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Chapter 405 – Manager Crane

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Pi Pa and Tang Chou both spoke a lot, with many new strange terms, causing Tang Tian’s brain to be confused. Tang Chou’s language was sharp, frequently on the topic of drawing blood. Pi Pa was neither servile or overbearing, arguing strongly on what was right, so the two of them often broke out into intense quarreling.

Tang Chou did not forget to hawk about his strategy on Fornax Constellation, which garnered an intense support by Sai Lei.

Pi Pa, on the other hand, had a footing on focusing on tactics to engage in the defense and offense of Three Spirits City, which gained Old Man Fei’s support.

Tang Tian’s method to Aquarius Constellation was also discussed repeatedly.

But Tang Tian was still working hard to note down the verdicts and conclusions on everyone’s discussions.

Andromeda Treasures were very important and could not be given to other people. Andromeda Constellation’s location was also very important, if they were able to equip Tang Yi’s Lupus Army with full equipment, then the Lupus Army would be able to stand guard in Andromeda Constellation. That was something Tang Tian completely could not remember.

Do not go to Orion Constellation.

Orion Constellation was Leo Constellation’s firm ally, so they would garner intense a.s.sault by Honorable Martial Group.

Andromeda had many Star Doors, the ones that go to Orion Constellation would most likely be affected, so they needed to build a fort at Season Fields Waterway, not only could it protect the waterway, it could also help Angelina protect Fairy City.

There were no problems at all, until Tang Tian found out something terrible.

Everything needed money, money, money!

Everything simply needs money!

The gazes all fixated on Tang Tian were all green, scaring Tang Tian to the point that his hair all started to stand.
(TN: Green dollar bills)

At this time, Bing was looking down towards his nose, to his heart, he was feeling guilty.

Tang Tian felt that he needed a representative manager for himself to help out. All of them kept rushing to him to ask for money, causing him to have a headache. This person needed to be someone everyone believed in and had the capabilities. He knew he could not pa.s.s it to Bing, although Bing frequently bragged about his diligent times as a manager, but his style was like a tyrant, and people would definitely hate it.

Who could he pa.s.s it to?

Pi Pa was a good candidate, but she was still young, and her temper was nice, her prestige was low and Sai Lei would definitely eat her up.

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, he thought of someone capable!

Crane’s face was bewildered: “You want me to be in charge of money?”

“That’s right.” Tang Tian said in a matter of fact way: “You are knowledgeable, seen many things, clever, and of course, the most important thing is….”

“What is it?” Crane could not help but ask.

Tang Tian waved his hand: “Your math is good.”

It’s just that everyone’s math is better than yours….

Crane muttered in his heart, looked at Tang Tian and asked in a serious tone: “You really want me to manage the money? It is a lot of money!”

“Of course! This G.o.dlike young man is one to do big things! How can I waste my precious time on such small matters? So little Crane, I will hand it over to you. To help you start off, I have found a helper for yourself.”

A weak looking ordinary spirit general, who bowed to Crane: “Master Crane, I am Ah Tu, please take care of me.”

Ah Tu was birthed from a weak martial spirit, so Ah Tu’s rank was extremely low, regardless if it was his command or powers, they were of the lowest rank. His only use, was to move between Three Spirits City and Crane, and was a helper Tang Tian got for Crane.

Only by doing so, he could absolve himself for real!

Tang Tian meaningfully patted Crane’s shoulder, with a face of “I’ll hand everything to you”, then left.

Tang Tian felt extremely pleased with his own exquisite thinking, it truly could not be anymore exquisite!

G.o.dlike young man, just focus on training, look and move forward, it is not a straight road! Although Tang Chou and Pi Pa fought frequently and intensely, but there was still a surprising consensus, and that was the flames of war were spreading very quickly.

That was not beneficial for Tang Tian, he did not have any ambitions on territory, but to move around in battlefields was definitely not easy. The only thing worth celebrating was that Andromeda Constellation had sufficient Star Doors, and his scope of choice was bigger.

He threw all these annoying things to the back of his head, he knew that his own head was not good. Since it was so, he would hand all the problems to everyone else, they were all clever and trustworthy.

I truly am lucky, that I have all of you….

Then, leave the battles to me!

Tang Tian felt as though the world had suddenly become open and cooling, without all the complications, without the need to make a choice, the only thing he needed to do, was to work harder, work harder, and work even harder, and defeat all their enemies!

Simple minded people, do simple things!

Tang Tian, you can do it!

Tang Tian clenched his fists.

Crane watched Tang Tian’s back as he walked away, after a long while, he suddenly smiled, stretched his back and stood up. He muttered to himself: “Then I will help you for three years, oh, three years, and our agreement will be due.”

Ah Tu stood by the side and did not speak.

Crane moved very quickly, and very soon he was clear of all their properties, cash in reserve and star coins, then requested Tang Chou and Pi Pa to both each produce an a.n.a.lytical strategy report, and at the same time requested all parties to apply for funding reports.

After the initial confusion, very quickly he settled everything in order.

Sai Lei and the rest were initially not convinced of Crane, but after a while they realized that Crane handled matters fairly, and if they were rejected, he would give out the proper reasons.

Speaking about it, the one who was rejected the most was Bing. Bing who flew into a rage out of humiliation ran to Crane to criticize violently, but after half a day, under Crane’s sincere gaze and gentle treatment, he stealthily slipped away.

This made Crane’s reputation increase multiple folds, even Big Sister Sai Lei did not dare provoke him, and could only softly complain behind his back: “Men who are pretty to that point, are truly overboard!” “Still Little Tang Tang is the best, although he is slightly uglier, but he is more generous!”

Crane quickly felt the pressure, as the star coins disappeared like flowing water. Three Spirits City was constantly upgrading, and the consumption was high. For a pressure such like Ophiuchus Constellation on their heads, with their current strength, Three Spirits City was incapable of defending against them. Everyone only hoped that it was Duke Huo Fu Man’s own intentions, and not Ophiuchus Constellation’s.

But no matter what, Duke Huo Fu Man would not give up, and would definitely attack again.

As long as Ophiuchus Constellation did not put in all their effort, Crane was not worried about Three Spirits City’s safety. The people of Three Spirits City were allocated very luxuriously, and with the help of Mo Family, they would not have too many problems.

But he still needed funds for guarantee, and since he had thought about it, he decided to settle it.

He requested to meet Angelina and Ta Dun, causing the two of them to be surprised. To call them to meet at such a time, they already knew that the true master who made the plans were Tang Tian. But this time it was Crane who initiated the meet, so although the two of them were suspicious, but they did not neglect it and very quickly planned the meet.

Both sides sat down, Crane did not bulls.h.i.t and took out a piece of paper: “I have a few things here, and I wish Your majesty and the General to take a look.”

Angelina and Ta Dun became even more suspicious, the two of them took the paper and after taking a look, their faces immediately became very ugly.

The content of the paper was consolidated by Crane from Tang Chou and Pi Pa’s reports, and the main point was to a.n.a.lyze the current political situation and the situation Andromeda Constellation might face in the future. Both of them saw Andromeda Constellation’s situation as bad, they had many Star Doors, which used to be their advantage in the past, but now, it became the crucial point of enemies to use.

Star Door, would forever be an important factor to the outcome of battles, by holding the Star Door’s power, it meant they held the essence of the battle.

Inside the report, it instantly indicated that Andromeda Constellation would become a quagmire with all parties in a battle royal. All the Star Doors would be intensely fought over by the various powerhouses.

Ta Dun’s heart continued to fall.

Andromeda Constellation has always been in a remote corner, and Ta Dun was used to having his sights inside Andromeda Constellation, the most he would place his sights on was inside the Northern Sky’s 19 continents, and that was his limited sight. But there was no doubt with his power he could understand all the a.n.a.lytics.

It was just one thin sc.r.a.p of paper, but it made his hand tremble.

Taking a deep breath, Ta Dun recovered his steadiness, then said: “I never thought that, Lupus Constellation’s intention would be so huge, does Sire Tang Tian want to tussle in Heaven’s Road too?”

Crane looked at the General who had clearly been through hardships with respect, to be able to calm himself at such a short time, he truly was no ordinary man.

Crane exposed a warm smile: “General you are overestimating us, we are just a small broken boat, to be able to protect Lupus Constellation is already considered good.”

Ta Dun did not express his opinion, their a.n.a.lysis was definitely not something anyone could produce. He was secretly astonished, the power behind Tang Tian, was much more profound than he thought.

Lupus Constellation, was definitely just the tip of the iceberg.

There was a possibility that Tang Tian purposely exposed it to outsiders, to confuse everyone.

“Never did I think that Andromeda Constellation was ready to fall at any moment.” Angelina exposed an anxious look: “I wonder if Master Crane has any ideas.”

Crane wanted to hear that sentence, he kept his smile: “My plans is very simple, that is for both our sides to form an alliance.”:

“Alliance?” Angelina exposed an excited look: “Can Master Crane please enlighten us.”

“Your Majesty and the General’s heart is only scared of the quick decisions.” Crane said solemnly: “My side has many people, our military force is strong. For your Majesty’s side, you are rich with economic prosperity. If we allied ourselves, we can protect each other.”

“Are we able to?” Angelina asked with low confidence.

“Yes.” Crane replied seriously: “The three of us will be leaving in a while, and the one to defend this place is only Lupus Army. We will build a stronghold at Season Fields Waterway, called the Wolf Stronghold. Wolf Stronghold is very close to Fairy City, and adding General’s Plateau Army, I believe no one would be willing to cross swords with us so easily. I suggest your Majesty to shift all of the people of Andromeda Constellation from other cities to gather in the vicinity of Fairy City, because according to our plans, Andromeda Constellation will soon be affected by the flames of war.”

“The three of you are leaving?” Ta Dun asked in surprise.

“Yes.” Crane did not hide anything: “This time, us coming to Andromeda Constellation was just a pa.s.sing by. We still have other things to do.”

“When will you guys be back?” Angelina asked with concern.

“For now we do not know.” Crane shook his head.

Angelina was slightly disappointed, but she heaved a sigh of relief, it was obvious that their target was not Andromeda Constellation. After thinking about it, Crane was the nephew of Sagittarius Constellation Empress, and Tang Tian’s background was unfathomable, how could they aim their sights at Andromeda Constellation.

“We have no problem with the alliance! The world is in chaos, and we both need to help each other to survive, to be able to pa.s.s through hardships, whatever you need, please state them to us.” Angelina said with resolve.

Ta Dun was surprised, but he was even more happy, for his daughter had truly grown.

Crane said gravely: “We will hand over all of our energy beasts to your side, but I do have a few requests.”

“Please state them.” Angelina solemnly said.

“Firstly, we wish for the Lupus Army to be able to be equipped fully in the shortest period of time.”

“No problem! Before Lupus Army has been fully equipped, the Andromeda battle gown will not be sold.”

“Secondly, this batch of energy beasts will be supplied to your side, and the future sales of the treasures, we hope that we can obtain 30% of the profits.”

The proportion was moderate, which meant they were not greedy, so Angelina replied without hesitation: “No problem.”

“Thirdly, my side does not hope for a third army that will be equipped with Andromeda Treasures aside from the Lupus Army and Plateau Army, so I will require your side to come up with ideas when selling.”

Ta Dun was the one to nod this time: “Please rest a.s.sure, we too do not wish for such an army to appear.”

“Fourthly, we hope your side can first supply us with 20 billion star coins of loan, this money will be deducted from our profits from today onwards.”

20 billion star coins!

Was this guy crazy?

Angelina and Ta Dun were stunned.

After awhile, Angelina reacted, blood quickly surged to her brain, and asked in stammers: “H-how m-many….energy b-beasts….do you guys actually have?”


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