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Chapter 1436 Who“s the Pervert?

Chu Yang, with great caution and anxiety, asked, “Are you Little Wu or Qingwu?”This sentence completely confused Mo Tianji. Suddenly, the man whose wisdom ranked among the top three in the Nine Heavens continent was in a state of confusion.

Mo Tianji didn’t understand what this sentence meant at all.

Little Wu or Qingwu, aren’t both my sister?

Why is Chu Yang asking this? Did he hit his head on a tree or a rock, or both?

But Mo Qingwu clearly understood what Mo Tianji couldn’t.

Tears welled up in her eyes while she gently bit her lips, which were a bit pale from trembling. She asked, “Isn’t that a dream?”

Her long eyelashes fluttered, and her eyes dodged Chu Yang’s like a frightened deer. Chu Yang was a little excited, he took a step forward and said, “Yes, that is a dream!”

At this moment, his heart was surging, followed by a bitter feeling that rose from the bottom of his heart and instantly filled his body.

He knew the crux of Mo Qingwu’s illness — Since he left, Mo Qingwu must have been having that strange dream every day, but she had no one to tell it to, no one to explain it to.

This was a kind of nervous disorder caused by repeated dreams and illusions, making her temperament to evolve into that of the previous life, but it was not a true recovery of memories from the previous life.

Otherwise, Mo Qingwu would never be like this or react this way.

Thinking about Mo Qingwu suffering alone from the heart-wrenching dreams of memories, the kind of mountain-like heavy pressure, the experiences full of sorrow and despair…

How was that what a little girl could bear?

Chu Yang was suddenly full of heartache.

“That’s a dream…” Mo Qingwu’s eyes were red. Biting her lips, she said grievously, “But you were so fierce… you didn’t want me anymore… I was not even as good as a sword in your eyes…”

These words finally restored the tone and manners of Little Wu in this life.

Chu Yang inhaled and said softly, “Little fool, don’t you know that dreams are all illusory! Dreams and reality are totally opposite. The worse I am to you in the dreams, the better I am to you in reality.”

Mo Qingwu’s eyes lit up, and she finally couldn’t contain her joy and asked, “Really?”

“Really,” Chu Yang replied with certainty.

Mo Qingwu’s little nose bridge wrinkled, and her eyes curved like a crescent moon to smile heavily. She tilted her head, trying to be coquettish. Upon realizing that her emotions were changing too fast, she got a little uncomfortable and pretended to be angry. “Huh… Huh… Huh huh huh huh…”

Finally, the storm had cleared. Though Chu Yang had some worries in his heart, he was temporarily relieved and asked with a smile, “What huh? Have you become a piggy?”

Mo Qingwu rolled her eyes hard and answered angrily, “You are a piggy!”

Chu Yang said, “Only a piggy makes such noise!”

Mo Qingwu wrinkled her nose unhappily and grunted again. Suddenly, she frowned and said suspiciously, “But just now, you asked me am I Little Wu or Qingwu? This…”

The little girl remembered the dream once again.

In the dream, Chu Yang had always called her Qingwu. The little girl started thinking wildly again.

But how could Chu Yang give her another chance to turn back? He immediately straightened his face and asked, “Who is Little Wu?”

Mo Qingwu said blankly, “Me, of course.”

Chu Yang continued to ask, “Who is Qingwu?”

Mo Qingwu said, “Still me, of course.”

“Hum hum…” Chu Yang grunted and narrowed his eyes. “Then are you Little Wu or Qingwu?”

The little girl was suddenly thrown into confusion by these two sentences, and she said innocently, “Little Wu is me, and Qingwu is also me!”

Suddenly she stepped up, and her pair of little pink fists thumped Chu Yang’s chest. She said coquettishly and shyly, “Brother Chu Yang, you are so bad! You are really bad, Little Wu hates you…”

Chu Yang felt a sense of warmth in his chest and was greatly relieved — It was a false alarm.

He smiled happily. “You yourself are dumb, you can’t blame me for being confusing…”

Mo Qingwu twisted her body in disagreement. At the moment, her innocence came back to Little Wu once more.

Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief internally.

He put on a straight face and asked, “Where’s your greeting gift?”

The little girl snorted unwillingly, then her red lips pouted and pecked at Chu Yang’s right face.

Chu Yang groaned happily, moving his left side of the face over. “Here.”


The little girl took another bite.

Chu Yang pouted his lips. “Here…”

Mo Qingwu giggled, broke free from his grasp, hid aside, and complained, “Big Brother Chu Yang is a big pervert!”

Chu Yang smiled with self-satisfaction…

Mo Tianji watched until he couldn’t take it anymore. He took two steps forward angrily and placed his body between Chu Yang and Mo Qingwu. He stared and yelled, “Where’s your decency!”

Chu Yang pushed him aside and replied, “What business is it of yours? Go somewhere else!”

Mo Tianji had no choice but to walk to his sister in three steps, and he whispered, “Little Wu, about this, you are still too young. Being involved in these things too early is bad for your growth, and… As a girl, you should be reserved, understand? This affects your future status…”

Mo Qingwu’s eyes opened round and wide. She said, “Involved in these things too early, what does ‘these things’ mean here?”

Mo Tianji’s face turned black. He carefully chose his words and said, “For example, romantic pleasure…”

Mo Qingwu asked, “What does romantic pleasure look like?”

Mo Tianji’s mouth opened wide. “Well…”

Mo Qingwu insisted on. “Second Brother, explain it to me.”

Mo Tianji’s eyes stared straight ahead. “…”

“Second Brother, just explain it to me please…” Mo Qingwu was being coquettish. “I want to have romantic pleasure with Big Brother Chu Yang, but I don’t know how…”

Mo Tianji was speechless; he shouted angrily, “No you can’t!”

“Why can’t I?” asked Mo Qingwu bravely. “Speak clearly.”

“Well… about this… umm…” Mo Tianji tragically stammered in front of the persistent questions of his sister.

Mo Tianji the Master of Calculation and Manipulation, who had always had superior wisdom and argument skills, failed completely in front of the pure and innocent look of his sister, a look that was full of curiosity…

He couldn’t help looking toward Chu Yang for help.

Chu Yang was cursing in his heart — “What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! This guy always destroys my good plans! It’s simply unbearable.”

Seeing Mo Tianji ask for help, Chu Yang’s eyes glanced around and he asked modestly, “Yes, Brother Tianji, I would also like to ask you about that. What you said about romantic pleasure… What is it after all? Does it need a specific environment… or some specific conditions? Oops, oh my, Tianji, could your mind have gotten dirty? I can tell you that no shameless things, even if it’s just taking off a piece of clothing, will be heard by Little Wu or me! Right, Little Wu?”

Mo Qingwu nodded in support of Chu Yang’s words. “Brother Chu Yang is right! You are not allowed to say those shameless things. Second Brother, please explain quickly!”

Mo Tianji hugged his head with both hands and squatted on the ground.

He was silent for a long time.

G.o.d, let me die…

Chu Yang finally retaliated for his grievance! For a while, he felt a bit of exhilaration and exasperation. Holy sh*t, Mo Tianji, you also have such a day! Yeah, you deserve it!”

Mo Tianji thought for a long time and finally gave up. He pulled Mo Qingwu aside and whispered with great concern, “Little Wu, I can’t tell you some things so early, but I must remind you that you are a girl…”

Mo Tianji gritted his teeth and said patiently, “You like Chu Yang, don’t you? Then let me tell you a secret… If you want Chu Yang to think about you all the time, you have to be un.o.btainable; for example, pretend to leave him alone in order to capture him better, or be neither friendly nor aloof… or rather make your att.i.tude vague so that it looks ambiguous… Or… just be as cold as an iceberg, provoke his desire to conquer, yet don’t let him conquer you…”

“Just leave him hanging like this!”

Mo Tianji looked at Chu Yang maliciously and said internally, “Leave him hanging for a thousand years!”

Mo Qingwu said unwillingly, “I’m not listening to you. You didn’t even find a wife for yourself, this must be your conclusion after being rejected too many times, right?”

Mo Tianji didn’t know what to say.

Mo Qingwu continued with great interest. “But the first two sentences are somewhat useful, though I don’t really understand…”

Mo Tianji’s spirit was lifted. “What do you not understand? I’ll explain it to you carefully!”

“What is… un.o.btainable?” Mo Qingwu asked tirelessly, “Does Big Brother Chu Yang want to obtain me?”

Mo Tianji opened his mouth. “This…”

“What is… the desire to conquer?” The little girl tilted her head in confusion.

Mo Tianji’s eyes widened. “Well that…”

At this moment, the Master of Calculation and Manipulation Mo Tianji simply wanted to dig a hole in the ground and bury himself…

He could explain these things to anyone, and if he was facing someone like Gu Duxing, Ji Mo or Luo Kedi, he could even explain it ill.u.s.tratively and with great spirits all night until wolf-like looks appeared in their eyes…

But… In front of his own sister… he could not explain it!

Chu Yang laughed so hard that his belly started hurting.

But he also felt strange in his heart — Since Mo Qingwu has been dreaming continuously, she definitely should know about these things… Even if she hasn’t heard of it in real life, she has experienced it all in her dreams…

Amidst Mo Tianji’s embarra.s.sment, Mo Qingwu suddenly turned all red and scolded bitterly, “Second Brother, I really don’t know what’s going on in your head every day, in my opinion, among so many of your brothers, you are the dirtiest one! You’re the most rogue! And you actually have the face to say this about others… hmph!”

Mo Tianji was dumbfounded. How am I dirty? How am I rogue…

“Hmph! Did Big Brother Chu Yang get bad influence from you during this time?”

Mo Qingwu snorted, tilted her head, and walked toward Chu Yang angrily. She grabbed his arm, saying, “Big Brother Chu Yang, let’s go, we’ll stay far away from him. In the future, you’re not allowed to learn from him!”

Chu Yang nodded immediately. “I definitely won’t learn from him!”

Mo Qingwu was relieved. “Second Brother is really disgusting!”

Chu Yang hurried to make the matter worse. “Actually, you’re mistaken, your Second Brother is pretty nice. He often brings me to drink and takes me to elegant places to enjoy music, drink tea, stare at beautiful women, and so on. Though I always just listen to music, your Second Brother disappears right after we reach those places… Besides, he has so many friends in those places, all of them are really pretty…”

With fire spitting out of his eyes, Chu Yang said, “Very well, Mo Tianji, hmph…”

Mo Tianji was full of grief and indignation. “Chu Yang! I’ll fight you to the death!”


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