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Let the boat float on the sea~

Shou come to the main street of Lyte after being pulled by Rashindo in the Bazaar.

…..I really up to this, but I wonder if it’s alright..

“Are you sure? Isn’t Hermia will be angry at you?”

“It’s fine, Let’s quickly sell the jar and search for a ship!”

…I will surely be scolded by Hermia later, but can anyone pa.s.s a chance to buy a ship?…

Shou, seeing the energetic Rashindo become curious

……We will buy a ship for me you know? Not yours….

There is some high cla.s.s antique shop in the main street of Lyte, which Rashindo greet the doorman.

After greeting the doorman, Shou is mistaken to be Rashindo son since the look of his clothes, after explaining the circ.u.mstance, Shou examine the doorman. The man himself can be said to have a very big body and by the look of it, it seem he is quite expert in martial art since he gave an atmosphere as if he will guard the door with all his life.

“If this isn’t Rashindo-sama, Can I help you with anything?”

The shopkeeper quickly greet them when Rashindo enter the shop.

“I’m sorry, Today I’m helping the son of my relative, hence I am will be his attendant today”

He decide to help Shou, thinking that maybe the purpose king Aslan allowed Shou to sell stuff from the Royal villa is to make him learn how the market works

…..If you sell it too cheap there is a chance you can’t buy a good ship….

The shopkeeper disappointed the moment he learn that Rashindo doesn’t come here to do business, but this place is one of the first-rate shop on the Lyte so he able to not show it on his face.

Shou walk to the shopkeeper and bring his jar to the table after noticing how big this shop is, and not only that, all the good in here is a first rate goods.

“I want to sell this”

Only one glace the shopkeeper know that this jar is an excellent jar with Garcia mark on it.

“Can I see it first?”

The shopkeeper talk to Shou with a polite tone since he judge Shou to be a Royal family or someone with a high position from his look and clothes, When he pick the Jar for a closer look, the shopkeeper surprised how a thing from the Garcia dynasty able to survive this long without a single scratch.

….A relative of Rashindo? I don’t believe that….

Looking at the Jar being check and the reaction of the shopkeeper when he see Shou and Rashindo, the shopkeeper notice something

…If I’m not wrong, the second wife of Rashindo is one King Aslan wife and after gave birth to the sixth prince, She married to Rashindo….

Shou who have a lovely look while having a beautiful eye look and his lack of arrogant atmosphere look nothing like his father, The shopkeeper think that Shou is a person who look like being raised to become a good prince.

“Are you sure you want to sell it?”

King Aslan is feared by the people, so he ask as polite as he can.

“Yes of course, I already get the permission from father”

Shou doesn’t feel any bad intention from his word and there is Rashindo beside him so feel it’s safe.

“How about 30,000 mark?”

Shou remember that Rashindo said to not sell it below 50.000 mark.

….I’m sure it’s fine if I said it a bit higher….

His memory from his previous life come to flash when he remember that since he comes from the house of doctor’s he have to come and go to many place with his family even it’s new year and in some places, especially a small region, Price is something that always change and ambiguous.

“It’s around 10.000 mark”

to hear a kid said 10,000 mark, the shopkeeper once again remember that this child is the son of king Aslan.

“Surely you jest, 30,000 is already my best but I can make it 35,000 mark if you want to sell it right now.

…..This will be endless….

To Shou that doesn’t really enjoy bargaining and hence why he think that he doesn’t suit as a merchant, but determine himself to at least sell this Jar 55.000 mark.

Rashindo sigh when he see that the bargaining reach 60.000, for a prince that live all his life inside the royal palace this is quite a good bargaining for his first time.

After make receive the check, Shou put a tired expression while drinking a tea.

Though the shopkeeper thinks that Shou is quite persistent as a prince they finally reach the agreement to sold the Jar for 100.000 mark and wrote the check.

“Please come again next time”

Although he doesn’t know the reason why would a prince is able to get a permission to sold a treasure such as the jar, the shopkeeper wishes the prince come again and see them off with a smile.

“Are you tired by any chance?”

Shou is about to buy a ship next but when he see Rashindo that walking slowly he stop and ask the question.

“Well, I can hold out for a little more, there is no way I’m tired.
Next time you go out by taking things from the royal villa, please chose something that Kinkira’s made becuase it relatively new thing, I’m sure it will sell right away”

Even if Rashindo trying to gave advice to Shou, His head right now is full of ship.

….If I used 55,000 mark…I wonder if I can get some medium size ship…

“Shou-sama, using the ship, how far are you planned to go?”

Rashindo, Until accustomed to sailing using a ship, think that he need to practice around the neighboring island since there is a possibility that he need to go to the Irbania kingdom for his mailing business.

“I want to go to the Gaultier Continent so maybe I will try to practice around the neighboring water”

It’s a little early for 8 year old prince to takes a ship and practice using the ship, there is a possibility that king Aslan oppose it, so he decided to practice around the neighboring water.

Since the distance between his mansion and the port is close, Rashindo want to go home first and ask Shou to use a horse.

“Please Rashindo-sama, If you may, I want to summon the dragon”

Rashindo already ask Shou to stop the -sama so many times.

“Just Rashindo is fine, well, I have never once ride a dragon and I always want to try it at least once
But if you let me to ride with you then I’m honored to do so”

…..Such refine adult…there is no way I can call him just by his name.
Well he is also mother, brother and sister guardian after all….

Shou felt inferior compare Rashindo who is a large merchant it’s hard to call him without any honorific.

“Sanzu, Please come here”

They go a bit further from the crowd so he can Call Sanzu since it’s bothersome to call the dragon if there is a chamberlain around.

“Okaaaay, Go back already? then I will take a bathe in the sea”

Shou explain where they want to go from the port to Sanzu.

Rashindo is spontaneously take a step back when he see the dragon coming down.

“Please go behind me”

Rashindo feel anxious when he see a 8 year old kid able to control such ma.s.sive dragon even he himself already fine to confronted a storm just by spirit alone

“Where should I go?”

When I’m teaching Shou about the shop that sold ship that I’m usually patronizing, The dragon suddenly flew up to the sky.

“Go to the South port”

Rashindo take a deep breath when he see the Lyte from above, since flying is not something you can do easily.

“Is it here?”

“Yes, that was quick indeed”

Coming down to the Shop’s garden, Rashindo admire the convenience of a dragon, the shopkeeper and the worker can only feel surprised by the sight of a dragon.

“Sanzu Wait here for a minute”

Shou able to get off from Sanzu easily, but for Rashindo he need to hold out a hand.

“It’s okay”

For Shou who is just a little kid, I can’t ask for his help and thus Rashindo able to get off from the dragon but slowly. The feeling floating in the air is still there since it was his first flight. nonetheless he still thanks Shou politely.

“it’s quite a rare experience to be able to ride a dragon”

Since Shou likes dragon even it’s little he felt happy by that.

“If this isn’t Rashindo-sama, the dragon is quite surpising though. but the ship you usual order is all out right now…:

Since the ship he usually sell to the Rashindo is out right now he felt depressed by it.

“No, I today the one who want to order something is Prince Shou”

I hid it when we at the antique store but there is no meaning to hide it when you want to buy a ship.

Knowing that he is the prince, The shopkeeper quickly do a polite bow at him, after explaining about the prince situation and his need to practice, the shopkeeper lead them to his ship stock.

“These are second-handed but I’m recommended it since it have good material.
it’s easy to use so it will be easy for a beginner, it’s quite small but it’s good as new”

Rashindo who get excited by the ship started to ask many question to the shopkeeper but on the other hand, Shou is surprised since he think that he will get a big ship.

….Well, I think this is better than get something like a yacht….

Since Sanzu going to get on the ship, a big one is necessary, but firstly Shou want to practice using the ship first.

“This is quite a big ship I might not be able to use it…”

The shopkeeper and Rashindo is surprised by what he said.

“The prince alone?! that outrageous!”

Rashindo and the shopkeeper try to persuade Shou.

“Don’t underestimate the sea, even the calm sea will turn to be a storm in a matter of second, this is came from experience as a sailor”

“It’s better to learn how to control a ship from a captain and the crew until you’re accustomed to it,
It’s a fool’s move to try use a ship alone”

…..If there is anything I can always run with Sanzu though….

Even it’s small, it seem Rashindo and the shopkeeper seriously expect me to take a shelter inside this ship with Sanzu, but then again I don’t know whether a dragon can safely fly if there is a storm.

“Is it really necessary to employ a captain and the crew?….”

From the looks of it, it seem Shou given up to take the sea alone which make Rashindo and the shopkeeper feel relieved.

….If I’m sending the son of King Aslan alone to the sea….I can live in the southeast Island anymore if there is something happens to him….

When you are on the sea, you are risking your life with the people on you ship and that’s why a captain and crew are there so they can do some preparation to at least minimize the risk of danger and to think that they will send Shou who doesn’t know anything, alone to the sea…..the shopkeeper and Rashindo shiver by the though being glare by king Aslan.

Rashindo and Shou take a look at several ship.

“Rashindo-sama….Rashindo-san can you pick a ship you think it’s good? it seem I can’t tell whats good whats not”

He is glared by Rashindo when he tried to call him with -sama and change it to -san, Rashindo held-hand with Shou when they looks for ship. Though he can always sell things from the royal villa so money is not the problem.

“It’s seem we have to choose a new ship”

For a merchant’s son, a medium size ship is fine as long it’s st.u.r.dy and able to store a lot of luggage even it’s second-hand one, but for a prince like Shou there is a need to buy a new one even’s small.

As for the shopkeeper he keep recommending the ship from the material base and the latest function and their sail system. When it seem they chose for a ship that worth at last twice from the previous ship they choose he though that tonight he will have a feast.

…….Wow this is quite tall…

“How much is that ship?”

Shou timidly ask the shopkeeper

“That ship is made from a pine that able to stand the cold weather of Roland Kingdom, you have a good eye…”

Shou tried to keep the shopkeeper from explaining to much.

“For the price, from the material alone may even with the last ship”

Somehow he start to see the king Aslan shadow hence he stop boasting the ship and tell the price.

“250,000 marks”

……Holy- I don’t have enough money…

Rashindo thinks that this will be hard negotiation for a kid and take his place, in the end he able to cut the price up to 60.000 marks.

“I can’t lower it anymore,
Rashindo-sama is too-heartless, I have eight kid to feed back home”

Rashindo laugh when he see the shopkeeper start to cry a little.

“Um, but I have only 55.000 mark today…”

Since the negotiation is done, Shou timidly talk to the two. Since Rashindo knows it when he see the check from the antique store and gave the check to the ship shopkeeper,

“Please wait for  5,000 marks”

“That’s cruel”

The shopkeeper laugh but his eye’s not, seeing that, Shou sigh as he think that there is a long way for him to do a good business.

…..I want to see a ship float on the sea….

Even if he get the ship, there is many work for him to do like searching for a captain and the crew for his ship and also food.

“A ship floating on the sea is like a song being sing…”

As he think how many jar he need to sell so he can start his own voyage.


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