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Chapter 1906 Pleasing to the Ear

The phoenix raised her head and gazed up at the battle in the sky. She actually seemed somewhat interested in the battle, especially towards Ye Futian.

Although Ye Futian’s mount had spoken disrespectfully, ever since Ye Futian arrived here, he had presented himself with due respect. He had apologized on behalf of his mount and yet was unapologetic to the people who raved on about killing his mount.

Ye Futian had stood there quietly, not revealing his hand. Yet, when he did, he was as swift as lightning, instantly killing off the other party. He had attacked decisively and mercilessly without any hesitation.

There was more to this white-haired youth than met the eye. At the very least, he was the most interesting cultivator she had seen so far. He might also be the most outstanding, even though his cultivation was not the highest.

After the youth died, a few members from the Canghai Continent charged towards Ye Futian. However, a Sword Realm that filled the sky appeared, with Ye Futian’s figure as its center. The Sword Will in the sky resonated, and a river of swords swept towards the other party. Within the river of swords, three beams of sky-piercing sword light coalesced, seemingly forming three swords. They were three Sword Wills.

Swoos.h.i.+ng sounds could be heard continuously. All the members who were charging towards him were killed on the spot, peris.h.i.+ng instantly.

The river of swords surged forward. Very quickly, only three members from the party from the Canghai Continent remained alive. They were the three cultivators battling against Beigong Ao, Emperor Helian, and Yang Dongqing, respectively. One of them was an eighth-tier, whereas the other two were seventh-tier.

The cultivators from the Canghai Continent might be wiped out. Many cultivators thought to themselves as they watched the battle. They initially thought that even if the cultivators from the Canghai Continent could not kill Black Wind Condor, they would at least be able to suppress their opponents. However, they never imagined that the battle would be so one-sided and that the cultivators from the Canghai Continent would instead be suppressed by their opponents. Ye Futian had immediately killed off all the members below the upper-level Renhuang Plane.

They were in such a miserable state!

Many people were thinking to themselves: if the members from the Canghai Continent had known that they would end up in such a state, they would never have stepped out.

The cultivators who had previously claimed that they would kill Little Condor were also secretly cautious. However, they had not made a move, and hence, Ye Futian would not attack them just because of what they said.

The three Sword Wills continued to charge out into the sky, aiding Emperor Helian, who was in battle. These three Sword Wills could already terrorize a seventh-tier Renhuang. In tandem with Emperor Helian’s attack, the opponent was swiftly killed off. After that, the three Sword Wills then swept over towards Yang Dongqing’s battlefield.

In the blink of an eye, aside from the prideful eighth-tier figure, the other two cultivators were all killed off.

The eighth-tier cultivator was also being suppressed by Beigong Ao.

“His body contains a divine item,” someone said.

“It is a lightning attribute divine item. Based on what I know, it can be found on one of the islands of Eastern Deity Island,” another person said. For many of them, this was not their first time entering Eastern Deity Island. Hence, they had some knowledge regarding this.

“Cloud Wood!” As expected, someone else immediately responded.

“Yes, it is Cloud Wood,” the person replied as he nodded his head. “Cloud Wood contains powerful lightning attributes and can absorb the power of lightning of the Great Path, causing it to be even more powerful. Now that it has been merged with his body, this person can be considered to have a body of lightning of the Great Path. He is more powerful than ordinary eighth-tier figures.”

The situation on the battlefield became clearer. Beigong Ao was firmly suppressing his opponent. This made Ye Futian, who originally wanted to lend him a hand, watch quietly from the sidelines. In the battlefield high in the sky, the enraged eighth-tier cultivator from the Canghai Continent had previously wanted to surround and kill Ye Futian. However, right now, he was already at the end of his rope. Not long after, a palm, filled with raging lightning, immediately pierced through his body of flames. It then frenziedly exploded and destroyed him bit by bit.

“He has been slain.”

The crowd felt their hearts tremble as they watched the battlefield in the sky. After Beigong Ao slaughtered his opponent, he also took away his opponent’s storage ring. This caused the eyes of many people to twitch. Did this fellow not have any dignity as an eighth-tier cultivator?

Beigong Ao did not mind them at all. Be it seventh or eighth tier, they could still make do in their own territories, but in the Divine Prefecture, they also had to sc.r.a.pe by. One could only be arrogant if they were a deity and were invincible. Since they had to sc.r.a.pe by, why did they need to keep up appearances?

Of course, benefits would be their number one priority.

Beigong Ao’s will swept over the treasures in the storage ring. He revealed a knowing smile. He was satisfied with his spoils.

The surrounding cultivators were speechless when they saw his smile. However, they felt their hearts s.h.i.+ver. The cultivators of the Canghai Continent had been wiped out. Not a single one of them remained.

This was the result of trying to stand out. The crowd secretly reminded themselves that on Eastern Deity Island, even if the opponents appeared easy to deal with, one still needed to be cautious; otherwise, they would be caught off-guard.

This group had been an example.

Ye Futian seemed composed, as though his emotions were unaffected by the events happening around him. At the very least, his gaze remained as calm as still water, just like when he arrived. His temperament was gentle too. However, when the crowd thought of how he attacked just now, they were wary of him. People like Ye Futian were the scariest.

Moreover, Ye Futian only had a third-tier Divine Wheel now. By the time he advanced to be an upper-level Renhuang, who could stand against him?

Could it be that Ye Futian was a descendent of one of the super mighty figures?

Ye Futian saluted the phoenix with his fists, saying, “My name is Ye Liunian. It is said that this place contains the Divine Fire of the Great Path, so I have come here to check it out. I did not expect that this beast would make such impertinent remarks and cause this commotion. I apologize for disturbing Miss Phoenix.”

He was very polite, causing people to feel comfortable being around him. It was as though he was a completely different person from the white-haired youth who sent out an attack just now.

“Quickly, come over here and apologize,” Ye Futian ordered while turning around and sweeping a glance at Black Wind Condor.

Black Wind Condor quivered and obediently moved forward. He said to the phoenix, “Condor sama apologizes for being ignorant.”

The crowd was confused.

“Condor sama?” Was the brain of this fellow not fully developed?

That shouldn’t be. He was already a Demon Emperor.


A crisp slap sounded. Ye Futian smacked Black Wind Condor with his palm until the latter fell down. A few of his feathers came off. Ye Futian’s mind was linked with Black Wind Condor’s; hence Ye Futian knew what he was thinking. This brute had purposely said so because he was reluctant to apologize to the phoenix.

Asking me, Condor sama, to apologize to this phoenix? Sooner or later, I will mount her and make her my ride. Humph.

If I show any inferiority now, what would happen when this female phoenix is tamed by Master in the future? Who will be the senior between the two of us?

Condor sama was in a dilemma.

Feeling wronged, Little Condor raised his head and looked at Ye Futian. Even with foresight, a condor would still have immediate worries. What he considered was a legitimate concern.

This female phoenix was so ferocious. Most likely, he would not be able to win a fight against her.

“I am too lenient in disciplining him. I will surely discipline him well after this,” Ye Futian said, smiling apologetically at the phoenix.

“Cease your acting.” The phoenix cast an indifferent glance at Ye Futian and Black Wind Condor. She revealed a look of disdain. These two were hypocrites.

“What’s your intention for coming here? Are you here for the Divine Fire of Wutong as well?” asked the phoenix. She did not mention what happened just now. Obviously, she had decided to put the matter behind and let Black Wind Condor get away with his disrespectful speech. The rest of the cultivators all revealed strange expressions.

Before this, when they arrived, the phoenix had laid dormant below the wutong, and she didn’t even spare them a glance. Now, her att.i.tude had changed. When the cultivators of Canghai Continent risked their lives to fight with Ye Futian, they did so with the intention of demonstrating their best to attract the attention of the phoenix. However, judging from her response, it seemed like they had instead helped Ye Futian to win her favor. This was a tragedy!

“The Divine Fire of Wutong is crowned the Divine Fire; naturally, cultivators will covet it. I am sure everyone is here for it. However, personally speaking, it is not that precious to me,” Ye Futian responded.

“You’re boasting shamelessly.” The phoenix glanced at Ye Futian. The Divine Fire of Wutong was not that precious?

This Divine Fire was bred on this wutong by her father. It contained two major wills of the Great Path—life and death. It reigned supreme over all the other flames of the Way and was crowned the real Divine Fire. Let alone a cultivator with a third-tier Divine Wheel, even a cultivator at the ninth tier would covet the Divine Fire as well.

Her Great Path was flawless, and her cultivation was already at the middle-level Renhuang Plane. However, she still needed to rely on the Divine Fire to cultivate. That way, in the future, when she proved her Way and became an upper-level Demon Emperor, she could maintain her flawless Great Path.

“If Miss Phoenix does not believe me, you can give it a try,” Ye Futian stepped forward and descended before the phoenix. He extended his hand, and currents emanated from his palm. The phoenix swept a glance at him. This person was truly daring. Wasn’t he afraid of her incinerating him?

Understanding Ye Futian’s intention, the phoenix transformed into her human form. She was clad in feathers and appeared extremely beautiful. Her appearance was also very outstanding. She bore an enchanting air and had a voluptuous figure. Her beauty was captivating.

She similarly extended her hand. Her hand met Ye Futian’s. Flames of the Way spread out from her palm and entered into Ye Futian’s arm.


In an instant, their arms were enveloped in an aura that alternated between hot and cold temperatures. There was the light of cold ice as well as the light of flames.

The expression of the phoenix changed slightly. She looked into Ye Futian’s eyes. This was the extreme chill of the power of Yin.

Ye Futian retracted his hand. The phoenix similarly lowered her arm. The look that she gave Ye Futian contained a hint of astonishment.

The surrounding cultivators all looked towards the two of them. Their eyebrows all lifted slightly. They sensed the extremely cold and hot aura. It was like cold ice and flames.

“What do you think?” Ye Futian asked.

“Even so, this does not mean that you do not covet the Divine Fire of Wutong,” the phoenix coldly snorted.

Ye Futian smiled and said, “I have told Miss Phoenix just now. I have heard that this place possesses the Divine Fire, and therefore, I have come to experience it myself. I have no other intentions. However, seeing the scenery here, it perfectly fits a song. Would Miss Phoenix be interested in hearing me play a tune?”

The phoenix looked at Ye Futian. What was this fellow up to?

A song?

She was not interested. She did not like men who acted all artsy.

“Suit yourself,” the phoenix proudly said. She wanted to see what Ye Futian planned to do.

The people in mid-air knew that Ye Futian had succeeded in drawing her attention when they heard her say this. He had piqued her curiosity.

This fellow…

Could it be that it was because he was handsome?

Could it be that the phoenix also judged people based on appearance?

Ye Futian walked up to the wutong and sat down cross-legged. His movements were elegant and natural. His white hair and white robes gave off an otherworldly air.

His approach was brilliant.

Condor sama exclaimed internally while looking at Ye Futian. Master was indeed worthy of his t.i.tle. He was smart.

Black Wind Condor stared at the beautiful phoenix and thought, Phoenix, Master is not after your flame. Instead, he wants both you and your Divine Fire…

A guqin appeared. Ye Futian placed all ten of his slender fingers on the strings and plucked them. Instantly, the notes came alive and transformed into a beautiful melody.

Ye Futian was playing The Flight of the Phoenix Pair.

Beneath the wutong, its leaves fluttered and seemed to be drawn towards the sound of the guqin. They fluttered towards Ye Futian, constantly swaying in the wind.

An illusion of a phoenix appeared and circled around Ye Futian, beginning to dance. Hearing the wonderful melody, the phoenix stood at her spot, stunned. She felt completely absorbed into the realm of the sounds of the guqin.

It was so pleasing to the ear!


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