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Dragons and phoenixes swiftly dashed out while fierce prehistorical beasts were running crazy. Three strong forces came from Pan Gu world launched their moves together, instantly turning the Holy Land into a great mess.

Not to mention the long-lasting war between the humankind and non-humankind back in Pan Gu world which allowed Pan Gu world warriors to use all kinds of battle formations smoothly, almost every Pan Gu warrior who came to Pan Xi world was an elite. The dragon-kind and phoenix-kind had been the strongest allies of the humankind; every dragon and every phoenix was incredibly powerful. Warriors from Western Wasteland clans were the backbone forces of their own clans as well, and they could even rival those non-humankind beings at frontal battle fearlessly.

As for these local people living in Pan Xi world, they fought all year round as well, but their fights didn’t have any specific purpose. Instead, fights in Pan Xi world were mostly started by conflicts between different types of powers. People with different natures of powers simply didn’t like each other, and they fought purposelessly because of that.

Although the wars between local clans had never stopped, the existence of Holy Land had been suppressing all local clans. Consequently, no country-destroying great war had ever happened in Pan Xi world. Therefore, in terms of fighting skill and arts of war, Pan Xi world people were far weaker than Pan Gu world warriors who came from the alliance of human clans.

Not to mention the fact that the origins of power of Pan Xi world and Pan Gu world were largely different, based on which, at the same power-level, human warriors were more powerful than local holy spirits and could easily and thoroughly suppress holy spirits.

As the enemies burst with strong powers and the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and those fierce beasts made their moves, the Holy Land was thrown into turmoil.

Over a thousand dragon-kind warriors formed a great formation, rus.h.i.+ng violently up with their long spears held in their hands. Mounts under their feet were all powerful flood dragons that had been spurting out turbid waves and thunderbolts while madly waving their claws. A single move could send tens of thousands up holy spirits up into the air, making them drop their weapons and armors and flee desperately.

Over a thousand phoenix-kind warriors were incanting a spell. Storms, lightning and thunders, falling flame streams, shooting stars, polar lights and poisonous mist, all kinds of powerful magic attacks covered the area with a radius of over a thousand miles. Wherever these magic attacks reached, the s.p.a.ce would be twisted and collapse. The phoenix-kind beings had incomparably strong soul powers, and their magic could even destroy a small world. Being struck by their endless magic attack, large groups of holy spirits were sent flying backward while vomiting blood, their whole bodies covered in wounds.

As for those Western Wasteland warriors, they formed battle formations and drove thousands of beast born chariots into the Holy Land along with poisonous flames and dazzling thunderbolts. Different-colored battle flags fluttered in the air and m.u.f.fled drums vibrated people’s hearts. Maguspriests hid in those chariots, that had amazing defensive powers, sneakily launched attacks with magic spells. As the tremendous magic formation swept across the Holy Land, all holy spirits fled away in desperation. No one dared to rush up and fight anymore.

Elder Destiny burst with a great rage. He leaped up, waving his arms in anger and growled hoa.r.s.ely, telling those holy spirits to array battle formations to protect themselves. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Elder Destiny was a genius on prediction, he was truly not so good in operational command. Before he started shouting and directing, in coordination with three to five ancestor souls, holy spirits from each clan could still barely fend against the attacks launched by the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and those beasts. However, the already messy battle formations of these local holy spirits and ancestor souls were turned into a greater mess after Elder Destiny began yelling around, waving his hands and telling people what to do.

For example, water-kind holy spirits had just rolled up sky-reaching waves, intending to fight against the heavy rain of flame launched by the phoenix-kind. But after a series of shouts given by Elder Destiny, a group of green kind holy spirits hurriedly rushed over to help.

The group of wood kind holy spirits launched a wave of fierce attack, but their attacks were burned out by the strong flame rain launched by the phoenix-kind; even their bodies were set ablaze as well. The raging flame burned their armors and clothes into ashes, their hair and beard into a puff of smoke and their faces black, making them flee like drowning mice.

On the other side, a group of earth-kind holy spirits raised multiple mountains and formed a st.u.r.dy wall to fend against around ten Qiong Qi beasts. The beasts thudded against those mountains with their bodies and vibrated those mountains intensively. Earth-kind holy spirits were still robust enough to withstand the b.u.mps, but Elder Destiny delivered the worst result with the best intentions as he directed a group of gold kind holy spirits to help.

Those gold-kind holy spirits hurriedly spread out a tremendous wave of golden blades, piercing fiercely towards those Qiong Qi beasts. Seeing that, the group of beasts and Qiong Qi Clan warriors laughed out loud. They were from the Western Wasteland of Pan Gu world, and they were all naturally capable of controlling all kinds of metal powers. These beasts and warriors slightly changed their battle formation, after which, the wave of golden blades fell on their bodies and the power vibration released from their bodies grew much stronger.

The power of those fierce beasts was boosted up by over a hundred percent, and countless, extremely sharp thorns grew out from their bodies. As these beasts pounced violently, the thousands of giant mountains floating in the air shattered immediately. Countless holes were left on the bodies of those gold-kind holy spirits, which made them flee away while crying.

What a mess. The whole Pan Xi world was thrown into a huge mess.

Desperately fleeing holy spirits could be seen all over the sky. Their battle formations had long gone, and instead, they were now in small groups of three to five people, fleeing in the air as fast as they could. By now, these holy spirits couldn’t possibly cause any threat to those fierce and violent dragons, phoenixes and beasts.

The only ones who could still remain fighting in the air were the tens of ancestor soul elders who were following Elder Destiny, and the nearly hundred ancestor souls who were wakened up from the deep sleep one after another during the past few days by those holy spirits.

Nearly a hundred and fifty ancestor souls had now still been fighting. They were all at a higher level, and were much more powerful than those dragon, phoenix and Western Wasteland warriors. They formed a battle formation in the air, letting out fierce streams of power like a heavy rain, making those elite warriors from the three strong forces step back quickly.

A small half of dragon warriors and phoenix warriors and over thirty-thousand Western Wasteland warriors were suppressed by those hundred and fifty ancestor souls floating in the air, facing each other in a stalemate.

Ji Hao couldn’t help but nod constantly. These ancestor souls were indeed especially powerful, that tens of thousands of Magus Kings and over a thousand Divine Magi actually couldn’t do anything to them.

Ji Hao started to wonder exactly how many ancestor souls were still in a deep sleep inside the flower of great Dao, silently cultivating themselves and sensing the supreme great Dao of nature. If the number of those ancestor souls could reach ten-thousand, that would be a terrifyingly strong force.

Elder Destiny discovered the advantage of those ancestor souls as well. He gave a loud growl immediately, “Do not worry about those silly kids. Take out your spirit holy weapons and defeat these outer s.p.a.ce monsters as quickly as possible!”

Following Elder Destiny’s order, the two ancestor soul elders stood beside him reacted the fastest. They were clearly from the gold kind, and hearing Elder Destiny, they swung their hands and sent out a pair of dazzlingly s.h.i.+ning, sharp swords. These transformed into a pair of lively, thousands of kilometer long serpents, roaring towards those dragon warriors, phoenix warriors and beasts.

“Hehe, two world-accompanying spirit treasures. However, the original natural power of Pan Xi world is not great enough, so this pair of swords are not that powerful.” Ji Hao was guided by Yu Yu, and he now surely had sharp insights, that allowed him to see through this pair of swords with a single glance.

Those two swords were a pair of world-accompanying spirit treasures, pre-world-level great treasures. Nevertheless, the original natural power of Pan Xi world was not as great as Pan Gu world. Therefore, this pair of swords was only around one percent as powerful as same level world-accompanying spirit treasures of Pan Gu world.

“You think our dragon-kind don’t have any powerful treasure?”Ao Li, who was directing the army of dragon-kind, burst with a great shout upon seeing the two tremendous serpents roaring over, “Everyone knows that we are the wealthiest race!”

Following a thunderous roar, Ao Li opened his mouth and let out a cyan-colored short sword, screaming out of his mouth like a gale.

The short sword transformed into a long gust of wind and roared across the air, wrapped the pair of serpents up and squeezed. A long series of creaking noise could be heard without an end. Instantly, the two serpents were gone, and the pair of s.h.i.+ning swords fell to the ground while letting out a shrill buzzing noise that sounded like a wail.


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