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The ink-like thick black air wrapped around Luo Qiu.

Pain, fear, hate, and despair acc.u.mulated in the air, but it still couldn’t invade Luo Qiu’s body.

Luo Qiu waved his arm while looking at Zhang Qingrui who was standing in front of him…and the other ent.i.ty that released the black air in her body.

The air of despair began to withdraw from Luo Qiu, but the hatred appeared on Zhang Qingrui’s face became more and more serious.

“My cla.s.smate might have met bad luck recently, this should be the second time she was possessed.” Luo Qiu said suddenly.

During the time he was talking, the black air had been entirely drawn into Zhang Qingrui’s body—It was definitely not her own desire but by the thought of the boss in the club.

“I don’t care!”

“You don’t care about possessing other’s body eh?”

“I don’t care!”

“I have no reason to say you’re willful.” Luo Qiu let out a sigh.

He reached out his hands again while sighing. Following his thought, Zhang Qingrui who attached by the strong grievance was not able to move at all.

“What do you want to do? Let me go! I’m going to find that woman! She lied to me! She promised me to protect me! But—!

“No buts.” Luo Qiu said fis.h.i.+ly, “There should be 37 times, but in those 37 times, you didn’t take any action, right?”

“No! I just…”

His palm finally extended to Zhang Qingrui’s face, near to her lips. Luo Qiu’s fingers swept over her lips softly and the fish wire broke, string by string, at this moment.

The strong hatred in her body turned lighter as the fish wire broke little by little.

Until the last string of fish wire broke completely, only then did all the grievance disappear totally, like a stubborn drop of ink dissolved in water.

Luo Qiu said softly, “But you can’t wait for her to come out, right?”

While saying, his hand grasped Zhang Qingrui’s arm and he pulled it with a little force. Then, a little shadow was dragged out from Ms. Zhang’s body.

Light and transparent as if she could disappear at any time… She was exactly the little girl who was soaked, with her mouth sewn before. However, now it was opened.

As for Zhang Qingrui, she now fell on the ground all of a sudden and was seemingly in a coma.

The shadow had been pulled out from Luo Qiu’s arm. He said gently while holding this little girl, “Don’t worry. This time I’m here with you, waiting for her to come back.”

Luo Qiu’s palm gently pressed on the floor. At this moment, the floor began to crack completely — the gap expanded and the whole office started to shatter into pieces.

It expanded not only through this office but this floor, even to the whole building!

Everything had been crushed in this moment and turned into countless pieces— and all debris dispersed at one blow!

Oddly, they did not drop down, merely scattered!

The scattering of debris seemed to give a chance for the blocked visions to meet each other through the gap of countless macadam and debris of objects.

And not knowing since when, Luo Qiu had returned to his strange look.

Within the period when the little girl was stunned, Luo Qiu stretched out his palm, pinched her neck, and lifted her up easily.

As if suffering from a great deal of pain, the little girl now kicked in the air with difficulty.

w.a.n.g Luo woke up from the memories. She touched her face subconsciously and found another thing except sweat.

It was the tears of regret.

She saw many images… Not long ago when she was strangled, she witnessed images of matters that she didn’t understand, one by one.

Why wasn’t she brave enough to run away.

No matter how her only sister lamented, she didn’t have the courage to run out.

She recalled everything— Ultimately, she didn’t have the courage to leave the hiding place until her father dragged her sister away from the construction site.

She dared not even follow them sneakily back.

She fled far away, and wandered all over the streets, forcing herself to forget the hagridden scene.

w.a.n.g Luo grasped her own collar tightly. Unimaginable self-accusation, pain, and deep regret started to extend from here.

The surroundings now cracked and broke into uncountable debris of different sizes, but they didn’t drop or scatter further.

Her sight became incomparably wide and caught the figure of the freak who chased her through the gap of countless debris.

That freak held his hands up, pinching a little girl’s neck… It was a very blurred silhouette.

Blue and white lattice dress and the little feet that were kicking randomly, it resembled a scene that took place at night 20 years ago when she witnessed her sister being dragged by her father.

An inexplicable courage let w.a.n.g Luo stand up furiously.

She ran into the countless debris, regardless if they were sharp ones or big ones, whether she was scratched by them or hurt by colliding into them.

“Let her go! Let her go!”

While running, w.a.n.g Luo grabbed a bar of debris— a broken stone!

“Let her go!”

She rushed to the freak and smashed the broken stone down towards the freak’s arm that was used to pinch the little girl!

Yet at this moment, she felt no real sense of impact… Only knocking down a piece of black cloth.

That freak… had turned into a black cloth, drifting down slowly and disappeared.

The little girl’s shadow was set free at once.

Her look turned ferocious, reaching out her hands unwittingly to clutch w.a.n.g Luo’s neck!



The moment she fell down, before she had stretched out her hands, her weak silhouette was brought into w.a.n.g Luo’s embrace with force.

“Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Sister is here! Sister will protect you! Don’t worry! Xinxin, don’t worry!”

The little girl’s body became stiff suddenly.

The dark night at the construction site many years ago. The many helpless calls, and hopelessness because she couldn’t get any help from her only support. Finally her crazy father sewed her mouth and drowned her to death, plus being buried for long in the ice cold underground.

It was so horrible.

‘I’m w.a.n.g Xin.’

‘I have a sister, she loves me very much. My mother is gone, so as long as I can wait for my sister to come back, I won’t be afraid of my father no matter how fierce he is.’

‘I like the ball my sister sent me.’

‘Why doesn’t my sister come out? I can’t say out where my sister hiding… Will my father kill sister? Xinxin cannot say that.’

‘Too painful, don’t sew Xinxin’s mouth, dad, don’t.’

‘Sister, where are you?’

‘It’s too dark here, Xinxin can’t see anything.’

‘Not sure since when, I want my sister to come back to my side… I think my sister wants too. Why is it only my sister that gets rescued?’

‘Or how about killing my sister too? Xinxin is really really painful. Come and feel it, my sister. It’s really, painful.

‘I’m w.a.n.g Xin.’

‘I have a sister, she loves me.’

‘I’m buried under the ground by my father. Am I dead? I don’t know… but not sure since when, Xinxin felt there is another Xinxin living in my heart. Xinxin doesn’t like the Xinxin who lives in my heart… because she hates my sister.’

‘The Xinxin in my heart tells Xinxin that she wants to kill sister so that sister can be with Xinxin forever.’

‘But Xinxin… Xinxin doesn’t want to.’

‘My sister will also be very afraid, like the current Xinxin, who has been buried under the ground, ice cold, and too dark.’

‘I’m really really afraid.’

But it turned warmer and was no longer cold. She was feeling a tight hug while listening to the familiar heartbeats she knew when they used to sleep together many years ago. A constant warmth that had been transmitted to her.

The little girl’s body became soft, she circled her arms around w.a.n.g Luo timidly, hearing the words from w.a.n.g Luo’s mouth that could comfort her as the shadow turned lighter and lighter.

The last grievance had been dissipated by the late embrace.

“Sister, I want you to be my sister in next life…”


The silhouette in her arms vanished suddenly. w.a.n.g Luo looked around, trying to find her, however…

She looked up to the sky through the broken ceiling of the building. On the cloudy sky above the debris, there seemed to be something rising gradually.

That was a light spot, like a star, flying above the sky.

w.a.n.g Luo became absent-minded as she gazed at these stars.

Through a large amount of complicated, shattered debris, Luo Qiu looked at the little girl who held his hand. She was still clean, the blue and white lattice dress appeared to be excessively simple.

Luo Qiu squatted down, tidying up the hair clasp on her hair while asking faintly, “Dear customer, are you satisfied with our service?”

The little girl watched w.a.n.g Luo who was standing far from her, revealed a pure and innocent smile at her. Then, she pa.s.sed her ball to Luo Qiu.

“Thank you! Big brother!”

The little girl suddenly kissed Luo Qiu on the cheek and turned around.

She turned around and ran towards w.a.n.g Luo. Her shadow turned lighter and became more transparent. Perhaps it had got to w.a.n.g Luo or perhaps it might not. Then, she disappeared from Luo Qiu’s sight.

Breathing deeply.

Zhang Qingrui opened her eyes.

The familiar stairs, light, and shadow—Luo Qiu’s shadow. He was going downstairs, and she was standing on the interlayer.

Between the fifth and fourth floor.

“Luo Qiu… when did you show up?” Ms. Zhang asked subconsciously.

Luo Qiu turned around and glanced at Ms. Zhang without expression, “When did I vanish?”

“No… just…” She wanted to speak out her experience, but didn’t know how to start.

Just like the usual behavior, Luo Qiu said coolly, “I will leave if there’s nothing.”

Zhang Qingrui wanted to say ‘wait a second.’

Yet now, she noticed that pa.s.sersby went up and down the stairs… it was no longer the spiral and endless stairway.

Ms. Zhang saw Luo Qiu walked down the stairs. She quivered abruptly before running up to the fifth floor. Everything there seemed to be normal and the same.

Slight chattering could be heard from the offices and no trace was seen to indicate that anything had been destroyed.

She hurried to the doorway of the dean’s office, looking at the inside. She saw Teacher w.a.n.g Luo and other teachers there.

w.a.n.g Luo was looking out of the window, staring blankly. n.o.body knew what she was thinking.

She took a glimpse back at the wall clock.

It was 4:15pm, only 15 minutes pa.s.sed since she left the dean’s office.

“Did… I… have a dream?”

When it was time to leave, teachers of the university left the teaching building. However, when they opened their umbrellas and were about to leave, they found one 10-meter-high palm tree located near the building had fallen down.

Perhaps it had been blown down by the strong typhoon during these days.

Luckily it didn’t smash anything.

The teachers of labor union contacted some workers to come to deal with this fallen palm tree. Nevertheless, they dug out a set of bones under the tree.

It should be a kid’s skeleton.

“The typhoon ‘Tenney’ has pa.s.sed through our country. Occasional drizzles will come in the next few days, but the temperature will rise again gradually. The intensity of ultraviolet in the next two days…”

At night.

The boss was listening to the weather report while playing around with an old red ball.

The ball was rotating slowly on his palm, Luo Qiu suddenly turned to the servant girl who was cleaning the display cabinet with a feather duster, asking, “You Ye, do we have some good-looking shelves?”

“There should be some in the lumber room.” You Ye turned to look at the master, “What size do you need?”

Luo Qiu lifted up the ball, “I want to set it on the showcase.”

“The ball?” the servant girl eyes opened wide.

Luo Qiu said gently, “It’s a treasure.”


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