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Chapter 134 – Attack!

Bang, bang, bang!

Someone knocked on the door of the bus.

Chen Yu turned around. “Who is it?”

“I… Zhang Yanyan.” A weak voice came from outside the door. “It’s a little cold at night. Can I come in?”

Chen Yu was baffled. “So what if you come in? Why are you knocking on the door?”


The car door was pushed open. Zhang Yanyan cautiously stuck her head in to make sure that Chen Yu and Duan Ye were ‘done’. This time, she walked in with a red face.

“Why is she knocking on the door?” Duan Ye wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

Hearing that, Zhang Yanyan subconsciously turned her head to look over and caught a glimpse of the other party’s actions. She hurriedly closed her eyes, and her heart felt as if there were ten thousand gra.s.s mud horses galloping past.

‘How the f*ck can he become the top scorer?’

“Who knows why she knocked on the door.” Chen Yu waved his hand. “This student seems to be a little abnormal.”

“Yeah.” Duan Ye nodded. “I think so too.”


Zhang Yanyan cursed in her mind. She returned to her bed and covered herself with the blanket. From time to time, she would tremble in embarra.s.sment. They were entangled together…

Chen Yu drank a mouthful of wine and said, “Ignore her. Continue.”

“Okay.” Duan Ye wiped his tears away. “First of all, I have never thought that the people of Crane City are more precious than the people of Qingcheng City. If the Beast Tide came straight for Crane City, I definitely wouldn’t be at a loss. People’s lives are fated by the heavens. If the heavens want us to die, we will suffer.”

“Yes.” Chen Yu nodded.

“If the Beast Tide is a natural cause or a spontaneous change of direction, swallowing Crane City, I have nothing to say. But… It was controlled?” Duan Ye’s eyes flashed with hatred. “I have studied the map for a long time. The Beast Tide was controlled. Otherwise, the line to Crane City can’t be so straight! There wasn’t even a 1 degree deviation!”

“Did you find anything?” Chen Yu asked.

“No. I looked up information on the internet. A lot of information at that time was gradually blocked. The international research on the direction of the Beast Tide has also stopped. There must be something wrong here.”

“In history, there hasn’t been a case of the Beast Tide turning?”

“No!” Duan Ye was resolute. “The Beast Tide is a catastrophe. In a Beast Tide, more than 95% of the mutated beasts appeared out of thin air. They would only disappear after eating a whole city. Wherever they went, the city in front of them would definitely be destroyed, without exception. There was also an example of a Beast Tide turning around.”

“If that’s the case, it should be controlled by someone.” Chen Yu was deep in thought.

“Definitely!” Duan Ye gulped down a mouthful of white wine, clenching his fists, he said, “The Beast Tide first headed towards Qingcheng. In order to transport the students of Qingcheng, all the transport forces of Crane City were transferred away. Then, the Beast Tide turned around. Our Crane City simply couldn’t make it in time! Even the students were only transported away by half! F*ck! F*ck!”

As he said that, he couldn’t help but cry again.

Chen Yu also sighed.

He had experienced the Beast Tide before, so he could understand the mental blow that the people of Crane City received at that time.

“Brother Yu, you are the top scorer of Qingcheng City. Do you know anything about this matter?”

“No.” Chen Yu shook his head. “I’m not hiding it from you, I really don’t know. At that time, I was still on the city wall, preparing to fight with my life. The Beast Tide suddenly changed direction, and we were also confused.”

“…Don’t let me know who it is.” Duan Ye clenched his fist so tightly that it made cracking sounds.

After taking a deep look at the other party, Chen Yu said, “What if… it’s the country?”

“Then, I’ll rebel.”


“In any case, the people of Crane City can’t die in vain.” Duan Ye raised the wine bottle and looked at Chen Yu. “Actually, I don’t hate the people of Qingcheng City at all. We’re all brothers in distress. The people of Crane City sacrificed themselves, and Qingcheng City suffered too.”

“Stop talking. Cheers.”


Not far away from the two of them.

The person in charge of the enrollment who was taking a nap slowly opened his eyes and sighed faintly.

As a member of the lower echelon of the Beijing University, he did not know the inside story of the Beast Tide’s change in direction.

But he knew who had gone to Qingcheng City at that time…

Time slowly pa.s.sed.

1:30 am.

The night wind whistled and the sky darkened.

The gra.s.s rustled, concealing the murderous aura that was approaching.

In the gloomy place, it was as if there were countless pairs of eyes coldly staring at the motorcade camp.

Swish, swish, swish…

The footsteps were getting closer and lighter.

Suddenly, a star flashed!


A martial artist on the roof of a car was pierced through the throat.

“Eh? You…”


Another light flashed and his companion, who was also a martial artist, slowly fell to the ground.

Yu Bulu’s eyes gradually widened, spreading the darkness of the night sky to his entire world…

In the camp, in the Group A bus.

Chen Yu and Duan Ye had finally finished two bottles of wine.

Duan Ye was a little tipsy. He lay on his side in his seat and was still muttering about what had happened in Crane City.

Chen Yu took out his phone as he listened. He clicked on Site B and was ready to watch the video.


He tapped on the screen a few times and frowned.

The internet was gone.

“It shouldn’t be? Didn’t the motorcade say that there was a signal transmitter?”

“What’s wrong?” Duan Ye narrowed his eyes and came over. The smell of alcohol filled the air.

“There’s no internet?”

“Eh? I remember… I remember when the Beast Tide came, our Crane City also had no internet.” Duan Ye scratched his head. He was a little tongue-tied. “Is it the Beast Tide?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Chen Yu pushed the other party away, shook his phone, and observed carefully. “The Internet is gone, and the normal communication signal is also gone.”

Duan Ye was instantly energized. “It’s the Beast Tide! The Beast Tide is coming!”

“Beast Tide?” The head of enrollment at Beijing University was so scared that he immediately stood up and looked at Duan Ye. “What did you say?”

This commotion caused quite a number of students in the guest room to wake up.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense.” Chen Yu raised his cell phone. “It’s just that there’s no Internet.”

“The network of the motorcade also fails sometimes. It’s normal if there’s no internet.” The head stared at Duan Ye sternly. “The Beast Tide is a very serious matter. Student Duan Ye, please be more careful. “You’re now a student at Beijing University. Every word and action of yours also represents Beijing University…”

Chen Yu interrupted, “The network is normal, but even the most basic communication signal is gone. Something isn’t right.”

“Even the phone signal is gone?” The person-in-charge was stunned.

The other students took out their phones to check.

“It’s gone.”

“Teacher, mine is gone too.”

“I have a satellite phone. It’s gone too…”


Waves of coldness unknowingly spread in the car.

Chen Yu’s right eyelid twitched. He put down his phone and grabbed the motherboard.

“Hey, won’t you know it after taking a look?” Duan Ye yawned. He grabbed the steel plate in the window and slowly lifted it up.

“Don’t move!” Chen Yu shouted.

“It’s okay.” Duan Ye looked outside. “It’s really not a Beast Tide. It’s just fireworks outside.”

“Fireworks?” Chen Yu went over as well. When he saw the colorful martial arts duel outside, his face immediately darkened. “They’re f*cking fighting!”

Bang, bang, bang!

In the next second, a series of footsteps came from outside the car.

“Someone’s getting on the car!”


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