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“I’m sure everyone here has been attracted due to the aura of all these treasures present. However, please consider this carefully. Isn’t it weird that all these treasures would be acc.u.mulated here for no reason? Besides, not a single person from Qiankun Sect is to be seen nearby. I’m afraid things may not be as simple as they seem.” Looking at the treasures, Heaven Queen was quite wary. There was definitely something fishy about this.

As for these other Grandmasters, she felt that she had the need to let them know of this point as well.

Upon hearing these words, the gleeful expressions of the Grandmasters present did turn grimmer. But now that these treasures were right in their reach, could they just really leave it here without taking anything at all?

Besides, with all the Grandmasters present, who could try to stand against them or try anything funny?!

“Heaven Queen, aren’t you worrying way too much? With all these Grandmasters present, who would dare to mess with us?” Blue sea old lady asked. She was filled with jealousy towards the Heaven Queen’s disposition. After all, how could she be so beautiful with such a powerful cultivation state? The Heavens were truly unfair.

“The treasures are right in front of our eyes, and we’re supposed to just leave it be?” The Grandmaster of Wind Sword Sect asked.

“Heh…if you’re afraid, you can leave by all means, Heaven Queen. The rest of us will split these treasures by ourselves then.” The old master of Infinite Devil Sect laughed sinisterly.

He was a vicious person. There was no way he would just leave these treasures here without taking any at all. Given his opportunistic character, he would definitely seize every single treasure he saw in his entire life.

“As for those people from Qiankun Sect, they must have already taken a huge lump of the treasures before running away and leaving us with this meager amount. Well, after we’re done splitting all of this, we’ll go look for that crafty old fox, Qian Kunzi, and have him cough out all the treasures he has taken!” The Grandmaster of Hunyuan Sect declared.

The Heaven Queen knitted her brows. These people here were getting misled by the treasures being displayed right in their faces.

“Heaven Queen, are you trying to scare us off so that you can usurp everything on your own?” The Yan Emperor, who had remained silent the entire while, finally spoke up.

Once upon a time, the Great Yan Dynasty was under the rule of Saint Devil Sect. However, now that he had mastered his G.o.dly skill, he was a formidable presence all by himself. As such, he could stand on equal grounds with all these major sects without being looked down upon.

“These treasures…all of them look extremely rare. In fact, I doubt even the Grandmasters present may have similar ones in their possession. There’s quite a number of items that I haven’t seen before in my life. If one could obtain them, I’m pretty sure their cultivation state can definitely jump to the next stage.” The Yan Emperor glared at the Heaven Queen. There was no way he would just give up on all these treasures that were right before his eyes.

“The Yan Emperor’s right! Everyone here, let’s see what’s available in these treasures!”

Upon hearing these words, the ma.s.ses rushed forth and did a closer inspection of these treasures greedily. No matter how well versed in the world they were, there were some treasures that they had never seen before in their lives.

“That’s the Star Rock! I heard that it has immense benefits!”

“The Yin Spiritual Ice Gra.s.s! I heard that it can even revive the dead!”

“Look at those chains guys! Could those be energy grid line chains!?”

Upon hearing that, everyone’s heart skipped a beat as they rushed forth to check it out.

“There’s a whole 60 energy grid line chains right here!”

“Even though we can’t craft or make use of these energy grid line chains, if we were to use them as tributes, that would be of immense use as well! In fact, these are even more valuable than all the other treasures!”

Looking at all the Grandmasters, Heaven Queen sighed in her heart. She then looked at the surroundings, but couldn’t find anything wrong.

Suddenly, she noticed something that was off. “Eh? What’s with that chicken?”

Standing at a corner, Chicky was staring at all of these people with his bright, wide eyes. He wondered what these guys were doing.

Didn’t his old bro say that there was going to be a good show? Why were all these people just standing around talking and doing nothing? This is way too boring.

Because he was bored, Chicky stood there and stretched out his claw, as though he was stretching for morning exercises.

‘So are we going to have a fight or not. If there’s no fight, Your Chicken here is going back for his nap! What a bore!’ Noticing that a beautiful woman was glaring at him, Chicky stared back at the other party.

But after looking back for a while, Chicky could not stand the boredom anymore. Hence, he squatted down and covered his head with his wings. Lying over, he went back to nap. He would just wait for the fight to start before waking up again.

Even though Heaven Queen felt that there was something wrong with this chicken, she just could not put her finger to it.

Suddenly, she saw the Yan Emperor heading towards the bunch of treasure.

“Since n.o.body wants to take it, then I shall go ahead first.” Looking at everyone, the Yan Emperor stepped forth.

To think that such alluring treasures were lying right in their faces, yet these guys did not dare to head forth. Their guts really were getting smaller the older they got.

Everyone looked at the Yan Emperor, as though they were antic.i.p.ating something.

The Yan Emperor’s eyes sparkled. Reaching to the pile of treasures, he stretched his arm forward gently. At the same time, he was ready to retreat immediately should there be anything wrong.

He took in a deep breath carefully. The moment he touched the treasures, his heart leaped with joy.

‘There’s nothing wrong…!’

Looking at the scene, all the Grandmasters laughed out wildly, “See! There’s nothing wrong! Yan Emperor, take your time! We’ll split it evenly!”

The Yan Emperor looked at all the treasures l.u.s.tfully, “Split evenly? Dream on.”

He swept his robes, and all the treasures entered his storage ring. His figure then s.h.i.+mmered as he was prepared to rip through the void and escape this place entirely.

“Yan Emperor, you weasel…!” Looking at the Yan Emperor trying to escape after taking all the treasures, all the Grandmasters were naturally incensed.

The only thought on the Yan Emperor’s mind right now was to hide in a secluded place with these treasures and cultivate for a long period of time. By the time he came out, none of these people would be his match!

Looking at this scene, the heart of the Heaven Queen skipped a beat as well. She had not expected nothing to happen at all.

“HAHA…!” The Yan Emperor laughed frantically. It was as though this was the happiest he had been after all these years. But this laugh did not sustain. Before long, the Yan Emperor found out about something horrific.

It was as though the sky was sealed from the outside world. There was no way to escape at all!

The Yan Emperor’s body shuddered. He had a bad feeling about this. And when he caught the wrathful looks on the faces of the Grandmasters, his blood ran cold.

Lin Fan observed the entire scene silently. He rubbed his chin with his finger, as though this was a blockbuster movie. He had already made sure to seal this entire place. No matter who it was, no one would escape this piece of sky.

Even the three people that were hidden up in the sky above, none of them would escape.

“Yan Emperor, are you looking for death?” Everyone glared at him in anger.

“Hand over the treasures or you shall bear the consequences!”

Yan Emperor glared at the ma.s.ses coldly, “Hmph, if you guys want me to spit out the treasures, you’ve got to have what it takes.”

With that, the battle ensued.

The Heaven Queen continued to frown; she had a really bad feeling about this. It was as though someone was manipulating all of this from behind the scenes.

Fang Han and Han Lu, who were hidden in the void above, bided their time quietly as well.

They were equally l.u.s.tful over these treasures. Now that the Yan Emperor had engaged in combat with the other Grandmasters, this was exactly what they wanted.

The moment the opportunity arose, they would definitely strike.

Ganged against by the eight great sects, the injuries sustained by the Yan Emperor were only increasing by the moment. He took down his storage ring, tossed it to a far corner, and howled, “If you guys want it that badly, go and get it!”

“The time is now!”

The three people hidden in the void smirked with joy. Without hesitation, they broke out of their hidden state and burst out from the void, darting for the ring.

“All you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Stay away from the ring!” Looking at these people coveting the rings, the Grandmasters of the eight great sects howled in anger as they bolted towards it as well.

Fang Han and Han Lu caught sight of each other, shock streaking through both their eyes.

At the same time, they frowned at the sight of the other figure. Just who in the world was that?


Just as all three of them stretched out for the storage ring, there seemed to be an immense amount of energy that was encompa.s.sing the storage ring, deflecting all three of them away into the distance.

As though it was magnet by something, the storage ring rocketed towards the chair that was seated in the middle of the training grounds.






A series of claps rang out across the Heavens and Earth.

“Spectacular show, spectacular. Great sects are great sects indeed.”

At this moment, Lin Fan had exited from his Stealth mode.

The gazes of the ma.s.ses turned towards this figure on the chair, all of them equally startled.

Just who in the world was this person?


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