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Chapter 2477: Meet the Wodins

The Wodins set up a much more elaborate base next to the plot rented by the Larkinsons.

The hexagonal-shaped base used to consist of prefab buildings, but the Hexers weren’t satisfied with that. They slowly imported other materials to set up a sizable settlement that was a cross between a town and a military base.

As the shuttle that carried the Miracle Couple slowly flew over the base under heavy escort, Ves peered over the window to look at the mechs and structures below.

“How many of your relatives am I meeting today?”

“All of them.” Gloriana answered with a grin.


“Don’t be silly. I’m just talking about my immediate family. You’ll be meeting my mother and all of my direct brothers and sisters today!”

“They’re all here?”

Gloriana happily nodded. “Yes! While they normally hold important positions back in the Hegemony, it’s no problem for them to attend our wedding. Don’t worry about any misunderstandings. I’ve told them plenty of stories about you. You’ve already met Brutus, but the rest think highly of you as well.”

Ves hoped her relatives were in a pragmatic mood. He had no illusions about their dislike towards ‘untamed’ boys, but there was no way that he would bend to their customs.

If his meeting with Gloriana’s mother and relatives turned into a disaster, then he wasn’t going to apologize. He already told Gloriana plenty of times about his likes and dislikes. While he didn’t want to act like a diva, he still had his limits.

It did not take long before the shuttle landed in a guarded enclosure. Security was so tight that Nitaa wasn’t allowed to come along. He could only command his bodyguard to wait in the vehicle.

Fortunately, n.o.body said a word about Lucky. Despite his small and cute appearance, his most recent meals turned him into an even deadlier commando cat than before.

Ves did not expect any trouble from his in-laws, but he felt a bit more confident with Lucky by his side.

As they walked towards what could only be described as a palace, Ves grew increasingly more uneasy.

The Wodin Dynasty’s ground base was completely Hexer in nature. The architecture, guard mechs and soldiers on foot all gave him the illusion that he had entered the territory of the Hexadric Hegemony.

Hexagons were everywhere, and many objects came in multiples of six. What Ves found notable was the religious iconography.

Ves never regarded hexism as a real religion. It was so obviously contrived, yet none of the Hexers around him thought so. Numerous Hexers prayed in front of the shrines. He had seen enough religious nuts to recognize that they were absolutely sincere in their beliefs!

The only consolation was that Ves spotted plenty of idols of the Superior Mother. The Supreme played such a prominent role in the Miracle Couple’s work. How could the Wodins not take notice?

Inwardly, Ves was grinning. At least something had gone right with the Hexers. Hopefully, Gloriana’s relatives mellowed out as well as they started to wors.h.i.+p his mother.

The group eventually entered the palace. After pa.s.sing through some halls and corridors, they entered a salon where Gloriana’s closest family were already waiting.

Five adult Wodins were flanking a tall, regal-looking woman. The family resemblance to Gloriana was clear as day. Not only did they possess similar facial features, their hair was all black.

Curiously enough, just like Brutus, the other two male siblings were tall as well. Apparently, Constance Wodin had done an admirable job in their upbringing. Since Gloriana’s brothers were all good boys, they shouldn’t pose any threat to Hexer women.

Gloriana pa.s.sed by Ves and moved until she took her place.

“Welcome to my abode. We have antic.i.p.ated your arrival for quite some time.” A matronly but stern voice spoke.

Ves grew a bit nervous. He attempted to smile. “I am eager to meet you as well.”

Actually, he didn’t want to be here at all! He would rather be back in the Nyxian Gap than spend another second in this Hexer stronghold!

Unfortunately, the Wodins wouldn’t let him go so soon.

Constance Wodin beckoned him forward. “You may approach.”

He did so. His footsteps echoed softly across the tiles. He moved forward until he reached a close but respectful distance to his future mother-in-law.

Though Constance Wodin hadn’t done anything but stare at him, she possessed a bearing that was awfully similar to that of his mother.

In fact, it was more correct to say that Constance Wodin took after the Superior Mother!

His heart sank. He already had his hands full with his birth mother. He didn’t need a second mother!

Of course, he did his best to keep his true thoughts and emotions in check. He bowed.

“I am honored to meet you, ma’am. I have long admired the family that managed to raise a woman as lovely and capable as Gloriana.”

Constance smiled. At least she was open to flattery.

“Children, please introduce yourselves.”

Gloriana’s siblings approached Ves in a line.

The eldest walked up to him. She stretched her hand to shake his hand with a firm grip.

“Amarintha Wodin. I am the Director of Land Management of Scimitar II. If you ever decide to abort your expedition to the Red Ocean, there will always be a place for you in the Hegemony. I have already taken the liberty to reserve an entire islet for you and your clan.”

Ves strained to maintain his smile. “Thank you for the offer. That is very kind of you. My ambitions lie elsewhere, so it is unlikely that I will travel to your home planet.”

Gloriana’s eldest sibling continued to maintain her polite demeanor.

“We will continue to reserve this territory for you. I hope you will remember the kindness we have shown to you. No matter where your travel leads you, please consider the family you have left behind.”

What a calculating woman. Amarintha was a senior official in a planetary government. It shouldn’t be a surprise that she was adept at politics. Though she hadn’t spoken a lot of words, she was clearly trying to make him regard the Wodins as his second family.

This not only showcased her adaptability and tolerance, but also revealed a good understanding of his personality. Family was very dear to him. Amarintha wanted to take advantage of this character trait to harvest more benefits for the Wodin Dynasty.

Ves did not dare to reject her underlying meaning outright.

“The widening distance between us will make it difficult to share anything good with your dynasty. Still, if there is anything you need, I would be happy to extend a favor.”

Amarintha nodded in satisfaction and returned to her mother’s side.

Kellandra Wodin, the second-born, walked up next.

Her straight spine and rigid posture screamed military. She wore a uniform that greatly resembled that of Alexandria Wodin.

Both of them were mech colonels, yet there was a huge gap in age. Colonel Kellandra Wodin was only half as old!

Whether Kellandra gained her position due to nepotism or raw talent, Ves didn’t know. He cared little about the Wodin Dynasty’s internal affairs. All he knew was that it was best not to make enemies with Gloriana’s siblings.

Though Gloriana’s second sister didn’t smile, she didn’t come off as aggressive either.

“I am Mech Colonel Kellandra Wodin. I appreciate your contributions to the Hex Army. Many brave and n.o.ble Hexer soldiers are depending on your work to survive and win against the foul Fridaymen.”

“I do my best.”

She frowned. “That is not enough. You need to do more to strengthen our state. Please continue to do your duty by working with my sister to supply more mech designs to our military.”

His duty?

“My commission with the Hegemony is far from ending. Gloriana and I still have many more mech designs in store for the Hex Army.”

“We are waiting.” Kellandra said with an expectant tone. “If you fail, our Wodin Dynasty shall be no more. Do not let Gloriana down.”

Nothing like a little emotional blackmail to keep him motivated. After Kellandra said her piece, Gloriana’s oldest brother finally stepped forward.

“Marcus Wodin.” A smooth and gentle voice spoke. “I am a projection painter. I take after our father.”

Ves always felt uncomfortable around Hexer males. Compared to the proud but friendly Larkinson men he interacted with on a daily basis, people like Marcus somehow come across as.. lesser.

The difference between Marcus and her two older sisters was like night and day. Ves felt that Marcus couldn’t even hurt a fly.

“Pleased to meet you.” Ves shook his hand. There was no force to Marcus’ grip. “I have a considerable interest in art as well.”

The older Wodin’s eyes lit up. “The artistic style encapsulated by your mech designs is quite expressive. I am impressed with your ability to produce flamboyant works. The statue you have made is truly divine! I would love it if you could show me how you make your art so vivid.”

“We can exchange with each other on another day.” Ves responded.

Gloriana’s second brother came next. Tarkus Wodin shook hands with Ves in the same feeble grip as the one that came before.

“My name is Tarkus Wodin. My pa.s.sion lies in avian lifeforms. As an exo-ornithologist, I can provide you with many suggestions should you look to adopt some interesting birds as pets. It is regrettable that you and your clan favor cats instead.”

“I’ve encountered quite some interesting birds recently.” Ves casually said. “The Nyxian Gap has sp.a.w.ned some interesting lifeforms. One bird was so big and aggressive that some of us got hurt.”

“How unfortunate! What happened to this fine avian specimen?”

“We… regrettably had to put it down.”

“How tragic! Couldn’t you have avoided conflict by staying away from this exobird’s habitat?”

Ves coughed. “Preserving biodiversity did not rank high in our list of priorities back then. We were more concerned about staying alive ourselves.”

There was no need for him to greet Venerable Brutus. The Hexer expert pilot merely nodded at Ves while keeping his hands folded behind his back.

At least Brutus resembled an actual man. His two older brothers were completely spineless in comparison.

Each Wodin became accomplished in their own jobs. However, Ves could not help but recognize that the women pursued impactful careers while the boys were relegated to much less impressive pursuits.

In fact, if Brutus hadn’t coincidentally advanced to expert candidate and expert pilot, he would have been as meek and una.s.suming as his brothers.

Clearly, Constance Wodin didn’t really care about what her sons would do when they grew up. As long as they didn’t aim for any leaders.h.i.+p roles or something, their jobs were largely inconsequential.

In contrast, she probably steered her daughters towards specific trajectories.

The eldest daughter went into government service. She might become a minister or take up an even higher position in the central government in the future.

The second daughter entered the military. Unlike Brutus, Kellandra was no common grunt. Becoming a colonel at around 40 meant that she was bound to become a general!

The youngest daughter became involved in industry and commerce. By becoming a high-ranking mech designer, Gloriana was probably expected to benefit the Wodin Dynasty in many ways once she matured.

Too bad Ves was about to take her away. While she could still contribute to the Wodin Dynasty in many ways, Constance might be peeved that he had ruined her best-laid plans.

Still, with how much Ves and Gloriana had already accomplished, Constance should not be too opposed to their union.

“Sit with us, Ves.” Constance spoke in a slightly warmer tone. “We have much to talk about. I would have preferred to meet you sooner, but you were not available for the past six months. If you wish to become a proper spouse to my daughter, you must restrain your undesirable tendencies. I will not look favorably upon you if you wander off into hazardous regions again.”

Oh boy.


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