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Chapter 102 – Yu Ming Qiu [No.2]

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

“What problem is there? just use the Honorable Plate to contact me. I know you’re still busy, you don’t need to be concerned for me. Hurry and go, go!”

Jing Hao quickly chased Tang Tian out. After that he brought the other martial artists and escaped.

Tang Tian stood on the streets of Rainbow city, and looked around at his surroundings, a sudden indescribable excitement in his heart came out. He had finally reached Rainbow City, and could finally meet Qian Hui. Thinking about the night that Qian Hui left, he remembered himself, under the night sky full of stars, loudly making a promise to Qian Hui.

I’ve done it!

Tang Tian unconsciously clenched his fists tightly and after a short period of time, he released them. Following the address Qian Hui gave him, he started to find the Shangguan Clan location.

What made Tang Tian surprised, was that the Shangguan Clan was famous in Rainbow City, and very quickly he found the Shangguan Clan.


The entrance was crowded with many people, Tang Tian frowned, seeing these kind of situations, it always meant trouble.

Unless there are people finding trouble with Qian Hui? Tang Tian snorted coldly, killing intent appearing on his face, and his footsteps quickened.

Peng Peng Peng!

A few figures flew out, falling into the courtyard.

“Tsk tsk, is this how the Shangguan Clan treat guests.” A white clothed elegant young man was lightly fanning himself with a paper fan and laughing. His entire body was not in the least bit dirty with dust.

In front of him, scattered on the floor, were a few young Shangguan disciples.

Hurried steps could be heard from the courtyard, in a short while, with a heavy face, Shangguan Qian brought a few people out.

“Treat guests? Not any random person has the qualifications to be my Shangguan Clan’s guest!” Uncle Qian was obviously angry, his tone was not polite.

The man in white flapped his paper fan, very impolitely laughed:” I heard Shangguan Qian Hui is beyond beautiful, I am Ming Qiu, I came here on account of her reputation, but I was refused at the door, I’m indeed heartbroken.”

“Yu Ming Qiu!” Uncle Qian’s eyes was fuming with rage, but his heart was shocked.

Yu Ming Qiu!

Uncle Qian was not a stranger to that name, the Yu Clan’s previous most prominent genius, vanished without a trace for four years! The Yu Clan was the Shangguan Clan’s main opponent and compet.i.tor, and Shangguan Qian knew more about them than the average person. This genius from the Yu Clan, four years ago, entered the frenzied state while training, and all the True Power in his body was crippled.

It was not believed that he was actually still alive!

And…compared to four years ago, he was much stronger!

But Young Miss was not around!

Uncle Qian’s heart ached. The Yu Clan and the Shangguan Clan were traditional aristocratic families with long histories, and they had a relation like fire and water. The past few years where the Shangguan Clan was on decline, it was directly related to the Yu Clan’s doings. If not for the Young Miss who pulled strongly against the crazy tide, the Shangguan Clan would most likely have….

Uncle Qian knew that he could not be nice this time, and he said: “Young Miss has important matters and has travelled far, I’m unsure of when she will be back, your luck is just not good.”

“Really?” Yu Ming Qiu had a handsome face, and his lips curled up in a playful manner: “That is such a pity. But, my servants actually saw Miss Qian Hui yesterday, and she is not in today? Although I, Yu Ming Qiu, am not that old, please do not treat me like a little child and coax me, Uncle Qian.”

Shangguan Qian knew he would be coming today, had set an idea of causing trouble, but he did not bulls.h.i.t: “Such a glib tongue! The Young Miss is not here, even if she were here, she would not lower herself to come and meet you.”

Yu Ming Qiu raised his eyebrows, a thread of chilliness flashed through his eyes, but his mouth still laughed: “It seems that to see Miss Qian Hui, I will have to come in by myself.”

After he finished he immediately turned to the Shangguan Clan residence courtyard door and walked towards it.

Two shadows, suddenly rushed out from behind Shangguan Qian, and blocked Yu Ming Qiu’s path.

Shangguan Wei, Shangguan Zhu!

Other than Shangguan Qian Hui, these were the recent two rising popular young men from the Shangguan Clan.

The two of them were also personally chosen by Shangguan Qian Hui. As one of the successors to the Shangguan Clan in the future, Shangguan Qian Hui personally taught and guided them in their martial techniques. In their hearts, Qian Hui’s position was extremely important, so hearing that Yu Ming Qiu was ridiculing Miss Qian Hui, both of them were enraged.

Shangguan Wei had been accomplished since young, his expression calm and cool.

Shangguan Zhu had a huge figure, and was very strong.

Both of them stood shoulder to shoulder, with a threatening and imposing manner.

“Tsk tsk, the Shangguan Clan really has declined, to depend on these two brats to put up a front.” Yu Ming Qiu purposely sighed: “Really makes people unable to stop sighing. With this current Shangguan Clan, how can it be possible to represent our Immortal Constellation as the strongest aristocratic clan?”

Shangguan Wei did not move, and coldly replied: “Compared to the Yu Clan that specialises in embroidered pillows, our Shangguan Clan is still very reliable.”

Shangguan Zhu did not say anything, and directly urged his True Power. His entire body released a green aura that quickly condensed into a dark green band, wrapping around his entire body.

Yu Ming Qiu squinted his eyes: “Then let me experience the Shangguan Family’s [Cold Jadeite]!”

Having said that, his body disappeared.

Almost at the same time, Shangguan Wei’s body also disappeared. Shangguan Zhu growled, and punched out!

A dark green ma.s.sive fist image, smashed violently towards Yu Ming Qiu.

Yu Ming Qiu sneered, he tiptoed lightly, and his body suddenly became indistinct, his bottom became vague and rose upwards. But what he never thought would happen was, the green punch image that was flying out like an artillery sh.e.l.l suddenly started to transform in the air. Just like a formless hand being pinched into a green ball, the green fist image transformed into a pillar of green, swiftly rolling towards Yu Ming Qiu.

Yu Ming Qiu scoffed.

His figure was like a pendulum lightly swaying, he was about to brush past the green light pillar, but the green pillar suddenly changed again. It became a green cage, attempting to trap Yu Ming Qiu.

Yu Ming Qiu eyes showed a bit of surprise, he looked at Shangguan Zhu’s figure, and thought that Shangguan Zhu was initially walking a path of brute force, he did not expect that such a huge statured person, could actually release such meticulous martial arts!


But, to think of using such a method to trap him, that was too naive!

The True Power in Yu Ming Qiu’s body rose. These four years, he had suffered boundless pain before he could be respected by others. He needed to use a battle to showcase his strength, to state his return!

He had to let the people of Immortal Constellation know, that Yu Ming Qiu was back!

With an icy cold gaze, Yu Ming Qiu spread opened his five fingers as if he was playing the harp. His fingers did not glow with radiance. Instead, it rippled towards his green aura like raindrops falling into a pond.

The green aura shook, slap, then the green aura collapsed.

Yu Ming Qiu stood tall, looking free and easy. He retaliated with his hand and looked very much like an expert. Many girls around him were moved.

Suddenly, from the corner of Yu Ming Qiu’s eyes, he saw a vicious shadow. His heart went cold.

A clear and vast jaded green aura like a blade!

Sliced straight at Yu Ming Qiu’s waist.

The edge of the aura was icy cold. It penetrated deep into his bones. Yu Ming Qiu did not delay any longer. Springing all his five fingers as if they were rain hitting on banana leaves.
(Referencing Yuda Bajiao song played on a zither)

Dang Dang Dang!

The clear and crisp sounds of attack were dense like a downpour. The jaded green blade aura crashed into the ground, forming numerous jaded green lights.

Shangguan Wei brought the shadow and appeared right beside Yu Ming Qiu. His body was agile and gentle, with a lift of his leg, his calf glowed with a ray of jaded light as he shot out a curved ray of jaded light.

The jaded arch light was razor sharp!

Shangguang Wei’s movements were extremely fast. His calf and palms lit up with jaded light. Be it chopping, picking, kicking, or hacking, each movement carried a ray of jaded arch light.

[Jadeite Arch Blade]!

The blade light rolled over like raging waves towards Yu Ming Qiu.

Yu Ming Qiu’s frivolous face disappeared. His face became serious and solemn. He opened his arms wide, spread out his ten fingers, and at an undetermined speed, he flicked continuously.

Ding Ding Ding!

The attacks rang in their ears like raindrops.

Yu Ming Qiu’s finger strength was astonishing. It seemed as if he was flicking his fingers in the air with no sequence. But each jaded arc blade light had to take in seven to eight dense attacks in a very short period of time.

The jaded arch blade lights collapsed continuously. Shangguang Wei’s face was icy cold. His hands and calves were producing rays of blade light at an astonishing rate.

The blade light came through like waves, with the intention to kill the other party.

Within the blade light, Yu Ming Qiu’s speed had stabilised. He started doing it skillfully and easily. Without going easy: “What? You’re just this good? You’re basically having two people fighting one!”

Shangguang Wei’s powers were being exhausted at a fast rate. He looked as if he was in a defense position, but in reality, he merely had the opportunity of making the first move. The Shanguang family’s two on one was about to get defeated. Shangguang Qian Hui must not be able to take it!

Wait a minute!

Two on one!

Where’s the other person?

Yu Ming Qiu thought of something.

Right at this moment, a gloomy shadow rose from his head and engulfed him within the cage.

Unknowingly, there was an extra jaded green ball above his head. This ball was over 3 metres wide. Within the light ball, there was a fuzzy shadow.

Shangguang Zhu!

The jaded light ball started to turn.

The jaded light ball on his head was bringing him extreme oppression. On top of that, there was danger!

An indescribable danger made him to scream like a fried cat. His expression took a change.

The jaded light ball crashed down at a startling rate. Within the blink of an eye, the speed of the light ball spinning also reached an astonishing rate. Shangguang Zhu, who was within the ball placed both his hands together, looking solemn.

[Jadeite plunge]!


A thick and strong green aura came through from the sky and crashed into the rolling blade lights!

Bang bang bang!

Dust flew all over the place. There were countless stones flying around like raindrops, which then fell into the crowd. The audience did not even have the time to react, it was as if they were being pushed back, everyone retreating a few steps by the force.

The others watching from the side stabilised themselves. Everyone was shocked.

So terrifying!

What a terrifying attack. No one could come out alive!

The Shangguan Clan’s entrance was the best location. It was exactly opposite the street of slab which was over thirty metres long and built on st.u.r.dy green slabs. But the dust covered all the streets.

Shangguang Zhu spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. This killing technique took an enormous toll on him. Shangguang Wei panted heavily on the side. He had also used a great deal of his powers.

Great, finally succeeded….

The two of them looked at each other, exhaled as they relaxed, and Uncle Qian who was watching, also exhaled and relaxed.

Unexpectedly, a voice came out from the dust.

“You guys surprised me for a bit.”

Shangguan Zhu and Shangguan Wei’s bodies suddenly froze, and Uncle Qian’s face took a great change.

A vague figure slowly appeared from within the dust,he suddenly waved his palm, hu, a gust of wind blew up, and all the dust was blown away.

Yu Ming Qiu was once again standing in front of everybody, his expression was cold, releasing killing intent, his face had one more small cut with blood.

But, under the gaze of everybody, they were actually attracted to the object on Yu Ming Qiu’s body.

“That’s, that’s a……an armor set!”


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