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Fierce Battle

The Loathsome Evil was a creature that Leylin had seen in ancient books. It was a type of life form that had been created by Magi.

Its exact origin was unknown, but Leylin could very clearly remember that in ancient books, the Loathsome Evil had been described as a fiend.

This type of lifeform had an exceedingly powerful body and vitality. What was even more frightening was the spirit pollution constantly emanating from its body.

Ordinary people were simply unable to withstand the pollution caused to their spirits and usually died en ma.s.se.

As a result, the appearance of a Loathsome Evil generally marked the destruction of cities and the loss of countless lives.

The most frightening record had been when an entire army of over a hundred Loathsome Evils appeared!

This terrifying army had destroyed two ancient Magi’s headquarters and caused the deaths of approximately twenty percent or more of the population of the south coast.

Ultimately, only with the aid from an unknown ancient Morning Star Magus was that terrible army completely destroyed.

“I didn’t expect the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect to have created this Loathsome Evil! Then again, the timing is just right!”

Within Leylin’s eyes, there appeared a flash of understanding.

Based on the annals of the Magus world’s history, after the disaster caused by the Loathsome Evils, the Spirit Slaying Sect sank into a weird state of affairs. First, they proclaimed their conviction that a supreme Magus had descended, and then they ruled this world. Soon after, they carried a very large scale blood and flesh sacrifice and thereby disappeared from this Magus world.

Now, it was clear to him that the thriving Spirit Slaying Sect had offended the Magi of the south coast, so the Magi had all joined hands to destroy this sect.

At this moment, the Loathsome Evil that had been wandering around noticed Leylin.

Through its eyes, one of which was big and the other small, its thirst for blood was self-evident. Even its huge, bloated body was trembling in excitement.

A light green haze permeated the entire garden.

“Spirit Pollution!” Leylin’s expression became grim, as he recognised the most dreadful attack from this Loathsome Evil.

“Kemoyin’s Scales!”

With a single thought, a fine layer of scales covered his body. The scales were jet-black and densely packed as they crept up Leylin’s arms and even his face.

Under the protection of the scales, Leylin’s current appearance was vastly different. There was even a hint of amber light in his eyes.

These scales did not give him a fiendish image, but rather, with the influence and charm that a Warlock’s bloodline gave him, there was a sense elegance to his appearance.

Even a regular human would think there was a wild aesthetic to Leylin.

If Leylin was a sub-human and part of the Snake family, he’d even be treated as a precious tribute to the queen snakes of various families, though Leylin would definitely be unwilling to go through with it.

After activating his innate defense spell, Leylin was still unsatisfied and used his palm to stroke his neck.

A dark red light exploded from his neck, and like the scales, descended until it covered his entire body, forming something that seemed like armour.

Leylin was especially cautious when dealing with this fearsome Spirit Pollution. Not only had he activated his innate defense spell, he’d even used his trump card, the Fallen Star Pendant.

Not only did the might of an ancient Loathsome Evil surpa.s.s that of a rank 1 Magus, Leylin was unsure of what the Spirit Slaying Sect’s Magi had done to increase its strength, making it even more troublesome.

Leylin wasn’t willing to risk anything—harm done to one’s spirit was much more difficult to treat than flesh wounds!

At that moment, other than the red membrane layer, Leylin had also had activated his two main items for defence—Kemoyin’s Scales and the Fallen Star Pendant.

Just as Leylin had finished his preparations, the light green haze had reached his location.


The moment the haze enveloped him, Leylin suddenly felt faint. Immediately after, the red light in his sea of consciousness rippled, and the crystal in the centre sent out a wave of spiritual force, dispersing his giddiness.

*Chik Chik!*

The moment Leylin’s outermost crimson layer of protection came into contact with the haze, the sound of an object being corroded could be heard. Within a few seconds, it was completely broken through.

Next, the phantom armour from Fallen Star Pendant started producing unbearable sounds, the energy from its reserves constantly being consumed.

“It hasn’t gone through my defences, but to think that this was the effect of the spirit pollution!”

Leylin trained his eye on the Loathsome Evil that was gradually approaching, the fear in his expression becoming increasingly apparent.


Two thick arms suddenly grew from its back and touched the ground, supporting the Loathsome Evil.

With a burst of power, the Loathsome Evil’s speed rapidly increased, and it dashed towards Leylin, slas.h.i.+ng at his waist with the axe in his left hand!

Before that ma.s.sive power reached him, the air in the atmosphere seemed to be compressed into crystals that hurtled towards Leylin!

With a gleam in his blue eyes, Leylin ducked through the crack in the axe by twisting his body at an unbelievable angle.

“Latent Fireball!”

After dodging this attack, Leylin looked around and saw that the garden had been almost completely engulfed by the green haze. Unless he killed this Loathsome Evil, it would have been impossible to pa.s.s through.

In any case, Leylin didn’t believe that the ancient Magi would let him leave so easily.

Hence, Leylin struck back fiercely, using the spell that had the most might!


Along with the syllables that flew out of Leylin’s mouth, a large number of black fireb.a.l.l.s suddenly appeared around the Loathsome Evil’s figure.

These fireb.a.l.l.s quickly merged into a single ma.s.s, its volume expanding to ten times the usual size, and exploded in front of the Loathsome Evil.

Black flames engulfed the Loathsome Evil, and many of its slim arms were broken off from the explosion.

Just from a single little black spark landing on the ground, a hole was melted that was so deep, one could not see how far down it went.
[Attacking target in the centre! Power of Latent Fireball: 51. Added bonus from elemental essence conversion: 21. Target’s defense in its front has been destroyed! Received data readings!”

A prompt from the A.I. Chip sounded out.

Out of all the spells Leylin possessed, the Latent Fireball was a magic that was second only to the Eyes of Petrification. Currently, with the added bonus from his elemental essence conversion, its degree of power was a terrifying total of 51!

Even an ancient monster like the Loathsome Evil could only tremble under the might of these flames!
[Beep! Loathsome Evil. Strength: 34. Agility: 19. Vitality: 40. Spiritual force: 25. Special Abilities: 1. Spirit Pollution. The Loathsome Evil will always be surrounded by Spirit Pollution similar to that emitted by ancient Magi. Once a spirit is infected, the creature will be cursed for eternity, and eventually wither away! 2. Devour: Loathsome Evil can heal injuries by consuming large amounts of flesh. At the same time, devouring large numbers of spirits will help the Loathsome Evil to evolve into stronger creatures!]

Seeing the data that the A.I. Chip had a.n.a.lysed, Leylin looked at the monster howling in pain within the dark flames with a sense of admiration.

“This power is comparable to that of a Magus with a 50% elemental essence conversion. If an army of Loathsome Evils is formed with an even more powerful leader taking charge, it’ll definitely be difficult for Magus organisations to handle it. They would need to escape…”

Leylin was admiring the Loathsome Evil, but this was still a battle, and Leylin instantly cast another Latent Fireball.

Countless black fireb.a.l.l.s emerged from the shadows and rushed towards the large ma.s.s of flames, causing it to burn even more vigorously.

Although Leylin possessed an interest in this Loathsome Evil, he would only extract some tissues and fluids from it after its death. He was definitely not planning on catching it live.

Hence, after seeing that the Latent Fireball was effective, Leylin immediately produced large numbers of the black fireb.a.l.l.s, determined to kill off the Loathsome Evil in one go!


The Loathsome Evil within the flames roared terrifyingly as it trembled on the floor, the many slim arms on its body melting and falling off.


The black flames burnt through the Loathsome Evil’s belly, and instantly, innumerable spirits escaped out of its stomach.

These spirits’ faces were those of females and males of all ages, and most of these spirits were weirdly shaped. If they didn’t have an extra hand on their faces, there would be an extra three legs on their bodies. Some even had various organs and structures stuck on their bodies and looked extremely similar to the Loathsome Evil.

The similarities between all of these spirits was a lifeless look in their eyes as if they had lost all intelligence.

“Don’t tell me… This is a base where the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect creates Loathsome Evils?” Seeing this scene, Leylin compared his current conjectures with his previous guesses and came up with a conclusion.

These spirits mindlessly dithered around the Loathsome Evil and seemed to hardly be afraid of the black flames. They pa.s.sed through without any trouble, and Leylin’s expression darkened.

“This! Could it be that…” Leylin suddenly had an idea.

He immediately threw out several potions, and even mixed in pink pearls that were sure to cause damage to spirits!

However, it was too late.

With a high pitched cry from the Loathsome Evil, the surrounding spirits promptly blew up!


The old witch’s method used to explode spirits seemed to have appeared once again!

However, this explosion included potentially hundreds of spirits exploding at the same time. Its power far outstripped what the old witch had shown the previous time!

The black flames on the Loathsome Evil’s body were extinguished in the explosion.

The waves from the frightening explosion hit Leylin.

*Poof!* The defensive layer from the Fallen Star Pendant suddenly flashed and fell apart like a soap bubble.

Leylin was sent flying, as if he had collided with the head of a train, and destroyed countless buildings as he fell back. There was a long line on the ground, tracing the path that he had been pushed back.

“Why didn’t I detect such a frightening skill?” Leylin was startled and even a little angry.
[Detecting a force field that has been part.i.tioned in a second defensive layer within the target’s belly!]

A prompt from the A.I. Chip emerged once again.


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