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Chapter 359 – Meeting Elaina Once Again – Part 3!

“So, what do you want me to do? Help you take revenge on the second prince who is currently in my custody.” Danny asked as he looked to Elaina for an answer.

Oliver straightened his back and also turned his neck to look at his disciple, seemingly worrying that she would really make such a request to King Danny.

Elaina raised her head and found everyone looking at her. She naturally heard what Danny had asked, and truthfully in her heart, she really wanted to ask if she would be given a chance to enter that b.a.s.t.a.r.d cell and kill him in the worst possible way she could imagine in her mind. That will not only somewhat satisfy the raging anger in her heart, but it will also save numerous good citizens of the Armen Kingdom from possibly becoming a victim in Ronald’s hands. 

But she knew couldn’t make such kind of request. The death of the Armen Kingdom’s second prince could trigger another war on a much larger scale between the two kingdoms. 

It was too much to ask for, she knew that, and so Elaina said, “I want revenge, yes, but not like this, not with him still being a prisoner of war in your Kingdom. I can’t be selfish, and I don’t think you would let that happen anyway.” 

Oliver was relieved to hear that. Fortunately, Elaina’s mind wasn’t clouded with the thoughts of revenge, and he was proud of her for making that decision. This way, at least, their relations.h.i.+p with King Danny would not sour.

Danny looked at her for another minute, and when he saw she didn’t have any regrets, he smiled and said, “It would really be a problem if the second prince were to die in my cell. As a king, I have to take the interest of my people and avoid a meaningless war that would result in the casualty of innocent people on both sides.”

Elaina knew she had made the right decision after listening to the young King’s words.

But, in her mind, she was disappointed and was losing hope for getting her revenge. 

“But as a Human, I also have a responsibility towards humanity to not let demons like Ronald Armen create chaos and bring disaster to the lives of the good people even if they are not living in the land within my rule. Therefore, I’ve decided to get rid of him so that he doesn’t do any more harm to others. Though I regret to say, he has to live until he gets ransomed and goes back to his land. Would that be alright with you, Miss Elaina?” Danny said.

“As long as he dies gruesomely, even if it’s not through my sword, I think I can live happily with that. Thank you, Your Highness,” Elaina said, with a slight smile on her face. It seems it was the first time she had heard a piece of good news in a while now.

“Even if you haven’t asked me, I would not have let such a sorry excuse of a human being live to see another day. It would be a disaster and headache for both the citizens of the two countries and me if Ronald Armen, by chance, ascends to the throne of the Armen Kingdom. Anyway, if you have any other request, tell me.” Danny said, feeling good seeing the smile return to Elain’s beautiful face. 

It was Oliver who replied, “Thank you, Your Highness, for doing such a great deed for humanity. You don’t know how many people would become happy when they hear it was you who got rid of such a calamity for them. Maybe, some people might want to travel or immigrate to your Kingdom to say thank you to you personally.”

Both Elaina and Melinda nodded their head in affirmation; as for Danny, he only casually smiled and let the older man sing praises for him.

“There is one request I would hope you can help with. Even if the second prince dies, I don’t think King Armen and the Queen would let Elaina and her family live comfortably in their Kingdom. I wish you could accept them and give them refuge in your land.”

“Yeah, of course, it’s no problem. As long as everyone follows the moral laws of this land, I’m willing to welcome you with open arms.” Danny easily accepted such a simple request. Both Melinda and Elaina are talented people. They will definitely become a powerhouse with the right guidance and sufficient resources not to mention, for the rapid progress of his Kingdom, he needs a large amount of manpower, so naturally, he would be happy if the Yandell family’s retinue of thousand people could immigrate to his land. 

Alex is not happy with the current population. There’s a lot of unclaimed land between cities and too few talents like Beast Tamers, Alchemist, Inscription Master, Blacksmith, and other people with life skills such as tailors, carpenter, s.h.i.+pbuilder, masons, etc. 

Back on Sea-Sh.e.l.l Island, he had already given orders to take steps into teaching people life skills by opening schools and such. But the population is not sufficient to create any rapid dynamic change to the society and improve the civilization of the Island at the speed that he desired. It was too slow for him. It takes time to turn the considerable amount of illiterate, poor people of the Island into talents required by him to make his Kingdom prosper at lightning speed.

It’s better if he could attract talents into immigrating to his land so that he can relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Of course, he would not become an evil capitalist; he would naturally give sufficient cultivation or other desirable resources in return to everyone that makes merits in running the Kingdom and improving its economy.

The most important thing that Alex could provide to his people would be safety and stability.

After getting the affirmation from the young King, Oliver and her two disciples looked even more relieved and at ease.

“Thank You, your Highness. Really, thank you. Elaina and Melinda should be safe here.” Oliver sincerely expressed his grat.i.tude.

“Mister Oliver, won’t you be accompanying your disciples?” Danny asked. He thought the peak stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator was included in the package.

A person of that cultivation level could easily defend a part of the long borders of his Kingdom and help shoulder some of the pressure on him.

Oliver then explained his reasons to Danny for not leaving his Clan. 

Danny nodded in understanding, but he still tried to change his decision. 

“Mister Oliver, I understand your concerns. Joining an enemy nation would definitely attract retaliation from the Clan and the Armen Royal family, and those close to you would definitely bear the brunt. I have a suggestion, why don’t you go and join a sect. That way, the royal Clan won’t touch anyone that is close to you. Your Clan would also be happy well since they shouldn’t have a problem with having their clan members join Sects which would benefit them in the long run as you could earn resources and secure opportunities for future clan members to join as well.”  Danny said.

“…I never thought in that direction. But, your highness, even if I want to, it’s not easy to join sects for someone of my age, even if it’s the small ones. Unless they need major human resources for something, no sect will recruit cultivators from outside with a background like mine. Loyalty is their main concern, and age is another requirement since they don’t want someone that have exhausted their potential or with little remaining as that would waste their limited resources.” Oliver explained. 

When he was young, Oliver had lost the opportunity to join a sect when they came to recruit from their Clan as the position is really scarce and there were too many compet.i.tors. It was always one of his regrets because Sects, especially Large and Mid-level Sects, represent greater opportunity than what his Clan can give him on the path of cultivation. In fact, after he trained Elaina and Melinda for another year, he was going to take part in the recruitment process of the Sects.

“I can handle that problem. Have you heard of Braveheart sect?” Danny said with quite some confidence.

“Yes, they are very famous due to the reputation of their Sect Master,” Oliver answered, thinking why Danny would speak of them. Does he have a connection with them? 

“They have invited me to join their sect, and if I can vouch for you, I think they will let you join as well. Also, if Miss Elaina and Miss Melinda want, they can try through a normal channel. With their talent and my connection, they will definitely get recruited easily.

Oliver wasn’t surprised by hearing that a Mid-Level sect directly invited him to join. Even five large sects would be rus.h.i.+ng to recruit this young talent if they heard about his strength and age before Oliver had doubted whether Danny was someone who had been brought in those five great sects because only they could raise such a monster. But it seems that’s not the case, and it is even more terrifying to imagine.

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