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Chapter 106 The Old Animator

Chapter 106 The Old Animator

A pot of roses became the apple of Zhou Yu’s eyes. Whether he could raise a Thumbelina, it would depend on how much luck he had acc.u.mulated this year. In fact, he already had a daughter. But she was very barbaric. Screaming and shouting wildly all day long, she didn’t look like a girl at all. Recently, she was obsessed with the brigand cave, and going to the cave almost became her daily activity now.

To tell you the truth, Zhou Yu didn’t even know who was a brigand now. Actually, Zhou Yu had seen some of the brigands a few times after someone clearing the dungeon. Limping outside the cave in twos and threes with walking sticks and bandages over their heads, they looked so pitiful, that it almost made Zhou Yu want to give them something to comfort them.

However, their bad temperament remained unchanged. Whenever he wanted to approach the cave, those almost primitive fools would scream and shout while throwing sticks or rocks at him. And then they would be brutally beaten by Firefly. It was truly a group of ungrateful wretches.

Oh well, she was an adventurer after all. Having such a character was normal, but idols should not be the same, right? As an Otaku that was quite obsessed with idols, it couldn’t be more satisfied to have an idol daughter sing songs and dance for him every day. Of course, he would not want to be Oni Chichi that kind of father. He wanted to be an upright Otaku, not an evil Otaku.

The last idol was little Niannian, because there was no Moe Coins to build various training facilities, in the end, little Niannian ended up having very bad attributes. Although it had been one year already, he still didn’t save much Moe Coins. But in the following month, he wanted to save as much Moe Coins as he could.

There would be no more new animations. Everyone would need to endure the old movies in the outdoor cinema. The game company would also need to stop for a while, he could still live for one month without playing new games. He would also need to stop playing with the Gashapon machine, especially the habitat of playing it ten times in succession, it must be stopped. Even if he was able to calculate the ratio of getting better items, or if there was a special event, he still would not play it.

In a word, he needed to make every effort to prepare for the money burning training after the birth of the idol.


Regarding Beidou studio, all the talent agents in the real world were on the move. Composition, lyrics, singers, dubbing, CG production team, writers, directors… As long as the name appeared on the closing credit, basically it couldn’t escape the fate of being doxed. But the result was still very obvious, all their efforts were in vain.

This silent att.i.tude of Beidou made people feel extremely strange and frustrated. What exactly were the people from Beidou Studio thinking?

And this kind of abnormality made the animation director Tie Lin feel a serious sense of deja vu.

It was the last summer, when the animated movie – The Flaming Mountain, which was a perfect sequel to the animated movie – Havoc In Heaven, appeared inexplicably on the Internet. Although its quality was not as good as Fruit Pirates, it was still very amazing.

Later on, he and his master Lu Hansheng, tried every possible way to find the team or the company that made the animated movie, but in the end, they did not get anything. Because of this, they felt pity for a very long time.

Unexpectedly, before the first wave subsided, a new wave rose.

Surprisingly, there was another a top production team refusing to disclose their names. Could it be that those two teams were actually the same team? Lu Hansheng thought, that it was definitely not. There was a big difference between the styles of those two movies. One was in Chinese style, while the other was in western style. The narrative styles and the shooting techniques were also completely different. Therefore, it could not be the same director. Besides, their names were also different, although they were probably pseudonyms.

Whether it was the same team or not, Lu Hansheng could not sit still. He eagerly wanted to know the team, that made the Flaming Mountain. Since the last summer, this question had almost become a ghost that haunted him every day. This was all because of a nostalgic feeling. Even though “Fruit Pirate” was more profitable, and its quality was also higher, he still stubbornly believed that “The Flaming Mountain” was the most perfect.

Although they could not find the team that made the Flaming Mountain, Fruit Pirates gave them some hints. And amongst the three people that they could find, Zhou Yu, who was the executive cinematographer of the movie, was obviously the most talked about.

Lu Hansheng felt that he should pay Zhou Yu a visit. Maybe there were some connections to the two unknown teams?

So the two special guests came to the amus.e.m.e.nt park.

But before they could find Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu already noticed them. After all, it was difficult for him not to notice a dazzling old man.


Otaku Power: 8.1;

An animator who is obsessed with Havoc In Heaven.

Additional Information: an old artist, but… meh.

Indeed, the old man probably already retired a long time ago? And what could he possibly do if Zhou Yu hired him? Even if it was a very rare dazzling person, the old man still had a little recruitment value.

But still, Zhou Yu respected the old man a lot. Besides, the word “old artist” alone, meant that he would be worth a lot. The cost of recruitment would definitely be very high, and he might not even be able to hire him successfully.

Zhou Yu gave up recruiting the old, but unexpectedly the dazzling man came to his door. It turned out that he came to inquire about Beidou Studio.

With the popular release of Fruit pirates, there were more and more people like this old man coming to the park. But usually they were the HR agents from various companies, but now even an old artist also came to the park in person.

For the sake of such a high Otaku power, Zhou Yu decided to meet him. If it was other people, he would definitely hide somewhere.

“Mister, I am not really a member of Beidou studio. I was only commissioned to take some real-life scenes. And I have an agreement with them that I can’t reveal their information. So, I’m sorry.” Zhou Yu quickly said it before the old man even asked anything.

These statements had already been published in the news, so Tie Lin and Lu Hansheng were naturally already aware of it.

Lu Hansheng did not speak. He just shook Zhou Yu’s hand a moment ago. And indeed, he could feel that Zhou Yu’s hands were not an animator’s hands.

Having stayed in this industry for so long, more or less, he was still able to tell if a person was an animator or not. The young man did not look like and feel like an animator, but rather like a screenwriter or some sort, but he still did not know why he was unwilling to disclose his ident.i.ty.

Tie Lin was also the animation director of a big company, but after handing in his business card, Zhou Yu did not have any reactions at all. It was as if he had never heard of his name. Judging by all the signs, this young man should not be an industry insider.

Surprisingly, a group of amateurs together could produce a top domestic animated movie. It was really a slap in their faces.

“Young man, I’m not looking for Beidou studio. It is about an animated movie, I’ve been looking for its production team, but there has been no clue. Their behavior style is quite similar to Beidou, so I’m just trying my luck here.”

After that, Lu Hansheng asked Tie Lin to turn on the tablet, and played the movie Flaming Mountain.

Zhou Yu could not hide his surprise. Wasn’t that the first animated movie he uploaded? Surprisingly, there were people watching it, and they were even looking for the team who made it. This kind of pa.s.sion was truly impressive

“What do you need from them, mister? No disrespect, but if they are unwilling to disclose their ident.i.ties, you should respect their decisions, right? Maybe they have their own reasons?”

It was really annoying to have people asking him questions all day. Netizens were doing it because they were curious. Journalists were doing it because it was their jobs. But why a retired artist had to get involved in this?

Lu Hansheng did not expect that he would get this kind of answer. Although the young man did not admit it, his tone hinted that those two were related. And the hidden meaning was also very clear. It meant that even if it was Lu Hansheng, the people in the dark did not feel like there was any need to know each other.

‘A bunch of strange people.’ Tie Lin was a little angry, but Lu Hansheng was not. He just laughed and said, “This old man has worked very hard for most of his life, just wanting to show the world the beauty of Chinese animation. However, it is a shame to see, that domestic animation is getting worse and worse. So please help me to pa.s.s a message to the team that made the flaming mountain and Beidou, if there are any obstacles on their way, and if they need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me. Although I have retired already, I still know some people in the industry. Also, I know it is shameless for me to say it. But great power comes with great responsibilities. The future of Chinese animation depends on them. Thank you.”

The old man is truly an old animator.


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