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Last night he did something bad, so Lin Fan felt a little sad within his heart. But this was only temporary. Upon exiting his house, Lin Fan’s heart sudden rose. Aside from the outer sect’s top ten geniuses holding some potential, the others were essentially nothing. But no matter how small the fly, it was still meat. Though they couldn’t provide 《Eternal Demon Body》 with any more experience points, they could still properly provide 《Monkey Steals Peach》 with some.

When Lin Fan arrived at the dining hall, he glanced about with his bright eyes, ‘I wonder what I might run into today. I am rather looking forward to it.’


At this time, Lin Fan saw a situation up ahead, his heart leaping with joy as he waved towards his experience farm. Lin Fan quickened his pace, giving a shout,” My fellow two brothers, don’t argue. I will help you resolve the issue.” After hearing Lin Fan’s words, the two arguing disciples glanced over and became scared out of their wits.

“Hurry, it’s that guy. Recently, many fellow brothers have fallen to him.” The previously arguing two people at this point acted like friends that hadn’t seen each other in days. They grabbed each other by the shoulders and instantly retreated, not even bothering to wait for the calling Lin Fan and just hastily ran away.

“F*ck…” seeing the scene in front of him, Lin Fan became speechless, ‘What’s with them?’ Lin Fan sighed while shaking his head. This situation had caught him totally off guard. But Lin Fan’s heart was very strong, one failure wouldn’t be able to stop his advance. Lin Fan ran forward once again, looking for more opportunities.

Though the outer sect disciple’s area was rather peaceful, arguments and fights still would break out quite often. So Lin Fan wasn’t afraid that he would have nothing to do. Currently, Lin Fan’s eyes lit up again as he bounded forth, but this time, Lin Fan played it smart and waited until he was in front of the two people before asking.

But then something that made Lin Fan feel a bit hurt happened. The two people’s expression immediately changed after seeing Lin Fan, as if they had just met a ghost.

“Crazy Peach Stealing Demon…”

The disciples blurted out but immediately closed their mouth in fear, as if they had done something bad, and without another care instantly ran away. The previously excited Lin Fan couldn’t help but have his expression changed upon hearing those words, displaying a bit of disbelief.

‘Crazy Peach Stealing Demon? Are those guys talking about me?’

“You…” Lin Fan’s heart jumped with joy. How long had he been in the outer sect? ‘I now finally have obtained a nickname! Crazy Peach Stealing Demon, not bad, not bad!’ Just like that, whenever Lin Fan called out to the other party, they would always run away as if they had seen a ghost. Lin Fan also felt a bit helpless, did his reputation perhaps really become this bad in the outer sect?

‘This doesn’t make sense… this doesn’t make any sense at all.’

Later on that day, the previously excited Lin Fan was feeling utterly helpless. When the outer sect disciples saw him, they would always react like they saw a ghost. One glimpse at him and they would immediately run away. When other disciples saw him, their already calm expressions would become even more cautious, as if they were afraid their peaches would also be stolen.

Lin Fan sighed. It looked like the methods he came up with wouldn’t work on those outer sect disciples anymore.

He would need to change his strategy from now on. Lin Fan then suddenly remembered the outer sect’s top ten geniuses. It seemed there was a need to go investigate them. ‘These outer sect’s top ten geniuses, if their cultivation base was too high, then 《Eternal Demon Body》 might not be able to withstand against them. I need to take this slowly.’ If he could do it, then it would definitely be another wave of mockery.

At night…

Lin Fan stealthily sneaked outside. Since the sect’s disciples had already gone to sleep, the outside was empty, which allowed Lin Fan to begin his path of forging. During the morning, Lin Fan thought of a problem. This profession perhaps had something to do with the material he exchanged. After all, how could a legendary weapon be formed with something like a single brick?

So Lin Fan decided to experiment on this tomorrow. For tonight, he would just use these bricks to level up his blacksmith profession that was already level seven. Just a bit more effort tonight and he might be able to raise it to level eight. Lin Fan came to an unnamed disciple’s house and made a promise that tonight he would definitely be careful and only dismantle the wall, not the entire house.

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting a pile of useless clay, experience + 1.’

The experience increased little by little as usual. The material was still just tile pieces or clay, but Lin Fan had already relaxed his heart. It was most likely what he thought of earlier about how trash material couldn’t be used to craft anything good.

The night sky was exquisite and the surroundings quiet, as Lin Fan worked away like a diligent little honey bee. One brick after another was tossed into the furnace. Once one side of the wall was dismantled, Lin Fan would switch to another.

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting broken tile piece, experience + 1.’

Once the sky started becoming brighter, Lin Fan would then stopped and quietly left. Tonight’s speed was not bad, he had dismantled four walls. His blacksmith profession had already reached level nine, and the distance to leveling up again was quite short.

Just when he was leaving, Lin Fan picked up the last brick, preparing to call it a night. Although profession might not seem like an important thing, Lin Fan had played games before, so he understood that professions were one of the most powerful existences. If he were able to raise it to the strongest level, then it would become something that could easily wipe the whole field clean.

Lin Fan then threw the last brick into the furnace, not really paying any attention to it and prepared to leave. He understood that it would most likely just be another broken tile piece.

‘Ding… congratulations crafted Legendary Weapon “Nine-Five Red Brick.”‘

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting Legendary Weapon, blacksmith rank + 1.’

‘Ding… congratulations, blacksmith upgraded to advanced blacksmith.’

‘Ding… congratulations on crafting Legendary Weapon, character experience + eight million.’

‘Ding… congratulations on unlocking character storage s.p.a.ce.’

Lin fan, who was preparing to leave, heard this notification and completely froze up.


Lin Fan couldn’t believe this moment as if he were in a dream. He had already long given up on the bricks. After all, one would never be able to craft a diamond from a pile of clay. They were in two completely different categories.

But Lin Fan became very excited at this moment. Just how many days, just how many bricks had he destroyed, and right at the moment he was prepared to return, a legendary weapon appeared. What was with this concept? This was G.o.d finally rewarding him.

Lin Fan didn’t think anything more and suppressed his excitement. He then began running, after all, he needed to return back and carefully inspect this. If he were to be caught here by some outer sect disciples, it would be difficult to explain.

Inside the house, Lin Fan immediately closed the doors and then excitedly lied down on his bed.m

The blacksmith profession had a total of ten levels and had now upgraded to advance blacksmith. At the same time, it also gave him eight million experience points. The experience he obtained from crafting a legendary weapon was even more than the time he consumed the “Supreme pill.” This was completely unbelievable for Lin Fan.

If it had just given one million more experience points, he would have broken through to the postcelestial stage. Once one attained postcelestial, they would have formally entered the path of cultivation. All the things one considered impossible before would become possible after entering the postcelestial stage.

According to hi, this character storage s.p.a.ce was similar to the inventory s.p.a.ces within games, and could be used to store things and such. Lin Fan felt that these were all good stuff. He rubbed his hands and began carefully inspecting the legendary weapon.


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