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Chapter 437 – Night Room [1]

From Jiang Prefecture to Yuncheng, according to the speed limit, one had to run for a full ten hours before they could enter Yuncheng’s territory. However, if one wanted to enter Yuncheng, it would take at least thirteen to fourteen hours. If traffic jams and the slowness of walking in the city were taken into account, it wouldn’t be a problem for at least fifteen to sixteen hours.

This was precisely the reason why even if Ji Feng and the others were to take turns driving, they would definitely feel exhausted.

At Ji Feng’s suggestion, when the sky was about to turn dark, they stopped at a service area to rest.

Ji Shalei frowned slightly and said, “Rather than resting here, we might as well go down the highway and head to a nearby town.”

“Why do you say that?” Ji Feng asked in surprise.

Although the facilities in the service area weren’t too good, there were still lodging areas and they were very convenient. Why did second brother say to go somewhere else?

Ji Shaolei smiled. “You look like someone who has never driven a car far away.”

Seeing the puzzled look on Ji Feng’s face, Ji Shalei couldn’t help but laugh, “San-er, listen carefully. What I’m going to tell you next is all about experience. In the high-speed service area, it’s best not to spend the night because it’s not too safe. “

“Second brother, you’re overthinking it, right?” Ji Feng laughed, “This highway is not comparable to the transportation network in the city. There are only two routes here, and it can’t be reversed. Whether it’s the people who stay here or the people who pa.s.s by, it’s very easy to find them, so why is it not safe here?”

“A lot of people think like you do, but the truth is, there are too many factors that make this place unsafe.” Ji Shaorei harrumphed, “Ignoring the fact that there are so many people coming and going, let me ask you, do you know that the highway is not completely sealed off?”

Ji Feng nodded his head. From the road, it could be seen that although the highway seemed to be completely sealed off, but in many places, it was very close to the roads leading to other towns and villages.

“You probably don’t know, near the highway, there are a lot of people who make a fortune by relying on the people who come and go!” Ji Shaolei laughed. “As the saying goes, ‘to live by the mountains, to live by the water.’ In fact, to live by the road is also to live by the water.”

“Stealing, robbing, smas.h.i.+ng cars, these are all things that happen frequently. It’s not as safe outside as you think, and so is the service area.” Ji Shaolei continued, “Although we can leave our cars here and if anything goes wrong, there will naturally be someone to take responsibility for it. But, isn’t our time being delayed as well?” Furthermore, if we really lose something of value and the losses are small, it will be troublesome. “

“It’s that serious?!”

Although Ji Shaolei’s words were vague, Ji Feng understood clearly. At the very least, there was a portion of people who had made a fortune by relying on the highway. It was obvious how they had made a fortune.

Zhang Lei, Xiao Yu Xuan, and the others were also a little stunned. They had never heard of a highway being this dangerous. Of course, they had never driven that far before.

“That’s not serious.” Ji Shaolei laughed, “There are many ways to do this. For example, when you wake up the next day, you might find that your car’s tires are dead, or that something is wrong with your car, and someone is leading you to a cheap repair shop …” “What do you think will happen in this place where there’s no room for business at the back of the village?”

Ji Feng immediately understood and asked: “Then second brother means …”

“We’ll go down from the exit in front to the nearby towns …” Ji Shalei tapped on the navigation tool and checked carefully, “The nearest town is Wu De Town, we will go there, at least it is safer than here.”

Ji Feng thought for a moment, then said, “Second brother, I don’t think we need to go to Wu De Town, this will take too much time. How about this, I will sleep in the car tonight, anyway the car seat can be put down, it’s the same as the bed, everything is in the car, I’ll take a look.”

Ji Shaorei was about to say something when he saw a pistol spinning quickly in Ji Feng’s hand. The gun was like a toy in his hand, with his finger on the trigger, rotating back and forth quickly from time to time.

Ji Shalei immediately snorted resentfully, “… “Brat, you are ruthless!”

With a flick of his wrist, the pistol disappeared from sight. When Ji Shaolei saw this, his eyes widened. Zhang Lei and the rest were also surprised. This move of his was indeed very eye-catching.

If he could learn it and use it to chase after girls … Well, maybe it will work.

“Let’s go eat first!” Ji Feng locked the car door as he smiled and said.

The others immediately agreed with him, especially Du Shaofeng. After running for an entire day, he was so hungry that his chest was pressed against his back. When he heard that he was going to eat, his eyes immediately lit up.

Xiao Yu Xuan and Tong Lei were a little better off because they had brought some snacks with them before they left. Although the two girls rarely ate snacks, they still brought them along just in case. As a result, they were in high spirits while the others were starving.

The food in the highway service area wasn’t too bad, but it definitely wasn’t good either. Even so, the men still gobbled down the eight bowls of noodles, each with a chicken leg. Only then did they give up.

As for Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei, they were much more quiet. Each of them ordered a bowl of wontons and ate with relish.

According to their agreement, Ji Feng would stay in the car after dinner. After he placed the seat of the MPV down, he would form a small bed and sleep comfortably.

The remaining two Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover were parked on both sides of the MPV. Ji Feng could see the situation of the two cars with just a slight turn of his head. He was very clear that there was no need to worry.

However, Ji Feng was not in a hurry to sleep. Only when Xiao Yu Xuan and Tong Lei sent him a message saying that they had already booked a room did he put his phone in his pocket and slightly closed his eyes to sleep.

Although there were many cars pa.s.sing by on the highway, Ji Feng turned a deaf ear to their noises and was not affected in the slightest.

In reality, to him, this wasn’t difficult at all. He was merely meditating and concentrating. It was very simple. He could already do this when he was learning the first set of gymnastics. Otherwise, if he didn’t learn how to distract himself, he would never be able to persevere under extreme pain, even if it was Superman.

Ji Feng gradually fell asleep.

After an unknown amount of time, it was already deep into the night outside. There were only the sounds of insects and the sounds of traffic on the road. Although the lights in the service area were still on, the noise was no longer there.

Ji Feng suddenly opened his eyes. A cold light flashed in his eyes. He heard light footsteps coming from nearby. At the same time, the Land Rover on the left seemed to have been touched by someone.

In order to prevent the things that Second Brother Ji Shaorei had said from happening, when they stopped the car, they intentionally separated the three cars from the other cars by quite a distance, a full five to six meters. Under normal circ.u.mstances, if someone was taking the car, they definitely wouldn’t b.u.mp into the Land Rover or the Mercedes-Benz on the right side.

“Is there really someone who wants to steal a car? Or do we need to get a tire? ” Ji Feng sat up with interest and quietly opened the window. His whole body quietly went out through the window and at the same time, he strangely flipped over and landed on the roof of the MPV.

At this time, he also clearly saw the approaching figure and was immediately stunned. He was extremely familiar with this figure because he didn’t know how many nights he had carried it to sleep.

Xiao Yu Xuan!

In her arms was a quilt.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel moved. Sometimes, feelings between people don’t necessarily have to be expressed through words. A single casual action or an unintentional expression was enough to explain everything.

Ji Feng was no longer hiding as he directly jumped down from the roof. Xiao Yu Xuan coincidentally walked in front of the MPV as well. When she suddenly saw a black shadow descend from the sky, she was so shocked that she wanted to scream, but her mouth was suddenly covered.

“Yu Xuan, it’s me.” Ji Feng’s voice rang in her ears.

Xiao Yuxuan’s tensed body immediately softened. She let out a long breath and patted Ji Feng. “Why did you come down from above? You scared me.”

Ji Feng chuckled and didn’t say anything. He directly pulled Xiao Yu Xuan into his embrace and kissed her soft, red lips.

“Ugh …” Xiao Yu Xuan’s entire body immediately went soft and her body began to feel hot. Her breath was filled with the strong male Qi from Ji Feng’s body, making her feel like she was about to lose herself in it.

“Don’t, I’ve been seen!” With great difficulty, Xiao Yu Xuan managed to struggle free from Ji Feng’s embrace as she bashfully whispered, “Little rogue, you don’t think about good things all day.”

Ji Feng could not help but bitterly smile, “I’m guarding such a beautiful woman, and she’s my wife. If I don’t want anything good, could it be that I’m breaking the law?”

“f.u.c.k you!” Xiao Yu Xuan patted him again before saying, “You’ll definitely be cold tonight. You’ll have to cover this bed with cotton. I … I’ll go back first.”

Ji Feng opened the car door and put the quilt in. He suddenly picked up Xiao Yu Xuan, who was wearing a nightgown, and whispered into her ear with a smile: “Big baby, since you’re here, don’t be in such a hurry to go back. Stay here with me for a while!”

Xiao Yu Xuan’s entire body felt powerless. Ji Feng’s hug made all the bones in her body feel weak.

“If Lei Lei wakes up and finds out that I’m not here, she’ll definitely know!” Xiao Yu Xuan said shyly.

Ji Feng instantly laughed, “Don’t worry, she will definitely support you in doing this!”

“Shameless!” Xiao Yu Xuan immediately laughed and scolded, but didn’t insist on going back. After all, she and Ji Feng could be considered husband and wife. Her previous shyness was merely a woman’s modesty.

In fact, how could she not think of that kind of pleasant and refres.h.i.+ng feeling that seeped into her bones?!

Note: The high speed road mentioned in this chapter is not safe, this is true, at least the fox has seen, everyone in the future travel, pay attention to safety!


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