have been kind of intimate.”

“Don’t think I’m reluctant to kill you.” A murderous intention permeated throughout Zhu Qi’s body. When that b.a.s.t.a.r.d met her, he was accustomed to talking trash. He often teased and flirted with her, so she tamed him and made him her mount. The indisputable truth was that that the Black Wind Condor was very powerful. Even though his state was not superior to hers, he had some extremely unusual means. She was from a higher realm, but he often made her suffer loss and was much more battle-worthy than even the pure-blooded dragon.

So, she let the Black Wind Condor be her training partner to sharpen her combat power. The Black Wind Condor was indeed competent and showed his power.

The only issues were that trashy mouth of his and he seemed to ask for a beating all the time.

Now, she had found out he had a master.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was so shameless, so how serious could his master be?

He also dared to call himself as handsome beyond word and talented without a match. He was truly shameless.

“As you please. I will wait for my master to pick me up. After you get to know my master, try to control yourself, and don’t get too deep into it. If you ask me for help, you’ll lose face.” Unable to escape, the Black Wind Condor could only grumble and admit defeat for the time being, but he had already informed Ye Futian.

The two were connected psychically. Ye Futian knew his location and would come pick him up.

It didn’t take long for the Bamboo Emperor to find the place where the cultivators from the Yuanyang Realm had gathered. The Palace Lord of Yuanyang Palace had come in person. Many of the cultivators from the Yuanyang Realm converged in one area. This area was most closely tied to the superpower behind the Yuanyang Realm, the Yuanyang Clan.

The Yuanyang Clan naturally had received the prophecy. Any princ.i.p.alities that had received the prophecy could take its people into G.o.d’s relic. There was no limit to the number of people who could enter, as long as their realm was below Renhuang. If one wanted to bring a legion, they could, but all the princ.i.p.alities kept good control over the number of people and allotted some s.p.a.ces for their direct reports.

The Yuanyang Clan naturally gave the Yuanyang Realm many s.p.a.ces and allowed Yuanyang Palace to choose their people.

At this time, the group led by the Bamboo Emperor descended. Many people acknowledged their arrival. “The Bamboo Emperor has arrived.”

“Everyone came here so quickly.” The Bamboo Emperor saw the presence of several Renhuang from the Yuanyang Realm. All of them were top figures in the Yuanyang Realm. Now, they were here with the best of the Saint Planes from their respective forces.

“Zhu Qi.” Several youths looked at Zhu Qi. They had followed Zhu Qi to cultivate in Yuanyang Palace, so they knew each other.

“Let’s go there and let them know first,” the Bamboo Emperor said. He kept going forward. Because of the large number of people, a temporary palace was built. It was also the current location of the palace lord of Unhanging Palace.

Black Wind Condor followed quietly behind, but there was some excitement in his heart. His master was already there. He had not seen his master for years and greatly missed him. He also did not know what had happened to Little Princess and little peac.o.c.k.

Was the Little Princess’s temper still foul?

He didn’t know if Master Yu had arrived or not.

Ye Futian had come after having received the intention from Little Condor. This time, he didn’t bother Lord Taixuan or Sky River Great Elder. He had been troubling both of them in various matters before, but not this time.

They were now with Emperor Xia and Peac.o.c.k Demon Emperor. Peac.o.c.k Demon Emperor had previously looked over Little Condor. When he heard that he was coming, they decided to come along.

In the direction of the temporary palace, Bamboo Emperor was chatting with other Renhuangs. Zhu Qi and Black Wind Condor stood to the side. Black Wind Condor said, “My master is here to pick me up. I have to go.”

Zhu Qi turned her head to look at him. Could it be that this jerk was not lying? Does he really have a master and it was not just some figment of his imagination?

“I know you will miss me, but I already have a master,” Black Wind Condor said.

“Is that so?” Zhu Qi gave him a cold look. “I want to see what kind of master can raise such a shameless beast like you.”

Black Wind Condor blinked his eyes and replied, “OK, but don’t regret it, and control yourself.”

As he was speaking, he swaggered his way toward the periphery. His head was raised high up on his neck. He felt quite majestic.

Zhu Qi sneered at him, but she followed behind Black Wind Condor. She wanted to see for herself.

They soon arrived at the periphery. In the distance, they saw a group of people waiting in front. The one leading the group had a head of white hair like snow and was striking in appearance. He looked gentle and elegant. Zhu Qi was shocked by what she saw. The man was truly stunning with an eye-catching appearance.

“The man with white hair, isn’t he beautiful? Did I lie to you?” Black Wind Condor looked at Zhu Qi, who was next to him.

Zhu Qi snorted. Although he looked good, the kind of servant he had reflected the kind of master he was. This beast was shameless. How much better could his master be?

Black Wind Condor flapped its wings and created a gorgeous arc as he came in front of Ye Futian. He said, “Master, I have missed you to death all these years.”

As he was speaking, he made a gesture as if to pounce upon him.

“Get away.”

Ye Futian violently shuddered. He hadn’t seen him for quite a few years, so there was no telling what he was playing at.

Black Wind Condor stopped in his tracks and shakily smiled. He looked at Ye Futian’s side and asked, “Is the second master also here?”

“Princess Peac.o.c.k and Princess Qingyuan, both of your majesties are here.” Black Wind Condor wanted to say something more. When he saw Emperor Xia and Peac.o.c.k Demon Emperor, he didn’t dare talk flippantly. He just stood there on his best behavior.

“You are still alive,” Xia Qingyuan coldly remarked.

Black Wind Condor’s wings stiffened. His large eyes looked at Xia Qingyuan while sneaking a glance at Emperor Xia, who was beside her. He decided to keep quiet for the time being.

Ye Futian’s eyes went past Black Wind Condor and looked at Zhu Qi, who was behind him. This woman was likely the one Black Wind Condor was talking about.

He put his hands together and bowed slightly. “Thank you for taking care of Little Condor these past few years. I am here to take him back.”

“Is he your beast?” Zhu Qi asked Ye Futian. Although she had formed a prejudice against him because of Black Wind Condor, he seemed to be polite enough. Perhaps it was carefully disguised.

“Mmm,” Ye Futian nodded.

Zhu Qi looked at Ye Futian and said, “Black Wind Condor once disrespected me. He was subdued by me and surrendered to me. Now, I am his rightful master.” It seemed that she did not want to return Black Wind Condor so easily. This was also the real reason why Black Wind Condor asked Ye Futian to take him home. The woman refused to release the condor.

Ye Futian glared at Black Wind Condor. It seemed that he had greatly exaggerated their relations.h.i.+p as partners.

“You jest, my friend. Little Condor and I are linked with our minds. Otherwise, I would not have known that he was here.” Ye Futian said, “If he has offended you in the past few years, I would very much like to compensate you for your trouble.”

“No party lasts forever,” Black Wind Condor said, looking at Zhu Qi. “On the account that we have been acquainted, do you want to leave with me and enter the ruins for trial with my master?”

“Did I say you could leave?” Zhu Qi swept a glance at the Black Wind Condor and looked back at Ye Futian. “This beast has offended me way too many times. I can’t let him leave like this.”

Ye Futian frowned and cast a glance at Black Wind Condor. He bowed slightly at Zhu Qi and said, “If Little Condor has offended you, I’m here to apologize for him.”

After he saluted, he looked at the Black Wind Condor and said, “Let’s go.”

As he was speaking, he turned and started to walk away.

“Hey, where do you think this place is?” Several figures came from the void. All of them were from Yuanyang Palace. Their momentum was astonis.h.i.+ng. They raced toward Ye Futian to shroud him within.

Ye Futian stopped to reply, “I didn’t intend to start a dispute, but this beast is my partner. I have to take him with me.” He continued to walk away, saying, “Goodbye.”


There was a cold snort sound heard. Several figures walked toward Ye Futian at the same time. Zhu Qi also released the breath from her body. She wanted to see for herself the true strength of Black Wind Condor’s master.

The strapping young man in black armor next to Ye Futian suddenly moved. He turned around, took a step forward, raised his fist, and threw a punch across the air.

The whole s.p.a.ce instantly seemed to solidify. The few people who were walking toward Ye Futian came to an abrupt stop as an unparalleled punch descended from the air.


The s.p.a.ce seemed to be shattered by the suppression. Several people grunted. Their bodies flew straight back. Their faces were pale.

The violent wind, likewise, shocked Zhu Qi backward as well. She was horrified. The man in black indifferently turned around and continued to follow the person in front of him as if he had done nothing at all.


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