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Chapter 20 – Xing Jiuan’s Room

After drinking the ginger soup and eating half a bowl of noodles, Xing Jiuan was full.

“No wonder you’re so thin. You eat so little every day…” Senior Sister nagged at her for a bit before clearing the bowls.

Xing Jiuan wanted to wash the dishes, but Senior Sister wouldn’t allow it. She said, “Children shouldn’t be was.h.i.+ng dishes!”

In her eyes, Xing Jiuan was still a child who needed to be taken care of.

This was Sixth Senior Sister. Although she was ranked sixth, she was only 28 years old. She was an outstanding fas.h.i.+on designer and had a lot of freedom in her work. Therefore, she often came back to the mountains to stay.

Xing Jiuan thought helplessly, she was already so old, but she was still being pampered like a child.

But this still felt really good.

She hoped that this could continue forever.

Little Junior Brother had not spoken much since Xing Jiuan had arrived. Everyone’s attention was on Xing Jiuan, whom they had not seen for a long time. Naturally, he was the same.

Previously, he had heard Eldest Senior Brother and Sixth Senior Sister talking about their little junior sister. They said that she was the youngest among Master’s disciples before him.

However, although this little junior sister was young, many people were inferior to her in terms of their level of excellence.

Xing Jiuan was one of the most eye-catching ones among the group of disciples.

It was said that she was brash and reckless. But now that he had seen her, she didn’t seem like what their senior brothers and sisters had said.

After chatting for a while more, Xing Jiuan was shooed off to rest.

She had been traveling for half a day, taking a plane and then driving, so she naturally had to rest.

After Xing Jiuan had been chased back to her room, these people seemed to have recalled something.

“Ah! I forgot to introduce Little Junior Brother to Little Jiuan,” Senior Sister suddenly said.

The teenager looked at her expressionlessly and thought to himself, “So you still remember that you have a little junior brother!”

What a difficult feat!

“It’s fine. It’s the same if we do it tomorrow. There’s no rush,” Eldest Senior Brother said.

The teenager was speechless.

“Alright, go back and rest, all of you. I should rest too.” Master stood up and patted his clothes. Then, he walked slowly and prepared to go back.

“Master, is there something on Jiuan’s mind? What did she say to you?” Senior Sister suddenly asked.

She kept feeling that there was something off with Xing Jiuan’s return this time. However, she did not dare to ask her about it as she was afraid that she would be reminded of something sad.

She could not help but ask when she saw how much the Master seemed to understand the situation.

Master only glanced at her and met his disciple’s expectant gaze. He pretended to be mysterious and said, “You can’t divulge the secrets of heaven. I need to rest. Don’t disturb me.”

With that, he walked out and did not respond to the disciples’ calls.

“I knew it, something must have happened!” Sixth Senior Sister said softly.

“If Jiuan doesn’t want to say it, then forget it. At most, we’ll find a time to ask Mu Qing,” Eldest Senior Brother said from the side.

“That’s the only way…”

Xing Jiuan returned to the room that she was the most familiar with. It was clean and spotless as someone would tidy up her room every day.

Xing Jiuan’s room was located in a very good location. During the day, sunlight would s.h.i.+ne through the windows and there would be tiny light spots.

At night, when she stood by the window and opened it, she could see plenty of beautiful stars in the night sky.

Yesterday, she was already lying on the bed by this time, ready to sleep. But today, she did not feel sleepy at all.

Perhaps it was because she had returned to the place she had grown up in.. Also, Master had spoken to her about many things earlier, which made Xing Jiuan feel very safe.


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