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Chapter 244 Vulnerability

“Mr. Mo! Mr. Mo! What is your opinion about the current rumor of you marrying an already used woman?”

The reporter’s question made everyone silent. The crowd turned towards the woman who bravely walked towards the dark-faced Mo Li. “Mr. Mo, please don’t take any offense, we are only here to know your thoughts about the matter. People are already speculating about this relationship. We all know that you are one of the most sought after bachelor in the city. So some people are wondering what made you chose a divorced woman over some single women who had proposed marriage to the Mo Family?” the woman’s words were too eloquent, many immediately knew that this was a rehea.r.s.ed question. Of course, the public wouldn’t know this fact and would instead focus on Mo Li’s answer.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Mo Li lifted an eyebrow. “Can you please explain what was wrong with marrying my wife?”

As expected the woman open her mouth but soon realized that this was a trick question. If she would answer Mo Li the people watching her would immediately tell her that she was judging all the divorce women in this country. However, not answering the question would also make her look-alike a dumb reporter. She smiled at Mo Li. “I was just interested to know how you fell in love with Miss Qin.”

“Mrs. Mo.” Mo Li corrected her. “Please call her Mrs. Mo.” This time, the darkness on his face vanished and was replaced with a cunning smile. “If you want me to say something about my emotions then I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer you.”He looked at the camera. “I can’t find the right word to describe my heart. I just can’t find the right words. After all, my heart no longer belongs to me. It was already with her. She already has it.” He looked at Bella before looking at the woman. “Have a good night.” Then he led Bella inside the building and didn’t pay any attention to the other questions.

Since they were already inside the building the reporters didn’t dare go inside. After all, this is one of the most exclusive residential buildings in the area. The only reason, why they were able to come inside is because someone had given them access to the main gate.

“Did you have to say something so cringey like that?” Bella elbowed Mo Li when they walked inside the elevator. The latter was still holding her hand, tightly. As if he was afraid that she would just disappear.

“What’s wrong with what I said?” he chuckled. “It was the truth. I mean… how can I describe my heart if I don’t have it with me?”

“Please…” she rolled her eyes and laughed. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” he suddenly pulled her towards his arms. His hands folded on her waist.

Bella stared at his eyes, wondering if she should push him or… just enjoy the close proximity that she didn’t know she needed.

“Stop saying things you don’t mean?” she asked.

“I don’t remember saying things that I don’t mean,” his eyes were already on her lips. “Not once did I ever say something I didn’t mean.”

She smiled at that. “You really are a good politician. I bet you could convince someone that they were dead even if they were still breathing.”

He chuckled at that. He leaned his head closer, his lips just a few inches away from hers. “Are you saying that I am extremely good with my mouth?”

She smiled and felt her cheeks turned hot. She could feel his breath against her cheeks, slowly caressing her skin, making her feel some emotions she didn’t know existed. Bella gulped and stared at his eyes. “For some reason, my brain was thinking something… naughty.” She widened her eyes when she realized that she said those words out loud. Can she just slap this mouth of hers? This wasn’t the first or second time that her mouth acted on its own!

Embarra.s.sed at her own words, she attempted to pull away from him. Sadly for her, Mo Li was not planning to let her go. He held her tightly against his body. “Yeah?” a mischievous grin made its way into his face. He slowly leaned closer, his lips barely touching hers. “Can I kiss you?” he asked, surprising her.

“I didn’t know Mr. Mo is actually this… polite.” She managed to say. Bella didn’t know how she managed to open her mouth despite her heartbeat that hammered against her chest.

“I know you always hated polite people.” Mo Li chuckled. She squinted at him in response. Bella was about to say something when the sound of the elevator interrupted them. Mo Li immediately pulled away and led her inside the place. Bella noiselessly followed him inside however, the painting on the hallway made her stopped walking. She stared at it, as she tried to calm her racing heart.

Right now, she didn’t know if she was happy that the elevator interrupted them or angry that he didn’t kiss her.

“Did something happen?” Mo Li turned towards her. She didn’t miss the worry in his eyes. There it was again, the gaze that she doesn’t understand. It was like he was watching her like a brittle porcelain doll. Like he was afraid she would break while he was holding her in his hands.

Bella removed her gaze away from the painting that was now itched in her brain and turned her eyes towards Mo Li. “It’s a yes.” She uttered. Rather, her mouth uttered. But this time, she didn’t have any complaints about those words.


“I mean… the question. Yes. You can kiss me,” she said without any hesitation. For a few seconds, Mo Li didn’t do anything else. He didn’t say something, nor moved closer to her. Instead, he just looked at her with the same expression that he showed earlier.


Seeing the man in a daze, Bella frowned and said. “Are you going to kiss me? or not?”


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