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Chapter 303 Wish Gemstone

In the sky, the logo of Maiden’s Love Circle flashed among the clouds. The serene heart mark along with the arrow in between gleamed brightly in the evening sky.

On the beautiful beach below, the crowd was sh.e.l.l shocked by everything that has taken place so far. The ocean waves continued to sweep under their feet but they were far too engrossed in their thoughts to feel the cold water.

“G.o.d, that was mind-blowing,” Sheena muttered to herself as she woke from the explosive erotic scene. “I have never experienced anything like that.”

The women nearby regardless of age unconsciously agreed. The young ones could reason for their short life but for the older women, it was hard to do so. They thought of their better halves and sighed in disappointment.

Dixon’s wife glanced at him.

“If only he was like that man,” She thought with a strong desire. “Even if he could not get better in bed, at least, he could try to be more romantic and take me on dates to exotic locations.”

She felt her life was getting far too predictable and boring. Sure, she was now involved in an adventure in the forest, but that has become a routine every two years.

She thought of the man she saw in the erotic scene just now. He was so different and unique just like Theresa promised.

Every woman except for Ashlyn was thinking about the scenes they experienced.

The two mentally induced erotic experience was like drugs; it took them to a new height and made them wanting more.

With time, they would gain rationality and overpower this desire, but as of now, they were addicted to that scene and wanted more.

Everyone looked at Theresa in disbelief and wonder. Her charm was no longer restricted to her gorgeous body that was highly seductive in the red bikini. She was a master of words and an adept manipulator who could awaken people to desires they have never known.

Even though she was twisting and stretching logic to her binding, every woman agreed there was at least half truth in what she said. If someone tried, they might be able to counter her one logic or two or even three, but it was impossible to counter her every logic.

The most dangerous part was how she handled the conversation. She used a both hard and soft approach to invoke sentiments she wanted in her listeners.

Till when can we be satisfied by living under the shadows of men?

Is it justifiable that men experience s.e.xual gratification at the cost of our pleasure?

Are our roles restricted to only acting as a piece of hot a.s.s for man to relieve?!

Women thought in their hearts. Many of the young and independent females refused to live like their past generations. They desired what Theresa felt every woman should have the natural right to,

The men, on the other hand, hated her. Understandably, they believed she was a bad influence who wanted to break the status quo. They especially loathed her for undermining their natural supremacy in the bed by bringing out so-called survey and research details.

Theresa once again started speaking to the attentive crowd.

“Maiden’s Love Circle is not just some organization,” Theresa said with a warm smile. “It is a chance; an opportunity for you to live a life few people could brag of.

“If this prospect excites you and scares you at the same time, then it might be a good thing to try and enjoy life very few people get the chance to experience.

“Everyone agrees fantasies are great in dreams but only a few lucky ones know that living them is even better. Explore what you are and what you really like. You are young and now is the chance. Don’t settle down for something low when you have the beauty, intelligence, and potential for better.”

Theresa stopped for a few moments to allow the words to sink in. She was aware of the possible hesitation going in their minds.

“There would be many who would judge you in the name of morals, culture, religion, and ident.i.ty,” Theresa stepped in front of Sheena, Amy, and other young females.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and continued.

“But this is how society always reacts to new thinking. Open the history books and you will realize every individual who brought change to the world has suffered shaming by society. They were called renegades, deviants, evildoer among countless terrible names. They were insulted and even oppressed but if not for them, we would not be living in the world we are. Society always tries to resist change so that the comfortable status-quo could maintain and the echelons could continue to enjoy their royal advantages.”

Men and women alike were stunned by history reference. Indeed, she was right about how society always resisted change and the price paid by those who tried to go against the norms.

“So my lovely ladies, remember,” Theresa placed a hand over Sheena’s chin, “Those who judge you are slaves to the norms of society. They never truly know what it feels to explore unadulterated freedom… the pleasure of exploring yourself. Stop being n.o.ble and start being selfish for once.”

Theresa turned around and walked towards the mighty ocean. Her steps were slow and gentle as her bare feet stepped on the wet sand.

She stretched her arms to either side and smiled as waves swept towards her. The first thing that hit her was the salty air followed by a gentle gust of wind.

“You only live once so live on your own terms.”

The misty foam sprinkled on her body and the cold water pushed her feet. Her footmarks on the soft sand disappeared under the waves.

Theresa looked absolutely dazzling under the orange sky. Her demeanor let everyone feel just how relaxed and comfortable she was in her skin.

She walked further in the water; moving towards the setting sun. The seagulls noticed her and made melodic noises in response.

“There are three solutions to most of life’s challenges,” Theresa’s soft, peaceful voice entered the crowd’s ears as she continued to move under the water. “A good laugh, a long sleep, and an exhilarating o.r.g.a.s.m. Maiden’s Love Circle can provide you all three.”

She jumped in the water with her arms in front. Her wet body was like a work of G.o.d that was irresistible.

“If you want the solution or not… the choice is yours, and yours only,” Theresa swept a hand over her wet hair.


At the same time, her body started becoming blurry.

Everyone was startled.

They looked around and noticed everything fading from their sight. The sand started dissipating and so did the beautiful sky and the raging ocean.

“What’s going on?” Paige wondered aloud.

“We are returning back to the store!” Dixon replied excitedly.

He saw gla.s.s boxes and stones coming in sight and he was truly happy like never before.

“Finally! Free from that evil demoness!” Riolo was so happy that he was crying. He never thought getting away from a gorgeous babe would make him this glad.

She has an enticingly dangerous figure but her tongue was equally dangerous. The way she humiliated him by calling him faster than a bullet along with other insults made him feel less than a man.

The women were disappointed. They expected to hear more words from her and learn more about her life philosophy…

Antique Stone Garden.

Everyone looked around and realized they truly returned back. Some of them had theories that what they saw was an illusion or a virtual reality experience.

Shawn looked at the crystal card lying on the floor. His mood could not be any sourer after seeing the card again.

When he chose a stone earlier, he was expecting a treasure, and not a business card about some cult focused on women o.r.g.a.s.m.

“I have terrible luck,” Shawn gritted his teeth in annoyance. “I was so sure the stone would have something precious…”

He glanced at Kiba and his blood boiled in anger. He felt he was humiliated when Kiba got a hovercraft while all he got was a useless card.

“Why the h.e.l.l would a stone from a foreign world have a business card made on Earth?” Shawn wanted to vent his frustration so he barked at the manager.

The store was popular for its stones and crusts from an alien world. Evey item retrieved from such stones would be from outer s.p.a.ce and definitely not from Earth.

The store manager was caught off-guard by the question. He knew a few stones here were forged but he was not aware of them containing a business card.

Of course, he could not admit the forgery and expose the dirty secrets of the store, and in turn, spoil the reputation of Dark Stars.

“Well…” The manager didn’t know how to respond but he quickly got his wits together. With a professional expression, he said, “A few stones contain legendary Wish Gemstones. The wish gemstones would transform themselves into objects their owners might desire or need.”

“What?!” Shawn and everyone else looked at the manager in shock.

There are such magical gems?!

Many were doubtful but then they thought of Celestial Empyrean Plane. It was a superior world which couldn’t be compared to Earth and as such, the logic of Earth could not be applied to that high plane.

“Yes, it makes sense,” A sixty-year-old mercenary agreed with the store manager. “My superiors also mentioned about Wish Gemstone when they returned from the Reincarnation Sea.”

“Really?” Many were awestruck by this information.

“Truly, the world is full of wonders,” A woman sighed in admiration. “We don’t know the limits of what is possible.”

“Agree,” Everyone agreed with her.

“Shawn’s luck is G.o.dly,” A young female said in an envious tone. “He got a Wish Gemstone!”

“Yeah! The stones I chose were always empty!”

“d.a.m.n! I would select more stones! I’m sure I can also definitely found a Wish Gemstone!”

“Me as well!”

The store manager was dumbfounded by the discussion.

Earlier, to prevent the store’s dirty secrets from being exposed, he lied through his teeth and sprouted the first nonsense that came in his mind. Since the civilization of the alien world was still a mystery at large, he believed no one could actually catch him in his lie. After all, what proof anyone has to prove he was deceiving?

He was not expecting everyone to buy his lie but he was sure it would at least prevent ma.s.s-scale doubts on the integrity of the shop.

Obviously, he thought Wish Gemstones were the invention of his mind but now he was no longer sure.

Do Wish Gemstones truly exist?! Or that old mercenary just bulls.h.i.+ted to sound smart in front of a crowd?!

“Regardless, I should be glad,” The store manager made a faint coughing sound and got his act together. “This should bring me more business.”

At a corner, Kiba and Ashlyn were standing against a wall. Kiba was astonished by the scene in front of him.

Are they all crazy?!

He obviously knew the truth about store manager lying so he was stunned to see such excited discussion among the crowd.

“Three men make a tiger,” Kiba thought of an ancient proverb that could explain the situation.

This proverb referred to an individual’s tendency to accept absurd information as long as it was repeated by enough people.

Before the era of evolution, the royalty used this principle to make the ma.s.ses feel as if they were chosen by the G.o.ds. The royalty spread legends of kings performing miracles or surviving the impossible by using this principle. It was done to curtail possible rebellions and also ensure total subordination.

In the present case, it didn’t even need three people to deceive the crowd.

Kiba smiled at the gullibility of ma.s.ses as long as the information was pa.s.sed through a person of status or high authority.

“Shawn,” Sheena – who was a part of his group- called out to him. “Why would you desire that card?”

Her voice was not loud but when she completed her question, the store turned pin-drop silent. Everyone’s focus was on him.


A Wish Gemstone would transform into an object that was either needed or desired by its master!


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