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Chapter 102: Taken Away

After the man left, the cafeteria returned to its usual state.

Fang Shu Juan swallowed a tasteless carrot and asked, “Do you guys know who that guy who suddenly appeared is?”

Su Min said: “Don’t know.”

Yin Ze also shook his head, “Don’t know.”

The only people they had seen here were the ordinary prison guards. Those who ran their cla.s.ses were also the ordinary prison guards. This man who suddenly appeared was clearly different to those prison guards.

But they still needed to eat.

With that disruption, it was already time for them to finish off their dinner.

While lining up, Su Min suddenly had an idea.

Since he saved Li Hao today, he decided to go and ask him who that man was.

Because he didn’t have much time, Su Min cut the line and moved over to Li Hao. The prison guards also pretended not to see it.

Afterall, as long as they returned to their rooms in time, it didn’t matter where they lined up.

Seeing him come over, Zhang Jian looked very shocked. He then winked, “Good luck brother Hao.”

Li Hao scolded him: “Good luck your a.s.s.”

“I’m naturally just wishing you good luck in your attempt to get him to our room.” Zhang Jian said deviously, “Brother Hao must——–”

Before he could finish his words, he suddenly fell flat onto the ground.

When he got up, his face had become completely flattened. It took a while for it to return to its normal state and blood flowed out from both nostrils.

Li Hao: “……….”

Fortunately, it wasn’t him.

Li Hao was very happy. He was finally able to escape those unlucky spiritual incidents that had been happening to him earlier. Looks like he just needed to avoid provoking 488.

Speaking of which, even now he didn’t know what 488’s name was.

Li Hao turned around and asked: “Do you need me for something?”

Hearing this, Su Min deliberately lowered his voice: “It’s nothing much. I just wanted to ask who that man from tonight was?”

Li Hao thought for a moment, “The one reminding us that we only get five minutes?”

Su Min nodded, “Yeah.”

Li Hao shook his head, “To be honest, I also don’t know. I just usually see him the night before visitations. You don’t see him around at other times.”

Su Min was confused: “Did anyone mention who he was?”

“No.” Li Hao recalled for a moment. “He didn’t interact much with the prison guards here. He would come without warning and leave without a sound.”

Si Min was surprised. He didn’t expect him to suddenly use sayings like this.

Li Hao didn’t know he was thinking this and was just worried about him fancying himself. He certainly didn’t want to be a bottom.

He didn’t expect 488 to be someone like this despite his thin and lean appearance. No wonder things went awry when he wanted to do something to him.

Su Min naturally didn’t know about brother Hao’s ridiculous thoughts. He asked: “Then has it always been normal during the previous visitations?”

Li Hao asked back: “What’s abnormal?”

Su Min said: “For example, someone from inside the prison telling the people outside about what’s happening here.”

“No one dared to speak of it.” Li Hao laughed: “A prison guard would stand behind you during the visitation. It’s equivalent to surveillance. They won’t really let you be with them alone, nor will they let you talk about the prison.”

Someone had done this before, and he was later taken away.

This was also something he had heard from others. It was something that had already happened before he came. From what he had heard, that prisoner had only said a few words and didn’t even manage to finish a sentence.

After this, no one else dared to say anything about the prison.

They could only speak of it through hidden meanings, but few people could understand it because the people outside wouldn’t even be able to imagine the things happening in here.

Over time, this place practically became closed off.

Li Hao said calmly: “Don’t think of doing anything and just wait until the end of your sentence. Five minutes is enough for you to hug your family.”

Su Min didn’t expect brother Hao to be so open minded.

He suddenly asked: “You’re not afraid of dying?”

Li Hao was confused by this question, but he still answered: “Of course I’m afraid. Who wouldn’t be afraid? Are you afraid of dying?”

Su Min wanted to say that he really wasn’t afraid of dying.

In any case, he would just leave the movie if he died but he was afraid of getting a beating if he said it so he kept it to himself.

Seeing that he wasn’t answering, Li Hao said, “See? Even you have nothing to say. It means you’re also afraid of dying.”

Su Min decided not to tell him the truth.

Please read this from kk translates

Li Hao continued: “I almost died today but thanks to you, I’m still alive. Don’t mind too much about the past. It was all because you’re too good-looking.”

Su Min: “……..Thank you for your compliment.”

Li Hao: “You’re welcome.”

As the two chatted, they reached the corridor lined with their rooms.

Su Min still had some questions that were not answered after talking to Li Hao but he still managed to find out some things.

For once, nothing special happened that evening.

Su Min suspected that it was because they had the visitations tomorrow so the day before would be safe and uneventful to allow the prisoners to forget about the prior incidents and lower their guards.

When he slept at night, everything was also calm. There weren’t any screams.

Even Chen Su didn’t appear.


Because the next day was visitation day, there was no work.

There were many prisoners in the whole prison and there were only two visitation rooms so one by one they had been going inside since early morning.

It was in the order of the outside visitors, not the rooms inside.

So Su Min had no idea when it would be his turn.

Fang Shu Juan and Yin Ze was also not called out initially so the three of them sat on their beds in the room staring at each other.

After a while, Fang Shu Juan asked: “What do you think about today?”

Su Min said: “According to brother Hao’s words, nothing much.”

“Then we can only wait for death here and pray for good luck.” Yin Ze as usual was negative.

With him saying something so negative with such a sullen expression, it made the situation incomparably morose.

Fang Shu Juan’s att.i.tude also wasn’t too optimistic: “Even If we can escape from the ghosts, can we escape from humans?”

Su Min said: “So we either escape or change to another prison.”

But both options were impossible.

Domestic movies had to be politically correct so even if you escaped from the prison, you would need to have a proper reason for it. If you were to transfer to another prison, you would need to reveal everything about the current prison they’re in first.

That way, this movie would have a beginning and end to its narrative.

There was nothing revealed through the movie introduction, so Su Min suspected a little whether the two male protagonists ended up dying in the end or if they just accepted reality.

Conclusions like these seemed most reasonable.

Probably because the family members came late, none of the three in room 8 were called out. Soon, it was time for them to go have lunch.

Although time was short, many of them were in a good mood.

“My mother is still visiting me despite being so old. I’m really not filial.”

“My daughter also came. After several months of not seeing her, she has grown a lot. I really want to go pick her up and drop her off to school and tell everyone that she also has a father.”

“Today my wife visited. We have only been married for a few months and I had prepared myself in case she wanted to remarry but turns out she’s pregnant! I was so happy I almost rushed out of the prison!”

“Was I the only one who had my love rival visit? He specially came over to mock me. If not for the prison guards holding be back, I would have beaten him to pulp!”

Su Min sat at his table and managed to hear a lot of these gossip.

Compared to them, he felt that he didn’t have much to gossip about.

Fang Shu Juan said: “We’re all in the afternoon. What a coincidence.”

Su Min’s eyes looked over at those men, “It’s good to be in the afternoon. We at least are still in the mood to eat. Look at them, they’re still crying.”

They were bawling their eyes out.

Fang Shu Juan laughed out loud.

After lunch, they continued with the visitations.

Room 8 was quiet as usual. The three of the quietly discussed the previous incidents and tried to organise some details.

“Then this first———–”

Prison guards walked by outside and the three stopped talking.

The door was opened. The prison guard said calmly: “644, your family is here to visit you. Come with me.”

Fang Shu Juan stood up and followed him out.

He even winked at them before leaving.

Su Min didn’t understand this. He asked: “What does he mean?”

Yin Ze: “He will probably try revealing the truth about the prison.”

Su Min: “You’re amazing.”

He couldn’t guess the meaning but Yin Ze knew in an instant.

Yin Ze’s replied stiffly: “I was just guessing. I don’t know what he meant and just made a guess.”

Su Min didn’t continue to ask but inside he was a little worried about Fang Shu Juan. It would be difficult to deal with if anything happened.

Five minutes wasn’t very long nor was it very short.

Waiting was always the most difficult.

After waiting for a long time, Su Min finally noticed that something wasn’t right. Half an hour had pa.s.sed yet why wasn’t he back?

During this time, Yin Ze was also taken out to meet his family. Fang Shu Juan still had not returned.

Su Min had a bad premonition.

When Yin Ze returned, his mood was quite good. He looked around the room, “He’s not back?”

Su Min shook his head, “No. Something may have happened.

The room fell into silence.

It wasn’t until Fang Shu Juan’s figure was pushed in through the door by the prison guard that Su Min was able to breath a sigh of relief.

But he then noticed that something was wrong.

Su Min walked over and asked: “How did you hurt your arm?”

Fang Shu Juan’s arms were bandaged up. It looked like it had been dislocated, “It’s nothing. I’m still alive.”

When he moved, he gritted his teeth. The other wounds on him were also exposed.

Su Min asked suspiciously: “Did they hit you?”

Fang Shu Juan made a sound of acknowledgement: “I only started to speak and didn’t say much but they responded very quickly. They dragged me in and beat me. Fortunately, I was clever and quickly made up something and they believed me.”

Su Min disapproved his reckless actions: “You shouldn’t try something like that.”

There weren’t any disinfectants in the rooms so the wounds could only be left as it is. Small wounds like these didn’t require a visit to the infirmary.

Fang Shu Juan complained: “You don’t even care about me.”

Yin Ze said: “Why should I care about you?”

Fang Shu Juan moved a little and laughed: “I’m still your bed companion. Why don’t you show me some of your concern?”

Yin Ze glanced at him. His eyes then fell onto the bandaged arm, “It looks like you weren’t injured too severely. It should’ve been worse.”

Fang Shu Juan sucked in air in pain: “You’re so cruel.”

Yin Ze said: “You only realised now?”

The two of them talked to each other back and forth like this. Su Min didn’t dare interrupt.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. The prison guard opened the door: “488, someone is here to visit you. Come with me.”

Fang Shu Juan stopped joking around with Yin Ze and turned his head: “Be careful.”

Su Min made a sound of acknowledgement.

After walking down the corridor, they reached another path. He had never been here before so it was very unfamiliar.

The prison guard opened the door: “Go in.”

When the door opened, the inside was dark for some reason. Su Min squinted and only saw a figure sitting inside. You could see just through the silhouette alone that he was sitting straight and tall.

The person in the room also looked over.

Su Min’s eyes met with a pair of deep, black eyes.


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