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Chapter 407 – Xi Lin’s Test

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“He isn’t back yet?” Huo Fu Man asked, his body was seated straight up, his military uniform well ironed.

“Not yet.” The long robed teen hardened his skin and replied, then gathered his courage to speak: “Father, we have so many powerful experts, we can send them in to help. Duan Mu is just ranked 3222, we have more powerful martial artists than him….”

His father creased his eyebrows, the long robed teen knew he had to keep quiet, but he did not feel that he was wrong. He did not understand why his father saw so much in Duan Mu, maybe his father was old, and begun to remember past emotions?

Huo Fu Man relaxed his eyebrows, his expression once again peaceful: “Xi Lin, what do you think is considered strong?”

“It is hard to define strong, but the ranking on the list should clarify a few problems.” Xi Lin replied unhappily.

“Is that so?” Huo Fu Man suddenly showed a smiling expression, although his tone was cold: “But do you know how many Gold Ranked Martial Artists have died to Duan Mu’s hands?”

Xi Lin was startled, his face changed, then asked with a stammer: “H-he……he can kill Gold Ranked Martial Artists?”

“Five.” Huo Fu Man raised up his hand, the smiling expression was gone, and what replaced it was an emotionless and cold expression like a snake: “Is that surprising? Never make presumptuous verdicts to things that you are not familiar with, this world is bigger than you think. Cannot get it through your head? He he, there are people, with ten points of power, but can only use seven or eight points, while there are other people, with eight points of power, but his hands can release twelve points of power.”

Xi Lin stood in the same spot, stupefied.

“The more powerful the person, the more engrossed he is in power, and has no need to use their brains, because they do not need to. A person who is used to using force to resolve problems, what do you think he can do when he meets a problem that cannot be solved with strength? Use his brains? Naive!” Huo Fu Man stood up: “These kinds of people are only fake strong. A simple plot can end his life. Do you know how many Gold Ranked Martial Artists on the list have died to plots? Duan Mu’s strength might not be able to compare to Gold Ranked Martial Artists, but he has ample patience, a calm headed mind, and able to make good judgement. Such people, do not need pure strength, and can beat people stronger than him!”

“You need to be someone who uses your brain, Xi Lin!”

Huo Fu Man’s last sentence was not kind at all.

“Yes father.” Xi Lin’s green red face quickly recovered his cool.

Seeing Xi Lin calm down, a flicker of joy swept past Huo Fu Man’s eyes, and he said: “Then it is now your turn to a.n.a.lyze.”

Xi Lin took a deep breath, dismissing all the negative thoughts in his head, his eyes regained the calm, and he said: “With what father had said, with Duan Mu’s strength, and being unable to escape, it means Three Spirits City is much stronger than what we had antic.i.p.ated. If Duan Mu is killed, it is fine, but if he is not, then Three Spirits City most likely knows of our existence. That also means, our opponent has no way of redemption.”

Huo Fu Man replied expressionlessly: “Continue.”

“Since there is no way of redemption, then we do not need to hide.” Xi Lin’s voice was as cold as the northern winds, with a layer of killing intent, his white palm sliced the air: “Since we started it, we must carry it through the end, no matter what happens. We will take down Three Spirits City!”

“Very good.” Huo Fu Man nodded his head: “I will leave this task to you. I do not care what methods you use, as long as you can completely settle Three Spirits City, I will suggest to His Majesty to lead a region.”

Xi Lin’s eyes flashed a thread of happiness, his Father was old fashioned and very stubborn, upon saying a promise, he would truly fulfil it, so he asked: “Can I use the army?”

Huo Fu Man’s mouth formed another ridiculing smile: “Does it even require you to use the army? Just send someone to use them.”

Xi Lin was not discouraged, he knew that his father was giving him a test. As long as he pa.s.sed it, he would truly gain his Father’s approval.

“Ok!” Xi Lin nodded his head.

Huo Fu Man watched Xi Lin leave with his morale stirred, a pleased look in his eyes.

Out of his few sons, the one with the highest possibility to join his ranks was Xi Lin.

Xi Lin had outstanding capabilities in every aspect, but he was overly gentle, and not very accomplished. Their Majesty had extremely high ambitions, and when it was time to dauntlessly forge ahead, with such a peaceful temper, how would he be able to be in the good graces of their Majesty?

Then he would use Three Spirits City to temper Xi Lin.

Only by tempering with blood and steel, could he truly mature.

Three Spirits City, interrogation room.

Duan Mu was very cooperative, everything that he knew were all spilt out like beans. Duan Mu could clearly see the situation, and was not hesitant at all.

Sai Lei who initially prepared many vicious methods did not even get to use one, causing her to be disappointed.

Taking the report obtained from Duan Mu, a group of people started to hold a meeting, they needed to sieve out the important information, which was Pi Pa’s specialty, in which Tang Chou was far lacking behind.

Just at this time, Bell barged in, causing everyone to turn and look at her in unison.

“Huo Fu Man wants to take action.” Bell explained simply: “There’s movement from his son Xi Lin.”

Bell was very different now, with sufficient funding, her intelligence network had expanded and infiltrated at an astonishing rate. She rarely went out to the front lines anymore, under Pi Pa’s suggestion, she had built an intelligence organization called [Under Cloud Union], on the surface, Under Cloud Union looked like the most ordinary intelligence organization that sold information. But no one knew that the Under Cloud Union was working for Three Spirits City.

To contend with Huo Fu Man, Under Cloud Union used all of its power to gather information with all its might.

“From the current indicators, the one who wants to make a move against us is Huo Fu Man, and not Ophiuchus Constellation.” Pi Pa’s words caused everyone to relax.

Ophiuchus Constellation’s power was too great, and was not something Three Spirits City could currently handle. If it was just Huo Fu Man’s intentions, then it would be much better for them.

Tang Chou said solemnly: “If this a.s.sumption holds true, then the possibility of Huo Fu Man to use his army is very low.”

In any constellation, to move the army was something definitely not treated as a personal action. If Huo Fu Man did not want to be mistaken, he would definitely not use the army.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, only Bing lowered his head, his fists clenching tightly.

We are not strong enough!

The feeling of being suppressed by their old foe in those years, was truly terrible.

Since when was Ophiuchus Constellation capable enough to strut around his own neck!

Bing’s face darkened, but he did not say a word, the anger was his own. He felt that the fate of Southern Cross Constellation was in his hands, and to actually be suppressed by Ophiuchus Constellation, it was too humiliating!

Although he had countless reasons to tell himself, he had only come around for a few years, while the Ophiuchus Constellation had been surviving for so long etc.

But it was still a disgusting feeling!

A disgusting feeling that did not need any reason!

He bit his lips tightly, not saying a word.

Only Tang Chou sensed Bing’s strange expression, the rest did not understand the hatred and enmity between Southern Cross Constellation and Ophiuchus Constellation, they were also unable to connect a ten thousand year war to Bing and Ophiuchus Constellation. In their eyes, Ophiuchus Constellation was just a declining Equatorial Palace Hall Constellation, although it used to be one of the Ecliptic Palaces Constellations, but that was too far gone.

Everyone were invigorated.

“This Xi Lin might use martial artists on this list.” Bell’s face was unbearably tired, her voice hoa.r.s.e and dry.

For the ponytail young lady who was always vigorous and energetic to look like that was rare. Everyone knew, for the list of names, Bell had forked out an immense effort.

“Leave it to us!” Sai Lei said gently, then snorted: “With this list, if we are still able to be defeated, I will definitely buy some tofu and strike my head to death!”

“That’s right!”

“Bell go and rest, leave it to us!”

Everyone all said together.

“Don’t mind me, I will rest on the sofa for a minute and I’ll be fine.” Bell walked to the sofa in the corner, curling her body like a cat, and very quickly she fell asleep.

Xi Lin very quickly got the report regarding Three Spirits City.

“They have imposed more strict laws and security, much more than before.” Young Master Ge swept past the report, and said nonchalantly: “Seems like they know you are going to take action.”

“It’s not weird of them to know.” Xi Lin replied calmly.

“If I were to say, the old man is also unreasonable, to directly send the army, isn’t that as easy as trampling on an ant?” Young Master Ge shrugged his shoulders: “We really must do that huh.”

“Father naturally has his own thoughts.” Xi Lin said: “This time, I have come to find you in the hope that you support me.”

“Oh my, my big brother, did I hear wrong?!” Young Master Ge acted exaggeratedly, using an even more exaggerated tone: “My big brother, would actually want this trash’s support!”

“You don’t have to say such words.” Xi Lin replied calmly: “you and I have the same interests. If I do not take over, who do you think will let you go?”

Young Master Ge immediately released air like a ball: “Alright, what do you want?”

“Money.” Xi Lin replied: “Other than money, what do you have?”

“Alright.” Young Master Ge nodded his head: “How much do you want?”

“All of it.” Xi Lin’s said calmly.

“What?” Young Master Ge thought he heard wrong.

“All of your money.” Xi Lin said straightforwardly: “This test was given to me by Father, in which I need to complete it beautifully. Don’t be heartbroken about your money, as long as I pa.s.s this test, you can earn back 10 times this money. If I do not pa.s.s it, the money you have now, is also not yours.”

Young Master Ge was dumbstruck, his big brother had said that, giving him no way to refute.

“You and me are in this together, in this war, we can only win and not lose.”

Xi Lin looked at Young Master Ge.

Seeing his big brother’s pupils flashing with a cold glint, he knew that his big brother was truly making his move.

Young Master Ge’s expression also became serious: “As long as you are serious about it, there is nothing you cannot do. Alright! I will give you everything! Everything will be given to you, not one star coin less! You must definitely win!”

Xi Lin was extremely moved, but he did not say anything, patting his little brother’s shoulder, the battle intent in his chest soaring.


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