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Chapter 191 Paintings

After the pa.s.sionate event that the two shared inside the study, Mo Li decided to tour her to another room on the second floor. “This, my wife, is the gallery.” Mo Li smiled at her as he opened the door and held his hand in front of Lucinia. So, she could hold it while they tour inside this part of the house. “This is where I put all my paintings.”

She nodded as she held his hand before she walked inside the room. “Who is this woman?” she looked at the beautiful woman on the first painting that hung a few feet away from them. The painting was framed with different kinds of gems.

How exquisite.

“She was someone in my dreams.” Mo Li wanted to add that he had been dreaming of her every night but afraid that Lucinia would figure it out. That could not happen.

“You dreamed this woman?”

“Hundreds of years ago.” He smiled and pointed at the next painting. “Look at those buildings.”

“That— That was a city.” The painting was that of a busy street and tall buildings. She was certain that she had seen the place before, but she couldn’t remember where. Probably one of her previous worlds. She thought inwardly as they walked towards the next painting. This time, it was a house on top of a cliff, then a view of a city from the terrace of the house. Lucinia just kept her mouth shut until they reached the statues that were in the gallery. Then she shivered. Why does she think that the statues were staring at her?

Seeing her uncomfortable expression, Mo Li held her hand tighter. “Don’t be afraid… I’m here.”

“I am not afraid,” she stated as she straightened her gaze towards the huge wedding painting in the center of the long gallery.

“Another dream.” He smiled at the wedding photo of a man and a woman both wearing red. “Beautiful isn’t it?”

“You are talented. I didn’t know that the Duke could actually paint like this.” Even the Kingdom was not aware that the Duke was actually such a talented man. She eyed the piano just in front of the wedding painting. “You can play too?”

“I have never played in years.”

“How many years?”

“Probably hundreds.” He smiled as they approached the piano. Mo Li used his hand to skim the edge of the piano. “This is a very old piano.”

“Can you play?”

“I’d rather not.”

“Why?” she asked.

“The same reason as to why you don’t paint.” He winked at her before he led her to a painting of what looked like a war. “This… is another piece that I made.”

Lucinia nodded. She wanted to ask more questions but decided against it. She eyed the painting full of dead people with… “Are those devils?” she couldn’t help but asked as she looked at their heads.”


“Why does it look like they were only fighting one man?” she asked as she looked at the white-haired man whose long hair seemed to dance under her eyes.

“Because they are.” He smiled and slowly brought her hands to his lips. Mo Li kissed the back of her palm and added. “That man… is a demon.”

“Devils and demons.” She uttered. “Is there a difference?”

“No. Both are evils.” He answered and turned towards the painting.

“Did he win?” she couldn’t help but feel curious about the fate of the white-haired man.

“Yes. But only after he lost his lover.”

“That— Why does it seem too tragic?”

“Life is… and will always be tragic.” She didn’t miss the sadness in his voice. “But we survive… and that’s what matters.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The man… I mean… the man survived.”

“Oh… so he survived, but his lover was already dead.” She smiled at the story behind the painting. “What happened next? Did he found a new lover?”

“No, he didn’t.”

“Well, that’s expected. Isn’t it?” If that death of that person’s lover made him defeat an army of devils, then that lover must have been really important to him. “If I were him… I would have just killed myself.”

“Hm?” he stared at her, eyebrow lifted. “You just won a war. Why would you kill yourself?”

“Because… I lost the person that made me win the war,” she smiled before she asked. “What do you think… the demon did after winning the war? Perhaps she disappeared?”

“I don’t think he would.”

“Why is that?” she asked, almost innocently.

“If I was the demon… I would find a way to get my dead lover back. This was a world where demons existed. I am certain that ghosts and other spirits exist too.”

She nodded. “You have a point.” Lucinia turned silent for a few seconds before he turned at the last painting in the room. “What is the story behind this lonely cave?” This time, the painting was that of a dark cave that was only illuminated by the fire. Next to the fire was an old man that looked like he was staring at the darkness in a daze. Except for the loneliness that she immediately spotted, there was no emotion in the old man’s eyes.

“He was waiting for something.”

“Something like a lover?” she chuckled, amused at her own question. Why would an old man wait for his lover inside a dark and lonely cave?

“For death.”

“That— ” She didn’t continue her words when she noticed the change in his tone. “Why do you have such sad paintings?”

“Because… I was a very sad man.”

They say that artists needed some inspiration for their art, and at one point, sadness was the only inspiration that he had. He gave her a sad smile. “But not anymore.” He said as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. “No… not anymore.”

She elbowed him. “Stop being so dramatic. It doesn’t suit you.”

“Really?” Faking a frown, Mo Li immediately pouted. “Do you mean… I am not a good actor?”

“No. You are not.”

“Would you believe me if I told you that I was a famous actor, once?” he chuckled.

“No. Your grace. However, I would believe you if you tell me that you were once a demon.” She gave him a knowing smile.


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