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However, a golden light was automatically released at this instant. It seemed like the Wildlion Douluo was actually in possession of an invincible barrier.

However, invincible barriers were not that useful in battles between t.i.tled Douluo. His invincible barrier was shattered almost instantly by the black and white sword lights. After shattering the barrier, the remaining streaks of sword light landed on the Wildlion Douluo, whose soul skill had been interrupted earlier.

The Wildlion Douluo grunted as a wound formed across his chest. He was fortunate enough to possess a fairly strong amount of soul power and an invincible barrier. If not, he would have suffered a far more serious injury.

However, at this instant, the Angel Douluo, Ye Guyi, was already in berserk mode. She released another layer of brilliant golden light, which started to expand from her body into her surroundings.

It looked like she was establishing a gigantic golden barrier around her peers. This was because Xue Kui, Xue Leng, and the soul masters they had brought along with them had released their ranged soul skills while she was fighting the Wildlion Douluo.

Even though these soul skills were not particularly strong individually, their powers became significant when combined! It was still fairly threatening when so many people were to launch an attack at them.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Ye Guyi had no choice but to establish some defensive measures.

All surrounding ranged attacks were immediately reflected the moment they came into contact with her golden light. When the golden light eventually gave way, all the remaining attacks were either deflected or blocked by the last ounce of power within the golden barrier. Even the two gigantic pillars released by the t.i.tled Douluo at the side were slowed by the barrier before they landed on Xu Sanshi’s Shield Wall.

Instantly, a loud thud could be heard as the Shield Wall shook vigorously. Xu Sanshi let out a grunt, but he ultimately managed to block the gigantic beams.

It seemed like the group had managed to hold off the first combined attacks from their opponents with the collective defensive powers of Xu Sanshi and Ye Guyi.

On the other hand, Ye Guyi had only just started. Just now, the barrier she had released was her own soul skill—Holy Light Spiritual Formation. Following which, her entire body took on a brilliant golden color. As the golden light intensified, she looked as though she had been carved out of pure gold.

At the same time, the wings behind her back had also taken on the same color. This was her seventh soul skill—Angel True Body.

At this instant, it seemed as though the Holy Angel had just descended from the World of the G.o.ds. Her powerful holy aura was released into her surroundings, and her opponents could immediately feel an immense pressure from her aura.

Following which, her eighth soul ring lit up. A golden figure instantly split from her body, and at the next instant, it had appeared behind the Wildlion Douluo.

After being interrupted by Ye Guyi’s soul skill, the Wildlion Douluo was trying to unleash his seventh soul skill—his martial soul true body. However, he found himself immobilized the minute the golden angel appeared behind him.

The Wildlion Douluo felt as though his entire soul had been locked in position at that instant. He tried his best to resist that mysterious force. However, he was unable to break free from it. Following which, the golden image fused directly into the Wildlion Douluo’s body.

At the very instant, the Wildlion Douluo’s body turned golden. As he breathed in and out, golden streaks of air were released from his nostrils and mouth.

Everyone who was standing by the Wildlion Douluo was scared out of their wits by this frightening sight. At this instant, a streak of matte black sword light flashed across the crowd. It seemed as though the surrounding s.p.a.ce was frozen at that moment. Following which, everyone could hear a cry from a Soul Douluo. When they turned around to see what had happened to him, they saw that his body had been sliced in two.

On the battlefield, the sword fanatic, with his frightening sword intent, was always the person with the strongest attacking power.

Ji Juechen had drawn first blood when he released his explosive fighting power.

Even though Xue Kui and Xue Leng had retreated from them, they could not help be shocked by how Xu Sanshi’s friend was able to kill their soul masters even after being surrounded by so many powerful soul masters. At that moment, they truly understood what it meant to be a graduate of Shrek Academy!

After all, they had learned from their investigation that Xu Sanshi was one of this generation’s Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

After successfully slaying someone with a single blow, Ji Juechen slashed his Judgement Sword outwards again. Even though he did not manage to kill someone this time, he was able to force a good number of them backward.

As the intense battle unfolded, the Wildlion Douluo suddenly released a loud howl. His body suddenly released a blast of golden light. It was almost as if his soul had been stripped from his body. His pupils turned completely white as his body vibrated intensely. Huge amounts of fire-type soul power were spurting out from his pores before blood started to flow out from everywhere.

A t.i.tled Douluo was actually unable to defend himself after being hit by this soul skill. This was simply unimaginable.

Every single soul master was stunned after seeing what had happened to the Wildlion Douluo. They could only tell that it was a result of Ye Guyi’s eighth soul skill.

Angel of Death!

After the Wildlion Douluo had released all of the golden energy from his body, he started to burn in the golden light, which had transformed into a gigantic beam of light. The beam surged up into the sky as the Wildlion Douluo screamed in the burning light. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to escape from the light.

Ye Guyi released another wave of Holy Light Spiritual Formation to negate the bulk of the attacks being launched at them.

Following which, Ye Guyi released an explosive amount of golden light again. Pairs of golden wings spread themselves one after another on her martial soul true body as her ninth soul ring lit up.

At this instant, Xue Leng and Xue Kui started to become genuinely frightened. She’s just too scary! Why does she have so much power when she seems to be only twenty years old? What kind of ability is she unleashing? Her eighth soul skill was already enough to destroy a t.i.tled Douluo. What would happen if she unleashes her ninth soul skill?!

Ye Guyi’s six pairs of wings doubled instantly as they increased from the original six pairs to twelve pairs. Her aura continued to surge until it reached a frightening level of power. Even though she was releasing the same Holy Light Spiritual Formation, the soul masters with seven or eight rings were no longer able to damage her light barrier with their collective attacks.

Her frightening abilities had already exceeded what these Dou Ling Empire soul masters could have imagined.

To be honest, Xue Kui and Xue Leng had actually done proper research on Xu Sanshi and his peers before they had begun their operation. They believed they had a decent understanding of their abilities.

However, they had not expected this group of youthful individuals, whose oldest person was at most thirty years old, to be so powerful.

They were especially shocked by Ye Guyi, because they did not expect her to be the strongest individual amongst the group. In fact, they did not even know that she was a t.i.tled Douluo—much less a t.i.tled Douluo who was so powerful!

Now that Ye Guyi had twelve pair of wings, what did that mean? It meant that she was now an Archangel! She was no longer mortal, and had developed G.o.d-like powers!

Hence, Ye Guyi’s ninth soul skill was called Archangel’s Descent, which was also known as the G.o.d of Angels!

An insane amount of golden light was released from her body. She could only unleash and maintain this soul skill for ten seconds. However, she was able to wield power which could almost rival an Ultimate Douluo during those ten seconds. When she eventually became a Transcendent Douluo, the duration would be extended to thirty seconds.

Even though one would not be able to do much in ten seconds, it was definitely sufficient to kill a good number of people.

As the Holy Sword appeared in the Archangel’s hand, Ye Guyi slashed the sword forward as streaks of holy light rippled into her surroundings.

The two t.i.tled Douluo at the side who were wielding their poles received the most damage from the holy light. They could only try their best to use their martial soul true bodies to counter the holy light that shone onto them. By fusing into their long poles, they fought with their lives to counter the prowess of the Holy Sword.

When the holy light ended, only half of their long poles remained intact. The other half had been completely destroyed by the holy light.

In fact, there were more than six soul masters who were completely purified by the holy light. The t.i.tled Douluo at their rear was also knocked away by the powerful light from the Holy Sword.

They would never have expected one person’s explosive attack to be so powerful.

“Run now!” Xu Sanshi exclaimed. Following which, a golden light flashed, and he swapped positions. When he reappeared, he was standing beside Xue Kui. On the other hand, Xue Leng had been displaced to where Xu Sanshi was.

Jiang Nannan was already waiting for Xue Leng to appear. She immediately put Xue Leng in a lock before smashing him into the ground.

Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Shield collided heavily with Xue Kui. Even though Xue Kui was able to muster his soul power in time, he was still slammed outwards. His entire body in a numb state after being affected by the Mysterious Underworld Quake.

Xu Sanshi let out a warcry as he unleashed the power of his Golden Tortoise. He slammed the Xuanwu Shield in his hand into the ground as huge black ripples spread outwards within his Xuanwu’s Domain. The remaining soul masters immediately found themselves stumbling about on the rapidly shaking ground within the Xuanwu’s Domain.

Once again, the Judgement Sword in Ji Juechen’s hand radiated black and white light as another three soul masters fell prey to the slash of his sword. Following which, he led the way as he started to charge outwards.

A gigantic soft tendon python separated itself from Jiang Nannan’s body as it wrapped itself around Xue Leng. Following which, she held Xue Leng as her hostage and raised him up, forcing the soul masters to stay back. Afterward, she started to dash out from the back.

In the meantime, Nan Qiuqiu’s eighth soul ring lit up. She gave a cold stare as a gigantic image of her Rouge Dragon formed behind her back. The Rouge Dragon opened its mouth and released several pink b.a.l.l.s of light, which exploded in the air one after another as they made sure no one could go after them.

The eighth soul skill of the Rouge Dragon Annihilation martial soul—Annihilation Tempest.

The frightening power of annihilation blocked all the soul skills that were being thrown at them from their backs. One Soul Sage who was rushing towards them went straight into the Annihilation Tempest and disappeared without leaving a trace.

Xue Lingxun was not stupid. She knew that such opportunities were hard to come by as she dashed out behind Ji Juechen.

Once again, Ye Guyi swept the Holy Sword in her hand horizontally as the Holy Light Spiritual Formation spread out to her surroundings again.

Even though the G.o.d of Angels had ended, Ye Guyi’s final Holy Light Spiritual Formation was enough to send the remaining t.i.tled Douluo and soul masters flying after it expanded into its surroundings.
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