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Chapter 794: The Champion

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Looking at that endless aurora of the fists rus.h.i.+ng toward her through the expanse, Yaya’s body seemed to melt into the void and headed toward the sky, avoiding the attack.

However, she saw that within the endless fist, there was another giant fist opening into a palm, grabbing in the void, and instantly a terrible power of bondage was born, oppressing the s.p.a.ce. She wanted to cross the expanse again but the power of spatial rule was again disrupted.

As if it was indeed as Yu Sheng had said, this was his world.

The aurora of the fists drenched her body, and Yaya seemed to turn her body into a sword, demolis.h.i.+ng all the attacking forces that were coming at her. But at this instant, a fist of the demon G.o.d punched, and the expanse seemed to burst open. She felt her body flew up toward the sky, her sword-like body was about to break when it was blown to the firmament.

At the grandstand platform, countless people looked up at the battlefield, Sword Qi and demonic prowess were still colliding. Yaya’s body flew toward the vault above; everyone’s hearts quivered.

So powerful it was beyond imagination.

They finally understood why Zhuge Yi, though claiming the possession of the perfect five elements of the Divine Path was still defeated and could not compete with these two. They were unbelievably strong, even those who were in the saint plane had never seen any two n.o.bles broke out in a fight on this level.

Some of them had attended many of the Nine States Forums in the past, and there was no doubt that the final battle of this year was definitely the strongest.

In the grandstand, the old Village Chief looked at the scene playing out in front of him and revealed a strange look.

He did not expect that at the Nine States Forum, there really would exist someone who could actually beat Yaya.

Just as they were trembling, a blade of light was born above the firmament, a b.l.o.o.d.y blade of light, joining the swords of all heavens and unified into one sword. Hundreds of thousands of Way of the Sword smas.h.i.+ng down as airflows, cleaved toward Yu Sheng who was below.

Seeing this scene, the hearts of many beat again; was it not over yet?

How strong was that attack from Yu Sheng?

Sages on lower plane probably could not even endure it. Previously whenever Yu Sheng impacted the opponent directly, was it not the end the battle?

Only freaks like Yaya would still continue to flight in this state.

The demon-like figure stood tall, and saw the b.l.o.o.d.y blade of light traversing the void coming toward him. He clenched his fists, and the pressure of an extreme horror shrouded heaven and earth, until the speed of the b.l.o.o.d.y sword seemed to start slowing down under the effect of the demonic power. Endless demonic air streams flew toward Yu Sheng; he was like a demon G.o.d who was in control of earth and sky, and a turning of his mind could move everything within this s.p.a.ce.

A humongous halberd of the demon G.o.d appeared, and Yu Sheng aimed it toward the void, and the endless demonic power in the void rushed upward in counter-currents. The halberd seemed to break the void, colliding with the sword that came through with murderous intent, and wheels of destructive lights blooming toward the surroundings. The halberd of demon G.o.d continued rus.h.i.+ng to the front, carrying the power of all heavens with it. The Sword Qi collapsed and shattered; the Way of the Sword of all heavens could not surpa.s.s the demonic magic in this s.p.a.ce.

The blood-colored sword blasted high up into the sky, but very quickly, the brilliant light appeared once again. A girl stood above the void, with blood on the corner of her lips, her breath fluttered, and she watched Yu Sheng coldly.

She clenched her fists and suddenly an ancient atmosphere descended; there seemed to be an even more terrible storm looming above the sky.

Yu Sheng felt it, and frowned at the threatening atmosphere. He glanced at Yaya coldly, “If you still want to fight, I will beat you until you want to stop.”

Boom! Blood boiled inside, and the demonic power was overwhelming and seemingly getting stronger.

Everyone at the grandstand were completely speechless when witnessing this scene.

Could it be any stronger?

These two, were they even human?

Ye Futian was also in a bit of shock; they wanted to continue?

This was just too much… how embarra.s.sing it would be for everyone else who fought at the Nine States Forum.

“Yaya, that’s enough.” A voice was heard, and all eyes turned to the old Village Chief.

Yaya raised her head to look at the grandstand, the corner of her mouth lifted slightly, showing some stubbornness. But when she saw the stern look in the eyes of the Village Chief, she nodded, and gave Yu Sheng a dirty look, “Fine, you won. But, how dare you hit me.”


Yaya’s remark attracted everyone’s attention again. This did not seem right.

The battle that had just occurred was on an epic scale. Now that the battle was over, how come it felt like a little spoiled girl pouting?

How dare you hit me… What!

Numerous eyes fell on Yaya, but she was really just a girl of fifteen, so everyone could only remain silent.

Yu Sheng also looked at her with shock. When he saw the look in her eyes, he suddenly felt the air went out of him, and that mighty demonic magic dissipated. The true body of the demon G.o.d also disappeared as well, and heaven and earth returned to normal. Seeing Yaya was still staring at him, Yu Sheng scratched his head. How come it felt more troublesome than actual fighting?

“It’s finished.”

Seeing that the remaining aura on the forum stage had dissipated, many let out a sigh of relief. From more than 3,000 compet.i.tors until the final battle so the strongest could emerge, Nine States Forum finally came to a close.

Moreover, there was no disappointment.

Looking at the two figures that were finally standing on the stage, they were the generation to watch out. In the future, there may yet be stories from them.

Nine States Forum, Yu Sheng won.

Barren State, the Holy Zhi Palace, Yu Sheng, all stood at the peak of Nine States Forum, and vanquished the geniuses of all the holy lands of Nine States, and took the top place with deciding victory.

No one dared to question the validity of his placement as champion. No one dared to question the strength and talent of Yu Sheng. His way of battle and his domination conquered everyone who came to watch, even those who were saints, whether they liked him or not, they had to admit that he was magnificently strong. Not only was he unquestionably the champion of this Nine States Forum, even placed in the many Nine State Forums in the past, he could very possibly be the only one who stood at the top.

Strong as Ji Hua, or Wubei, or Chu Xiang and these other strong compet.i.tors, all of them were crushed by him. Zhuge Yi with his natural gifted talent to Divine Path, exhibited unparalleled genius, who had defeated Xia Yi of Summer State, but in the face of Yu Sheng, Zhuge Yi still did not show much resistance.

If Xia Yi was destined for the Divine Path, then what about Yaya?

What about Yu Sheng?

This year’s Nine States Forum, there appeared at least three qualifiers who demonstrated gifts to the Divine Path; one can only imagine how glorious this generation would be.

People who came from all walks of life from Eastern State felt extremely excited and satisfied. The two people who finally stood at the peak of the battle were the ones that no one had ever thought of before Nine States Forum began.

No one even knew who they were.

When Yu Sheng came out to speak for Barren State before Nine States Forum started, how many people gave him the boot, and who took him seriously?

On what basis would a disciple from Barren State dare to question the arrangement of Xihua Sacred Mountain?

That was him asking to be embarra.s.sed.

Now, that stubborn burly youth stood there, but who dared to make fun of him?

As long as Yu Sheng was willing, he can enter any holy lands of Nine States, and choose any saint from Nine States as his mentor; who would refuse such a disciple as he?

However, some people were displeased. Great Zhou Sacred King was somewhat unhappy. He did not like the people of Barren State, and there was no particular reasons for that dislike. Perhaps it was because the people from Barren State had gone head to head with the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty from the beginning, or perhaps because in his eyes, the people from Barren State appeared modest just to cover their air of superiority which seemed insincere.

In short, he was displeased, so he observed it all with a cold detachment, and did not bother to cover up his displeasure. After all, he was a saint, and there was no need for him to pretend for anyone’s benefit.

Zhou Ziyi and many others were unhappy as well. Of course, there was also Kong Yao of the Celestial Cliffs, who never though that there was a freaky genius from Barren State named Ye Futian, and then there was also Yu Sheng.

He had looked into Ye Futian and his cohort. Yu Sheng seemed to have been with Ye Futian from very early on, both entered Barren State from Eastern Barren Territory, and both were so strong.

In fact, not only the two of them, but Ye Wuchen and Hua Jieyu also could not be ignored.

Unexpectedly from the declining Barren State, its younger generation was so dazzling. It was undeniable that Sage Chunyang made a good move before his death by making Ye Futian the Palace Lord.

“Spectacular.” At this point, Sky Saint let out a praise; there was genuine appreciation in his eyes, for both Yu Sheng or Yaya.

Everyone from the holy lands of Nine States nodded. It was indeed spectacular. Those geniuses who had tasted defeat at their hands could not claim it was undeserved.

“I never expected that I would feel so thrilled by the battle between the young ones; this is a first.” Gla.s.s Saint laughed daintily, her voice crisp and gentle. She spoke the truth; as a cultivator of saint plane, she had seen it all. However, Yu Sheng and Yaya’s battle really moved her, because she felt the courage of this epic collision. Even if none of her disciples made it into the top ten, she still felt that the overall experience was worthwhile.

“At the Nine States Forum this year, Yu Sheng, disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace from Barren State, is the champion.” At this time, Saint Xihua announced with a clear voice that reverberated between heaven and earth, echoing in the area of Nine States Forum.

Held once every three years, the stage that brought the geniuses of all holy lands of the Nine States, Yu Sheng, a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace from Barren State took the champions.h.i.+p.

“Second place, Yaya.”

“Third place, Zhuge Yi.”

Saint Xihua personally announced the top ten ranking one by one and said, “Go back to the battlefield, you top ten of Nine States Forum, this glory is yours.”

Zhuge Yi, Xia Yi and the others walked back onto the forum stage, their hearts were also disquieted. They were the top geniuses from all the holy lands, and were by nature extremely proud and confident. They wanted to exhibit their prowess at Nine States Forum by crus.h.i.+ng other geniuses. But this time, these few freaks had taken away all the attention.

Even figures such as Zhuge Yi seemed to have his glow dimmed in comparison. Only Yu Sheng and Yaya would be remembered.

Yu Sheng turned his head to look in the direction of Barren State, and his gaze landed on Ye Futian.

Ye Futian smiled at him and returned his gaze, “Although you took the first place, but don’t be too full of yourself.”

At this moment, he was happy for Yu Sheng. He had thought before that after this battle, the people of Nine States would remember the name of Yu Sheng.

However, this battle still exceeded his wildest imagination. Such battle was enough even for the most powerful figures of Nine States to remember.

Yu Sheng nodded and looked away. First place at Nine States Forum, he had won back the respect for Barren State.

At the moment, many looked at Ye Futian; such a rare genius came from the Holy Zhi Palace and Ye Futian seemed none too disturbed!


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