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Chapter 304: The Paper Boy. Lu Huaiyu’s Favourite

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Yini’s heart pounded happily. Instinctively, she looked over at Lu Huaiyu and she saw a smile on his face.

“Uncle Xi, you know I never bring a partner to social events.”

Although he was smiling, his tone remained nonchalant. It was clearly a blunt rejection.

Xu Yini was disappointed. It felt like a pail of cold water had just been dumped on her.

She remained smiling, but it now felt forced.

Xi Lin was their elder, so he could say such things. However, he had also suggested the idea with the intention of setting them up together.

After all, he was the owner of the winery and the host of the party. Lu Huaiyu should have at least respected him and his wishes, but he had not.


Lu Huaiyu had straightforwardly rejected the idea.

Xi Lin had been caught off guard as he had not expected a blunt rejection either.

The other people around who had heard the rejection reacted strangely as well.

Xu Yini swiftly adjusted her expression.

“Uncle Xi, I still have to work later so I can’t stay long either. I can’t be Huaiyu’s partner for the night anyway.”

She managed to save her own self from further embarra.s.sment.

Xi Lin looked a little disappointed.

“Ah, I see.”

They were all intelligent adults. They knew when to take a step forward or back away.

Xi Lin looked at Lu Huaiyu and said, “Huaiyu, you have been in Yunzhou for a year now. It’s been a while since we have had a drink together. What you’re having in that gla.s.s right now is part of my new collection, so you have to try it. There are also some new bottles in the cellar. Why don’t we go have a look later?”

Lu Huaiyu moved the gla.s.s closer to his mouth. The rich aroma of the wine filled his nose and inexplicably made him pause momentarily.

He smiled and said, “Thank you, Uncle Xi, for your hospitality.”

Since Xu Yini was not interested in the wine cellar and she had already excused herself from Lu Huaiyu’s rejection, she did not follow the men down there. She simply went to a corner and sat down.

She looked moody, the expression on her face showing her frustration.

Many people were looking at her, as they whispered softly to each other.

“What happened? Did Second Master Lu reject Xu Yini?”

“This… Well, it’s true that he never brings a partner to social events anyway, so it’s not exactly a rejection.”

“How is that not a rejection? Xu Yini came here because of him. Why would she make arrangements to work after this event? That was just an excuse to save herself from embarra.s.sment.”

“Sigh. I really have no idea what Second Master Lu is thinking. Who would reject such a beauty? Xu Yini is beautiful, smart and rich. More importantly, she’s loyal. How could anyone be able to resist being pursued by such a woman? Yet, the man is completely unmoved…”

“So what? He has what it takes to reject even her. Besides, do you think that Xu Yini is the only one who’s worthy? In the past few years, many women have tried to win his heart yet none of them made it. Let me be frank, Xu Yini is great but there are many others who are just as good. Still, no one has been able to win his attention yet. He rejected all of them without a second thought.”

Xu Yini leaned back on the couch. The words that had entered her ears made her even more frustrated.

Many of them did not know it, but Xu Yini had seen Lu Huaiyu with a partner at a social event once before. The girl in question had been Ning Li.

In the end, it was up to Lu Huaiyu as to whether or not he wanted a partner at a social event.

If he did not want it, no one could force him to do otherwise. If he wanted it, then he would be the most caring and kind gentleman of the night.

Xu Yini drained her wine to the last drop.

The waiter refilled her gla.s.s swiftly.

Out of Xu Yini’s peripheral vision, she noticed Yi Bin, Lu Huaiyu’s a.s.sistant, being surrounded by several guests.

He may have been just an a.s.sistant, but he was Lu Huaiyu’s personal a.s.sistant. Many people tried to find out more about Lu Huaiyu through Yi Bin and this was nothing new to the poor man.

Yi Bin gave a courteous smile and behaved politely to all the other guests, but he avoided the barrage of questions from them.

In the end, none of the guests got anything out of Yi Bin despite their best efforts.

After a while, the guests finally realized that it was almost impossible to find out more about Lu Huaiyu through Yi Bin, so they slowly discarded the thought.

One young lady decided to give it one last try, but decided to switch the topic.

“a.s.sistant Yi, what do you have in your hand?”

Yi Bin looked at the bag that he was holding.

“It’s a book belonging to the Second Master.”

Lu Huaiyu had handed the book to Yi Bin when he left the office, telling him to safeguard it.

Yi Bin believed that after the c.o.c.ktail party, Lu Huaiyu would go home and wanted to bring the book back together.

He had no idea what was so special about the book. However, he knew that Lu Huaiyu cherished it a lot, so he guarded it well.

“The Second Master Lu’s book?”

Intrigued, the young lady tried to sneak a peek inside the bag.

“Can I see it?”

Yi Bin said, “I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

The young lady was caught off guard by the rejection.

It was just a book, a rather thick book.

“a.s.sistant Yi, don’t get me wrong. I’m just curious as to what kind of books Second Master Lu reads…”

In a strong tone, Yi Bin said, “You can ask the Second Master in person if you want to know.”

The young lady went silent. If she could ask Lu Huaiyu questions, she would not be wasting time with his a.s.sistant.

“What kind of book is that? Why does he hold it in such high regard that you are tasked with holding it wherever you go?”

A voice broke the awkward silence.

Xi Yini came closer. Her eyes were focused on the bag as she tried to take the book out.

“Let me have a look.”

Yi Bin was not deterred. “Ms. Xu, I’m sorry, this is one of the Second Master’s personal belongings.”

Xu Yini frowned and raised her voice, “It’s just a book. I’ve been to his study room before. Why can’t I even take a look at one of his books?”

She had always had a feisty temper, but she had always been able to control herself in front of Lu Huaiyu.

Now, with Lu Huaiyu in the cellar, she felt no need to be afraid of Yi Bin.

Lu Huaiyu had already rejected her earlier, and now even his a.s.sistant was trying to reject her.

Yi Bin frowned.

“Ms. Xu, you can wait—”

Before he could finish, Xu Yini s.n.a.t.c.hed the bag away and tried to take the book out.

“I really want to see what kind of book it is—”

“Xu Yini.”

Suddenly, a cold voice rang out.

Lu Huaiyu had just come back from the cellar and witnessed the outrageous scene with his own eyes.

Xu Yini looked at him and saw the icy cold gaze that was aimed at her.

“What are you doing?”

Xu Yini quivered.

Everyone present could sense Lu Huaiyu’s anger.

The whole room fell dead silent, the silence making Xu Yini feel even worse.

The alcohol had amplified her negative emotions and the resentment that she had felt earlier got the best of her.

‘It’s just a book, a d*mn book! What is with this d*mn book? Why would he call me out in front of so many people!?’

She became impulsive and tried to take the book out.

When she tore the paper bag apart, the book fell out.


The heavy ‘History of Time’ book fell on to the ground, followed by the sketch that had been placed within its pages.

The sketch was of a young man with bangs covering his eyes.. He looked lonely and desolate.


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