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Chapter 998: It’s for your own good

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zi Xieqing’s brows furrowed slightly. She asked a little suspiciously, “Is it?”

Chu Yang nodded with certainty. “Absolutely!”

Zi Xieqing frowned. “Why would Diwu Qingrou want to remind you? Aren’t you his enemy?”

Chu Yang said, “Yes, we’re absolutely not friends!”

Zi Xieqing was puzzled. “Then why would he remind you?”

Chu Yang slowly let out a breath and said, “Sometimes, an enemy is much more reliable than a so-called friend!” He smiled deeply. “Actually, sometimes, only an enemy can unknowingly lend a big help to you. But Diwu Qingrou is not helping me this time around.”

“For instance, Diwu Qingyun,” Chu Yang said lightly, “Diwu Qingrou is using a strategy that he always uses — kill one with a borrowed knife! And the person he wants to borrow knife can’t reject it! Even if you want to provoke him back, no one else will believe you! So you can only let him borrow your knife. This is what he’s clever at!”

Zi Xieqing thought for a while and said, “I understand what you mean now. You’re saying that Diwu Qingrou wants to kill Diwu Qingyun since long ago, but being from the same clan, Diwu Qingrou can’t directly kill him. Now that you’ve come and it so happens that you have grudges against Diwu Qingyun. He obviously wants to take revenge on you, and you naturally won’t spare such a person. Especially since it’s the Zhuge clan’s home ground here, sparing such a person is equivalent to finding trouble for yourself. So you can only follow Diwu Qingrou’s wish to kill Diwu Qingyun!”

“You don’t get any benefits from killing Diwu Qingyun. Contrarily, it’s your enemy, Diwu Qingrou, who gains benefits?” Zi Xieqing finally straightened out the matter.

“That’s right!” Chu Yang said miserably, “Only Diwu Qingrou can make me do things that are not possible for me to fight back at all. I even suspect that the method that Diwu Qingyun is going to use to kill me is also Diwu Qingrou’s idea, and he’s the mastermind of all these…”

He paused for a while and continued, “It must be it! Otherwise, there won’t be such an orchard scent here.” Chu Yang sighed. “I really feel aggrieved! I’ve just come to the Zhuge clan, but what greets me is a head-on blow! And it’s a blow that I can’t fight back!”

“Indeed, haha…” Zi Xieqing had only understood the detours within this matter after thinking for some time, and she actually started laughing.

She said, “You have no choice but to kill Diwu Qingyun as he has come for you! And since the home ground belongs to his clan here, you can’t spare him, so as to avoid future troubles.”

“Not bad.” Chu Yang’s face was black.

“Secondly, even if you want to drag Diwu Qingrou into the water through this matter, you can’t do it. Because, then, you have to explain how you’ve gotten to know Diwu Qingrou and how you’ve come up to the Upper Three Heavens. Your true ident.i.ty will be exposed this way.”

“Yes.” Chu Yang said sullenly.

“So, you can only pa.s.sively follow Diwu Qingrou’s scheme to kill someone for him.” Zi Xieqing couldn’t help from laughing.

“Yes.” Chu Yang’s face was now dark.

“What if you create greater trouble out of this matter and make the Zhuge clan deal with it?” Zi Xieqing asked.

“Not feasible,” Chu Yang said, “If that’s the case, firstly, the Zhuge clan will definitely protect the Diwu clan and not severely punish Diwu Qingyun, and the Zhuge clan won’t go so far as to take Diwu Qingyun’s life… As a result, the whole Zhuge clan will know the grudges between us, and Diwu Qingyun will be more unbridled in dealing with me in the future… And countless people will be watching what’s going on between us. This will make it harder for me to fight back against Diwu Qingyun!”

“Secondly, once greater trouble is stirred up, even if I kill him, there’s directly no hope for us to join the Medicine Banquet…”

Chu Yang continued miserably, “Before Diwu Qingrou took such a step, he has already considered everything. So, the result is fixed once he takes his shot. He has calculated that as long as he takes his shot, I can only follow his arrangement! There’s no other way. There’re no loopholes that I can exploit to fight back!”

“This Diwu Qingrou’s wits is indeed extraordinary,” Zi Xieqing said slowly.

“He had started with nothing, but he slowly gained great authority and almost unified the entire Lower Three Heavens with just his lone strength. And, he didn’t resort to martial force at all!” Chu Yang sighed.

“But it’s a pity that he’s defeated by you in the end,” Zi Xieqing said.

“I’m different from him. I have… secrets in me. How can I be the same as him? And he indeed achieved so much from scratch. Even for my final victory, it’s him who had deliberately lost to me. Otherwise, the battle between us could have gone on for years,” Chu Yang said, “Diwu Qingrou’s wits is definitely the sharpest weapon in the Nine Heavens! But what a pity… that my brothers aren’t here.”

Speaking of which, Chu Yang sighed.

At the thought of Mo Tianji, Chu Yang thought: If Mo Tianji was in such a situation, how would he respond to Diwu Qingrou’s calculations?

As he thought, that confident and calm look that Mo Tianji had in the face of everything flashed across Chu Yang’s mind. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

Zi Xieqing asked sensitively, “What?”

Chu Yang smiled and said, “This time, I shall foil Diwu Qingrou’s plan! I have to kill Diwu Qingyun, but I can’t follow Diwu Qingrou’s arrangements.”

Zi Xieqing nodded praisingly and said, “Yes, when intellectuals cross swords with each other, as long as one lands on the pa.s.sive side, he’ll remain in such a position all the way. This will be a great blow to his confidence.”

Chu Yang sighed and said, “Yeah! The Tielong City only emanc.i.p.ated after 17 or 18 years because it had fallen into Diwu Qingrou’s trap at the start… Alas!”

He thought: I must never repeat Tielong City’s mistake and allow Diwu Qingrou to plant an inner demon in me! Otherwise, I would really be over…

Chu Yang entered the room and checked on the surroundings first. He easily searched out the already dried drugs which were smeared on the wall, door, tables and chairs.

After finding a rag, the King of h.e.l.l Chu started to clean the room.

He wiped the room once, and after changing the cleaning water for several times, he finally cleaned up the room. He took his blanket under the sun, and used the Nine Heavens Divine Technique to pat on it once.

Not to mention drug powder, even if it’s invisible or shadowless poisons, they would definitely be patted off.

In the blink of an eye, it’s time for a meal.

Sounds of footsteps were heard at the door. Chu Yang raised his head and saw a middle-aged man, along with some maids, coming in with boxes of food in their hands.

Chu Yang greeted them smilingly.

That middle-aged man was slightly stooped, but he didn’t seem old. He had quite a good look — three-piece black beard, black hair, long brows and long slit eyes. And he actually looked similar to Diwu Qingrou.

As for his stooped back, it should have been caused by his job of ushering guests over the years…

“Are you Doctor Chu from the South-East region?” the middle-aged man smiled heartily and said, as he greeted Chu Yang with clasped hands, “Doctor Chu, you’re the special envoy of Law-Enforcement Master Han, but the Zhuge clan owes you a proper greeting. I seek your forgiveness.”

Amidst showcasing a respectful att.i.tude, his smile was sincere, and he looked genuine and humble. It’s a standard textbook-like face of what a diplomatic official would look like.

Chu Yang greeted them warmly, but he scolded silently in his heart: Diwu Qingyun is indeed from the Diwu clan. Such an unimportant figure is actually also this sinister…

Chu Yang laughed and said, “Sir, you’re too courteous! Too courteous! Hahaha… May I know your name? What position do you hold in the Zhuge clan?”

The middle-aged man in green smiled warmly. “I’m responsible for greeting guests. My name isn’t worth mentioning.”

Chu Yang warmly grabbed Diwu Qingyun’s arms and winked at him mysteriously. Chu Yang whispered, “This is Sir Diwu Qingyun I suppose? Hehe, I know you.”

Diwu Qingyun was instantly startled: What’s going on? This big enemy of mine… Why does he look like he’s reuniting with an old friend?

He stammered, “Doctor Chu… Chu… This…”

Chu Yang sighed, patting on Diwu Qingyun’s shoulders and said, “Honestly speaking, on the Sun clan’s matter, I’m very sorry… I didn’t know beforehand.”

Diwu Qingyun was even more startled.

He’s even clever than me? What’s happening?

Diwu Qingyun let out a dry laugh. He really didn’t know what to say. He wanted to flare up, but he couldn’t. Besides, he also felt a little guilty of having his ident.i.ty being seen through. He said, “Doctor Chu, you’re really… you’re really…”

“Really straightforward?” Chu Yang smiled warmly and said, “But, to speak the truth, Sir Diwu, the reason I’m speaking so frankly to you is… it’s really, hehe… that the quality of the mixed poison you’ve made is too bad… Of course, I’m not looking down on you, but… hehe…”

Chu Yang laughed with some profound significance.

Diwu Qingyun’s face started to turn bad. He said, “Doctor Chu, I don’t understand.”

The smile on Chu Yang’s face gradually vanished, and his previously gentle gaze slowly turned sharp. Such a gradual change was most capable of adding weight to one’s heart.

Cold sweat involuntarily crept up Diwu Qingyun’s face. He also started to breathe more heavily, while his two legs also trembled a little.

He didn’t forget that this person standing before himself was a Sovereign of swords!

An absolute death G.o.d who never blinked his eyes when killing people!

Chu Yang said coldly, “Sir Diwu, the reason I’m talking to you in such a nice manner is that I don’t want the Zhuge clan and the South-East law-enforcement officers to confront face-to-face. Do you understand what I mean? Actually, if I want to kill you, I can completely wait for you to take actions on me first, so that I can rightfully kill you… Do you understand?”

Diwu Qingyun finally retreated in defeat. He asked in a trembling voice, “But how… how… do you? …”

Chu Yang said lightly, “Sir Qingrou and Law-Enforcement Master Han are good friends… He doesn’t want me to kill you, so… he asked me to be merciful towards you…”

Diwu Qingyun’s face suddenly became sallow. He widened his eyes and said with disbelief, “Diwu Qingrou?!”

Chu Yang patted on his shoulders consolingly and said gladly, “I’ve finally completed Sir Diwu Qingrou’s request, hehe… Actually, it’s just a misunderstanding about this matter. Besides, those bunch of people only have themselves to blame for this, and they deserve such punishments. Sir Diwu, why are you so unsettled?”

Diwu Qingyun retreated two steps. “Diwu Qingrou? How come?”

Chu Yang said lightly, “It’s for your own good! Even if I’ve suffered from your poison, it’s a piece of cake for me to kill you if I want to.”

The more Chu Yang said, the more heavily Diwu Qingyun became gasping for breath. He muttered, “For my own good… For my own good…”


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