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Chapter 13 – Big Brother Baldy

“Swish …”

A van stopped in front of Sun Qingya’s red sports car. Van door opened and seven to eight big men got off; the last one to get off was the Fatty who was kicked out of the steak restaurant.

“Big Brother Baldy, it’s them, cripple him, and two hundred thousand is yours.” Fatty pointed angrily at Xiang Yang and said to a big bald man.

“They’re even driving a luxury car? Are you sure there’s no powerful force behind them?” The bald man had a puzzled look on his face.

“I’m sure. That kid said he was just a teacher at school. As for this girl, she’s just his student. As long as you don’t touch that girl, I believe it’ll be fine.” Fatty said with certainty.

“Fine, you just stand on the side and watch how your father will take revenge for you.” The baldy rubbed his bald head and laughed sinisterly as he walked towards Xiang Yang.

“Ya, there are so many of them. Do you want me to call the bodyguards over?” Sun Qingya looked excitedly at the baldy and his subordinates who were walking over. She was especially happy when she saw that someone was causing trouble for her, which made Xiang Yang even more convinced that this girl definitely had a violent gene hidden within her.

“Why are you calling your bodyguard? It’s not like they came to fight with me. These days, hooligans also have the heart to learn. Maybe it’s because they admire my knowledge that they want to come to me to learn.” With a smile on his face, Xiang Yang opened the car door and walked out.

“Brat, you’re out of luck to meet me, Big Brother Baldy, today. I take someone’s money to help them get rid of their trouble, and Fatty will pay two hundred thousand dollars to cripple you, don’t say that I, Big Brother Baldy, am ungrateful, but you can choose to have me break your hands or feet.” The bald man laughed sinisterly at Xiang Yang.

“You’re such a professional. You even let me choose which hand or foot to break.” Xiang Yang praised.

“Of course, this brother has been in this circle for many years and has always been a professional. Do you know why there are so many thugs in Tianhai City, and why they can’t last long? In the end, they were either captured by the police or their businesses had gone bankrupt. It’s not like this old man, who has worked for so many years and is still a gold medal fighter, my prestige is on the line, no one can compare to me.” Big Brother Baldy rubbed his bald head and laughed complacently. As someone who had trained professionally, being able to survive in this industry for so many years was the thing he was most proud of.

“Tsk tsk, you’re quite amazing, but your little brothers are only this many people, it shouldn’t be enough. I think you should expand your team, otherwise, if you fail the mission, your gold medal player t.i.tle would be gone.” Xiang Yang kindly gave Big Brother Baldy his opinion.

“What you said makes sense, and this is also something that I have been considering for the past few days. In order to keep my name as Big Brother Baldy gold medal fighter, I have decided to expand my business, here is my name card, if anyone besides you wants to join this industry, you can look for me, and the welfare is absolutely good. With me, Big Brother Baldy, eating meat, my little brother will definitely not only eat soup.” As the baldy spoke, he actually took out a name card and gave it to Xiang Yang.

“…” Xiang Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at his name card. This guy was really funny, he actually had a business card with a tagline, and he even wanted to expand the team … The professional attainments of a gold medal fighter were really… That’s professional enough.

“Big Brother Baldy, you came to help me cripple him. Why are you giving him a name card?” Behind him, Fatty stammered as he looked at the baldy. He suspected that he had wasted his money.

“Big Brother Baldy promised to cripple him so he wouldn’t lie to you. Just obediently stand by the side and watch.” Before the baldy could speak, his little brother glared at Fatty, and the latter immediately didn’t dare to speak anymore.

“Hah, kid, if you have any problems in the future, you can call me. Alright, now that the business talks are over, we can start working. Your elder finds you pleasing to the eye and can deal with you quickly so that you won’t suffer too much.” Big Brother Baldy’s expression immediately changed. He took a baseball bat from his little brother’s hand and knocked on it as he said, “Have you decided which hand or foot will be broken by me?”

“I want the right hand with the baseball bat.” Xiang Yang said.

“No problem. What? Do you have any baseball bats?” Big Brother Baldy replied. When he reacted, he saw that Xiang Yang had kicked his right hand, the bald man did not expect Xiang Yang to make a move so quickly, and after being kicked, his face changed, as though his right hand had been struck by a hundred jin boulder. With the pain, he fell down.

“Yah …”

Big Brother Baldy fell too fast, to the point that the lackeys behind him couldn’t even sense them, and were instantly suppressed by his robust body. The three of them rolled on the ground before standing up and stared at Xiang Yang angrily.

“How can you be like this? Why didn’t you say anything before you attacked?”

“Puchi …”

The baldy’s words immediately made Sun Qingya unable to hold back her laughter. This baldy was simply too funny.

“I told you, your reaction was too slow.” Xiang Yang looked at the baldy with an innocent face. He picked up the baseball bat that the baldy dropped and gently waved it in his hand. The baldy and his men immediately revealed looks of caution.

“Don’t worry; I won’t do it until I say something.” Xiang Yang consoled.

“Even if you speak, I won’t be able to stop you. Your speed is too fast.” Big Brother Baldy rubbed his swollen hands as he thought grievingly, but he could not say it out in front of all these subordinates. Instead, he patted his chest and said: “I’m not afraid.”

This time, Big Brother Baldy learned his lesson, and before he finished speaking, he directly kicked towards Xiang Yang, accurately and ruthlessly. Even if it was a metal block blocking his way, it would probably be smashed to pieces, Big Brother Baldy was extremely satisfied with this kick and felt that it was the most perfect kick he had ever sent out.

“Heh heh, let’s see which of your arms or legs you’ll use to block, and which hand or foot will break from my kick.” Big Brother Baldy was very confident that he would be able to complete the mission and earn two hundred thousand dollars with this kick. He thought proudly in his heart, this two hundred thousand gold was simply too easy to earn. That Fatty is such a rich man, if we were to form a good relationship in the future, we would have more business.


“Such a hard foot, is this guy even human?” When his leg landed on something, Big Brother Baldy was immediately shocked. He felt that his leg had kicked into an extremely hard place, probably Xiang Yang’s thigh.

‘This fellow is a pract.i.tioner. It’s fortunate that I know how to make the first move.” When Big Brother Baldy was rejoicing in his heart, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. He was the attacking side, why did a sharp pain come from his feet?

“Wow …”

Big Brother Baldy lowered his head to look, and immediately cried out in alarm. f.u.c.k, what kind of thigh was that, what he kicked was that?! Surprisingly, it was a silver shining baseball bat, and his leg and the baseball bat has collided, it was no different from an egg hitting a rock!

“It’s not fair.” Big Brother Baldy stood on one foot on the ground. His leg was already swollen, he looked at Xiang Yang angrily, ‘This is too much, a good fight between two people, I didn’t even get my brothers to gang up on you, yet you used a metal rod as your thighs to clash with mine, this is obviously unfair.”

Xiang Yang took two steps forward, causing Big Brother Baldy to jump backward immediately and he looked at him vigilantly. When he saw Big Brother Baldy’s vigilant look, Xiang Yang revealed a smile, “Don’t be afraid, I already said that if I were to make a move on you, I will inform you first.”

“Who’s afraid of you?” Big Brother Baldy obviously heaved a sigh of relief, but he was unwilling to admit the fear in his heart, and snorted: “I didn’t bully you with my numbers, but you used a weapon instead, this is too much.”

“This is what we call fairness.” Xiang Yang looked at Big Brother Baldy seriously, “You are tall and big, one look and you can tell that you are a martial arts expert, and as for me, look at my skinny body, I am powerless, so no matter how you look at us, our strengths are not equal. So, I am holding a weapon to bridge the gap between us, to make us look fairer, this way, and your reputation will not be tarnished, right?”

“That’s true. It seems to make some sense.” Big Brother Baldy’s face revealed a pondering expression.

“Boss, don’t let him get away with this. We’re Gold Medal fighters; we can just charge in and cripple him. What is there to talk about fairness? Can fairness earn you two hundred thousand?” A little brother behind Big Brother Baldy said.

“Yeah, f * ck, I was almost tricked by you brat.”

Big Brother Baldy reacted immediately, staring at Xiang Yang angrily: “You are really too much, I was kind enough to let you choose which of your limbs to break, and yet you use your words to bully me, you are truly amazing, and this daddy’s fist is even bigger than yours, brothers, go and grab that pretty boy first, this daddy will personally break his leg.”

“Haha, I couldn’t help but want to attack a long time ago.”

“Let’s go.”

Big Brother Baldy’s seven to eight subordinates all pounced towards Xiang Yang with fiendish smiles.


Sun Qingya, who was at the back, screamed out in shock. She immediately took out her cell phone and was about to call her bodyguard, but then she saw that Xiang Yang had moved. He held his baseball bat and swept it across, causing a strong force to sweep past him.

“Bang! Bang!”

Xiang Yang acted like he was strolling in a park, holding a baseball bat in one hand; he treated these men like baseball. Everyone who was. .h.i.t fell down while screaming, in the blink of an eye, all seven to eight men fell on the ground and screamed.

“My goodness, I thought you were a pretty boy with no strength, but you’re actually an expert?” Big Brother Baldy looked at his subordinates who were clutching their heads and screaming miserably and suddenly felt a wave of anger rising from the bottom of his heart. He thought that Big Brother Baldy had entered the jianghu at the age of eighteen, and now, he was thirty-eight and had never experienced a defeat in twenty years.

“I dare not, I dare not, I dare not be an expert, but with a baseball bat in my hand, I have the whole world.” With a smile on his face and baseball bat in hand, Xiang Yang walked towards him step by step.

“What are you doing?” “Don’t come over, I’ll scream if you come over again.” Big Brother Baldy looked at Xiang Yang warily. He wanted to retreat, but one of his legs was swollen like a pig’s foot, so he could only jump on one leg to retreat like a clown.

“Puchi …” Sun Qingya, who was originally standing at the back, walked up when she heard Big Brother Baldy’s words, and couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Are you even a man?”

As she said that, Sun Qingya overtook Xiang Yang, and approached him step by step. This girl obviously saw that things were going well, and was prepared to go and scare Big Brother Baldy.

“Don’t come over, I’ll hit you if you come near anymore.” When Big Brother Baldy shouted, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Don’t come near me… Don’t come over. “Ahh …”

As Sun Qingya got closer, a look of hatred flashed past Big Brother Baldy’s eyes, and he suddenly rushed towards Sun Qingya. He reached out with both hands towards Sun Qingya’s neck and hands, obviously intending to capture Sun Qingya and threaten him.

“You can’t live with your own sins.” When Big Brother Baldy moved, Xiang Yang also moved. He took a step forward, instantly appearing beside Big Brother Baldy, and smashed the baseball bat in his hand towards Big Brother Baldy.

“Bang …”

The first time the baseball bat smashed into Big Brother Baldy’s hand, he only heard a “kacha” sound as his evil hand came into contact with the baseball bat.

“The second time I hit your foot.” Xiang Yang mercilessly swung out a second time to smash at Big Brother Baldy’ leg. Amidst his miserable cries, Big Brother Baldy fell to the ground, his entire body twitching as he cried out in pain.


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