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Chapter 353 – Energy Burst

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN, Leo Z, XRCO, Natsuriayako, and DeAndreR

Upon consuming the Crane Crystal Pellet, Tang Tian’s body shuddered uncontrollably. As though a bomb exploded in his body, a surprising energy surged up with a bang and dispersed out all over his body!

Like a surging torrent, it engulfed every corner of Tang Tian’s meridians.

Tang Tian’s meridians were immediately stuffed full, making him feel as though his meridians were cracking open, his body seemingly wanted to explode! The energy acc.u.mulated in the Crane Crystal Pellet was too much It frantically advanced in the meridians, rushing straight to his dantian.

Overhead of Tang Tian’s dantian, was black and blue separated clearly. The blue was the Ice Blue Heart, while the black was the Void Dark Flames, the two different types of energy, split Tang Tian’s dantian into two different colored regions.

When the energy rushed into his dantian, the two energies inside could instinctively sense the danger, and at the same time both lights erupted.


As though his mind was struck by a heavy punch, Tang Tian’s mind went blank, and the world seemed to come to a stop.

The three forms of energy clashed, causing all the qi and blood and his mind to suddenly lose control for a short period of time. When he regained consciousness, the surging energy flood had already suppressed the two energies in his body.

The Ice Blue Heart was being suppressed into a blue ball of light, while the Void Dark Flames were like an enraged lion, not yielding a step.

The Void Dark Flames had strong destructive abilities, and the energy that was flowing like water, was burned into smoke. Tang Tian’s dantian was filled with the blue dense smoke, which was very pretty, but causing his pain to amplify.

The mist was a volume of energy, and was condensed by a previously extremely large amount, so it felt like Tang Tian’s body was being blown up like a balloon.

He resisted the pain and anguish of his meridians, struggling with all his life trying to urge the spiraling energy in his body.

The spiraling energy had extreme difficulty advancing, the energy erupted from the Crane Crystal Pellet was extremely congealed, causing the spiraling energy to be unable to absorb. But Tang Tian knew, if he did not do it, he would definitely die. Other than the Spiraling energy, he had no other ideas.

What allowed Tang Tian to be able to let out a breath, was that the spiraling energy had a use, as it’s style of advancing was working. It was slow, but it was persevering and advancing for sure.

As the spiraling energy moved, the spinning increased, the pain also increased, to the point that Tang Tian’s mind was drawing a blank. But his willpower was strong, although the situation was critical and the pain was unbearable, he did not think of giving up, and the only thought that surfaced in his mind was to let the spiraling energy move forward!

After an unknown period of time the spiraling energy suddenly relaxed.

Tang Tian who was muddle headed suddenly regained his senses. The spiraling energy had already reached his dantian, and entered the scope of the Void Dark Flames. The intensity of the Void Dark Flames was much weaker than before, and the entire dantian was wrapped around by the blue energy qi mist. What made Tang Tian jump in shock was that there were actually cracks on his dantian walls.

If the dantian walls were smashed, that meant his dantian would be destroyed!

d.a.m.n it!

Tang Tian suddenly felt extremely angry, and began to consider how to counterattack. Who knew that under the pressure of the energy, he would feel extremely uncomfortable. At that moment, the surging energy was his enemy!

Enemies must be killed without mercy!

Tang Tian suddenly saw the spiraling energy flying around the Void Dark Flames, and immediately felt something different. He withstood the pain, and calmed himself down. After a while he realized that the spiraling energy was unable to swallow the dense energy burst out from the Crane Crystal Pellet, but the energy that was being broken down by the Void Dark Flames could be absorbed.

Knowing that, Tang Tian’s eyes lit up. He consciously controlled the spiraling energy to cruise around the Void Dark Flames quickly. The speed of the spiraling energy was increased, and the energy consumption rate also increased.

In just a few breaths of time, the spiraling energy had obvious changes.

Before saying anything, the thick and solid spiraling energy divided into two, as though it was following a set pattern. As time pa.s.sed, the number of spiraling energies in his body had increased to over 10, and were like a group of white fish eating in the water. The spiraling energy was very different from before, they were even more bright and more agile, the True Power threads and become even more finely compacted, and had increased to twice or more of their original size.

With the increase in quant.i.ty and quality of the spiraling energy, the absorption rate for the energy greatly increased.

The energy mist around the Void Dark Flames was instantly swept, finally bringing relief from the terrifying explosion of energy.

But he had used the Void Dark Flames for a very long time, and it was currently very dim. The energy began to rise, causing Tang Tian to be taken aback. He then tried to use the spiraling energy to absorb the liquid state energy, but realized that it could not.

No, I cannot let the Void Dark lames become even dimmer, Tang Tian suddenly realized, the most important thing for the fight that he had learned was to rely on the Void Dark Flames to last.

I need more Void Dark Flames!

But, where do I get more Void Dark Flames!

A few foreign sword techniques appeared in Tang Tian’s head, and inside one was a technique to summon the Void Dark Flames. At that point, Tang Tian could not be bothered with the history of the sword technique, his life was more important!

Briefly skimming through it once, Tang Tian could not help but scold vulgarities.

Following the sword technique writings, if Tang Tian wanted to summon the Void Dark Flames, he first needed to summon the Saint Sword Ocean Prison. And the method to summon the saint sword was extremely complicated, and without a long time of practise, it was simply unattainable. Sweeping through the sword techniques, Tang Tian’s scalp was numb.

It was truly too complicated!

Briefly looking, from the sensing of the saint sword Ocean Prison, then retrieving it out of the void, the True Power had to go through 17 different variations. Tang Tian had never even heard of such complicated martial techniques, needless to say never seen one before!

He wanted to scold out, who created such martial techniques? Wasn’t it meant to just make things difficult for people?

Furthermore, the 17 different variations, were not even the first step. The first step was that he had to feel for the saint sword Ocean Prison. On how to feel and sense it, it was not written.

d.a.m.n you, can it be even more preposterous?

But, Tang Tian did not have the time to scold, as it was his only way of living. No matter how preposterous it was, how complicated it was, he still had to harden his head and try.

G.o.dlike young man can do anything! Tang Tian kept on repeating that sentence in his mind, trying to self hypnotize.

The first step, to feel for the sword….

How do I feel it….

Tang Tian was fl.u.s.tered and thought for half a day, he focused on the Void Dark Flames, and did not hesitate to immerse his mind into them. His thoughts were simple, if there was anything that could have a connection with the Saint Sword Ocean Prison, then it would be the Void Dark Flames themselves.

At this time, he could not care less, he’d rather try and test before considering anything.

His mind flew into the Void Dark Flames. Tang Tian only felt his surroundings becoming darker, as he entered the endless void s.p.a.ce. The pain and suffering he was enduring from disappeared, inside the void, there was no light, no sound.

Tang Tian gazed around, and could not see anything.

He bit his lips, then using all of his throat power, he shouted out loudly: “Ocean Prison! Ocean Prison! COME ON OUT! Ocean Prison…..”

Tang Tian could only pray that the saint sword Ocean Prison would listen to people, ‘In any case you are a saint sword, you must at least be smarter than Safe And Sound Saber. Safe and Sound Saber can listen to me, so Little brother Ocean Prison, Big brother Ocean Prison, Uncle Ocean Prison, Granddaddy Ocean Prison….’


Tang Tian was ecstatic, he truly was a genius!

A vague figure gradually took form inside the void not far from Tang Tian. Tang Tian could only make out that it was an outline of a person, his facial features blurred. And the feeling of the familiar s.p.a.ce, suddenly overturned completely. The person’s distance seemed to be extremely close, but also extremely far. It was the first time Tang Tian was experiencing the strange feeling.

Tang Tian exhaled, and rubbed his face: “Erm….. Ocean Prison….”

“You’re Tang Tian?” The other person’s voice sounded extremely old.

So it’s a granddaddy Ocean Prison….

Tang Tian was surprised, he focused and immediately nodded his head: “That’s right that’s right! Hi Granddaddy Ocean Prison!”

“Grandaddy Ocean Prison?” The figure was startled, then reacted and laughed out loud: “Interesting! Interesting!”

His tone suddenly changed, and asked: “Tang Tian, are you afraid of death?”

“Of course!” Tang Tian’s heart was anxious, and wanted to just shout, Grandaddy Ocean Prison come with me! But it seemed like, Ocean Prison was not stupid, so he patiently explained: “Granddaddy Ocean Prison, we humans and you swords…. Erm, whatever weapons, are different. As long as we are careless, we will die.”

“Why are you afraid of dying?” The person asked.

“Why?” Tang Tian was startled: “If we die, we will have nothing. No families, no friends, no dreams. A bad life is better than a good death ya!”

Tang Tian immediately reacted, his face changing expression.

Not good, the old man cannot think well, and wants to commit suicide! If not, why would he ask that!

You better not! This G.o.dlike young man, finally has a chance that needs someone else’s help to survive. If you let go, how can you live up to this golden opportunity sent by the heavens?

If not… save me first, then you can go find a place for yourself to….

Tang Tian swallowed his saliva, and with a earnest and persuasive face: “Granddaddy Ocean Prison, the proverbs are good, a bad life is better than a good death. That is the world’s most correct saying, every dead person, is somewhere regretting gravely.”

“There’s nothing in this void. No time, no light, no sound, living is the same as dying.” He replied indifferently.


Tang Tian sucked in cold air, the old man’s att.i.tude was very determined.

Tang Tian felt slightly speechless, he did not know how to advise, so he racked his brain juice: “Granddaddy Ocean Prison, this place truly is lonely, and boring, but why has Granddaddy Ocean Prison been living here for so long, and only today you cannot understand?”

The old man was silent.

Tang Tian muttered: “I think that Granddaddy Ocean Prison has something that you cannot leave behind. There are somethings, that even you, are not willing to give up even in here. That is the meaning of life, there will be some things that you wish to do, regardless if you’re young or old, but you will never forget it, and will linger in your heart that surfaces occasionally. Only by living can you fulfill that wish, and I feel, that is the reason why granddaddy is still living. You have something left hanging in your heart, and even after bearing all the suffering, you are still willing to live on for that wish.”

The old man was quiet for a very long time.

Suddenly, he chuckled. Gradually, it became a big laugh: “Hahahahahaha….”

The laugh was filled with an astonishing power, as though it could tear apart the void.

The laugh suddenly stopped, and his voice erupted: “Kid, Ocean Prison is here, take it!”

A black long sword without a sword guard silently floated in the air.


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