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Chapter 944

Wenhe’s Job Hunting

After knowing Lin Le wanted to build a park and a castle, Song Xin came forward, “Lele, don’t worry about the money, I can…”

“No! I want to fund it with my own money! I have a lot of money now! Around 3 billion… I may not know how much a billion is but I heard that it is a lot if you count it from the multiples of a thousand….”

Song Xin sighed and did not persist any further. Her only wish was for him to be happy and she would secretly contribute.

On the other side, Wu Na, Lin Liang, ColdMoon, Jia Xu and FrozenCloud were practising. Jia Xu’s incredible erhu skills allowed Wu Na to foresee the endless possibilities of ancient music. An erhu in his hands was like a killing sword in a warrior’s. People teared when it was saddening and would go insane when the tempo was mad. Lin Liang’s guqin and ColdMoon’s piano were also a good match up to the band. Hmm…I look noob. I must put in more effort in coming up with the lyrics!

“Wenhe, have you found yourself a job yet?” Lin Liang’s question stunned Jia Xu. Me? Jia Xu finding a job?

“You can’t always ask us to pay for your adventure expenditure, can you?” Lin Liang sounded p.i.s.sed and Jia Xu gave it a thought. True though. I’ll go to the human resource market to have a look. With my capabilities, there’s nothing I can’t do anyway. “Don’t worry about me…”

“Don’t underestimate the world. We have all faced many challenges in this matter. Emperor Liu, someone who is good at talking, can only be a food deliveryman,” Lin Liang smirked.

Jia Xu pondered. Is it that scary? I know how strong Liu Bei is. That mouth of his is totally… He could lie without even thinking.

“With cousin Jia Xu’s erhu skills, he could just take a stool and play a few songs along the streets. I’m pretty sure many would pay him money. Don’t worry about it…” Wu Na smiled and Jia Xu nodded. That idea sounds good but still, let’s take a look at the market.

Since Jia Xu had nothing to do in the afternoon, he decided to head to the human resource market but was kicked out before he could say a thing. He could not even get a job as a waiter due to his evil-looking appearance which might affect the customers’ appet.i.te. Looking at the people walking back and forth, squeezing between one another, he felt that the entire market was like a battlefield. Everyone here was like a soldier in the frontlines and every employer was like a scout tower. He smirked as he did not even have the qualifications to compete with others. Haha, can’t believe I, Jia Wenhe would have such an experience. I guess I’ll come back after earning myself a few certificates then. He took out his erhu, sat on a stool he found, and placed a paper box in front of him. Moments later, he started getting immersed in his melody. The dynamics of the sound was as if exclaiming how tough his life was. Everyone started to feel that they themselves were sc.u.ms, feeling extremely down. However, Jia Xu increased its tempo and played the erhu with madness. The entire dampened atmosphere was hyped up and it boiled up everyone’s blood. Yeap, one must strive to be the best. Only those who succeed and stand on the peak after putting much effort and experiencing all sorts of failures have the right to say that life was like a movie. It’s still early for me to give up now! Out of a sudden, many sorrowful beings who were about to leave the market rolled up their sleeves. The determined look on their faces gave off the feeling as if they were injected with a dose of energy. They continued to apply for jobs and tossed 1000 federal coins each into the box. “Thank you…”

The box was full with money in no time. After finishing off another song, Jia Xu carried his erhu on his back and looked at the money in the box. He then brought the entire box to the owner of a commissary store. “Turn the money into food and drinks and distribute it to the people looking for jobs…”

Just when he was about to leave, a hand grabbed him, “Hey, you…”

Jia Xu turned around to see a woman in a police uniform. She looked pretty but heroic at the same time.

“Show me your busking license.”


“You don’t have it, do you? Then, the penalty is twenty thousand and your illegal income will be confiscated.”


“You are giving me a ‘huh’?! How can you be this unethical by playing the erhu in public without a license? If you play well, that’s still tolerable. But what if you aren’t good at it? It’s causing a nuisance to the public! Everyone here doesn’t have a license. In such a crowded place, if you play a song here and someone else plays another song there, how can we maintain public order here?! Quickly, pay the fine!”

“About that, young lady…”

“What ‘young’. Address me as ‘officer’! Actually, my name is Siao Zhengnan, you can call me Officer Siao.”

“About that, Officer Siao, I really have no idea about the license… can you…”

“No! If I were to settle this privately, I might do the same tomorrow. Being fair and upholding justice is the priority of our Lin Hai Police Force! Look at yourself, you’re even dressed in a tangzhuang for this. Why don’t you just go apply for a license. I heard your song just now, it was extremely melodious…but the rules are the rules!”

“Robbery! There’s a bank robbery!” Gunshots were heard after a loud scream. Siao Zhengnan’s first reaction was to put Jia Xu behind her and hid him behind a bunch of flowers. “Stay here and don’t run around!”

“Headquarters, headquarters… There’s a bank robbery happening in the third branch human resource market of the East District! Details unknown!” Siao Zhengnan was observing the situation at the bank. There was a robber holding a little girl hostage. His furious emotions made him unknowingly apply a greater force on the hostage. Seeing the little girl getting almost out of breath, Siao Zhengnan stood out, “Siao Zhengnan from Lin Hai East District Moon Shining Branch…”

Numerous bullets were shot in her direction and Siao Zhengnan quickly backed off but the little girl’s pale face was a deterrence and she was about to go out there again. I must at least save her! Jia Xu said with a smile, “I can save her but can you forget what I did, Officer Siao…”

“Why are you asking such a thing at this time?! If you can save her, do it now!” Siao Zhengnan was mad.

“No, I’m just afraid that it is illegal too. Also, if I were to save her, the robber will die… including those inside…” Jia Xu smiled and saw the hesitation in the woman’s eyes. I love to see people suffer. Forget about it. With the personalities I had in the past, if I were to settle this situation, not only will the robbers die but also the hostage. This is because killing them all together is way easier than wasting so much effort to uphold whatever you call justice. Most of all, it is more practical too. But back then, it was a world of madness, I could only oppress the evil with more evilness. Those people who promote justice are either filled with evil intentions or are just seriously stupid. In the chaos, no survivors are innocent. Innocent is just a term for weaklings. Little girl, you should be glad that you met a kind soul like me. If I were Li Ru…hehe…

Just when Siao Zhengnan was still considering, she saw the robber let go of the little girl and pointed at his own forehead with the gun. He looked extremely scared, “My hand…No, i don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!!”

She turned around to see Jia Xu staring at the robber with no emotions. Seeing the robber’s actions, a chill ran down her spine. Yet, she was glad at the sight of the little girl running into her mother’s embrace. “Can’t you spare his life? Won’t you feel cruel seeing him killing himself?”

“Nope, not at all…” Jia Xu shrugged his shoulders.

The robber’s fingers were on the trigger and Siao Zhengnan quickly dashed out and knocked the gun away. Jia Xun tilted his head and looked at her, “If I want him to die now, not even Hades dares to keep him alive!”

The gun landed beside the little girl and the girl picked up the gun without hesitation, aiming at the robber who kidnapped her. With tears in her eyes, she shouted, “Mommy, don’t touch me, I feel like I might even kill you!”

Seeing the cold smile and eyes, Siao Zhengnan pulled out her gun but aimed at the little girl.

“Look at that little girl. She’s about to kill someone, someone unarmed. What you are doing is upholding justice, aren’t you?” Jia Xu said softly.

“On what conditions would you spare their lives?!” Siao Zhengnan was shouting as tears filled her eyes. This man is a demon!

“The twenty-thousand-coin fine…”

Siao Zhengnan was stunned. You did all these for just a fine of twenty thousand?! “I’ll pay that for you!”

“What do you mean by paying for me?! Do you think I’m that cheap? But since the problem is solved, I’m cool with it. Oh yeah, do you have any vacancies that you can recommend to me? I’m trying to find a job…” Jia Xu smiled.


“Huh?! What do you mean by giving me a ‘huh’?! I’m sure you, as a police officer, have good networking. Help me find a job but I have no educational background,” Jia Xu said as Siao Zhengnan’s and the little girl’s fingers were getting close to the trigger.

At this point, Siao Zhengnan was already being forced to the maximum, “No problem!”

“Really?! You won’t be lying to me, will you? Even though I always lie to others, I hate people who lie to me the most.” Jia Xu continued to smile and Siao Zhengnan’s finger was already on the trigger.

“Yes, I’m serious! I beg you. Please spare her life!” Siao Zhengnan was at the edge of going insane. Why would I meet such a demon by just giving out a twenty-thousand-coin fine?!

“Alright, I trust you.” Siao Zhengnan could finally control her own body and the little girl threw away the gun and went back to her mother’s embrace. The robber fainted and numerous gunshots were heard from the inside. The moment Siao Zhengnan was about to say something, all hostages ran out safely.

“It’s so weird. The robbers just shot at each other all of a sudden. All of them were severely injured inside.”

Staring at Jia Xu’s smile, Siao Zhengnan shivered. Omg, I just got picked on by a scary person. Recalling his request just now, she smiled bitterly, “About that, are you willing to be a police officer?”

“Sure, a kind soul like me suits this occupation the most,” Jia Xu nodded.

Yet, Siao Zhengnan could not smile at all. What should I do? I’ll think of a solution once I return to the branch. I can’t see through this man…

“Alright, it’s time to go home. Oh yeah, don’t plan on cheating on me yea. I hate people who break promises. I think you wouldn’t want to know the consequences of betraying me. Besides, we are considered friends now and colleagues in the future?” Jia Xu got up and left with a smile.

Staring at his smile, Siao Zhengnan felt extremely inferior. The feeling of completely being in the hands and under the control of someone. You’re this strong and you still want me to get you a job?! This was something unfathomable that she feared the most. She was not able to predict even a millionth of his logic. Everything that happened an instance ago was like a ridiculous nightmare.

After boarding the train, Jia Xu pondered. Well, a police officer should be better than an excavator driver, right? That lady must have sensed my admiration of her kindness in upholding justice. Sigh. I’m just too kind.


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