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“Bang!” The small courtyard’s front door was kicked open by Dong Wu Lei. And, it got shattered into pieces as a result!

He then dashed-in while taking big strides.

His wife — Yu Wen Xiu — and his son were in the room. She was making the child eat his meal. She hurriedly got up when she heard the noise. She didn’t get enough time to go out of the room to check what had just happened. She just saw the bedroom door getting smashed, and Dong Wu Lei das.h.i.+ng in while fuming with anger.

The child was about three years old. So, he got frightened, and began to cry.

“What are you doing? You’ve scared our son to tears!” Yu Wen Xiu suddenly raised her long and shapely brows, and opened her eyes wide to glare.

“Attendant!” Dong Wu Lei violently bellowed, “Take the Little Young Master out. I have to discuss something with madam!”

The maidservant came in stumbling, and was about to hold the child in her arms. But then, Yu Wen Xiu extended both her hands, and blocked her, “What are you going to do?”

“Shut up!”

“Slap!” Dong Wu Lei raised his hand, and slapped his wife on her face. The slap sent her flying… Her ornamental hairpin flew across, and she fell on the ground with her hair disheveled. Her pretty and delicate face turned purple!

The maidservant was so frightened that her entire body began to tremble and shake uncontrollably.

“You still haven’t taken the Little Young Master out? Do you want to die?” Dong Wu Lei turned around, and glared at her as he roared. The entire house swayed twice, and the dust fell with rustling sound.

The maidservant trembled. She hurriedly picked up the child, and ran for her life.

“You dared to hit me?! You hit me?!” Yu Wen Xiu looked at her husband in disbelief. She then suddenly pounced at him like a mad tiger, “I’m always worried sick for you. I gave birth to your child. I’ve devoted everything to you. Dong Wu Lei, you hit me?!”


Another slap landed maliciously on the other side of her face. Then, a murderous intent flashed wildly in Dong Wu Lei’s eye. He then said in a low and deep voice, “Sit down! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

His voice was low and deep like always. However, the violent rage and killing intent that had been on the verge of eruption were unconcealed now.

Yu Wen Xiu opened her eyes wide… She was shocked. There was a look of heartbreak in her eyes. She was in utter disbelief as her hands caressed her face. She powerlessly fell to the ground to sit down.

“First, it’s your d.a.m.n problem if you’re always worried sick for me… Stop doing it! Second, whose children would you bear if not mine? Third, you’ve devoted everything to me… But, I still don’t know what color your heart is.”

Dong Wu Lei dragged over a chair, and slowly sat down. His complexion was like iron!

“Say it! What have you done?” Dong Wu Lei asked in a low voice.

There was a slight trace of panic in Yu Wen Xiu’s eyes. She argued, “I haven’t done anything…”

“You haven’t done anything?! You fu*king haven’t done anything?!” Dong Wu Lei heard this, and got up fiercely. He then picked up the chair from under his b.u.t.tocks, and smashed it heavily on his wife’s head without any hesitation. The sandalwood chair got shattered into pieces with a crash-bang sound, and his wife’s entire face turned b.l.o.o.d.y.

Yu Wen Xiu also had the strength of Revered Martial Artist. However, she had been caught off guard. Dong Wu Lei hadn’t poured his entire strength in this attack. However, he had still hit her hard-enough to leave her face covered in blood.

Dong Wu Lei towed over another chair after he had broken this one. He took a seat, and then solemnly asked again, “Say it, what have you done?”

Yu Wen Xiu was extremely scared.

She could already feel it, [Dong Wu Lei might beat me to death if I don’t talk!]

“I… I…” She stammered while her eyes incessantly glanced towards the door.

“Don’t even bother! This is my small courtyard now… Even my father and mother can’t get in.” Dong Wu Lei bent down, and his eyes looked at her from close up. He then said one word at a time, “The people of your maternal home will come for your funeral tomorrow if you don’t talk now.”

A cold and ruthless expression flashed in his eyes. He took out a napkin, and gently wiped the blood off of his wife’s face. Then, he solemnly said, “Your maternal family won’t dare to say anything to me… So, don’t think that they are strong! Moreover… I’ll re-marry the day after conducting your funeral… So, don’t think that you’re the only woman in this world! Also, don’t think… that you have been doing so well as the Clan Lady of Dong Clan that I don’t need to take a concubine. The people who don’t value what they have can’t achieve anything. I’ll slaughter your entire maternal family if something happens to my Second Brother! Do you understand?”

Yu Wen Xiu opened her eyes wide in fright.

Dong Wu Lei wiped off the blood on her face, and gently said, “Woman, keep this in mind. Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Understood?”

He threw the napkin on the floor. Then, he wiped his hand, and firmly clutched Yu Wen Xiu’s throat with his fingers. He softly said, “I like you very much… I give you the worth of someone that I’m fond of. So, I’m willing to bear with you to make you happy. But, you have to keep in mind that it’s all because… I like you!

“You could be so presumptuous because I like you. And, you’ll be like this if I don’t like you.” His fingers were tightening like iron tongs as he slowly said, “Don’t make me dislike you.”

Yu Wen Xiu had her throat clutched by him. It was getting difficult to breathe for her. She felt as if she would suffocate to death the next moment. Her pretty eyes slowly bulged out… They seemed to be begging for mercy.

Dong Wu Lei loosened his grip only when she couldn’t bear the suffocation anymore… when she could die any moment!

Yu Wen Xiu collapsed to the ground at once. Her hands started to caress her throat as she gasped for breath. Her eyes revealed a look of relief as well as extreme horror.

“You still want me to continue the interrogation?” Dong Wu Lei’s eyes were sharp like a knife. Suddenly, he shouted like a thunderclap, “You sl*t! Kneel down, and start talking!”

“No, no please…” Yu Wen Xiu knelt down before her husband with a thud, “I… I’m talking… I’ll tell everything!”

“I… I couldn’t accept it, I…”

“Directly state your arrangement!” The look in Dong Wu Lei’s eyes got colder and colder.

“Yes… The people of Black Devil Clan came looking for Yu Chengze the other day. Chengze then came to me… I… I made a plan. It just so happens that everyone is feeling insecure even in our clan. They are very much afraid that your position is not secure… So I…”

“People of Black Devil Clan?” Dong Wu Lei suddenly opened his eyes wide. His eyes were filled with rage, “Your Yu Clan has even colluded with the Black Devil Clan? You all colluded with the enemy to entrap my younger brother?!”


“Talk about the specific plan! Where is it going to happen? When will it start? How many people of Black Devil Clan are involved? How many people of Yu Clan…? How many people from our side…?” Dong Wu Lei questioned repeatedly.

“They’ve already been out for two days… at the mouth of the Broken Soul Cliff… about 250 Km away. 60 people have gone from my family; Nine King Level Experts, and one Emperor Level Expert are included among these. 100 people have gone from our side… thirty King Level Experts, five Emperor Level Experts, and seemingly Second Senior Elder as well… I don’t know anything about the numbers of the Black Devil people.”

Yu Wen Xiu was naturally feeling the imminent death crisis. So, she was talking very fast whilst kneeling hard on the ground.

“The Broken Soul Cliff is the road one must take… if they are coming from the direction from which Wu Shang is coming. There’s no detour either. That is to say… at least 400-500 people have gathered at the Broken Soul Cliff to intercept him. There’s even a senior elder of Eighth Grade Emperor Level among them! The close relatives who have betrayed him are also among them. They have convinced themselves to be heartless to a.s.sa.s.sinate their own. Also, Black Devil Clan’s super a.s.sa.s.sins are lurking in the dark there…”

Dong Wu Lei muttered. Suddenly, a look of despair appeared in his eyes, “It has been two days! Two days! Wu Shang is in danger…” He suddenly felt an overwhelming pain in his heart.

“Elder Brother, Dong Clan has us two men made of iron! I’ll a.s.sist you properly. We two brothers will certainly make our Dong Clan glorious!” Dong Wu Shang’s face had been s.h.i.+ning.

“My elder brother is the best!” Dong Wu Shang’s face had been full of reverence.

“Elder brother…”

“Elder brother…”

Dong Wu Lei faced upwards, and bellowed. Then, he suddenly stood up, and walked outward without looking back.

“Where are you going?” Yu Wen Xiu screamed hoa.r.s.ely, “Don’t go! You’ll die with him! Don’t go!”

Dong Wu Lei’s footsteps halted at the door. But, he didn’t turn around.

“I’m not that stupid. I’ll make sure that I don’t die if Wu Shang is already dead! That’s because I must keep my life to avenge him!

“You’ll kneel down at the main entrance, and apologize to my brother if he comes back safely. You’ll admit your mistake! However, you’ll die if my brother doesn’t come back alive… Your entire family will die!

“I – Dong Wu Lei – swear by the eight generations of ancestors and eight generations of the descendants!

“Yu Wen Xiu, you better pray!

“I – Dong Wu Lei – am Dong Wu Shang’s elder brother! I scold him, I beat him, I’m wary of him, and I resent him! I’m jealous of him! I’m scared that he’ll take my position. It’s fine if I banish him, or even sentence him to death in case he does a wrong thing!! That’s because I’m his elder brother… We have the same father!

“This is something between us brothers. Who the h.e.l.l are you all? What qualifications do you have to meddle?! …just to make things easier for you all? It’s fine if I kill him… However, you can’t lay a finger on him… Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

Dong Wu Lei’s body rushed out like a gust of wind… It seemed unstoppable like a flooding river. The sound of hoof-beats resounded immediately after that. The hoof-beats sounded like a thunder… They instantly rushed out of the small courtyard, and then out the Dong Clan’s main gate… leaving behind a trail of dust and smoke on the road!

In the bedroom… Yu Wen Xiu fell on the floor in a daze… She felt dejected.

Her hair was disheveled, and her entire face was blood-stained. Her elegance from earlier was entirely gone by now.

She finally smiled bitterly after a long time.

She had finally acknowledged that she still didn’t understand Dong Wu Lei… or so to say she didn’t understand men.

Dong Wu Lei had often been worried because of Dong Wu Shang’s sudden rise. He had often been anxious. He would be unable to sleep… He would toss and turn restlessly in bed all night. He would always feel like there was a thorn in his back. He would sometimes get drunk, and rain curses in indignation.

Dong Wu Lei clearly believed that his second brother Dong Wu Shang was a powerful enemy who would challenge him over the clan’s authority… and that he was also the biggest threat!

Dong Wu Shang had risen suddenly. So, there was a big possibility that he would replace Dong Wu Lei. Therefore, Dong Wu Lei had been deeply scared… He had even been hateful out of jealously!

All of this had given Yu Wen Xiu a hint, [Dong Wu Lei wants to eliminate Dong Wu Shang! But, he won’t admit it. So, I must solve this problem for him since I’m his wife.]

[Dong Wu Lei has been hiding in the clan hall these past few days… It seems to make time and s.p.a.ce for me to make plans in his place.]

Therefore, Yu Wen Xiu hadn’t hesitated to launch the attack.

However, she had never imagined in her wildest dreams that things would end up like this!

She had originally thought that Dong Wu Lei would at most pretend to be furious. She would then admit her mistake… She would kneel in front of the ancestral memorial tablet, and repent for a few days whilst feeling all dejected and sullen. Then, this matter would be over.

However, this intense and violent reaction of Dong Wu Lei’s was poles apart from her expectations… In fact, it had defeated the purpose altogether.

It was just like Dong Wu Lei had said, “I can do anything to my younger brother… But, you people cannot! It’s fine if I kill him, but you can’t dare to lay a finger on him. Otherwise, I’ll avenge him… I’ll vent his anger for him!!”

“That’s because he’s my younger brother!”


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