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Chapter 1591


The fried heaven sect had no shortage of flowers. They crushed and killed the leader of Qinghong sect with a move. It began to spread all over Jinghe city.

At the same time, the news also fermented rapidly and transmitted to all forces in the surrounding area.

Burn the city gate!

A thin middle-aged man sat on the seat of the door master, holding a cup of hot tea and tasting it carefully.

Suddenly, a disciple hurried from outside and knelt down outside the door.

“Tell the sect leader that there is an accident in Hecheng!”

Guan LiuMang’s face remained unchanged. He still held the tea cup and took a sip.

Feeling the aroma of tea spreading in his mouth and deep into his heart, he slowly opened his mouth: “what’s the matter?”

“Sect leader, Qinghong sect leader Xiang… Is dead.”

“Die or die…” he was just about to put down his tea cup, but his rough hands shook suddenly.


The teacup fell!

“What are you talking about? Are you dead? ” Guan LiuMang suddenly stared into his eyes and was extremely shocked.

“Yes! It’s the young man who kidnapped the young lady mentioned earlier. He killed the prime minister! “

“What the h.e.l.l happened? Doesn’t it mean that the boy is just a big Luo Jinxian? How could they die in his hands? “

Guan LiuMang asked in a startled voice.

Countless conjectures had already appeared in his heart. Could it be that the boy had something divine in his hand and killed him when he was unprepared?

“According to the news from the young sect leader, the flower has at least the strength of the fairyland, and he pressed the Xiang sect leader all the way. The Xiang sect leader couldn’t even say anything about begging for mercy, so he was suddenly killed. Moreover, Lord Xiang seems to have performed the magic access control at the last minute… But he didn’t egg! “

The disciple of the burning gate told the whole story, including Xu Que’s announcement to take over everything.

“What? This… How is it possible? “

Guan LiuMang was shocked.

If this disciple had not been a disciple of the sect for many years, but was his confidant, he almost thought someone had come to make fun of him.

Ask the fairy King generation fairy king, will he be beaten by a big Luojin fairyland boy without Parry?

He was killed before he could even beg for mercy?

That doesn’t mean that the fried heaven sect has no shortage of flowers. It is not only the first level of the fairy king, but also the strength of the middle level and even the later level of the fairy king!

This is ridiculous!

Guan LiuMang felt more and more heavy.

The strength of mutual inquiry is a little stronger than myself. I have no power to fight back in the face of juvenile mutual inquiry. If I dare to fight, I’m afraid the consequences will be worse!

I didn’t expect such a figure to appear at the crucial point of the three selection.

It’s really difficult!

And the young man also said that he took over Hecheng on behalf of the bombers! Take over three cases!

This is the real big trouble.

What kind of force is the fried heaven Gang?

Why is a man so powerful!

Now it seems that if you want to keep the burning gate, you can only let the one from Tianmen.

That is the real high-level fairy king!

Guan LiuMang boasted that if he didn’t make three moves against that one, he would be defeated miserably!

Now there is a great enemy in Hecheng. Only by inviting that one can we solve all this trouble!

Thinking of this, Guan LiuMang’s eyes narrowed slightly, as if he had made a choice.


On the other hand, when the master of the burning gate got the news, the Wuyun building, one of the three sects, also learned the news of the tragic death.

However, Wuyun building did not partic.i.p.ate in this incident. Although the landlord was also shocked, he did not intend to provoke a talented boy who could easily kill the fairy king for no reason.


At this time, Xu Ke has changed an inn.

In the painful smile of the innkeeper, Xu que lived happily.

He doesn’t intend to leave Jinghe city.

Now that everything has begun, we must continue to make it bigger.

Pretending to force this great cause can’t give up halfway.

However, once this inquiry is dead, I’m afraid the other two don’t dare to provoke themselves again. How can this matter continue to grow?

Xu que stood at the window of the wing room, looking at the night outside, and fell into deep thought.

“If only Er Gouzi and Duan Jiude were here, you can at least listen to their opinions, and then rule out their opinions. The rest must be a good idea.”

Xu Xu misses Er Gou and Duan Jiude. Without these two salted fish, he calls 666 for himself. When he pretends to be forced, he doesn’t feel smooth enough and wants to cough!



Xu kugang sighed and was preparing to write a poem towards the night. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of someone waving to him in the corner of the street outside the window.

Look carefully, it’s Guan Zheng!

Xu que was stunned.

Why is this woman here again?

Why do you sneak out when you don’t sleep at night?

Could it be that I was convinced by the domineering spirit of this forced Saint during the day, and now I want to have a monkey in the future?

No, absolutely not!

I’m a man of principle. I’m not as casual as you think!

“Come on, the door is unlocked! You can climb the window if you want, but don’t be seen. ” Xu que preached and arranged his hairstyle by the way.

However, Guan Zheng doesn’t seem to mean to come up.

She still hid in the corner with a worried look. She kept looking around. Then she looked at Xu Que and said, “brother Hua, why are you still here? Leave jinghecheng as soon as possible and go as far as possible. “

Her tone seemed a little hasty.

Xu Wei was surprised.

In front of so many people, I killed each other with a move. It was Liwei’s success.

How can anyone persuade you to run?

“A Tianmen representative came to supervise the three selection. My father has informed the Tianmen adult that he will come soon. It is said that he is at least a high-level fairy King’s land, only half a step away from the fairy Zun’s land. He can’t even make three moves under his command. “

Guan Zheng sounded again and said anxiously.

Xu que was happy after listening.

I’m still thinking about how to continue to do things. You’d better send me all the people directly!

High level Immortal King?

h.e.l.lo, high-level fairy king.

Only when the fairy King fights can he feel b.l.o.o.d.y.

As long as you open the healthy qi seal magic Sutra, it’s easy to defeat 40 with one enemy!

“When will he come?” Xu Kuang asked hurriedly.

“Within three days, we will be able to reach Jinghe city! Brother Hua, it’s too late for you to leave overnight. There is a transmission array outside Hecheng, which can lead to other ancient cities. After you escape… “Guan Zheng continued.

Xu Wei suddenly interrupted, “stop, who said I’m going to run? Just a fairy king, why should I run? “

“That’s the high-level Immortal King!” Guan Zheng stressed.

There is a huge gap between the high-level fairy king and the early-level fairy king!

“Isn’t that just the fairy king?” Xu que smiled and said, “but… I’m more interested in the Tianmen you said. I remember you mentioned the four Tianmen to me before, but you didn’t say much at that time. Why don’t you tell me more now?”

“Brother Hua, I really know very little about the four heavenly gates. I only heard my father mention a few words about the Lord of Tianmen. “

Guan Zheng shook his head and then hesitated slightly before continuing: “I heard that the Tianmen gate is very large, and even the whole Wudu area is under their control.”

“Moreover, all the strong people are in Tianmen. The Immortal King is not a figure, and the immortal respects the strong, and he doesn’t know how many! Even so, my father still has great respect for Tianmen. “

“Once I accidentally listened to him talking to himself. If he could enter the Tianmen gate, he would give up everything about burning the city gate.”


Guan Zheng revealed many things.

However, everything shows one thing, that is, Tianmen is very powerful.

There is no other important information.

“OK, it seems that I have time to talk to your father at the burning gate… Oh, don’t worry, it’s just a pure chat. Ask about the Tianmen gate… Eh, no, you just said that there was a fairy King coming to the Tianmen gate, right?” Xu Xu said, his eyes lit up!

Since someone from the other party is coming, just ask him if he can’t. why do you ask Guan Zheng’s father.

“Brother Hua, don’t mess around!” When Guan Zheng saw that Xu que was clearly still a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water, he quickly advised him, “in fact, there’s one more thing I couldn’t tell you, but if you do, I have to tell you.”

“Wow, thanks to my help, you still have a little Mimi for me in our relations.h.i.+p… Bah, no, little secret?” Xu que glared at her eyes.

“This is no secret! It’s a real big secret! ” Guan Zheng’s face was dignified and whispered.

“Big? How big is it? ” Xu que asked.

“The selection of the three schools is regarded as Tianmen’s work, and Tianmen attaches great importance to it. At that time, a heavyweight will come, so the fairy king is only responsible for contacting the three schools. The real danger is the strong immortal who came with the big man.”

“Oh?” Xu Xu looked a little serious.

Xianzun, and there are several, that really can’t be underestimated.

“But who is the so-called big man you’re talking about? How many immortals are needed to accompany such a big show? Can’t it be the Immortal Emperor? ” Xu kuanban joked.

“Shh, brother Hua, don’t talk nonsense. That one is not an Immortal Emperor, but… As we all know, she will become an Immortal Emperor sooner or later.” Guan Zheng is busy persuading Xu to be cautious.

“So powerful?” Xu Duan raised his eyebrows.

Immortal Emperor… How powerful are the opponents at this level?

No, I’m curious! However, Guan Zheng also said that some big man will become an Immortal Emperor sooner or later, which means he is not an Immortal Emperor. That’s even a ghost! Come as soon as you have seed. You’ll be finished if Ben forces Sheng to fight or not“ Brother Hua, I’ve talked about this. Can’t you guess the ident.i.ty of that one? ” At this time, Guan Zheng looked at Xu missing in surprise. “??” Xu Xu is confused. That’s what you say. I guess wool. Guan Zheng caught a glimpse of Xu Wei’s confused expression from a distance and couldn’t help saying, “who in xianyuanzhou doesn’t know, the next one who is expected to become the Immortal Emperor must be the feather soft fairy!”“ PA! ” As soon as the voice fell, the malt snow cold extract just changed out of the system mall in Xu Que’s hand slipped and spread all over the ground. It’s worth 58! No… it doesn’t matter. What matters is what she just said? The big man to appear is Yurou fairy? Isn’t that xiaorou【 The fourth is to send it. Ask for monthly tickets, ask for recommended tickets, and ask for everything!]


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