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The fight for profits and the crus.h.i.+ng repression that came with it was b.l.o.o.d.y and merciless. Lucca didn’t seem to sympathize with these captives even in the slightest bit.

Perhaps those Warlocks of the new generation would have their doubts. However, having experienced the turmoil in the central continent, the hostility of the Magus World and the glory afterwards, Lucca definitely wouldn’t entertain such a mentality.

“When we’ve arrived at the City of Alabaster and delivered our task, everyone can have a good rest!” Lucca yelled loudly, leading to his men joyously echoing his words. It was interjected by cries of fear from the captives. This scene was rather amusing.

“Also, everyone knows the rules, right? You don’t need me to say anything.”

Lucca then shot a fierce look across the people behind him. There was an exceptionally distinct hint of warning in his eyes.

The other Warlocks instantly turned sluggish. Lukard, on the other hand, forced a smile, “Please rest a.s.sured! Everyone absolutely will not show disrespect to the three madams of the City of Alabaster…”

“Very well!” Lucca was clear of the situation at hand. Although he knew that many of the Warlocks were reluctant to comply, his facial expression turned gentle.

While the City of Alabaster was under the control of Lord Leylin’s subordinates, it was obvious that freedom was maintained to a certain extent. Not only was there no mutual interference between the Ouroboros Clan and the the City of Alabaster, Lord Leylin also had his own staff that only took orders from the Lord himself. They had a firm control over the other end of the bilateral trade.

If not for the newly formed organization which didn’t have much manpower, Lucca and the rest wouldn’t be doing such missions like exterminating people.

Even so, before entering the subterranean world, these Warlocks had been ordered repeatedly that it was necessary for them to comply to the commands from the City of Alabaster. They were not allowed to violate them.

As for the fellows who daringly attempted to go against these instructions, their bones had already been turned to ashes. Only their soul was left behind in the Endless Prison in the City of Alabaster, full of remorse…

Of course, there seemed to be some secret rumor going around that this situation had an some unclear connection to Lord Leylin and those three madams.

Although he was already quite convinced of it deep in his heart, it was evident that Lucca would not publicly announce it even till his death.

The vast cityscape of the City of Alabaster gradually started to appear ahead of the troop. The everlasting radiance at the top of the structures was exceptionally gorgeous and dazzling, and had an extremely special feel to it.

“Rumor has it that the City of Alabaster was established in an instant when the Lord fully put his powerful Magus abilities to use. It received blessings from the Lord himself, and now has an everlasting quality.”

As he watched streams of people enter, as well as the envious and stunned expression on the face of the young lads in the troop, Lucca felt a sense of pride that couldn’t be put into words.

“No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it’s really so hard to believe!”

Lukard came to Lucca’s side, his eyes filled with admiration. The ability to move mountains and suppress the seas was something that he could only look up to. Just touching the boundary of that sort of strength in his remaining years was hardly even possible.

“The city of underground commerce: Alabaster!” Lucca’s voice had a rare hint of agitation in it. “When we’ve delivered our task, we’ll be able to go home!”

“Go home! Go home!” The many youngsters cheered together.

“Bah!” At this moment, the sound of a frivolous spit could be heard amongst the cheers, and was exceptionally ear-piercing.

“Hm?!” Lucca glanced over to see where the sound came from. It was from a young Magus with a distinct aura of someone highborn. Only n.o.ble Magi or had such a special feel to them.

“I remember you! You’re the first wife’s son of the family we destroyed this time. You’re rumoured to possess a n.o.ble bloodline, and you’re the most highly-ranked slave here!”

“You bunch of d.a.m.ned invaders! The mighty underground Magus Alliance will not let you off!” Although there were wounds on the young Magus’ face, and his body was bound by forbidden magic chains, he still raised his head stubbornly.

“The underground Magus Alliance? That disordered resistance organization?” Lucca felt like laughing, “I’m sorry, your wishes won’t come true…”

“Everything is witnessed by the almighty Mother of the Abyss,” The youngster was evidently very resolute. The look on his face made Lucca furrow his brows.

This sort of firm resolution was not because he was rooted to his beliefs, but stemmed from a confidence in some kind of trump card.

“Then… Can you tell me what makes you so confident in that?” Lucca asked inquisitively.

In such a circ.u.mstance, he was simply unable to see any possibility in the tables turning.

This fellow was about to sold as a slave, and would just be adopted as a boy toy at best by some highly-ranked Magus who took a fancy to his appearance and bloodline. However, Lucca didn’t mind chatting with him for a while more.

“You’ll see!”

The young man shot a fierce look at Lucca before looking away.

“You d.a.m.ned swine. Who do you think you are now? What position are you in to actually try to rebel against the reign of the Ouroboros Clan?!” Lukard shouted harshly, itching to lash him with the whip in his hand.

“Forget it, Lukard.” Lucca grabbed Lukard’s hand, and his voice turned gentle, which was a rare sight. He felt that he was still capable of showing mercy and compa.s.sion when dealing with this loser.

“Hmph! When we arrive at the slave market, I’ll be sure to ‘take good care’ of you. You can spend the rest of your life rolling around in mud and becoming a lowly experimental subject and filthy animal…” Lukard gave the slave a menacing scare, making his face turn rather pale. His fist was clenched so tightly that his finger joints had turned white, yet he did not lower his head and continued to hold it high.

“This is the capital of commerce: the City of Alabaster! Remember to show your identification credentials and observe order, or you’ll meet with expulsion or even be arrested!”

A few of the Magi from the City of Alabaster were on patrol around the city gate. They shouted this with the help of sound amplification spells, allowing their voices to travel far.

The many merchants and Magi roaming about seemed to be very familiar with this. They lined themselves up in a composed manner, and everything appeared neat and orderly.

“Ahem! I have some contribution points from exterminating the enemy powers, as well as these highly-ranked slaves. How much are these worth altogether?”

At this point, even the other Warlocks in the team couldn’t help but beam with joy after calculating their profits.

However, strange distortions suddenly appeared in the sky in the distance. An enormous black stormcloud suddenly moved quickly across, and it had many strange skeleton runes at its centre.

“Let go of Vick!”

The angry bellow of an aged person could be clearly heard from the dark clouds, causing the area around the city gate to become chaotic. Lucca’s legs also started to turn wobbly, even though his strength was at rank 3.

“This… This feeling… Rank 5 ! No! A being that’s rank 6 or above! Wasn’t he just from a small family? Why would they be involved with this power?”

At this moment, the young slave had gotten a pleasant surprise, and was full of smiles.

“ Lord of the subsidiary clan! I’m here!” A crimson radiance emerged from the young man’s body, which was evidently some sort of indication of his location.

“A subsidiary clan? Is this a conspiracy? Or a coincidence?” Lucca’s thoughts were a mess.

King Arthur certainly wasn’t the only Breaking Dawn contender in the first layer of the subterranean world. However, the majority of the other monsters lived in seclusion, and spent their days cooped up in their laboratories. The City of Alabaster obviously wouldn’t offend them just for such insignificant benefits. Thus, both sides appeared to show restraint.

But now, a monster was clearly being dragged into the situation.

“How daring of you! You actually had the nerve to attack my affiliated clan!” Anger could clearly be felt radiating from within the black cloud.

The overbearing pressure of a solidified truesoul made all the Magi and Warlocks crouch on the ground. Only the slaves were left standing, their faces glowing with happiness.

“Haha… Haha… You lowly bloodline b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. How dare you offend the n.o.ble young master, Vick! I will execute every single one of you! No! Before execution, I’ll let you enjoy all the torturous punishments the subterranean world has to offer!” The young man laughed maniacally.

“We’re done for! Unless Lord Leylin or King Arthur happens to be here, even the chief of the Lyas family cannot match up to a rank 6 being…”

Lucca’s pupils shone with desperation as he watched the white arm bone reach out from the dark cloud.

“We cannot tolerate anyone violating the interests of our bloodline Warlocks!”

At this very moment, a booming voice suddenly sounded from within the City of Alabaster.

The voice was accompanied by a wave of terrifying bloodline strength. A scarlet radiance washed across the entire sky, as though it was inexhaustible and everlasting, pus.h.i.+ng the dark cloud to a side.

“What bloodline is this? It definitely isn’t the Giant Kemoyin Serpent!” A furious voice boomed from within the cloud, and there was even a hint of fear in it.

“It is I, Ouroboros! The limitless and everlasting snake: Ouroboros!” Lucca then saw the frighteningly enormous phantom of a giant snake burst out from the heart of the City of Alabaster, with a body that seemed to extend across the entire horizon.

Whether it was the gigantic body of the snake or the bizarre scales on it, it had a completely different appearance from a Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Yet, it made Lucca feel like bowing in wors.h.i.+p.

“Is this… Is this the legendary Emperor bloodline?”

Even as a veteran Warlock of the Ouroboros Clan, it was his first time witnessing the Emperor bloodline explode firsthand.

But the familiar feeling from the bloodline and the orders originating from within his genes made Lucca bow down right away, his eyes involuntarily br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears.

Having inherited Leylin’s bloodline directly, the Emperor bloodline was also conferred the ability to grant these Kemoyin descendants life or death.

It was only now, after coming face to face with the might of the Emperor bloodline, did Lucca thoroughly understand the actions of the other bloodline clans.

Such an astounding bloodline was indeed worth sacrificing everything for.


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