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Chapter 1388 Fireworks and Gifts“Could the plan afterward be all talk no action again?” Ji Mo was doubtful. “You arranged so much previously, like it’s all ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artists guarding the pa.s.sage… And now we just easily got up… All those efforts are wasted, what a loss…”Mo Tianji snorted coldly. “Loss? Let me tell you, it’s pretty fortunate for us to even be up here. Did you think those corpses in the pa.s.sageway were all ordinary people? Did you think the majority of people who died before we came up could be beaten down by you with one hand?”

He snorted and said, “That’s because someone already cleared the way for us before we came up. And this person is very powerful… It is unknown who this person is, but he’s definitely on our side, that is certain!”

“If this person wasn’t there to clear it up first…” Mo Tianji sneered. “I’ll tell you all, even if all of us fought risking our lives at that point, plus using these 10,000 kilograms of explosives, it might have not been enough!”

Ji Mo shrank his neck and stopped talking.

During this time, he also found out that he was undoubtedly the key target of Mo Tianji. As soon as he spoke, there was a thunderstorm waiting for himself.

“But Tianji’s calculations are really good. He predicted that on this path there would be powerful people to help us, and there really was,” Xie Danqiong said.

Luo Kedi muttered, “There are only two thousand kilos of explosives in the coffin, where did the ten thousand pounds come from?”

Mo Tianji asked coldly, “Do I have to let you all know every time I make a backup plan? How high is your ranking?”

Luo Kedi shrank his neck.

This Master of Calculation and Manipulation is in a good mood now, I’d not annoy him first in case he gives me trouble.

Gu Duxing laughed. “Before Boss left, he gave me and Tianji three rings to store some things; you all know about this. Now the things that need to be stored are all in one ring on my hand… The other two rings are on Tianji’s fingers… There’s nothing else inside but explosives. Tianji said 10,000 kilos… But according to my estimation, there must be at least 20,000 kilos…”

Everyone gasped. They looked at Mo Tianji as though he was a monster. No wonder this guy always rubbed his two rings along the way, there was actually 20,000 kilos of explosives in there…

Thinking of it this way, everyone felt a chill down their spines. Mo Tianji actually carried 20,000 kilos of explosives and walked among them without anyone knowing. If anything happened… wouldn’t everyone be blown up?

Ji Mo and Luo Kedi looked at Mo Tianji with a lot of admiration in their eyes.

Holy s.h.i.+t, if 20,000 kilos of explosives were on my… Could I be as calm as Mo Tianji?

Upon thinking this, they immediately felt convinced.

After all, explosives were no simple materials.

“This time when we came up, Tianji prepared countless plans. He didn’t speak about the worst-case plan,” said Gu Duxing calmly. “The worst-case plan was that, if we could not beat the enemy and had to escape, I myself would have lit up the explosives in the coffin and led you all to escape. Tianji would have stayed back and detonated all 20,000 kilos of explosives. In any case, we all would be able to escape but not necessarily Tianji…

Everyone remembered the argument between Gu Duxing and Mo Tianji before departure, and they suddenly understood it. This was what they were fighting for.

In an instant, there was an indescribable feeling inside all their hearts.

Ji Mo and Luo Kedi who never got along well with Mo Tianji looked guilty.

“Let’s not talk about this.” Mo Tianji said, smiling, “Since we’re up there, listen to my arrangements. The Upper Three Heavens is a great whetstone waiting for us. We’re not here for idle chats.”

He looked up toward the front. “This is the territory of the Lan Clan. According to the interrogation, hundreds of miles ahead is Tianlan City. So that is our first stop. Tianlan City is the headquarters of the Lan Clan, and one of the places in Nine Heavens where intelligence is delivered the fastest. So, for our next step, we need to divide into groups and gather all the information about any occurrence in the Nine Heavens during this period.”

“The goal is focused on the Lan Clan!” said Mo Tianji heavily. “Last time during the interrogation, you all also heard it… the Lan Clan actually targeted the Nine Tribulations Sword Master’s woman… Since they knew about this information, they are supposed to be dead!”

“Everyone, you need to bring Purple Crystals with you. If there are places that sell information, buy it immediately. It saves time! Two days later, we’ll gather at… the Wanli Mansion! Then, we’ll decide our next steps based on the intelligence we gathered.”

“During this inquiry, you are not allowed to speak the name ‘Chu Yang’ but need to hear it from other people!” said Mo Tianji heavily.


“There are six of us: Ao Xieyun, you and Ji Mo are in a group; Xie Danqiong, you partner with Luo Kedi, Gu Duxin and I will be the third group! Act now!”

“What about the explosives? Are you still holding on to those?” Ji Mo asked cautiously. When he mentioned the word “explosives”, he felt uneasy. He still remembered that when he was experimenting with Mo Tianji in the Middle Three Heavens, a mere two hundred pounds of explosives blasted half of a mountain… Now, this reckless big brother was carrying twenty thousand kilograms of it…

“I’ll throw away the coffin and put away the explosives again.” Mo Tianji smiled. “This is a good thing. It cannot be wasted. Besides, the Lan Clan is so close to us…”

He said this with a smile, but somehow after hearing this, the five brothers present all felt like there was a venomous snake crawling on their back.

It was chilly…

This was a tavern.

Though it was small, it was elegant.

Ten tables for wine, wind comes from eight directions; get happily drunk with acquaintances from five continents, all are friends! – these were the two lines of ant.i.thetical couplets in the tavern. Hanging between them was the name of the tavern: Come to Get Drunk Once!

There were more than a thousand larger and more luxurious taverns in Tianlan City, but this was the commonly recognized best tavern in Tianlan City. It only had ten tables and made twenty tables full of dishes and alcohol. If one wanted to get drunk here once, they had to make reservations in advance.

Yet today, three people came to the tavern without any reservation.

Besides, they asked for a separate room once they came in.

There was only one separate room at this tavern. And it’s only open twice a day. Only people of high status were able to drink in the separate room here. Simply having money… would not get you into its separate room.

The man looked at the three and recognized they were foreigners. He went up to explain that there was no more s.p.a.ce, yet the extremely ugly guy only snorted and went straight for the separate room.

As he walked, he yelled, “F*ck! Even the Lan Clan is burned by me, now that I’ve come to drink, there actually aren’t rooms anymore. I’m f*cking going to see who dares to occupy it and not let go. Are they f*cking bored of living?”

In the next moment, the people who were drinking in the separate room were chased out. Uh, no, two of them were still inside, eagerly clearing the tables. All of their faces were very swollen.

Everyone looked and saw that it was a disaster. The person driven out was actually the clan leader of the Niu Clan. As they all knew, the Niu Clan was the most prominent subsidiary clan of the Lan Clan, and they were always very powerful.

Yet this clan leader of the Niu Clan was chased out, apparently slapped and beaten. Yet he actually didn’t leave but waited on the side to serve the three men.

This stunned everyone!

“I won’t break the rules of your tavern, but I just want to get drunk here today.” The domineering voice sounded. “This one with the surname Niu or something… has already given up the room for me, just make a table of dishes. Hey Niu, pay your bills and leave!”

Everyone was guessing that this leader of the Niu Clan would definitely not bear this bully, and someone might die the next moment…

However, what made everyone astounded was that… the leader of the Niu Clan nodded and bowed like a convict who just got released. He grabbed the tavern keeper and told him something, then he actually put down ten Purple Crystals and told him to prepare the best dishes, the best wine, and by the best chef…

And then he left embarra.s.sedly, his face sweating…

Who were these three people? So fierce?


Everyone who ate in the hall went completely silent, and after a while, they all paid their bills and left …

Because an idle sentence was delivered from the private room. “Everyone, if you’re done eating and drinking, just scram. I’m not driving you out but discussing with you properly… Of course, if you don’t want to leave, I’ll talk about some important things in your presence. I don’t care.”

Well, not driving us away.

Very polite indeed.

The problem is… can we all bear your politeness? I heard that… you set fire to the Lan Clan?

As for Tan Tan’s overbearing ways, Chu Yang could only smile bitterly. It’s only been a few days, yet this junior brother disciple of his had changed a lot. He solved everything in the most straightforward way…

“Wine! Dishes!” Tan Tan was shouting. “Hurry up! Why so d.a.m.n slow! You actually dare to call yourself the best tavern!”

Everyone knew that the tavern keeper here was a great master who had a chill and playful att.i.tude toward life, which allowed him to withstand the oppression of all parties. He had not only ingenious culinary skills but also the cultivation of first-grade Supreme Martial Artist. He neither flattered anyone nor gave anyone face.

He was an extraordinary man indeed!

But at this moment, this expert was not ignorant of the present situation and personally cooking in the kitchen. And his eyes were full of fear.

Aloofness… depends on the object as well.

The ugly guy who came in was, obviously, a master who could kill someone over one word’s disagreement. Even with his own cultivation, he actually felt his blood freeze at his mere stare…

Not long after, the wine and dishes were served. Tan Tan waved and said, “You all may go out to rest.” Then he waved again, and the room was completely wrapped in the divine consciousness of ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist.

A few professionals around them at first intended to use their spirit to eavesdrop, yet once they reached the outside of the room, they felt as though a hot iron pierced into their heads, and immediately they screamed in pain and ran away…

“Why are you here?” asked Chu Yang first. After a long while, he could finally say a few words

Tan Tan sighed. “Don’t ask me first … I’ll ask you a few things first. How is Master now?”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes. “Master and his lady are both with me … Why, you are matured now and actually dare to ask me first?”

Tan Tan chuckled. “There’s a second question. If you don’t answer it well, I will refuse to answer all your questions!”

Chu Yang’s expression turned serious, and he seemed to be on the verge of anger.

Xie Danfeng was smiling at the side.

Tan Tan sat down solemnly, his face serious. He brushed his hair back with his fingers, looking at Chu Yang with a serious look…

“Am I handsome? Have I become even more handsome?”

Xie Danfeng laughed out loud…

Because this sentence wasn’t what Tan Tan said but what Chu Yang asked.

Minister Chu went on him very preemptively.

Tan Tan was stunned. “You…”

Chu Yang looked at him sincerely. “Handsome or not?” Then, he suddenly gave a startled look. “Really more handsome?” Then he acted ecstatic. “Wow! I am really more handsome…”

He looked at Tan Tan with a straight face. “Don’t ask any more. I’ve asked it for you and reacted for you… Satisfied?”

Tan Tan Tan sat back on the chair, discouraged, and complained indignantly, “You, you are too rude!”

Chu Yang snorted, shook his fist, and the joints of his fingers cracked. “Master once said that he wanted to accompany his wife, and I can take full control of the affairs of his disciples; if there is something unpleasant to the eye, I, as the supplementary eldest disciple, can handle it with full authority. He also said that if the other disciples were disobedient, I can deal with them as I wish, just not kill them.”

Other disciples? In addition to Chu Yang and Tan Tan, what other disciples did Meng Chaoran have?

As Chu Yang spoke, he snapped a name card on the table and crossed his legs.

It was the ident.i.ty marker of Meng Chaoran!

Tan Tan immediately became docile and pleaded, “Chu Yang, you won’t, right?”

Chu Yang smiled and said, “I’m very interested in performing a private punishment on a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist. Besides… is ‘Chu Yang’ for you to use? Bold! Get down and lift your b.u.t.tocks!”

Tan Tan begged, “Senior brother… my dearest senior brother…” He looked like a bulldog, except only that he didn’t have a tail. “For Danfeng’s sake, please forgive me…”

Xie Danfeng laughed, getting out of breath.

Chu Yang squinted and considered. “This…”

Tan Tan approached him, grabbed his arm, and shook it again and again. “Please…”

Chu Yang trembled. “Okay, okay… Stop shaking… I’m afraid of you now.”

Xie Danfeng couldn’t stop laughing, but he felt extremely warm in his heart.

Both Chu Yang’s deliberate domineering manners and Tan Tan’s clown-like actions were to tell each other: I’m still that brother of yours from the time when we were humble and insignificant…

These were all to dilute the impact of the awakening demon consciousness in Tan Tan.

Next, the two of them relaxed at once, looked at each other and smiled. Without saying anything, they started directly.

“Why were you so careless? And let the Lan Clan know your ident.i.ty? I wanted to exterminate the Lan Clan this time, what were you doing disrupting my plans out of nowhere?” Tan Yan spoke, dissatisfied.

Chu Yang’s heart warmed up, and he replied, “You worry too much; the Lan Clan knows about the woman of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, but they don’t know who the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is. That’s why they were so cautious… Otherwise, I would not be sitting here right now… Besides… With your current cultivation, if you wanted to exterminate the Lan Clan, I’m afraid you would not be able to do that yet.”

Tan Tan was stunned, and he eventually laughed. “Yes. That’s right.”

If the Lan Clan had confirmed the ident.i.ty of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, they would not be so calm. Their actions should have begun long ago… And Chu Yang would not be having it so easy as he did now, or he would have been killed long ago.

With the power of the Nine Super Clans, they indeed had countless opportunities to eliminate Chu Yang.

But… they didn’t know.

And Chu Yang also said something else that Tan Tan infinitely acknowledged. Since he saw Lan Buhui’s sudden appearance, he knew that it would not be possible for him to exterminate the Lan Clan today. Lan Buhui alone could make him pay a great price, without any a.s.surance that he would win. Besides, there was Xie Danfeng with him…

“So… who is your woman in the Lower Three Heavens? Sister Wu Qianqian?”

Chu Yang coughed. “Qianqian is one… But the Lan Clan was talking about another.”

Tan Tan squalled and made a whistle.

Chu Yang stared angrily, Tan Yan shrank his neck and asked, “What will you do then? This… needs a solution.”

Chu Yang answered heavily, “I’ve been prepared to go to the Lower Three Heavens since long ago, and this time that I came here, I wanted to go there first. But since you are here, I have an idea. Is there any possibility… to get rid of this Lan Clan who is aware? Or get rid of… the people who know about this?”

“Get rid of it…” Tan Tan smiled bitterly and said, “I did plan so previously, what’s more, I dealt with the majority of the manpower that the Lan Clan dispatched to the Lower Three Heavens. I killed all the professionals among them… It was also to make it easier for your brothers to come up. Though they not necessarily will take this route… I just did what I could. But speaking of exterminating the Lan Clan, that Elder Master of the Lan Clan who came out is definitely a mid-level ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist… His practical ability is definitely above me! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be going with you so easily.”

“So long as this person is around… I’m afraid it’d be very difficult to exterminate the Lan Clan,” said Tan Tan.

Chu Yang nodded heavily and said, “We’ll see… during this period of time.”

Tan Tan smiled. “Then I’ll stay here right beside you! And I’ll hit wherever you say.”

Chu Yang snorted. “Are you expecting me to thank you?”

“I don’t dare to…” Tan Tan put on a sad face. “Big brother… Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a lot of nerve…”

The three laughed.

That night, the three found an inn and stayed.

During the same night.

Mo Tianji’s group also gathered at the Wanli Mansion. The intelligence collected by everyone was put together by Mo Tianji.

There were complete sets of information for sale at the Blood-Payers Hall and Mo Tianji bought one decisively. Combining with information collected by others, they pretty much had a database of all the big events of the Nine Heavens over here.

Mo Tianji frowned deeply and muttered, “It’s not good… Right now, the biggest threat to Boss seems to be just the Lan Clan. We may have to send a big gift to the Lan Clan… under the name of the Li Clan.”

The five brothers were confused. “What?”

Mo Tianji smiled. “A small operation probably can’t annihilate the Lan Clan. It’s just using 20,000 kilos of explosives to make a firework to celebrate that we brothers have finally come up here, but let’s discuss how we can make it in the loudest and magnificent way…”


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