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Chapter 73 Mental Facility

Bai Lan narrowed her eyes at her. It seemed that Lizzy’s words about Li Yue coming in here was true. However, since she knew about the meeting, Bai Lan knew that she would be alone in Mo Li’s office and thus… very vulnerable to schemes.

“You—” Before Bai Lan could continue her words, Li Yue suddenly started beaming.

“Mo Li asked me to wait here. If you don’t want to see my face, then you can leave.” Li Yue had been biting her own tongue as she stopped herself from having arguments with the main lead, Xia Jin and Li Weiwei. However, this did not mean that she would act this way to the other people in this world as well.

“Security.” Bai Lan suddenly said as she called her secretary using her phone. “Call the security and have them come to my elder brother’s office. Someone is trespa.s.sing.” In her mind, without Mo Li, this woman was actually useless. The most important thing right now was throwing her out in this building so Lizzy Lu’s people could take Li Yue. After that, Bai Lan was already thinking of ways to lie to Mo Li.

While Bai Lan didn’t want to involve herself in Lizzy’s matters, her offer of money and investments was quite tempting to Bai Lan. She needed wealth, enough to match Mo Li’s and she would not refuse to do something like this to get what she wanted. So what if Lizzy kills Li Yue? That had nothing to do with her anymore.

Moreover, she was sure that Mo Li would not spend his money just to find this woman.

The only thing that she needed to do was make this woman disappear from Mo Li’s life. However, Bai Lan forgot to consider one thing. And that was Li Yue’s importance in Mo Li’s life. What she heard next made her realize that her earlier a.s.sumption about Li Yue and Mo Li was wrong.

“Hey, Mo Li… your fiance Bai Lan is here. She wants me to leave and is calling the security right now. I will leave first. You and Bai Lan should properly talk about your relationship. Don’t drag me into this—” Li Yue didn’t finish her call when she noticed that the other side had already ended the call. She looked at her phone and stared at Bai Lan’s flushed face. “I think he is coming to talk to you.”

“You —”

“Hmmm. Don’t worry once he arrives, I will immediately leave and give you some time to talk first.” She then ignored Bai Lan and started playing on her phone. Not long after, the door was opened by two large security personnel. Both were armed with shotgun, both tall and intimidating.

“Miss Bai… you called for us?” One of the security personnel asked. He looked at Bai Lan who was standing on Mo Li’s table, fist clenched while glaring at the woman who was sitting on the couch. Then towards the woman who came in with Mo Li earlier. Li Yue looked relaxed, a slight smile on her face was apparent she tapped on her phone. Slowly, the two security eyed each other.

They could already guess what happened here.

Inside this company, who didn’t know that Miss Bai liked the President so much? She used to bake various stuff for Mo Li. Unbeknownst to her, the one eating the food that she was making were the security personnel that were working under Mo Li! Miss Bai had always been arrogant everytime she received an empty food container the next day!

This woman blatantly started spreading rumors that she and Mo Li were in love and yet, they couldn’t marry each other because they are step siblings! Of course many socialites faked their concern and pity. However, everyone inside this office knew that this was only Miss Bai’s wishful thinking.

The President a.s.signed Miss Bai to the farthest office from his office. He also a.s.signed her to a department that frequently travels. Plus, he doesn’t even include her in important meetings and does not even ride in the same elevator as her.

The thing was… it is very hard for the staff to pity this arrogant woman who always believed that she would soon marry the boss just because she made food for him. Heh. The two didn’t hide the disgust in their eyes.

“This woman… take her out of my sight.” Bai Lan ordered.

“Miss Bai… the president said that this is the most comfortable place for Miss Li to wait for him.” Their president, Mo Li was a very detail oriented man. Before arriving in the office, he already had his secretary inform everyone that he would have a very important guest today. And that guest was Miss Li.

“This woman is a criminal. She has a past offence of stealing someone else’s stuff. Who knows if she is here to steal important doc.u.ments for our rival companies? If Mo Li wanted her to wait, then lead her to the lobby. She can wait there!” She raised her head, arrogance apparent in her eyes. Years ago, when Bai Lan realized that her soft and fake personality wasn’t enough to seduce Mo Li, she had decided to become an arrogant woman who feared nothing!

And the heavens blessed her! Right now, she and Mo Li would share the same food everyday! True, they were not eating in the same place together but that was only because Mo Li was so busy! Everyday, Mo Li would eat anything that she gave him!

Then a few days ago, Mo Li suddenly announced that he was engaged! However, Mo Li was not close to any woman aside from her! Therefore, Bai Lan immediately a.s.sumed that Mo Li was planning to propose to her. Mo Li must have wanted to surprise her by announcing the engagement first then letting her know that she was actually the lucky woman that he would marry!

If Mo Li and Li Yue would hear this kind of reasoning, she would only think of one thing. Bai Lan needed the help of a mental facility.


Author’s note: I honestly don’t want to introduce any more new characters for this arc.


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