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Chapter 301 – The Meaning Of Coming To The Northeast…

Bingcheng City.

In ancient times, it was called Shangjing.

It was a city with a huge total area.

When the end of the world came, because the length of the city wall needed to be built was too long, the officials simply gave up two districts and moved people in. Only then did the city wall be built within the stipulated time.

After entering the city, Chen Yu did not delay much. He directly stopped a taxi and took everyone in.

“Are you a fighter? Where are you going?” The driver’s expression was calm, without any respect for fighters.

“Drive forward.” Chen Yu waved his hand.

“There’s a wall in front.”

“Drive through it.”

“…Are you crazy?”

“We just came here and don’t know where we’re going. Just drive and dial the meter.”

“Okay.” The driver nodded and put it in gear. “If you say so, then we’ll go to Moscow.”

Chen Yu: “It doesn’t snow in Moscow. Let’s follow the waterway to Singapore.”

“The c.o.c.kroaches in Singapore are big. I think it’s better to go to Kuwait.”

“There are always wars around Kuwait. The best scenery is still Monaco.”

The driver: “…SKR~”

Vroom, vroom…

He stepped on the accelerator, and the car suddenly jumped and sped along the road.

Putting BB in his arms from the back, Chen Yu turned around and commanded, “Ma Li, book a few tickets to Changling City. We’ll leave tomorrow. Don’t go past noon.”

“No problem.” Ma Li made an ‘OK’ gesture. “After entering the city, the internet will come. I’ll contact my butler to book.”

“You’re going to Changling?” Hearing the conversation between the two, the driver turned around.

“Yes. Look ahead, don’t look at me. Do I have a rearview mirror on my face?”

“No problem.” The driver waved his hand. “Just these few broken roads. I’ve been driving for decades. I can walk even if my eyeb.a.l.l.s are dug out.”

“Redo the system?” BB interrupted doubtfully.

The driver: “Hmm?”

“She’s just spouting nonsense. You don’t have to pay attention to it. Continue.” Chen Yu covered BB’s small mouth.

“Hmm… Hmm? Where was I?”

“Your wife carried you on her back.”

“Oh right!” The driver reacted, he slapped the steering wheel angrily. “F*ck, I drove taxis day and night and gave all the money I earned to her. I worked so hard, but she actually cheated on me with her neighbor! Is she still a f*cking human… Hmm? F*ck! When did I tell you about my wife?”

“Since we’ve already said this, let’s continue,” Chen Yu suggested.

“Get lost!”

The driver slammed on the brakes angrily and stopped in the middle of the road. “Do you believe that I’ll chase you out?”

“Master, don’t listen to his nonsense.” Ma Yan quickly tried to smooth things over. “Please continue driving.”

After glaring at Chen Yu, the driver let go of the brakes and slowly stepped on the accelerator. “What did I say just now?”

Ma Yan said, “That your wife was carrying you.”

“Yes, that’s right. She’s not a good woman, do you know that? I… Why is the topic still my wife?!” the driver roared.

Chen Yu gave him a thumbs up. “A second release, that’s great.”

Screech —

The car stopped again, and the driver’s face turned black. “Get out of the car.”

“Don’t, if you make a scene, you’ll be anxious.” Ma Li jumped out to smooth things over. She took out a few hundred-dollar bills from her pocket and handed them to the driver. “Here, take them, master.”

The driver was silent for a moment. He reached out for the bills and started the engine again.

Ma Li said, “Master, don’t talk to them. Let’s talk.”

The driver said, “Sure. I see that you are still a little kind. What shall we talk about?”

Ma Li said, “Let’s talk about your wife.”

“…No wife! I don’t have a f*cking wife! Talk about a poor wife?!”

“Okay, okay, okay.” Ma Li immediately comforted him. “Master, you don’t have a daughter-in-law, so don’t be agitated. Didn’t your daughter-in-law run away with the neighbors?”

The driver: “…”

The car stopped at the roadside for the third time.

In the driver’s seat, the driver’s eyes were dull as he looked ahead in a daze.

The sad things that were constantly brought up were like a toilet brush, constantly rubbing against the yellow inner wall…

Squeak —

At this moment, a traffic policeman approached on a motorcycle, took out a pen and paper, and knocked on the window. “Driving violation, fined 200 yuan. Be careful next time.”

Immediately, the driver cried.

Tears streamed down his face.

“Good guy.” Chen Yu patted the driver’s trembling shoulder, took out 200 yuan from his pocket, and handed it to the traffic policeman.

The traffic policeman glanced at Chen Yu, tore off an invoice, nodded, and left.

“Don’t be like this, Teacher Luo. It’s not worth it to cheat.”

“You…” The driver looked at Chen Yu with tears in his eyes. “How did you know my surname is Luo?”

“It’s written on your badge.” Chen Yu took out a piece of paper and handed it to the driver to wipe his tears. He turned around and sighed to Ma Li and the others. “See, love is the most hurtful thing. People are so angry that they’re going crazy.”

“Yes, yes.” Ma Li nodded.

“It’s so pitiful.” Ma Yan nodded.

Only the veins on Chen Siwen’s forehead were popping out. “You guys should be human.”

“Brother. As the saying goes, there is plenty of other fish in the sea. Why don’t you go to a nightclub to find them?” Chen Yu patted the driver and lowered his voice. “It’s fate that we meet. Tonight, I’ll take you for a big health checkup. We’ll cover all the expenses.”

“Really?!” The driver raised his head and no longer looked sad.

“Of course.” Chen Yu said his few northeastern words.

“Okay. Then I’ll waive the fare for you.” The driver licked his lips excitedly, put the car in gear, and stepped on the accelerator. “If you want to talk about the big health treatment in our Bingcheng City, it’s well-known all over the country. Bathing, sauna, ma.s.sage… Pashide board. I happen to be a health care expert. Which venue have I not known before?”

Chen Siwen: “…”

“Big Brother is awesome!” Chen Yu also rubbed his hands excitedly. “I heard that the most awesome thing in your Bingcheng City is to bathe. How do you do it?”

“It’s simple. Just a large group of people soak in the pool and boil for a while. Then, they steam up and lie on the board, Sprinkle some milk, sprinkle some salt…”

Chen Siwen: “And sprinkle some pepper sauce.”

“Right, whatever you like, you can sprinkle it… wait a minute, that is seasoning!”

Chen Siwen: “Even if there’s no seasoning, I still feel like you guys are cooking.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. This is the specialty of our northeast. Oh right, where did you guys come from?”

“Mountain Province.”

“Mountain Province, that’s a bit far.” The driver took a few turns as he shuttled through the alleys. He hesitated and said, “Now that the northeast is so chaotic. You should just stay in the south. Why are we here?”

Chen Yu: “To take a bath.”

“Oh!” The driver came to a realization. “That makes sense. I’m addicted to it. If I don’t take a bath for a week, I’ll feel uncomfortable all over.”

“Yeah, although I’ve never taken a bath before, I’m addicted to it. I feel that it’s the end of the world. I should apply for this kind of bathing custom as an intangible cultural heritage.”

“Young man, you have a point.” The driver nodded. “This is a bathhouse that’s not that big. Otherwise, if the exotic beasts come and give them a bath, they might get addicted and stop eating us.”

Chen Siwen: “…Why is your conversation getting more and more perverted?”

“Don’t talk.” Waving his hand, Chen Yu continued to ask the driver, “Brother, is there anything particular about this scrub?”

“It’s particular about learning how to sing.” The driver was serious. “Do you know Guo Degang, Benshan, and the others?”

“I know.”

“That’s where they came from.”

“Oh!” Chen Yu was surprised.

“If you don’t make the customers laugh, will they come again next time? Chatting is just a part of scrubbing. When you are scrubbing, don’t be afraid. Even if the driver is scrubbing your calf, you have to spread your legs and talk to him.”

“Souka…” Chen Yu suddenly understood.

Chen Siwen covered her face. “You two can talk about something that Earthlings can understand.”

“Also, bathing is also a man’s moment.” The driver lowered his voice.

“What do you mean?” Chen Yu was curious.

“The more manly he is, the rougher the towel he takes. Only women use thin towels.”

“There’s such a rule?”

“Of course. It’s an unspoken rule here. You’re a man, but if it hurts when you rub it, even the bath master won’t like to talk to you.”

“You’re so good at scrubbing…” Chen Yu nodded knowingly. He glanced outside the window and pointed at a shop. “Master, stop at the hardware store in front.”


“I’ll buy a bath towel.”

Everyone: “…”


More than ten seconds later, the car stopped.

Chen Yu got out of the car and trotted into the hardware store. he shouted, “Is the boss here?”

“Yes.” The female boss held the instant noodles in her hands and walked to the counter. She did not care about Chen Yu’s ident.i.ty as a martial artist. “What do you want? Just tell me.”

“Do you have sandpaper?”


“Give me two of the roughest ones.”

Not long after, Chen Yu returned to the taxi with his big and small bags. “Brother, let’s continue.”

“What did you buy?” the driver asked curiously.

“Bath towels.” Chen Yu took out a piece of sandpaper.

Everyone: “…”

“A mud stick.” He took out another file.

Everyone: “…”

“A toothbrush.” A steel brush.

Everyone: “…”

“There are also some disposable slippers, washbasins, razors, and the like.”

Everyone: “…”


After a long while, the driver did not even hold the steering wheel. He cupped his hands in admiration. “A real man!”

Chen Yu said smugly, “Manly, right?”


“Pure man?”

“Pure man.”

“Then bring a man to a strong place.”

“Alright!” The driver put it in fifth gear. “I’ll even rub out your intestines for you.”

One turn, seven turns.

In just five minutes, the car reached its destination.

“This is the place.”

Getting out of the car, the driver pointed at the red signboard above. “Brother, don’t worry. I can’t go to an expensive place just because you invited me. This place isn’t expensive. It’s for the ma.s.ses, but the decorations and methods are really good.”

“Alright, Brother, you’re an expert. This is it.” Chen Yu picked up his bathing tools and turned to look at Ma Li and the others. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go in?”

“No… No.” Chen Siwen took three steps back. “I’d rather not go.”

“I’m not going either.” Ma Li took two steps back. “I’m not used to so many people washing together.”

Ma Yan took out a folded surfboard out of nowhere and said excitedly, “Can you surf inside?”

In front, the driver looked at Ma Yan and then turned back to look at Chen Yu. He wanted to say something but hesitated. “You guys… Where did you come from…”

It was just a small matter.

Including BB, everyone finally entered the bathing center.

Each person had a 688 set of highest-end tickets.

It included bathing, sauna, ma.s.sage, accommodation, food, and so on.

Everything was available.

“Then let’s begin.” Carrying his small bag, Chen Yu said goodbye to Chen Siwen and the others. “My brother and I will go to the male guest department, and you guys go to the female guest department. Tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock, we will gather in the hall.”

After saying that, without waiting for the four of them to react, he turned around and disappeared behind the white curtain in front of the male guest’s door with the driver.

The big bathing in the northeast was a public changing room and a public bathhouse.

When Chen Yu and the driver entered the changing hall, they saw that there were already more than ten people in the house.

There were people who needed to put on their clothes and leave.

There were even people who needed to take off their clothes and go in.

Raising his wrist, he looked at the hand card in his hand. Chen Yu looked for his own locker. “Oh… there, number 249, right in the middle, perfect! That’s great! Brother, what’s your number?”

The driver glanced at the card. “250.”

“We’re next to each other. Not bad.”

Picking up his pocket, Chen Yu swaggered to the front of the closet, took off his shirt, and revealed his muscular body.

“Brother, as expected of a fighter. Such a figure. Tsk tsk.” The driver praised, took off his shirt, and sat on the leather bench in front of the closet. “Seeing your muscles, I remember what the car was talking about. You’re going to Changling City?”

“Yes.” Chen Yu took off his pants.

“What are you going to Changling for? There has been a war there.”

“War?” Chen Yu was puzzled. “They are fighting now?”

“They have been fighting!”

“Eh? Didn’t they say that the reinforcements from Shanghai had just set off?”

“Shanghai? What reinforcements?” The driver was stunned.

As an ordinary person, he did not have as many and accurate sources of information as Chen Yu.

Chen Yu immediately realized this and changed the topic slightly. “Or should we go back to Changling? Who is fighting there?”

“The Fair a.s.sociation. The Fair a.s.sociation is fighting with Changling City’s official government and local families. I heard that the fair meeting is also fighting. Anyway, it’s a mess. You won’t get any good fruit juice there.”

“Is that so…” Chen Yu was deep in thought.

“Can I still lie to you? I suggest that you guys don’t leave tomorrow. Continue to play in Bingcheng City for a day, and then obediently return to the south. The cities in the north have turned 600,000 people into wood. Who knows when it’ll be Bingcheng City’s turn.”

The driver took off all his clothes casually, turned his underwear, and stood up. “Let’s live one day at a time. Compared to being digested by exotic beasts, turning into wood is pretty good.”

Hearing this, Chen Yu suddenly understood.

Why was it that in this city, regardless of whether it was the driver, the shop owner, or the attendant at the bathing center, they no longer respected fighters.

Because in the current situation, there were only two paths left for humans.

Either they would die from the Beast Tide, or they would die from conflicts of power.

The capital had been destroyed, and the Beast Tide would never be defeated.

So in a life of ‘certain death,’ what did people have to be afraid of…

He sighed softly in his heart.

Chen Yu shook off the wild thoughts in his mind and began to focus on taking off his clothes.

No matter how the world changed, his goal was always firm.

That was to find a suitable alien realm and find a way to transfer the humans there.

At the same time, he would increase the level of the World Curse and increase his strength.


When Chen Yu stood at the c spot in the changing room and took off the last piece of clothing.

The originally noisy noise spread like a plague and gradually became silent.


With his hands on his hips, Chen Yu puffed out his chest and raised his head. He looked at the stunned driver and then glanced at the shocked men in the room. An indescribable sense of comfort swept through his entire body.


Was the reason why he came to the northeast to take a bath!

Picking up his small pocket, Chen Yu strode into the bathroom hall in a carefree manner.




The sound was crisp and clear.

But it was not the sound of footsteps….


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