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Chapter 90

“What’s wrong?” Mo Jingshen’s hand was gently and comfortingly caressing against the thin fabric of her sleeping dress .

Ji Nuan pursed her lips, muttering to herself for a moment before glancing at him .

“Earlier on the phone, Secretary An said that she might have dropped her lipstick on your car . ”

Mo Jingshen’s charming brows rose slightly . “Lipstick?”

Ji Nuan glanced at him unhappily and then tried to push his arm away from her waist gently . “Let go of me first . Don’t you have a project to discuss with America’s Shine later? I’m going to sleep now, let’s talk about this tomorrow . ”

The man’s arm did not budge from her waist . Instead, he pressed her even closer into his embrace when she tried to push him away .

“It’s still early . ” His voice was right by her ears, the calm in his words fanned the almost uncontrollable small fire in Ji Nuan’s heart .

“But I’m sleepy!” Ji Nuan struggled unhappily in his embrace . “Go continue your phone call with your secretary . Wake me up when you’re done working . ”

“How did she say it?” Mo Jingshen did not let go . His voice became heavier because of her struggle .

Ji Nuan could not push him away and decided to give up, letting him trap her in his embrace with her back pressing against his chest . The emotions in her words were difficult to interpret . “She said that after work, her car broke down and you sent her back along the way . ”

Mo Jingshen looked at her, sighing with a smile . He patted her waist rea.s.suringly . “I worked overtime on Shine’s item today . Secretary An once worked at Shine, so we left the company around the same time after tidying up the item’s proposal . ”


Ji Nuan did not say anything and only listened .

“When I drove, I saw Secretary An’s car stopped by the road . The door was opened, and half her body was drenched . Considering our relationship as employer and employee, and the family relations with the An family, I couldn’t help but ask when I saw that scene . ”

“So, you let her on the car?” Ji Nuan glanced at him, the fire in her heart becoming even more chaotic .

Seeing that she was unhappy, Mo Jingshen’s unfathomable eyes were fixed on her . He gently rubbed her head . “I originally intended to have the company’s driver send her home . Secretary An said that the doc.u.ments needed for tonight’s meeting were still in her bag and were most likely soaked . She needed to rush home to prepare a new set and directly asked if I could send her back . ”

The edge of Ji Nuan’s lips curled up . This incident was truly ridiculously coincidental .

“Her address isn’t far from the Jin Lin Building you were at . ” Mo Jingshen’s voice was stable and calm, his explanation was very sincere as well . “She sat in the back and didn’t touch Mrs . Mo’s exclusive seat . Don’t be angry, en?”

Ji Nuan glanced at him from the corner of her eyes . “Then, did you kiss her?”

Mo Jingshen’s lips curved, barely hiding a smile . “What do you think?”

“Secretary An took special care earlier to tell me that when she got off the car, she had to touch up her makeup . And it was her lipstick that had to be reapplied . Why did she have to apply her lipstick? Why did she tell me about it?” Ji Nuan did not blink as she stared at Mo Jingshen .

Mo Jingshen did not speak but merely quietly gazed at her .

After a moment, he asked mildly with a deep voice, “Don’t believe me?”

“I believe you ah . ” Ji Nuan’s lips curved into a profound smile . Yet there was some hidden unhappiness in it . “But your Secretary An chose such a time to call you, she’s clearly using her small schemes to challenge me . Am I supposed to be calm and act as though nothing has happened?”

How could she not believe in Mo Jingshen?

Earlier, he kissed her for a long time, and there was no lingering scent of other women at all .

She was naturally clear about her man’s way of doing things and whether her man was clean or not .

But what exactly was it that made an unhurried Secretary An, who planned to advance gradually, to suddenly take this slightly aggressive action?

Did she no longer plan to continue her act as a quiet and dutiful secretary?

Mo Jingshen’s gaze indifferently flitted past his phone on the couch . His eyes were aloof and calm while he remained silent . It was impossible to tell if he was happy or upset .

Just as Ji Nuan no longer planned to talk about this subject any further for tonight, the man’s voice suddenly came from above her head . “What car do you like?”

“Ah?” Ji Nuan was startled . She remained in his embrace, yet her brain did not follow his rhythm .

What? What car?

“We’ll leave that Ghost in the company and keep it for official use . Let’s change the car . ” Mo Jingshen’s gaze was clear and deep . He focused on Ji Nuan’s slightly dumbstruck expression .

“Change cars?” Ji Nuan almost choked on her saliva .

Although she was slightly repulsed by the fact that An Shuyan sat in his car today, she was not that irrational .

Besides, An Shuyan sat in the back . Typically, Shen Mu or others would also sit there . She did not feel that she was disrespected or anything . In this aspect, Mo Jingshen was always considerate to the point where many other men could not compare . Hence, Ji Nuan did not feel the need to change cars .

Furthermore, that was a car worth 60 million yuan! And it was a Rolls-Royce’s anniversary edition’s Ghost!

The price was like this right now, and after ten years it would rise even further! For collectors and people who loved expensive cars, the cost would even go up to 100 million yuan!

Even though she grew up in the Ji family, she did not reach the extent where she would not blink while waving several tens of million yuan .

“There’s no need to change cars, I like the Ghost quite a lot . I’m not that unreasonable . ” Ji Nuan pursed her lips .

The man chuckled deeply and softly by her ear . “Like the Ghost? The other models from this line of cars are also rather good . ”

“We really don’t need to change it! Throwing a car worth 60 million yuan in the company for official use, why don’t you just kill me by throwing money at me instead!” Ji Nuan raised her hand to slap his chest but did not do so with force . Almost like she was tickling him, she glared at him and said threateningly, “You’re not allowed to change it!”

“Aren’t you upset?” Mo Jingshen’s voice by her ear was extremely low, yet it remained magnetic and pleasing to the ears . His tone was indulging and yielding . Ji Nuan could hear that he really did not intend for her to bear with this sort of unhappiness .

Even if it was just a small discomfort that others deliberately created from nothing .

“If you change that car, I’ll be even more unhappy!” Ji Nuan turned and bit down on his chin .

Since it was almost time for his conference with America’s side, regardless of how she bit him, there was no way he could throw her back on the bed .

The man’s gaze darkened in an instant . He leaned down and peppered a few kisses on her lips . “Then what will make you happy? En?”

Ji Nuan leaned into his embrace, narrowing her eyes into a smile, “Don’t touch me for half a month, let me have some proper rest, how about it?”

The man was quiet for a few seconds . Ji Nuan thought that since he could bear to part with a 60 million yuan car, such a small request could be easily accomplished .

In the end, Mo Jingshen glanced at her profoundly, indifferently claiming, “No . ”

Ji Nuan: “… You won’t even hesitate to throw 60 million yuan at the company, but you refuse such a small request of mine?”

Mo Jingshen released her, turning to walk into the study . He did not even look back, leaving these words behind: “Don’t even think about it . ”

Ji Nuan: “…”


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