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Chapter 403 – There is a Type of Sea

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Duan Mu stood there holding his breath, in the same position without moving an inch,

Bur very quickly, he realized that something was amiss, because the surroundings were extremely quiet.

The cautiousness in his heart was ringing, the patrolling mechanical wolves in the distance had all stopped, their bodies all turned, and their blue eyes were staring at him.

Not good!

Duan Mu’s heart jumped, the opponent had long sensed him sneaking in!

At the same time, the mechanical wolves all released power in their legs, rushing at him with surprising speed. Seeing that he was exposed, he stopped hiding, and without anymore intention of hiding, he initiated to rush towards the mechanical wolves.

He suddenly wielded a silver lance.

With an accurate strike, the silver lance exploded out in repet.i.tions forming a silver rain, forming a perfect triangle, trapping all the mechanic wolves in place.

The silver lance in his hand, was Northern Sky’s Triangulum Constellation Treasure [Triangle Rain Lance]. The move he had unleashed was it’s killing technique [Triangle Rain].

The group of mechanical wolves rushed into the rain of the Triangle Lance.

Ding ding ding!

The clear and crisp sound of rain-like pattering, produced sparks on every single mechanic wolf. They were heavily injured, their entire bodies were trembling, all flying out.

Two of the mechanic wolves actually exploded in mid air after being injured.

The remaining mechanic wolves flew back, taking huge hits to their vitality.

Duan Mu’s emotions darkened, he had instantly used his killing technique, thinking to kill the small group of mechanical wolves. Who would had thought that, he would only be able to kill two. Such a result was out of his expectations.

The mechanical wolves were much more resilient than he thought, they were actually able to withstand such a degree of attacks!

As expected of grandmaster mechanical engineers!

Duan Mu knew it was not good to continue any further, he was no longer in the mood to continue fighting. After retreating from the mechanical wolves, he turned his body and flew up straight to the city walls.

The scene before him caused his pupils to contract, in his vision were densely packed bronze umbrellas.


The uniform mechanic sound, as the quietly floating bronze umbrellas all started to spin at high speed.

Chi chi chi!

Countless threads shot out from the bone of the bronze umbrellas towards him, in a blink of an eye, all the fine threads had formed an airtight web!

Duan Mu then realized, the opponent had long sensed him. The bronze umbrellas had flown out to stop him from escaping. He had not even found out how the opponents found out about him, but it was not the time to consider such things.

His body turned in a strange angle in midair, pasted on the outer side of the walls, wanting to slide down. At that moment, his pupils contracted once again.

On the bottom of the city walls, somehow there was a jet black river.

His eye power was extremely strong, and even in the darkness, he could see very well. Even with his strong and tough mind, he could not help but have all his hair stand. The river beneath him actually had over 10 thousand of densely packed scissors!

They were all palm sized, ‘kacha kacha’ opening and closing very quickly, they were like a group of hungry worms, getting restless.

d.a.m.n it!

Duan Mu let out an exhale, but his reaction was very fast. He summoned his True Power into his silver lance, Pu, he easily pierced his silver lance into the wall, and his body came to a stop.

A few hundred scissors all started to jump, the ear piercing ‘kacha kacha’ sounds, the scissors brought forth a flow of qi, reaching so close to him, only half a meter distance from his feet!

Duan Mu was like an agile monkey, he swung his body like a swing, and once again leaped up the city wall.

Hu Hu Hu!

The mechanical wolves excitedly shot forward to attack, 10 crescent shaped blade auras appeared in front of him in an instant.

Duan Mu ignored everything else, on his toes, his entire body shot straight into the camp like arrow!


A burst of concentrated explosions occurred on the city wall, but before the pieces from the explosion flew out, they were all wrapped and sealed tightly by the web threads. That portion of the wall, was wrapped in a layer of web. Duan Mu was still having trepidations of the trauma, if he was just half a step later, he would definitely already be wrapped up like glutinous rice!

After all the nest umbrella had scattered to outside the city walls, the inside became much cooler.

Duan Mu knew that the opponent wanted to prevent him from escaping ,which indicated that the opponent was full of confidence and had made ample arrangements against him. If it was any other martial artist, they would definitely be in a big mess, but for Duan Mu, he remained calm and collected.

The opponent’s tight arrangements would make them feel proud, but to him, it was an opportunity.

Duan Mu controlled himself in mid air, releasing his True Power. He was like a leaf gently floating in the air.

Xiu xiu xiu!

The sharp rushing speed movements through the air came out in all directions, a rain of energy arrows flew out, there were no overlooked areas!

Duan Mu took a deep breath and suddenly wielded a silver large shield.

The bulk of the shield was astonishing, standing at a height of 3m, its width was over 1.5m thick. It was much larger than Duan Mu’s body.

Scutum Constellation silver treasure [Barbaric Heavy Bull Shield]!

The Star Power from the shield surged into his arms, causing them to swell and expand out. He exhaled then swung the heavy shield. Like a windmill, it caused multiple afterimages.

It was a famous shield type martial technique, [Big Windmill]!

Pa pa pa!

The bronze arrows shot out to the skies, immediately dropped downwards, shooting in all directions randomly and clattering like rain.

“So strong!” Mo Zi Yu’s eyes almost dropped watching, patting his chest from the lingering fear: “Oh my goodness, so fiesty and fierce, luckily we have big sister pressuring him, come come come. Everyone come place your bets, such an exciting show, if you don’t bet you will surely lose out!”

Ever since he became the group leader, his character became even more lively, as though he had changed into a different person. But he had no choice, his group had many old foxes, if he did not become like them, no one would listen to him. He was not like Mo Wu Wei who had a high reputation, and so he could only lower himself and become familiar with the group first.

He had even pulled himself to the extent of learning the bad practises of the old foxes.

The eyes of the rest all started lighting up, one of the student asked excitedly: “Boss, betting on winning or losing?”

“Please grow some brains?” Mo Zi Yu rolled his eyes: “Of course I am betting that he is able to last a few rounds under Big Sister’s merciless ravage! Big Sister is so hot and fierce, who can handle her?”

“Boss your eyes are truly blazing with pa.s.sion!”

“Are you complimenting that my eyes are big?” Mo Zi Yu blinked his small eyes and asked.

“I bet 10 rounds!” One student quickly changed the topic.

“I bet seven!”

“Are my eyes really big?”


“Strong!” Mo Wu Wei and his group stared intently at the recording for the whole day.

“Are we going to help them?” A student asked meekly.

Mo Wu Wei turned his neck rigidly like a robot, and asked expressionlessly: “You want to change groups?”

The student became pale from fright from the Group leader: “I-I-I….”

Mo Wu Wei turned his head back like a robot again, after a while, he touched his chin and muttered: “How can we compete with them?”

Hearing that his group leader did not have any more killing intent in his words, his men all kept quiet obediently.

“Seems like only I can clean up the mess.” Mo Wu Wei who was touching his chin muttered, then without turning his head: “Everyone get ready to fight.”

All of his companions all turned numb, but did not dare argue, and all replied in unison: “Yes!”

Seeing how powerful Duan Mu was, Sai Lei was not even angry, but instead felt excited, her eyes were bright, one leg on her seat, she continued to bellow: “Where is the Overlord Bow? Woah woah woah! We must let him try our Overlord Bow!”

The Overlord Bow was a mighty mechanical crossbow created for strongholds, with a devastating power, the only drawback was its preparation time was longer, and the efficiency of shooting was very slow.

Ka ka ka!

The bulky Overlord Bow was embedded with nine rank seven star rocks, releasing a dazzling light aura, the string was slowly pulled, the tough arms of the bow slowly changed its shape, releasing a sound that caused people to go numb. The arrow that was thicker than the arms, the head was sparkling with a cold light, causing people to fear it.


The low sound of the string sounded out, and three rays of powerful light aura rushed towards Duan Mu’s shield!

Hearing the sound, Duan Mu knew it was powerful, and he consciously dodged to the side.

Two of the arrows swept past his body, the flow of qi that followed behind him caused him to go numb, while the last arrow struck the big shield in his hands.


The big shield lit up with a bright light aura, the bang caused it to crumble, exploding into 10 pieces that flew everywhere.

Duan Mu groaned, the web between his thumb and finger was bleeding profusely, the tremendous force that struck him caused him to fly backwards.

It was a strategic crossbow!

The base actually had such a terrifying thing!

His outstanding balancing quality was displayed to its maximum, under the time where his True Power was in disorder, he was still able to maintain his balance, and looked like a big bird sliding in midair.


The sound from the ground caused Duan Mu to jump, and he immediately looked down.

His entire being was frozen rigid.

The floor started to over as 9 bronze men came out from the ground.

Rumble rumble.

The floorboards were turning over like ripples, in a blink of an eye, 108 bronze men had appeared and formed a perfect square formation, their attention fixated on him!

He was 100% sure that it was not wrongful thinking, that the bronze men all had their heads raised and staring at him.

The hair on Duan Mu’s head went stiff.

Pa pa pa!

He was completely speechless, as 108 sets of bronze men shot towards him in unison.

No matter how calm he was, he felt as if his skin was going to explode!

He had another sword in his hand, releasing it like the wind, the sharp sword aura effortlessly struck the front bronze man splitting him into two, but he did not find joy in it. The bronze stick to his left came in with a whistling sound, while the right side had a spear, a blade and a sword.

His sword tip struck the bronze stick slightly, causing the sword blade to bend in a huge arc, in the next moment it was taut. Borrowing this force, he suddenly increased his speed and rushed towards the three bronze men to his right, his sword light flashing around, causing the three sets of mechanic bronze men to become heavily injured.

But the power from the bronze stick caused Duan Mu’s qi and blood to soar, and at that moment, he had no way of adjusting his movements.

He knew he could not hesitate at all, raising his True Power, the sword light in his hands exploded.

The sword roared like a dragon, a ray of dazzling sword light like a dragon revolving soared from the ground!

Unique sword technique, [Draco’s Call]!

The surprising sharpness of the sword light, swept through everything. The 20 plus bronze men around Duan Mu were all destroyed at the same time.

Duan Mu’s breathing became erratic, the sword killing technique if used at a normal time, would naturally not have any problems, but at the moment he was being beat down continuously, not only did he get injured, but his Qi and rhythm was totally messed up, to conjure such strength, it caused the meridians in his body to suffer.


Sai Lei praised, then snapped her fingers.

“Come, let us tell him, there is a type of sea….”

Her face exposed an attractive smile, her s.e.xy and enticing tender lips, lightly spoke out.

“Called The Sea of Bronze Men.”

Pa pa pa pa!

The surrounding floorboards around Duan Mu, all started to flip one after another, like a ripple rippling outwards.

In the blink of an eye, Duan Mu was surrounded by densely packed bronze men, becoming isolated and helpless.


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