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Chapter 656-Mysterious Crystal

Translator: ryangohsf

Editor: Nora

A man in a long robe walked out from among the fallen stone pillars; he had a long spear in hand and wore a weird mask.

Upon closer inspection, the long spear was similar to the one that the temple guardian statue held in his hand. The patterns on the mask were the same as the ones carved into the rocks of the city.

According to Ouyang Shuo’s knowledge, the style of the patterns seemed similar to the Mayan civilization of legends. The person in front of him was obviously a person from Atlantis.

Uniquely, a thumb-sized purple crystal was hung around his neck. The crystal was an octagonal in shape. Under the s.h.i.+ne of the sea water, it looked extremely mysterious.

The only regret laid in the fact that the crystal itself was dull and not s.h.i.+ning.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this man, his eyes narrowed, “Who are you? Why aren’t you willing to show your real face?”

“Fated man, please follow me.”

The fellow in the mask did not reply; he simply turned around and walked deep into the ruins.

“Follow!” Ouyang Shuo decisively ordered.

Atlantis had become the only hope of the voyage squadron, so Ouyang Shuo had no choice.

As he followed the man into the ruins, he felt an extreme shock. He had only seen the tip of the iceberg previously.

A grander temple, more exquisite statues, and bigger stone pillars were everywhere. Even just the head of the statue in the mud was five meters high.

Ouyang Shuo could not help but think back to the circular shape of the city. Obviously, they were walking deeper into the center of the circle. Even though only ruins remained, one could still see how strict and restricted the inner layers were.

They walked for a full hour before reaching a majestic temple. The temple was located in the center of the entire city, showing that this place held the highest position in their hearts.

“Fated person, please ask your guards to wait outside. Only you can enter,” said the masked fellow.

Ouyang Shuo slightly hesitated. In the end, he stopped Chen Dameng and the others from trying to persuade him and said, “Wait outside. If you have time, search for some underwater breathing devices and other items in the ruins.”

The underwater breathing device was a great item. When they were rus.h.i.+ng here, Ouyang Shuo was too embarra.s.sed to pick them up. Now that they had the chance, he naturally did not want to miss it. Apart from that, there might be other treasures too.

“Yes, my Lord!” Chen Dameng nodded.

After following by the Lord’s side for so long, Chen Dameng roughly understood Ouyang Shuo’s way of doing things. Although his actions seemed casual, he was in truth exceedingly careful. Since he asked them to stay outside, there should not be any danger.

Ouyang Shuo brought Little Green and followed the masked man into the temple.

In the main hall stood an incredible statue of a handsome man. He had a full beard; his left hand grasped a trident, and his right hand held a ma.s.sive conch.

“Sea G.o.d Poseidon?” Ouyang Shuo exclaimed.


When Little Green saw the G.o.d statue, it let out an unhappy roar.

“It is the sea G.o.d!” The fellow in the mask could not help but look at Little Green as he walked toward the left of the hall. There was a wooden staircase that led downward.

Both sides of the stairs were gloomy and there was ocean seaweed aplenty. If one was not careful, they would definitely slip. Weirdly, the deeper they headed, the brighter and brighter it grew; it was like the light source was coming from below.

Ouyang Shuo was still contemplating when a pale blue glow appeared after they walked five meters; it was a truly mysterious light.

The mysterious barrier blocked the sea water on the outside from entering. Through the light, Ouyang Shuo could roughly see a city.

“This is?” Ouyang Shuo was astounded.

“This is our land of fortune,” the masked man said, unable to hide his sadness.

Being buried deep in the ocean, unable to see the light of day, and spending numerous years underwater. Such a life definitely was not lucky for any civilization.

He pa.s.sed through the light barrier without any resistance, and the sight before his eyes left his mouth agape. They were standing on a cliff; when he looked down, he saw waterfalls and streams, birds and plants; a picturesque scene.

Many blue lakes were spread all around. Many small boats floated across these lakes; some people were fis.h.i.+ng on the boats, looking happy and carefree.

By the lake, there were beauties was.h.i.+ng their clothes, children playing around, forming a truly merry sight.

Many exquisite buildings were hidden in the lush greenery like a paradise cut off from the world. Such a scene was completely different from the desolate and sad environment that Ouyang Shuo had imagined.

With that, one could see the greatness of Atlantis’s ruler.

He bore all the pain and loneliness alone. To normal people, such a life was a great thing.

Thinking about this point, Ouyang Shuo glanced at the man beside him.

Ouyang Shuo recognized the purple crystal on his neck. The owner of this crystal was definitely a core member of the Atlantis race and amongst the most core ones.

Maybe he noticed Ouyang Shuo looking at him, or maybe it was because he had reached home, but the person took off the mask.

Under the mask was actually a young woman. Fiery red long hair, deep blue eyes, long eye lashes, exquisite features, and thick lips; overall, she looked beautiful to the extreme.

When Ouyang Shuo saw her appearance, his mouth gaped open.

“h.e.l.lo, my name is Kalia, welcome to Atlantis City.” Her voice was crisp; her previous hoa.r.s.e voice was just a disguise.

Ouyang Shuo slightly shook her tender white hand before quickly releasing his hold, “h.e.l.lo, I am player Qiyue Wuyi.”

Kalia was undoubtedly a beauty. Although her robe covered her body, she obviously had a tempting figure. Moreover, she had an aura unique to the Atlantis people, truly stunning.

Ouyang Shuo was not a normal person. He knew that beauty was just an outer layer; he would admire it but would not dive into. His heart was already as solid as stone.

When Kalia saw that Ouyang Shuo’s eyes remained sharp and clear, she felt weird. After all, she was the most beautiful of her race and many had fallen for her before.

Since a young age, she had grown up under the praises of everyone. This was the first time she saw someone unaffected by her beauty. Hence, she naturally felt curious.

“The fishes in the lake are decreasing, and the lives of the people is growing harder. If this continues, in less than 10 years, this place will be finished.” Kalia looked at the city below the cliff despondently.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to wait for 10 years, you can live on land right now.” Ouyang Shuo console herd.

When she heard his words, her eyes lit up, and she clapped her hands together as she said, “That’s right, the heavens have let us meet a fated person.”

Cough. Under her hot gaze, Ouyang Shuo felt a little uncomfortable, “What should we do now?”

“Let’s go’ I’ll bring you down!”

“How do we go down?”

Ouyang Shuo was shocked. After all, they stood on a thousand-foot cliff.

Kalia smiled, pa.s.sing through a small door and arriving at the right side of the cliff. The whole place was empty and was built into a ma.s.sive hall. In the middle was a skeletal structure of a creature resembling a shark.

However, it was not a shark. Ouyang Shuo could clearly see that it was emitting a golden s.h.i.+ne. Obviously, this was a man-made golden skeletal structure.

Witnessing such an exquisite item, Ouyang Shuo’s impression of their technology changed. With the current standards of Shanhai City, they could not even make pictured paper.

Upon closer inspection, he found that it was actually a flying device with wings on the side. There was a cabin in the middle for people to sit on. However, there was not an electronic system.

The skeletal structure was carved with complicated engravings that were similar to those on the buildings.

It seems like this engraving technique was one of their core techniques; it was used on buildings, decorations, machines and more.

Kalia sat in the pilot seat and stabbed the purple crystal into one of the holes, turning left. With a Kacha! the shark actually came alive and started to let out rumbling sounds.

The patterns on the shark shone with a blue glow. The sharp Ouyang Shuo noticed that when Kalia took out the purple crystal, it had dimmed further.

“So magical!”

Ouyang Shuo was filled with many thoughts. It seemed like the crystal provided the energy used to move the shark.

“Come in!” Kalia waved at the dazed Ouyang Shuo.

“Oh!” Ouyang Shuo got up and sat in the left side of the cabin.

The shark flying device was not big, similar to a World War II fighter jet. It only had enough s.p.a.ce for two. Sitting beside Kalia, Ouyang Shuo could roughly smell the special scent from her body, the scent of a young woman.

This was probably the first time Kalia had been so close to a guy as her face had flushed red. She controlled the device to fly away from the cliff and head toward the city below.

Looking down on Atlantis, although it was exquisite, it was much smaller compared to the ruins, probably the size of a town.

They were like birds trapped in a cage!

Ouyang Shuo understood her worries; freedom was something that everyone wished for. After all, no one wanted to be trapped in such an isolated place and grow old.

In less than 10 minutes, the flying device stopped in the castle square in the middle of the city.

“This is our imperial palace.” Kalia introduced.

Seeing Kalia enter the imperial palace, Ouyang Shuo’s eyes lit up.

Her ident.i.ty was truly not simple. After all, no matter how bad Atlantis’s situation was, it was still a ma.s.sive empire. It was also under heavy security, so how could anyone just walk in and out of the palace?

The only explanation was that she was a member of the imperial family, probably a princess.

Princess? Ouyang Shuo thought to himself.


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