WebNovel Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 42, Chapter 582.2: Who's Scheming Here?

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This sensation was truly frightening. He was starting to understand what Zhongli Wu’s martial soul was.

His martial soul was not just one which only offered strengthening and support. Instead, his martial soul also possessed powerful fighting strength.

This fighting strength was what Zhongli Wu had gained a result of the fusion between his spirit and his body, as well as the enhancement gained from his mutated martial soul.

Similar to how Xu Sanshi’s martial soul had evolved into the Xuanwu Shield, Zhongli Wu’s martial soul was probably also continually evolving as his cultivation continued to improve. Its real name should be called the Death G.o.d Demonpuppet.

Yes, the Death G.o.d Demonpuppet.

The Death G.o.d Douluo’s martial soul was the Blood Soul Demonpuppet. It was already an extremely powerful martial soul. However, Zhongli Wu’s martial soul was even stronger than his mother’s.

Death G.o.d Douluo? From the current look of things, Zhongli Wu was more deserving of the t.i.tle. After all, his martial soul true body was the Death G.o.d’s true body itself! The Bone Dragon King must be the Death G.o.d’s mount!

This must be Zhongli Wu at his most powerful state. No wonder he did not panic at all when I repeatedly blocked his attacks. That’s because he had been holding back all this while!

Huo Yuhao did not release his martial soul true body. The Snow Empress and Ice Empress were still asleep, and the Eyes of the Asura were not ideal for close-combat. And based on the situation before him, close-combat seemed to be the only option. Neither of them would be able to run away from that.

The Bone Dragon King let out a deafening roar as its gigantic body soared into the sky. Its frightening wings flapped intensely as it blocked everyone’s view of the sun and the clouds. It carried the Death G.o.d above its head as it surged towards Huo Yuhao.

Even though its body was enormous, it was able to fly at an incredibly fast speed. Within a split second, the gigantic Death G.o.d’s Sickle was right before Huo Yuhao.

Six fire-wind vortexes also appeared around Huo Yuhao at this instant as they made sure that he couldn’t move away to avoid Zhongli Wu’s attack. The frightening suffocating sensation threatened to tear Huo Yuhao apart.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes immediately radiated intense light. The Eye of Destiny on his forehead had long been activated, and a streak of purple-golden light slammed into the head of the Bone Dragon King.

The green spirit fire instantly trembled vigorously. The six fire-wind vortexes disintegrated immediately as Zhongli Wu lost control over them, and they released a series of violent air currents.

Even though Zhongli Wu was also caught in the air currents, he was not really affected by them, as he was a user of wind-type and fire-type power. The Death G.o.d’s Sickle in his hand did not even budge as he continued to advance towards Huo Yuhao.

“Cling!” Huo Yuhao had raised his Morning Dew Dagger to block Zhongli Wu’s Death G.o.d’s Sickle. Immediately, Huo Yuhao found himself thrown backward by the incredible force produced by the collision. While he was flying backward, his entire body was enshrouded by streaks of black air. Those black currents were somehow able to fuse into his body directly. In fact, most of them went straight for his head, as though they were trying to consume his soul.

On the other hand, Zhongli Wu only shook a little on the head of the Bone Dragon King. He merely had to adjust his footing to find his balance again. The Death G.o.d’s Sickle in his hand now had an additional blue layer of ice on it. However, the blue ice was rapidly melting under the impact of the black current released from Zhongli Wu’s body.

This was absolute power. The power of the Death G.o.d.

Even though Huo Yuhao was being thrown backward by the force, his eyes were radiating with pa.s.sion and enthusiasm. Yes, this was the pressure he wanted! Even Elder Xuan would not have been able to give him this stifling sensation. This was because Elder Xuan did not possess any murderous intent against him.

The Yin Yang Complement soul cores within his body were rotating at an insane speed as the streaks of soul power which were perpetually colliding against one another produced a soul power vortex. It was running at a speed that was at least three times its normal speed. Huo Yuhao’s power was continually ejected from his body into his surroundings.

His soul cores were the true trump card he had against Zhongli Wu. Huo Yuhao’s regenerative ability was way above any normal soul master because of his Yin Yang Complement soul cores. Hence, the soul power he had actually expended would always be less than what it seemed on the surface.

However, Zhongli Wu’s fighting strength had also exceeded his expectations. The Death G.o.d’s Sickle was indeed very powerful! This sickle appeared to be the evolved state of the staff he had produced from his first soul skill. However, Huo Yuhao could tell with his Spiritual Detection that it was actually his eighth soul skill.

Zhongli Wu had only become so strong because he had used his seventh soul skill—Death G.o.d True Body—and his eighth soul skill—Death G.o.d’s Sickle. He would definitely stand a chance against a real Ultimate Douluo with these two soul skills.

After that collision, even the Ultimate Ice ability of the Morning Dew Dagger was unable to completely seal the death aura contained within the Death G.o.d’s Sickle. This frightening death aura was actually eating away at Huo Yuhao’s body at an incredibly fast speed. Even though the Icy War G.o.d’s Armor was able to filter off a significant portion of it, some parts of it had still managed to creep into the armor. It was like a persistent worm that was able to eat through anything. Because of how hard it was to remove the death aura, it would be an extremely serious problem for anyone who was to find his or her body attacked by it.

However, Huo Yuhao was the exception. After creeping into his body, the death aura was about to begin to devour his life energy. These streaks of death aura were able to strengthen themselves by devouring life energy until Huo Yuhao was dead. That was the power of the Death G.o.d!

However, the streaks of death aura found themselves up against countless tiny vortexes after creeping into Huo Yuhao’s body. These vortexes contained Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power and Ultimate Ice. Even though the vortexes were not able to directly dissolve the death aura, they were able to latch themselves onto the death aura. Following which, both of them would be ejected from Huo Yuhao’s body under his careful control.

There was also an extra coat of black on the Morning Dew Dagger. If one were to go up close to look at it, one would realize that it was a small black vortex which contained an incredibly frightening amount of power.

“You should surrender now. You will never stand a chance against me. I don’t want to kill you. With the gifts you possess, you can definitely become my successor at the Holy Ghost Church.” Zhongli Wu spoke coldly. Even then, his eyes showed the pity and admiration he had for Huo Yuhao’s talent.

Zhongli Wu was able to sense that Huo Yuhao was still not a Transcendent Douluo from their previous collision. Huo Yuhao was only able to parry his blow because of his human-shaped soul tool and the G.o.dly weapon. On the other hand, Zhongli Wu was an actual Rank 98 Transcendent Douluo! There was a gap between their abilities that could not be bridged. Just his beast spirit alone was enough to negate the difference between their martial souls.

Huo Yuhao shook his head obstinately as he said, “Tell me that again only after you have defeated me!” As he spoke, he raised the Morning Dew Dagger once again as a look of determination formed on his face. The violent wind-type and fire-type power continually attacked his body as his Icy War G.o.d’s Armor radiated a powerful glow.

How is he not affected by the death aura? Zhongli Wu’s eyes widened in disbelief. There’s no way the death aura has not had any effect on him. He must have found a way to suppress it temporarily.

The gigantic bone dragon let out another roar as it flapped its wings before flying towards Huo Yuhao again. Even though Huo Yuhao had hurt it with his Spiritual Shock, the damage sustained by its soul was still limited because its soul was fused with Zhongli Wu’s.

Just when the gigantic dragon started to fly towards Huo Yuhao, Zhongli Wu made his move. He waved his gigantic Death G.o.d’s Sickle once again as its scary black blade slashed across the sky. The blade seemed to have torn apart the s.p.a.ce which separated it and Huo Yuhao as it instantly appeared before him.

The attack was so fast that Huo Yuhao could only block it with his Morning Dew Dagger. Once again, he was knocked back by the powerful force. This time around, he did not even have the time to release his Spiritual Shock before the sickle came for him.

While he was flying backwards due to the impact, streaks of black fog flickered around him as they tried to devour him.

The Bone Dragon King accelerated as it appeared where Huo Yuhao had landed almost instantly. It took aim as it swept its gigantic dragon tail towards Huo Yuhao’s waist.

Huo Yuhao’s body flew away like a homerun baseball as he was. .h.i.t once again. The Icy War G.o.d’s Armor let out a deafening sound after it was. .h.i.t by the dragon tail.

The most frightening thing was how large vortexes of fire-type and wind-type energy continued to attack his body even though he had been sent flying away from the Bone Dragon King.

Throughout the entire attack, Zhongli Wu never left the head of the Bone Dragon King. Once again, he slashed his Death G.o.d’s Sickle as it tore apart the s.p.a.ce before him. A black image flickered before disappearing into the void.

The same black figure ripped apart the s.p.a.ce Huo Yuhao would go by along his flight trajectory as he reappeared before him.

The figure seemed like the spitting image of Zhongli Wu as it slashed the sickle in its hand onto Huo Yuhao’s body.

Everyone who was watching the battle could not help but hold their breath as they watched the sight before them unfold.

That’s it. Huo Yuhao is probably going to be finished this time around.

“Cling!” Just when everyone expected the sickle to land on Huo Yuhao’s body, he suddenly turned his body in mid-air as he waved his Morning Dew Dagger towards the sickle at an impossible angle. He managed to block the deadly blow of the sickle with his dagger! However, his body was once again sent flying away. By now, his Icy War G.o.d’s Armor was shrouded with death aura. It seemed as though he was about to be consumed by the black streaks of energy.

Huo Yuhao no longer tried to fight Zhongli Wu as he turned around and tried to fly into the distant sky.

“Are you trying to flee? I don’t think you can run away from me.” Zhongli Wu let out a burst of cold laughter. Because their spirits were fused, the Bone Dragon King immediately understood his intent as it flapped its humongous wings. At the next instant, it was already more than a thousand meters from where it had been. It was almost as if they had teleported as they continued their pursuit of Huo Yuhao.

Right now, it seemed as though the battle was finally coming to an end. It was extraordinarily hard for soul masters above the t.i.tled Douluo rank to turn the tables after their opponent had gained a serious upper hand.

Huo Yuhao had undoubtedly sustained injuries after receiving those blows from Zhongli Wu and his Bone Dragon King. That was apparent from how he was unable to retaliate against their power.

Right now, he was trying to flee so that he could suppress the power of the Death G.o.d which was trying to ravage his body. However, what would happen next? Zhongli Wu’s attacks would simply continue. He had to figure out another way to handle him and his mount!

While Zhongli Wu was chasing after Huo Yuhao, he was surprised to discover that Huo Yuhao’s Icy War G.o.d’s Armor was still functional. It was still accelerating Huo Yuhao in an intermittent but explosive manner. The armor was able to increase the distance between Huo Yuhao and Zhongli Wu as they went around in circles.

Such explosive acceleration would be extremely demanding on the user’s soul power. What is this lad trying to do?

Zhongli Wu simply let out a burst of cold laughter as he continued to go after Huo Yuhao. Even though the sky had turned dark, he was in no hurry at all. The blue pillar that was shining on Huo Yuhao from the sky had gradually disappeared. Without support from this pillar, Zhongli Wu believed that Huo Yuhao would not be able to last much longer.
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