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Until dinner time, he did not see the figure of Hetun.

Was the Hetun really going to lock him up in the dark room for two days?

Originally, Feng Xinglang wanted to bring his wife and children back to the Shen City right away; however, Xueluo and her son seemed to be very interested in the Hetun that was imprisoned in the little black room. Especially little friend Linnuo, from time to time he would run out to take a peek at the entrance of the tunnel.

Although the foster son s did not disobey Feng Xinglang’s family of three with harsh words, they could clearly feel their coldness.

Including Xing Ba, he did not look cold nor hot. Presumably, they were very dissatisfied with Feng Xinglang’s family for oppressing Hetun like this.

The entire Pater Castle had fallen into an inexplicable state of lifelessness. Moreover, the suppression was very uncomfortable.

Linnuo’s little friend felt a little uncomfortable. It was not only because of the foster father Hetun imprisoned in the small dark room, it was also because of his sworn brothers who had ignored him.

Little Fifteen, who had originally been praised by the crowd, had now been reduced to a point where his sworn brothers didn’t even look at him.

“Is my foster father’s dinner ready yet? Hurry up! I still need to send it to my foster father later! “

The little guy ran into the kitchen and urged.

The chef spoke in English, so the little guy could understand most of the words: Old Tweleve should have already sent over foster father Hetun’s dinner!

“This Old Tweleve is stealing my credit again!”

The little guy hummed in dissatisfaction as he ran towards the dark room.

At the entrance to the dark room, the little guy was stopped by the Xing Wu.

“Stupid Old Five, what are you doing? You dare to stop me? It’s the opposite of you! “

Usually, Xing Wu would only get bullied by this little fellow, but this time, Xing Wu had a cold and fierce face, he just ignored the chattering Little Fifteen.

In short, it was better to not let him in!

“Stinky Old Five! Are you going to rebel? “

The little guy purposely barked loudly. It had always been his forte.

Xing Wu still stood motionlessly at the entrance, not allowing the little guy to enter.

Since foster father Hetun had voluntarily accepted the punishment, the crowd of foster son s could not persuade his; however, they could not help but blame their discontent towards the insensible Little Fifteen. Everyone could see how much a foster father doted on his younger brother! Yet, the little fellow had become so pampered …

He was no longer a mere pampered genius! He had completely ascended to the point where he would repay kindness with enmity!

All the sworn brothers thought: No matter who this little fellow takes revenge on, he can’t take revenge on foster father Hetun!

The little guy’s loud voice brought out Xing Ba who was waiting inside.

“Fifteen, you’re making trouble again!”

The furious Xing s.h.i.+’er could no longer be bothered to talk to Feng Xinglang’s family of three. Only Xing Ba, who had a slightly more tactful and tactful att.i.tude, was willing to bother with the unreasonable and unreasonable little friend Linnuo.

“How am I messing around?” I’m here to see my foster father! “

The creature bit its lip and peered into the gloom of the pa.s.sage.

“Your family has locked your foster father in the small dark room! What else do you want? Not even giving your foster father food? “

Actually, Xing Ba was blaming himself in his heart. If he hadn’t called for Feng Xinglang back then, he wouldn’t have indirectly forced his foster father into this place.

“How could I be so bad!”

The wronged Lil Thing cried out, “I was just thinking of my foster father, come and see him!”

“Father doesn’t need you to look at him! Who told my foster father to lock up in that small dark room! Eighth brother doesn’t even want to talk to you! Go play on the side! “

Xing Ba who was still feeling angry turned around and was about to leave, when the little guy immediately rushed forward and hugged his leg.

“Eighth Brother, let me in.” My foster father would definitely want to be fifteen the most! ” Seeing that foster father Hetun had only taken a few bites, Xing Ba started to worry about his body, and it seemed that he was hesitating.

“Eighth Brother, it’s my fault that you locked your foster father in the Quiet Room … Can’t I go in and persuade my foster father to come out? “

Seeing that being tough was not good, the little fellow started to try to get on Xing Ba’s good side.

“Alright!” Eighth brother will believe you this once! If you dare be unfilial and disobedient to your foster father again, we brothers won’t even have a chance! , Old Five, as well as Old Fourteen and Old Seventeen, they will no longer be brothers with you! Especially second brother, he will break your little P-share into four pieces! “

Amongst all the sworn brothers, only Xing Er made the little friend fear. Fortunately, Xing Er did not return to the Pater Castle to visit them often.

“Believe me! I also love my foster father, okay! “

Hearing the shouting, Hetun originally wanted Xing s.h.i.+’er to come out and take a look; however, she did not expect Xing Ba to bring Xiao s.h.i.+yi in directly.

“Fifteen, why are you here? Didn’t you go back to the Shen City with your dad? “

The Hetun was indeed imprisoned inside the iron fences. There was barely any chopsticks on the table beside him.

“Foster father, I can’t bear to part with you!”

The little guy ran in, and climbed onto Hetun’s powerful legs in a few seconds, then obediently hugged Hetun’s neck and kissed him.

Hetun laughed out heartily, “Haha, it seems like my foster father did not love me for nothing at all!”

“Foster father, you’re already so old …. “You can just lock him up for a while. Let’s go out with Fifteen!”

The little fellow used his forehead to coax Hetun’s chin, “Fifteen mommy’s already forgiven you!”

“That won’t do!”

Hetun kissed the little fellow’s tender cheeks, “Two days is two days, foster father must keep his word.”

“Then 15, stay here with your foster father!”

The little guy willfully hugged the Hetun tightly and refused to let go no matter what.

“Hahaha, my 15 most filial piety!”

Hetun, who was originally gloomy, instantly started to laugh heartily after hearing her grandson’s words.

they did not care about the other foster son s who had been silently accompanying him, waiting on him to eat and drink.

… ….

“Where to?”

Xueluo had just taken two steps when a man’s stern voice came from behind him.

Xueluo stopped walking and turned around to look at Feng Xinglang, “Xinglang, do you really want Hetun to stay in the dark room for two days?”

“He had locked up my wife and children for five years, but I only locked him up for two days … “It’s cheap enough for him.”

“But he also helped you keep your wife and children for five years! It’s worth it! “

Xueluo really couldn’t bear to see the old Hetun being oppressed and punished. And it was man-made, so they could completely avoid it.

“He owes me, he owes my wife and children, he owes my big brother, he owes my mother …” Even if you take his life, you won’t be able to repay him! “

Pa.s.sing through the opened window, Feng Xinglang’s gaze looked towards the distant undulating jungle, with a solemn and cold expression.

“I won’t pester you anymore! I’m going to look for Nuonuo! “

Just as Xueluo was about to leave, she was stopped again.

“Lin Xueluo, you call me father from the left, you call me father from the right … That was pretty good! “

“That is a private matter between me and Hetun! “You don’t need to care!”

Xueluo didn’t want to argue with this man, so she turned and quickly left.

Actually, Xueluo knew that her son had come to the Hetun.

At the entrance of the pa.s.sage, Xing Wu was currently guarding the hall, wolfing down their dinner. There was also Xing Ba, who was chewing on his food slowly.

“Enough, Crown Prince’s wife, don’t go in and cause trouble!” With fifteen here, my foster father is pretty good. ” Seeing that there wasn’t even a place to eat in this group of foster son s, Xueluo couldn’t bear it anymore.

With nothing to say, Xueluo turned and left. She knew that should be pleased to have a son to accompany her.

When Xueluo returned, there was no longer a man in the room.

Knowing that the man wouldn’t return to Shen City alone, Xueluo searched everywhere.

Seeing the candlelight flickering in the room used as a sacrifice for Su He that Hetun viewed as a forbidden ground, Xueluo stopped in her tracks. She knew the man was in there.

Xueluo waited for more than half an hour, and seeing that the man in the room still had no intention to come out, she quietly turned and left.

The considerate her didn’t want to disturb his husband Feng Xinglang and his mother’s time alone.

Xueluo who had returned to her room was completely awake.

He wanted to read a bit to pa.s.s the time, but he inadvertently saw a shoulder bag that the man brought back.

From the shoulder bag, Xueluo found Lan Youyou’s death certificate and some cremated doc.u.ments. Although Xueluo could not understand Tai Wen, but she could understand the English version that was added inside.

Lan Youyou is already dead?

But when this man came over, why didn’t he mention it at all?

However, he did not realize how sad this man was, as if he did not care about Lan Youyou’s death at all.

Lan Youyou… In the end … Still dead!

Xueluo was silent for a moment, and a long while before sighing.

That night, little friend Linnuo accompanied his biological grandfather and Hetun.

That night, Feng Xinglang accompanied his mother.

That night, Xueluo slept in a peaceful, undisturbed sleep …

It seemed quite unbelievable!

Xueluo was not anxious at all because her husband and son were not by her side.

Xueluo knew that there were some issues that required time to slowly dissolve. Furthermore, she was progressing in a favorable direction step by step.

He did not go find his son Linnuo, nor did he wait for his husband Feng Xinglang.

After was.h.i.+ng his face and rinsing his mouth, Xueluo sat in front of the dining table by himself, happily eating the breakfast that the chef had just made.

It was as if at this moment, Xueluo felt that the Pater Castle’s chef’s skills were actually this good. It was a pity that she had never been able to calm her heart and enjoy the taste in the past.

Xueluo was eating until she was full! She practically ate the breakfast the chef brought up one by one.

Linnuo’s little friend who came over to get breakfast for foster father Hetun was stunned.

Feng Xinglang, who had come back to find his wife and children, was also slightly startled.

The father and son duo looked at Xueluo, who dominated the entire dining table by herself and was happily eating her breakfast, and felt a little uncomfortable.

“Mommy, you didn’t even wait for your own son to come back and eat together!”

The little fellow first voiced out its dissatisfaction.

“Isn’t there still so much left? Enough for you two! “

“…” Give the rest to him and his father?

The little guy thought: This Mummy in front of him, must be a fake Mummy.

… ….

Cong Gang squinted, as if he was calculating the time.

“Wei Kang, what do you think Feng Xinglang needs the most?”

After a long while, he finally opened his eyes, and turned his head to ask Wei Kang who was organizing the data list.

“Feng Xinglang is not lacking in … “What the h.e.l.l …”

Although Wei Kang felt that the BOSS’s question was strange, he still pondered over it. “I don’t think that the thing he needs the most is money!”

“Alright, let’s start with the ‘money’ that he doesn’t lack!”

Cong Gang’s enigmatic eyes revealed a hint of unfathomable profoundness.


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