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Chu Feiyan sat still and asked, “Bao Ping An, did anyone just pa.s.s away in your family? You look like you just lost your mom.”

Bao Ping An’s face changed and he smiled bitterly, “You’re being funny. It’s the disaster last night. Alas, your Chu clan isn’t affected at all?”

Chu Feiyan rolled his eyes, “Whether anything happened to our Chu clan is none of your business!”

Bao Ping An was only a steward in the Bao clan. How could he dare to confront Elder Fourth Chu? He laughed bitterly and rolled his eyeb.a.l.l.s, saying, “Elder Fourth, is this a new center by your clan?”

Chu Feiyan smiled sheepishly, “If this belonged to your Bao clan, do you think I would come?”

Bao Ping An also smiled sheepishly, “This is great. A new medical center that’s looked after by Elder Fourth Chu! Guards, please bring up the patient.”

He turned around and said, “Elder Fourth, since you’re doing business now, you won’t push your patient out of the door, will you?”

Chu Feiyan laughed, “How will I dare to? But this medical center is very special. Bao Ping An, you have to open your eyes wide and take a look at the entrance first before coming in. Don’t you f**king dare to say I blackmailed you!”

“Special? How’s it special?” Bao Ping An carefully looked at the couple, then glanced left and right at the advertis.e.m.e.nts. Then he suddenly burst into laughter, “Elder Fourth, does this center really belong to your Chu clan?”

Chu Feiyan flipped his eyelids, “If you want to consult the doctor, come in; If not, p.i.s.s off. If you laugh any further, I’ll make sure you’ll never ever be able to laugh again!”

Bao Ping An hurriedly stopped laughing and said, “But I don’t know how much purple crystals do I need to see the doctor once? Elder Fourth, your medical center is really a dark pit.”

Chu Feiyan laughed, “Some people are willing to fall into the snare. If you don’t come in, you’ll not lose even a piece of skin even if this place swallows people. But if you come in, don’t complain about our expensive charges! If you can’t afford, p.i.s.s off to one side, and don’t hinder us from doing business.”

At this moment, a lot of carriages came by too. Piercing screams could still be heard in them.

After they saw Bao Ping An stopping here and realized that there was a medical center here too, they stopped by. Anyway, they had already searched the entire town for ‘skilled’ doctors but to no avail. They might as well test their luck here.

Bao Ping An gritted his teeth and said, “Carry the patient inside!”

And he turned around to smile, “Elder Fourth, how much do I need to pay so that our patient can be cured? If he can’t be cured…”

“If he can’t be cured, why would I ask for money?” Chu Feiyan flipped his eyelids.

“Yes, you’re right. May I know the standard fee?” Bao Ping An asked.

“It depends on the patient’s condition,” Chu Yang, who was dressed in white, stood up elegantly and amiably, and said, “If his injury is serious, I’ll naturally charge you more. If he suffers from a terminal illness… of course the charge shall be doubled…”

“Who’s this?” Bao Ping An blinked his eyes.

“This is the chief doctor of the Purple Crystals Huichun Hall!” Chu Feiyan snorted, “He’s the big boss here and my business buddy!”

Bao Ping An was stunned. He carefully inspected Chu Yang for a while and suddenly realized something, “This must be the young master of the Chu clan, who has just returned home? My best regards to the young master. I didn’t expect you to learn such great skills when you’re outside.”

There seemed to be some hidden meanings behind his words.

Chu Yang said coldly, “I’m a doctor and I must take full responsibility for my patient; Let’s see the patient first.”

Chu Feiyan spewed forth the cup of wine that had just gone into his mouth when he heard Chu Yang saying that he would ‘take full responsibility for my patients’. Then, Chu Feiyan immediately turned his head back.

You, little punk, really dared to say so…

Bao Ping An nodded happily and looked at Chu Yang deeply. With a wave of his hand, he said, “Master, please take a look if this injury can be cured?”

The person being carried up was a ninth stage Martial King. Under Chu Yang’s Yin and Yang De-Spiriting Palm, this person was in so much pain that he was almost half-dead. His face looked sallow and his whole body was still twitching. Then he stared at Chu Yang, gritting his teeth, “Boy, if you can’t treat me well… I’ll slaughter you…”

The guy was only concerned with his own pain and did not hear anything about the conversation just now.

He neither knew that Chu Feiyan was aside nor knew that this was the Chu clan’s medical center. Of course, he was even stranger to the fact that he was sending his one leg to the gate of h.e.l.l just with this sentence he had said.

Bao Ping An shouted, “Shut up.” And he looked at Chu Feiyan anxiously, fearing that he would become raged.

Chu Feiyan flashed his eyes and did not even speak anything. He only smiled gloatingly at the half-dead macho.

He thought, ‘If you annoy my big nephew with what you said, you’ll bear more serious consequences than the case of annoying the King of h.e.l.l. Why should I be angry over a person who is destined to die?’

Chu Yang flashed his eyes and smiled, “Such serious injuries.”

As he said, he lowered his back, and began to slap and pinch specifically at the patient’s painful spots. But Chu Yang appeared to look more and more serious. In the end, he held on to the macho’s waist and twitched it hard.

And with a cracking sound, the macho shouted and spurted out a mouthful of blood. Then, he fainted.

“You!” Bao Ping An was driven furious.

“I see, it’s such an evil kungfu…” Divine Doctor Chu said seriously and mournfully, then he turned around, “What are you up to? Why are you pointing at me so angrily?”

Bao Ping An became extremely uncomfortable. From this punk’s tone, he had recognized this kind of injury? This is really unexpected. Then he hurriedly smiled apologetically, “May I know what injury is this?”

“You don’t know?” Chu Yang gave him a strange look.

“… I don’t,” Bao Ping An smiled bitterly and thought, ‘If I knew, why would I ask you? I’m not stupid…’

“If you didn’t know, what were you shouting for?” Chu Yang stared at him, “I thought you knew.”

Bao Ping An was speechless.

“As far as I know, this should be a lost kungfu,” Chu Yang frowned, “How did it appear again? Which wicked person cultivated such a tyrannous kungfu…”

“Young master, may I know… what this is…” Bao Ping An had become well-behaved now.

“Ah, no wonder you don’t know. I also chanced upon this when I was reading an ancient book. This kungfu is called ‘Netherworld De-Spiriting Finger’. This is an evil kungfu. If one was struck by it, then it would be even more painful to suffer from it than to die. All the joints in the body would collide with one another automatically and one could not control it. If it wasn’t cured within three days, the relevant bones would be smashed and the entire person would become disabled.”

“Netherworld De-Spiriting Finger?” Bao Ping An drew in a cold breath after listening to this horrible name. Filled with hope, he asked, “Can Young Master cure it?”

“It can be cured… can be cured… but…” Chu Yang dragged his voice, “This type of injury… is difficult to cure. Doing the cure will not only exhaust the curer’s primordial qi, but also many elixirs, and most importantly… did you bring enough consultation fee? That is to say… purple crystals?”

Bao Ping An became elated at once, but then he turned worried. The happy thing was: There was finally someone who could provide a cure. The thing to worry about was: It looked like the doctor would be demanding a high charge. And from his looks, he was already thinking about how much to charge!

Bao Ping An smiled bitterly, “I’m not sure if… one purple crystal for each patient is enough?”

“Are you insulting me?” Chu Yang was infuriated. He flipped his eyelids and waved his hand, “Fourth uncle, send our guests away!”

“Don’t don’t don’t…” Bao Ping An wanted to cry and hurriedly blocked Chu Yang, “Young Master, we can negotiate the charge.”

“Ten purple crystals per patient!” Bao Ping An sprang up high once Chu Yang spoke his request. There were twenty people injured in his Bao family alone. Then, was Chu Yang requesting for a total of 200 purple crystals?

That was really a big sum!

“Is it too few?” Chu Feiyan accused, “Yang Yang, you are just too soft-hearted…”

Soft… soft-hearted!

Bao Ping An’s heart was now mourning. He almost wanted to rush forward to chop Chu Feiyan into minced meat.

Ten purple crystals were equivalent to a hundred thousand white crystals! How’s he even soft-hearted… What would become of him if he further strengthened his heart?

Chu Yang smiled earnestly, “Fourth uncle, a doctor must always have the heart of parents.”

Chu Feiyan nodded, “You’re very right.”

Bao Ping An burst into tears.

What ‘heart of parents’ was this? If one would have such evil parents, he would definitely not live longer than a month…

“Young Master Chu… Is it possible to lower this price?” Bao Ping An looked as bitter as bitter gourd, and said imploringly, “It’s really… too expensive.”

“You’re grudging over the charge? I’ll not treat my patients then,” Chu Yang said with a flick on his sleeves, “I’m not begging you for the money anyway.”

Bao Ping An was dumbfounded.

“Steward… steward…” the twenty or more so injured people from the Bao clan shouted together. They had been listening just now. It was already a pie from the sky that somebody who could cure their unbearable injuries even existed. Now that the steward had the intention to cure their injuries, they could not help but start pleading for it.

Bao Ping An was in a dilemma. Although he was the steward for the Bao clan, he was not a master. Twenty or so people needed treatment, and ten purple crystals were to be charged for each person! That would be more than 200 of it! How could he dare to make the decision?

But he dared not to refuse the treatment. So many people from various big clans were here. If he refused…

The consequences would be disastrous! It would probably cause much polarisation within the Bao clan.

People sacrificed their lives for your clan, but now, you refused treatment when your clan was so badly injured? Then who else would be willing to work hard for your clan in the future?

So no matter whether he accepted or refused treatment, he was always the scapegoat. If he agreed for the treatment, who to go to obtain such a great sum of money? Won’t I be skinned by my clan master? If I refused… alright, the clan master would say: It wasn’t me who refused to allow them to be treated, it was Bao Ping An who refused it.

So he had become a solid scapegoat. Who knew whether the supporters of the Bao clan would make themselves die graveless?

“What’s your decision?” Chu Yang looked at him, “If you don’t want to have them treated, please open a path. There are people still waiting after you.”

Suddenly there were big shouts coming from outside, “Bao Ping An! Do you f**king want to consult? Can you f**king give an answer? We’re still waiting. What the f**k is wrong with you, are you a dog in the kennel?”

These words came from the Liao clan.

Bao Ping An wanted to cry, ‘The son-in-law of the clan master was among those injured in your clan, of course, your clan needed treatment. But what about me? Those injured on my side… Who’s a significant figure at all?’

The fuss behind was getting greater and greater. People, especially those who were injured and waiting for treatment, were shouting incessantly. They almost p.i.s.sed Bao Ping An off…

Bao Ping An closed his eyes, and finally said determinedly, “Yes!”

“Then get the patients in!” Divine Doctor Chu waved his hands excitedly, “Get in, get in, one by one. For every patient going in, hand up the purple crystals first… Ladies and gentlemen, ten purple crystals per patient. Every patient would be definitely cured and they won’t experience any pain afterward. If you want treatment, pay the purple crystals first, I’ll not accept anything else… My fourth uncle is the accountant and worker here. No pay no gain. We’re saying the real words…”


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