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Hong Guan decided to go to Cheng Yiran’s house to see what had happened. He felt happy for his friend’s new beginning. But to his surprise, the landlord told him that Cheng Yiran had moved away.

He paid off all the outstanding rental fees and moved away.

“Oh! He was pretty arrogant when leaving.”

Cheng Yiran felt that he had gone through a program where some plots would speed up on TV.

The image adviser from Feiyun Entertainment had given him a makeover, from the haircut to the clothes. The adviser even sent him to a spa, dragging him to the front of a mirror where he failed to recognize himself.

“Sure enough, Oblique bangs can save the world.”

Seeing his new image, Cheng Yiran didn’t refuse… Furthermore, he didn’t feel tired from the ongoing etiquette cla.s.s, speech cla.s.s and so on. The only disgusting part was that the adviser tended to touch his chest.

Now it was the time for —singing cla.s.s. Cheng Yiran learned singing himself, so he had nothing compared to the other professional singers.

“The resonance, you must find the resonance as your voice is not stable enough. You should practice more. Singing is not easy, be more sincere.”

The music teacher paid full attention to Cheng Yiran as he knew that Feiyun Entertainment was paying him money to focus on training the new star.

Cheng Yiran was the only one who received one-one training… the other newcomers were taught by another teacher in the other room.

The singing skill was vital for a singer. Cheng Yiran took it seriously—Although he knew that the magical guitar could make him popular. But… everyone would want to improve.

Li Zifeng and the image adviser were watching them outside the room… Li Zifeng found him, so he cared about Cheng Yiran very much. He would be Cheng Yiran’s agent if he got famous. “Well, Lucy, you’re brilliant. He looks totally different after you dressed him up.”

Lucy was a boy actually. He smiled proudly, “I can change everyone except Qi Liangjin!”

“Is… Qi Liangjin unable to be saved?” Li Zifeng asked curiously.

“No.” Lucy said with a shrug. “Going to Korea for plastic surgery can make it possible.”

Li Zifeng’s phone rang suddenly, “h.e.l.lo?”

“h.e.l.lo, Producer Li, someone is coming to visit Mr. Cheng.” The receptionist said politely on the phone.

“Well… who’s that?”

Li Zifeng asked…He wouldn’t allow unimportant visitors to bother Cheng’s training. His first performance date had been fixed and the company wanted to publicize him as soon as possible.

“It’s Mr. Hong, a close friend of Mr. Cheng. They were band partners before.”

Li Zifeng was stunned… He did remember that there was another singer on the stage that night. But he gave little attention to him because the most wonderful part was Cheng Yiran’s solo at the end.

“OK… Fine.” Li Zifeng thought for a while, “Let’s do it in this way, you lead him to the meeting room. I will talk to him.”

Lucy asked Li Zifeng when he hung up the phone, “What’s the matter?”

Li Zifeng responded, “Well… I’ll go and check if I missed a talent.”


“I will tell you later.”

Li Zifeng left quickly.

Hong Guan sat in the meeting room uncomfortably… From the perspective of Li Zifeng, his appearance was not bad compared to Cheng Yiran. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Hong. I am the producer of Feiyun Entertainment. My name is Li.” Li Zifeng sat down facing Hong Guan.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Li.”

“Mr. Hong, you are looking for Yiran, right?” Li Zifeng asked directly.

“Er, yes.” Hong Guan nodded, “I am worried about him as he didn’t show up recently. Oh, I come here for him because I saw his news in the magazines.”

Li Zifeng smiled, “Yiran is busy with confined training. So we would like to request you not to expose his news for him to concentrate better.”

Hong Guan understood, “Oh, that way… all right. Big companies should have rules… then, is Yiran here today?”

“Yes, he is.” Li Zifeng nodded, “He is learning singing from a teacher and they haven’t finished yet. I will take a message for you if you have words for him. Mr. Hong.”

“Er… no, not really.” Hong Guan shook his head, “Please tell him that I am looking for him and let him call me back when he is available.” After speaking, Hong Guan stood up, “Alright. Mr. Li, I will leave now, thank you for your reception.”

Li Zifeng asked him suddenly, “Mr. Hong, I heard that you are Yiran’s band partner, right?”

Hong Guan smiled awkwardly, “It is just an informal band made with several friends.”

Li Zifeng smiled, too, “Mr. Hong, would you like to sing a song for me?”

“What?” Hong Guan was shocked. He didn’t expect that Li Zifeng would ask him to sing.

Li Zifeng laughed, “A small part is OK. It won’t take much time… I suppose that you will not reject me?”

“Er…” Hong Guan hesitated. Should he have… a try?

Hong Guan never used such a high-level studio. He couldn’t afford any equipment in this studio if anything was damaged. Li Zifeng and the tuner were watching him through the gla.s.s, which gave him even more pressure.

He said yes, in the end… He couldn’t constrain his impulse for music and he seized the chance even if he had decided to give up his music dream.

Only a fool would reject the chance. But the most embarra.s.sing part was that he had given his ba.s.s to Fishball Qiang days ago. Life was hard! Hong Guan took a deep breath. Although his ba.s.s was not here, he could also play guitar well due to the basic training in the past.

“I…” Hong Guan took another breath with hands on the strings, “I’ll get started.”

Li Zifeng nodded to him, too. Hong Guan adjusted his mood and started his favorite song throughout these years. He didn’t know how the toner and Li Zifeng felt. He was getting more into it without caring too much.

“It was totally different…” The toner said while turning on the b.u.t.ton, “It was quite normal… Li Zifeng, he is far away from Cheng Yiran, how could they were in the same band?”

Li Zifeng was a little disappointed, “It was just an attempt. In case he was another talent. That’s alright, One Cheng Yiran is out of my expectations.”

“Fine.” The toner shrugged, “Then I’ll ask him to stop now.”

Li Zifeng shook head, “Let him finish… we should respect him.”



‘We will inform you if there is any news. Mr. Hong… And I will tell Yiran about your visit. Don’t worry about that.’ A courtesy said by Li Zifeng.

Hong Guan didn’t see Cheng Yiran and left Feiyun Entertainment awkwardly. Everything was strange in the street. Finally, he and Cheng Yiran became strangers.

But he took a deep breath and slapped his face heavily. He was going to work now—He had found a stable job. The new boss was very nice and even bought medical insurance for his wife. The fee for maternity could be reimbursed.

Hong Guan smiled, putting his hands up to the sky in a rock gesture. His rock dream finally came to an end.

It died.


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