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Chapter 237: Getting Serious

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Bang! Following a loud bang, Yu Sheng’s violent body was slapped down by the palm print, and even the ground cracked directly. It was clear what a powerful attack he had just endured.

Spit. He spat out some blood. Everyone noticed that even the armor on Yu Sheng’s body had split apart. The n.o.ble Plane cultivator had attacked in anger. The power of his attack could thus be well imagined.

When a n.o.ble Plane cultivator fights a Dharma Plane cultivator, there is no suspense at all. The fact that Yu Sheng could take a hit without dying already showed that his defense was outstanding.

“Yu Sheng.” Ye Futian dashed out and appeared in front of Yu Sheng. At the moment, Yu Sheng was lying on the ground. He stood up with some difficulty and said in a low tone, “I’m alright.” Just as he finished speaking, he spat out another mouthful of blood uncontrollably and his body fell onto the ground. He took a hit from a n.o.ble. It was already fortunate that he did not die.

Even Ye Futian’s body was trembling gently as he used his shaking hands to support Yu Sheng. Lifting his head, he stared at the n.o.ble who was in the air. His eyes were extremely icy.

In the sky, the n.o.ble looked at Ye Futian’s eyes and actually could not help but have a strange feeling. From those eyes, he saw a coldness that would disregard everything. He felt that if the young man was to grow up, the young man would definitely try to kill him at all costs.

A cold killing intent spread out from him. He also seemed to have realized what he had done—he had almost killed someone from the Cottage.

However, he did not regret this. When he reached the place, he saw the people from the Cottage showing off their powers, while many disciples from the Donghua Clan were either crippled or permanently disabled. Even if they were Cottage disciples, how could they dare to act so arrogantly?

The Donghua Clan was similarly one of the top three forces in the Eastern Barren Territory. On the other hand, the Cottage was only part of the College, and the people from it actually dared to be so savage.

Feeling the killing intent spreading out from the n.o.ble in the air, everyone from the various forces realized that this guqin recital disturbance seemed to be getting out of hand. Several people from the Donghua Clan were permanently disabled, and several were severely injured. However, it was the Donghua Clan which kept forcing the Cottage to fight. Yu Sheng and Ye Futian were merely counterattacking.

Now, not only did the Donghua Clan cultivators jointly attack the Cottage disciples, but even a n.o.ble had attacked. He suppressed Yu Sheng with one palm and almost killed him with the slap. At the moment, he even displayed his intent to kill them. How could the Cottage let this go easily?

Qin Mengruo and Qian Shanmu both did not expect such a situation. The Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan only wanted to pressure the Cottage, and it would be best if they could break the legend of the Cottage. However, the powers of the Cottage disciples were beyond everyone’s imagination. Therefore, the Donghua Clan could not clean up the mess, resulting in such a situation.

Bang. A violent aura pressured on the s.p.a.ce: the n.o.ble indeed had the intention to kill them. However, at the moment, a few figures blinked and appeared in front of Ye Futian. They were actually disciples from the Sword Saint Mountain.One of them looked up in the sky and said, “Senior, have you thought clearly before you attack?”

The n.o.ble’s eyes sparkled. He glanced at the person emotionlessly and said in an overbearing manner, “Are you threatening me?”

“That I do not dare.” The disciple bowed and said, “However, Ye Futian is a newly admitted disciples of the Cottage, and also the little junior of my master. Senior, if you really want to kill him, not to say the Cottage, my master would probably also not let this go easily.

“Furthermore, I believe that you are still unclear about the cause of today’s incident. Senior, you should find out about it first.”

The n.o.ble frowned. Although the disciple said that he did not dare, the words were actually already somewhat threatening. Of course, he himself was not qualified to threaten the n.o.ble, but that person on the Sword Saint Mountain was.

His words were correct. If the n.o.ble really killed Ye Futian, the eldest brother from the Cottage on the Sword Saint Mountain would not let him off, not to mention the Cottage.

There were not many disciples in the Cottage. Including Ye Futian, there were also only eight at the moment. This was very different from the other clans. Therefore, every disciple in the Cottage was more important to the clan than the individual disciples in the Donghua Clan. Only people like Qian Shanmu could be compared with a single Cottage disciple.

The sound of people whizzing over from afar could be heard. The battle here had attracted the seniors from various forces. When they saw the situation at the place, a weird expression appeared on their faces. Was there a conflict between the Donghua Clan and the Cottage?

Another few people flew towards the place. The looks of everyone on the spot became more serious.

The people from the College had arrived.

The fifth disciple of the Cottage, Luo Fan, had also come.

The College senior, Situ Wu, went beside Su Muge and Tang Ye, while Luo Fan appeared beside Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Behind them, Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu had also come. They explained to Luo Fan what happened in the simplest way.

Luo Fan and Situ Wu both saw the injured Yu Sheng. Ye Futian had also suffered minor injuries which were not obvious, but Yu Sheng was severely injured, and his injuries could be noticed in just one look.

“You have been watching here all the time?” Situ Wu glanced at the College disciples including Su Muge and Tang Ye. All the people from the College looked rather awkward. Although the Cottage was kind of isolated, it was part of the College after all. There was a conflict between the Cottage and the Donghua Clan, but the College disciples did not intervene. it was indeed disgraceful.

“You did it?” At the other side, Luo Fan saw Ye Futian staring coldly at the n.o.ble in the sky and vaguely knew what had happened.

Did a n.o.ble from the Donghua Clan attack Yu Sheng?

“Your Cottage disciples are too unbridled,” the n.o.ble in the sky said coldly. Luo Fan’s look was very calm, but from the calmness, he could faintly feel that a terrifying storm was brewing, as if it could erupt at any moment.

“Look after them,” Luo Fan turned back and said to Situ Wu.

“Okay.” Situ Wu nodded and Luo Fan stepped forward.

Bang. An incredibly violent flame intent instantly swept across the vast s.p.a.ce. In an instant, everyone present felt an increasing temperature, as if the entire world was turning extremely hot. They actually started to sweat.

Everyone saw that on Luo Fan’s body, an illusory flaming radiance was flowing. It did not look like real flames, but it seemed even more terrifying than real flames. The illusory flames soared into the sky, and even the s.p.a.ce around it seemed to have merged with them. Fire-elemental Spiritual Qi turned into the illusory flames which burned in the sky.

Hot. At this moment, everyone could only feel extremely hot and somewhat manic, as if they were placed on a stove.

At the moment, a n.o.ble stepped out. He was from the Qin Dynasty, and he said, “Today, both parties have been injured. How about we stop for now and discuss?”

“There is no room for discussion.” A cold voice spread from Luo Fan’s mouth. If the Cottage disciples lost in a fair fight, they would accept it as they were less skilled than their opponents. If they lost in a scuffle, they naturally could not say anything, but the Cottage had never lost before. However, at the moment, it was the n.o.ble from the Donghua Clan who was bullying the people from the Cottage. What was there to discuss?

Just as Luo Fan finished speaking, he raised his head and looked at the n.o.ble. In just an instant, the countless illusory flaming currents in the sky exploded simultaneously. Immediately, a wave of catastrophic flames enveloped the s.p.a.ce directly, centered at the n.o.ble in the sky. The endless power of fire seemed to have turned into a stove.

The n.o.ble in the sky seemed to be burning. Everyone saw a strange scene—an illusory stove had engulfed the n.o.ble in the sky and was burning his body.

This was a n.o.ble level spell, and its powers were devastating.

The expression of the n.o.ble changed drastically as he felt traces of flames seeping into his body directly. The terrifying illusory stove seemed to have formed from the purest flames in the world and wanted to burn him to ashes.

A shocking aura was released from his body as he wanted to put out the fire, but the flame spell seemed to be inextinguishable and continued to burn. A sizzling sound spread out. The n.o.ble’s body was almost moistureless and his skin turned dry and lifeless. He appeared to be in great pain.

The scene caused the looks of many to change. The fifth disciple of the Cottage, Luo Fan, is actually so strong?

A splas.h.i.+ng sound was heard as many water currents flew over, charging into the inferno and sweeping towards the n.o.ble’s body.

A few cultivators from the Donghua Clan walked out. They all released their n.o.ble aura and stared coldly at Luo Fan below. Luo Fan held his fire stick. Then, the black fire stick immediately turned into a monstrous blood-red. He ascended into the air. In an instant, an appalling flame storm appeared in the sky. An endless amount of fire-elemental Spiritual Qi gushed towards the fire stick wildly and turned into many flame dragons attaching onto the fire stick. The flame dragons danced and continuously condensed into an even more frightening flame. Eventually, they turned into many dragon whips.

Seeing the flaming dragon whips which were soaring in the sky and continuously being formed, everyone around felt shocked. Every dragon whip seemed to contain the most ultimate fire.

Luo Fan waved his hand. The fire stick moved and the dragon whips danced in the sky, sweeping towards the n.o.ble Plane cultivators from the Donghua Clan.

The looks of the n.o.bles were solemn. Then, there was a sharp sword piercing through the air, some ice sealing the sky and a violent golden palm print trying to destroy everything. However, when the dragon whips crossed, the frozen s.p.a.ce was split apart, the sharp sword broke and the palm print was cut into two at the center. In those crushed powers, there was still flame intent left behind.

The flaming dragon whips danced in the air and enveloped the entire s.p.a.ce.

Slap… A clear sound spread. Someone was. .h.i.t by the dragon whip and almost broke into two pieces instantly. The wound on his body was shocking; it was as if he was cut by a sharp sword. Flames burned in his body, causing the n.o.ble to give a painful, m.u.f.fled humph.

Slap. Slap. Slap! Many clear slapping sounds spread as several n.o.bles were hit. A horrified expression appeared on the face of the n.o.ble who had injured Yu Sheng. He could only fell countless dragon whips sweeping towards him and could not fight back at all.

“You have crossed the line,” a cold voice erupted at that moment. An extremely terrifying aura bloomed and a shocking trace of sword intent burst out behind the n.o.ble. Then, everyone saw the flaming dragon whips being cut apart and turning into countless flames which danced in the sky.

An elderly figure held a sword and stood proudly in the air. He looked at Luo Fan and said, “Luo Fan, this is the Qin Imperial Palace.” This person was a strong n.o.ble from the Qin Dynasty.

At the moment, the stronger n.o.bles from the Donghua Clan also walked over and stared coldly at Luo Fan. Everyone knew that even though Luo Fan was extremely strong, there was also not much that he could do.

“The Qin Imperial Palace right?” Luo Fan glanced at the many n.o.bles in the sky and said, “Today, this issue is really serious.”


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