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Chapter 1716 Investigating Background

Before Ye Futian arrived in Emperor Xia’s Realm, a group of cultivators had arrived before him. However, they had not alerted Emperor Xia’s Palace.

This was because they had found useful information among the memories of commoners in Emperor Xia’s City. They naturally did not need to disturb Emperor Xia anymore and draw attention to themselves.

After Ye Futian and his army descended upon the Shen clan, the Heavenly Mandate Academy became known throughout the Nine Realms, and they began to accept disciples.

However, the Shen clan had come up with another plan. They decided to investigate Ye Futian’s background and origins. Although, currently, they could not do anything to Ye Futian, they might accidentally stumble upon something by doing so. In the future, when they truly went to war against Ye Futian, they might have some trump cards up their sleeve.

Hence, this time, they did not plan to alert Ye Futian. They decided to carry out all of this in secret. Otherwise, they would cause Ye Futian to be cautious.

Only by acting in absolute secrecy and clearly investigating Ye Futian’s background could they use the information during a critical moment in the future.

Being the proud Shen clan, they initially weren’t bothered to do things in such a manner. However, the Shen clan’s battle with Ye Futian was the first time they felt such a sense of danger. Out of curiosity about Ye Futian’s background, as well as in preparation for the future, the Shen clan decided to descend to this Realm.

As they continued descending past Emperor Xia’s Realm, they arrived at the lowest level of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, the mortal world of the Nine States.

Here, figures at the Saint Plane were already legendary figures that stood at the top.

By surpa.s.sing the mortal Planes, one would become a saint. All Planes below that of the Saint Plane were considered mortal Planes. From the perspective of the Shen clan, a place like the Nine States was weak and pathetic.

Ye Futian had emerged from such a place.

However, they were not too surprised. After all, rumor has it that the Twin Great Emperors had also trained in the mortal world. There were even rumors that the homelands of Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing were in the Lower Worlds. Such rumors were usually unreliable and were just embellishments to their legends in some places.

Members of ordinary forces might not be aware of such rumors. However, the Shen clan was a force that stood at the top of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path; they knew far more than most people did.

The life of Donghuang the Great was extraordinary.

Donghuang the Great had descended upon the Lower Worlds, but only to experience the cruel reality of the world. After all, back in that era, Donghuang the Great had yet to unite the Divine Prefectures. Compared to the current day, the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path back then were still in a state of long periods of turmoil.

The Shen clan was only afraid of one thing: was Ye Futian also such an existence?

If Ye Futian were such an existence, that would spell trouble for the Shen clan.

However, amongst the various memories that they had investigated up until now, it was highly likely that Ye Futian was truly born and raised in the Nine States. It seemed that he had been here since he was very young and very weak.

Even if huge figures were to send their descendants here to train, would they begin to do so at such a young age?

In the Barren State of the Nine States, in the Zhongzhou City region’s Crouching Dragon Mountain, the Zhuge Family was extremely lively.

Today, it was the birthday celebration feast of the Crouching Dragon Mountain Mountain Master and the head of the Zhuge Family, Zhuge Qingfeng. Members from all Nine States had come to celebrate and congratulate him.

Ever since many Saint Plane figures appeared in the Barren State, the position of the Barren State could not be compared to what it once was before. Multiple large holy lands appeared in the Barren State. Crouching Dragon Mountain was one of them.

Also, due to the relations.h.i.+p between Zhuge Qingfeng and Ye Futian, who in the Nine States would not show him some respect?

Even the most powerful Saint Xia from Summer State would regularly mingle around with the various saints in the Barren State. Before, this would have been impossible. However, the saints of the Barren State were now held in high esteem because of their relations.h.i.+p with Ye Futian.

There was the Douzhan of Sage Hall, Ye Futian’s master, as well as Zhuge Qingfeng, Ye Futian’s uncle, his second elder sister’s father. There was also You Chi of Alchemy City, Ye Futian’s older brother’s father-in-law, and Yuan Hong from Taihang Mountain, who was a sworn brother of Ye Futian. Each and every one of their backgrounds was extraordinary.

Saint Xia occasionally visited Emperor Xia’s Realm to find Emperor Xia. Emperor Xia would personally instruct him to take good care of the saints in the Barren State. What sort of position were they in to receive such treatment?

Currently, the Planes and abilities of the saints of the Barren State were no weaker than his own.

There was still very strong compet.i.tion between the younger generation of the Nine States. However, the figures at the very top instead had a much closer relations.h.i.+p. The major figures of the Nine States had all arrived for Zhuge Qingfeng’s birthday feast. Crouching Dragon Mountain was a lively place.

Many people were reminiscing about the good old days, laughing and chatting away. Occasionally, they would bring up Ye Futian and the others, wondering how their cultivation was now.

The city at the foot of Crouching Dragon Mountain was also very lively. Many people had come to join in the fun. In an inn, many people were discussing Zhuge Qingfeng’s birthday feast.

“Right now, on top of Crouching Dragon Mountain, have the various saints of Summer State also arrived?”

“Naturally. Saint Xia has also come. Crouching Dragon Mountain is held in high regard in the Nine States. It is one of the training holy lands in the Barren State. Lord Zhuge is also a great figure. Back then, he joined Ye Futian in many wars and survived through countless perils. The young mistress of the Zhuge Family, Zhuge Mingyue, Ye Futian’s second elder brother, Zhuge Family son-in-law Gu Dongliu and Ye Futian’s third elder brother all became famous after the battle on Crouching Dragon Mountain.”

“Are you referring to the battle with Bai Luli? Until now, people still talk about it,” someone to the side said as they reminisced about the past.

“Is Ye Futian that incredible?” At that moment, in a corner of the inn, a few youths dressed in fancy clothes were sitting quietly and drinking wine. When they heard the people in the inn discussing this, they could not help but speak up.

These youths had deep gazes, but their auras were restrained. Their cultivation auras could not be detected at all. Nevertheless, from their temperament, it was clear that they were not ordinary people.

“Do you not know of Ye Futian?” the person to the side asked. He revealed a strange look. Ye Futian was a famous figure in the Barren State, even in the Nine States. He had long become an existence of legend. There were still people who did not know of him?

“I have heard of him, but I do not know how incredible he is. Could you share a bit about him, good sir?” one of the youths asked with a smile. Not long ago, they had already searched the memories of some people. They roughly knew about Ye Futian’s exploits, but still did not know the core issues. They wanted to know more.

“Sure.” The person to the side was somewhat excited as he began, “I remember back then…”

The person began to tell his tale. The members of the Lower Worlds had ordinary levels of cultivation. Hence, they were even more pa.s.sionate about the stories of these legendary figures. As he began to speak exultantly, the youths all fell silent and listened intently.

Although they looked down on this mortal world in disdain, Ye Futian had proven how outstanding he was in the Nine Supreme Realms. Hence, they also listened attentively. They lamented inside. They never imagined that Ye Futian had actually come from the mortal world and reached the Upper Worlds through bloodbaths and battles.

Here in the land of the Nine States, Ye Futian had already experienced life-and-death battles.

In the mortal world, this story would not lose to the story of Ye Futian leading an army to attack their Shen clan in the Nine Supreme Realms.

“Since you mentioned that Ye Futian was small and weak, then where did Ye Futian come to the Nine States from?” a member of the Shen clan asked.

“I believe he came from the Barren State. As for specifically which area in the Barren State he was from, I am not sure.” The person pressed on, “Why? Are you starting to show interest in him too? “

“I want to pay tribute to his place of birth,” the member of the Shen clan replied with a smile. “I am wondering, did he manage to achieve his current achievements because he was someone with an extraordinary background, to begin with?”

“Of course not.” A pretty maiden joined the conversation. She was young and beautiful, seemingly a girl from a respectable family.

“He came here from Eastern Barren Territory. When he was in Eastern Barren Territory, he studied at Book Mountain, a popular place for training,” the maiden said softly. “Moreover, he only entered Book Mountain when he was 18. The disciple of College Cottage went to meet him personally to bring him into the college. Prior to that, he grew up in an even more isolated place. He moved his way up slowly and relied only on his own ability. He was a bonafide legend.”

When she mentioned the name of College Cottage, one could hear the pride in her tone.

Ye Futian’s enrollment into College Cottage was not a secret. Many people in the Barren State knew about it. It was just that she knew slightly more than the others.

After all, the man was her Uncle Ye.

However, it had been a very long time since she last met Uncle Ye.

“Miss, you seem to know quite a lot,” the youth said to her with a smile.

The young maiden glanced at the other party and nodded her head as she revealed a faint smile. She did not say anymore after that. After all, she was not familiar with them and would not talk too much with them.

Everyone was up on Crouching Dragon Mountain. She got bored staying up there, so she came down the mountain. By chance, she encountered people discussing Uncle Ye in the inn, so she couldn’t help but comment.

“Eastern Barren Territory?” the youth muttered under his breath, “Miss, you said Ye Futian went to study in Eastern Barren Territory from an even more isolated place. Where is that place? Is it Ye Futian’s birthplace?”

The young maiden wanted to reply, but the elder beside her cast a glance at her. Then, she said nothing and just smiled.

“Young mistress, let’s head back,” the elder beside the maiden urged gently. He sensed that the few youths were not simple. Their temperament was too extraordinary; their gazes were not that of youths as well. It was as though they could pierce through the others with just their gazes.

“Miss, can we talk to you in private?” one of the youth asked. They could get the information they needed by searching this maiden’s memory. After that, they would have no more business with her.

“Sir, our young mistress still has matters to attend to. Farewell,” the elder said as he dragged her off. The young maiden also got up and prepared to leave.

However, they realized that they were surrounded by a golden divine halo. They couldn’t move as they wished.

What’s happening? The people in the inn were shocked. The few youths were still sipping their wine without a care in the world. Then, they put down their gla.s.ses and made a grab in the air, leaving the inn with the maiden. The maiden was seized by them even though they were not touching her. She was forced to move with them. She couldn’t resist them at all.

So powerful. The crowd was astonished. What Plane were they at?

Were they at the high-level Sage Plane?

They directly stepped out of the inn with a single step. They saw a tall, burly silhouette already standing in the air ahead of them. The silhouette walked over towards them and shouted, “Presumptuous.”

His voice was as loud as thunder. Powerful Saint Plane aura descended upon the youths.

The elder was actually a figure at the Saint Plane.

It was the City Lord of Alchemy City. The surrounding people were astonished when they saw the silhouette that had appeared in mid-air. It was the City Lord of Alchemy City, You Chi.

You Chi’s expression was sullen. The maiden who was captured was his granddaughter, the daughter of Xue Ye and You Xi, who was You Chi’s daughter. You Chi came to check on her since she left the mountain. To his surprise, someone would actually act so brazenly in the territory of Barren State.

However, he noticed that the few youths were unaffected by his aura.

From afar, powerful auras approached one by one. On Crouching Dragon Mountain, the Saint Plane figures detected the abnormality happening here, and they traversed the s.p.a.ce to come here. They appeared from various directions.

The few youths frowned. Initially, they just wanted to search through the maiden’s memory furtively. Unfortunately, it seemed like this maiden’s ident.i.ty in the mortal world was not simple. No wonder she knew more than the other commoners.

It seemed like their cover had been blown.

Now, the problem was: should they kill their opponents?


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