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The two of them put in all their effort into advertising. It was especially so true for Zhang Ergou, who utilized his skills of a braggart to its best. However, while many disciples were attracted forward, most of them gave it a glance and walked off with a look of disdain on their eyes.

Regarding this, Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue could only feel helpless. Were these disciples really THAT doubtful that Nameless Peak could succeed?

Our great Master Lin possessed such unparalleled pill cultivating skills! Now that he was willing to provide this service to all these outer sect disciples, what a glorious turn of events it should be! But why was everyone so unwilling?! The thought of it made Zhang Ergou redden with rage.

“Ah, Nameless Peak! I know about them. But what’s up with this 3 sets of ingredients for 1 pill?”

“I call it bulls.h.i.+t. The Senior Elder of Danding Peak once said that if 3 sets of ingredients could produce 1 pill, that would be incredibly lucky already. Look at what’s up with their flag, as though they could guarantee it!”

“I took quite a while to gather my ingredients. No way am I letting these hard-earned ingredients go to waste just like this!”

“Only charging 10% for labor fee? It sounds way too good to be true man.”

“Seems like any Tom, d.i.c.k, and Harry and proclaim themselves to be a master at cultivating pills these days. I’d do better to seek up Senior Brother Li of Danding Peak.”

Looking at these outer sect disciples and their disbelief for Master Lin, Zhang Ergou gradually got heated up, “Hey! Hey! Watch what you’re saying! Our Master Lin has pill cultivating skills second to none! It’s because he’s an understanding man and acknowledges your pains in gathering ingredients that he is offering this service out of goodwill! Make use of this opportunity well!”

“Haha! Don’t try to pull a fast one on us! Of course we outer sect disciples know about Nameless Peak. But your master only got the peak because of Grand Master! Do you really think that he can compare with the Senior Brothers on Danding Peak in terms of pill cultivating skills?”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“Although the price for cultivating pills may be higher up on Danding Peak, at least there’s a guaranteed yield! You’re telling me you guys from Nameless Peak can guarantee the same?” An outer sect disciple mocked.

On Danding Peak, even if the rate went at 10 sets of ingredients for 1 pill, but there was a sure guarantee of the pot at the end of the day.

Whereas for Nameless Peak, no one knew anything about them. If one were to give them the ingredients and no pills were to come out of it, then what could one do? What a waste it would be!

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were totally enraged by these disbelievers.

To think that Master was kind-hearted enough to even consider the thought of helping these guys, yet none of them would even believe him!

“Forget it, Senior Brother. The fact that Master Lin was even willing to cultivate pills for them was already an act of goodwill from the heavens. Since they opted to doubt him, this just means that master would get to rest more. One of these days, these guys would regret their choice today” Feng Bujue said.

“Yes.” Even though Zhang Ergou was indignant in his heart, he did not want to continue the conversation. Even if these outer sect disciples were to continue gossiping, he couldn’t be bothered anymore.

Danding Peak…

Li Shun was extremely busy these days. Eventually, the disciples began to return to him and brought him the ingredients accordingly.

And amongst them, one of the deals struck gold for Li Shun.

20 sets of ingredients for 1 Suyuan pill. And on his 7th attempt, he lucked out and cultivated a pill! What a lucky break!

With the remaining 13 sets, Li Shun succeeded once more. Not only was this additional pill entirely his, but he also took a big cut out of the first pill as well.

In any case, he made a huge profit out of this!

As he had just finished cultivating a pill, Li Shun took a slight break. The servant boy playing the flute at the side immediately came over to serve tea while ma.s.saging his back.

“Senior Brother! I just heard from some disciples that there were people selling pills at the foot of Nameless Peak! And they even bragged that they could produce 1 pill with just 3 sets of ingredients with just a 10% labor charges!” The servant boy said as he gently ma.s.saged Senior Brother Li’s shoulders.

After following Senior Brother Li for so many years, he was clear as to the type of gossip Senior Brother Li loved.

Indeed, Li Shun, who was in his relaxed state, let out a smile on his face.

“Lying for ma.s.s attention”

“That’s right, Senior Brother! I bet they’re lying too! Pill cultivating ain’t such an easy task! Even Senior Elder had once said that it would be of miraculous luck for 3 sets of ingredients to produce 1 pill!”

“While medicinal herbs could be said to be similar in properties, some of them are stronger than others. Whereas furnace temperature is not always the same as well. Every single herb has a different water content within them as well! To cultivate a pill requires conscientious observation!” The servant boy continued gently.

“Yes.” Li Shun closed his eyes and nodded approvingly.

Regarding this servant boy, he was very satisfied with his performance. A journey to look for precious herbs outside could take up to months. Not only was the journey arduous, but lonely at the same time, and required much manual labor. Therefore, it was a must for one to have a servant boy by his side.

“Senior Brother, should I go to Nameless Peak to give them a warning?” The servant boy asked.

“Needless. Just let them be. If any disciple were to get conned, then even without our warning, they would truly understand that no one can cultivate pills without proper research and understanding.”

As dusk broke…

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue had nothing at all. While there were a lot of disciples looking at the commotion, none of them believed in Nameless Peak.

And eventually, Zhang Ergou understood it as well. After all, Nameless Peak had no reputation at all. Giving such an incredible deal by Master for such a difficult task, naturally, those disciples would be too scared to even give it a shot.

Looking at the skies darkening, Zhang Ergou prepared to carry the flag back with his Junior Brother to report on the events.

Seems like this was a wasted day.

‘Should we even continue to do this again tomorrow?’


Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue sighed, revealing their helplessness.

“My two Senior Brothers. Can you truly create a pill with 3 sets of ingredients?” Just as the two of them were about to leave, a soft, feeble and timid voice came.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue stopped whatever they were doing and turned around, elated with joy.

“Of course!”

Mao Xiaoxiao was a servant disciple. On his way to deliver goods for an outer sect disciple in the afternoon, he observed the commotion that was happening.

Looking at these attractive terms, Mao Xiaoxiao was tempted instantly. But it only lasted for a moment as he hid at a corner, not daring to show his face. He was ashamed at the pill he wanted to get cultivated.

Looking at the doubts of the outer sect disciples towards Nameless Peak, he wavered for a while as well.

But this too lasted for a moment. If he truly wanted the pill, then this might be the only place he could have it made.

“Junior Brother, what pill are you looking at getting cultivated?” Zhang Ergou smiled.

Mao Xiaoxiao looked at Zhang Ergou and felt anxious momentarily, “Senior Brother, I…I am just a servant disciple. I’ve only just arrived in Glory Sect not too long ago, thus…the ingredients I have are nothing precious. All…all I want is a Qi Boosting Pill. Here are…3 sets of ingredients. Do…do you think it’s possible, Senior Brother?”

Mao Xiaoxiao took out 3 strands of medicinal herbs from his snug fitting clothes. Even these 3 herbs were obtained by him accidentally, and he had kept them with him all the while. To Mao Xiaoxiao, these were the most precious belongings he had.

Qi Boosting Pill was a low-grade pill, but it was of importance to the servant disciples.

For someone who had not entered precelestial level, the Qi Boosting pill could help to improve blood circulation and strengthen one’s body. Even after entering precelestial level, it would still be beneficial.

For these servant disciples, while they were supposed to be getting help from the sect in pill form as well, it was actually a very rare occurrence for them. This was because their job was only to maintain the living quarters and daily living. It was very rare for someone within them to be able to break out to precelestial level. Only then could they be considered an outer sect disciple.

While Glory Sect recruited disciples annually, those of weaker calibers would be thrown within the servant disciples. For those with better caliber, some of them might occasionally be taken in as outer sect disciples, or brought up to the peaks if they were chosen by any of the nine senior elders.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were filled with disappointment, to think that the pill that was required was such a low graded pill.

But alas, it was still their first deal, how could they reject it?

“Deal. Don’t worry, Junior Brother. I’ll take the ingredients. I’ll still be here tomorrow morning, and you can come and collect it then.” Zhang Ergou replied.

“Thank you both, Senior Brothers!” Mao Xiaoxiao let out a smile of happiness on his face.

Regarding pill cultivation, he had no knowledge. And the Senior Brothers on Danding Peak would not even consider cultivating a Qi Boosting pill for him. In their eyes, a Qi Boosting pill was just a lowly pill and a waste of one’s time to cultivate.

“It’s fine, go back. We’re going back up to the peak to report.” Zhang Ergou waved his hand.

“Yes! Goodbye Senior Brother!” Mao Xiaoxiao heaved a sigh of relief. As to whether these Senior Brothers would usurp his ingredients, Mao Xiaoxiao never once doubted. Because while this was of extreme importance to him, it was nothing to these Senior Brothers.


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