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Chapter 120: How embarra.s.sing!

Xueluo simply could not imagine how a child, who was only five or six years old, would feel after being constantly locked in a sun room that was sealed with a security net. How much psychological trauma and trauma do you have to bear?

“You must be being naughty, which is why Father Feng locked you up, right?”

His questioning voice became softer. Xueluo felt that although he was not welcomed by his uncle’s family, his daily life was still very comfortable. Why did Feng Xinglang suffer such mistreatment from her own father?

He continued to starve for two to three days … To a five or six-year-old child, simplicity was a disaster.

Xueluo believed what Feng Xinglang said. How could such a proud and powerful man possibly fake a tragic childhood to get her sympathy? There was no need at all. It should be because of his feelings for a moment.

“The only reason is that I, his illegitimate child, have disgraced him!” Feng Xinglang smiled faintly. It was bitter and unruly.

“Then… Then does your brother Feng Lixin not care about you? ” Xueluo thought that since the relations.h.i.+p between the two brothers were so good, it should have been deep-rooted brotherly love since they were young.

“When I was five or six, he was only seven or eight. Furthermore, I was quite against him at the time, so how could I accept his help? I should say that I was extremely hostile and repulsed by everyone in Feng Family! “I remember one day when he sneakily brought me food to eat, I actually put it all on my brother’s face …”

Feng Xinglang continued to smile, but that smile made Xueluo’s heart ache uncontrollably.

“You’re really naughty. Your brother just wants to help you! You do not know how to be kind! ” Xueluo could not help but scold Feng Xinglang.

“That steak is very hot, it directly made my brother’s face turn red! I thought my brother would go downstairs and complain. But he said that he accidentally scalded himself while he was stealing the steak! “

Feng Xinglang’s resolute eyes had a tinge of redness in them, he hurriedly turned his head to the side, and closed both of his eyes for a moment before slowly opening them again.

It dawned on them: No wonder the two of them were so close. Feng Lixin was extremely good to Feng Xinglang, her half-brother.

Xueluo admired the deep feelings between the two brothers, and also admired how the two brothers could love each other.

“Your brother is truly good to you.”

Actually, Xueluo also wanted to add another sentence at this moment: Since your brother treats you so well, why are you still flirting with her, this’ sister-in-law ‘?

“So, I will not let anyone who has hurt my big brother get away with it. The reward of blood, the reward of life! “

Feng Xinglang’s handsome face immediately became gloomy.

Feng Lixin took care of his colorful childhood; however, he was unable to take care of Feng Lixin’s peaceful and good life.

Therefore, even though he knew that Feng Lixin had to suffer very hard everyday, Feng Xinglang did not want to give up his life.

Xueluo’s heart palpitated. She really did not want to see the man in front of her be unable to extricate himself from his hatred. It was as if, apart from revenge, there was no other source of suns.h.i.+ne in his life.

Looking in the direction of the treatment room, Xueluo lowered his voice and asked: “Feng Xinglang, didn’t you find Lan Youyou’s location? Your brother is so worried about her, how can he not let her meet with him? Maybe when your brother sees Lan Youyou, he will cooperate actively in the treatment. It will not be like this, where only conservative treatment will be able to sustain its life! “

After a slight pause, Xueluo voiced out his thoughts, “Women dress themselves for the sake of the beauties, and men should share the same state of mind. I think if Lan Youyou is willing to take the initiative to persuade your brother to go to the United States for a further skin transplant, I think your brother will definitely go. “

Feng Xinglang was quietly listening to her thoughts. It felt as if her view from a woman’s point of view was indeed a little workable.

However, Feng Lixin had already promised him to go to the United States for further treatment after his 30th birthday. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try this woman out.

Seeing Feng Xinglang staring at him, Xueluo bit her lips, “Rest a.s.sured, I won’t be jealous of Lan Youyou. As long as your brother’s condition can improve and he can undergo further skin grafting, I will bless him with the beauty of adulthood.


These words made Feng Xinglang to constantly frown. This sweet woman, even now, thinks that she is the wife of her big brother, Feng Lixin.

A lover becomes a lover? Was that Lan Youyou worthy? She was one of the masterminds who partic.i.p.ated in killing Feng Lixin. He deserved to die a thousand deaths!

“Since your feelings for my brother are so weak, why do you insist on wanting to see him?” Feng Xinglang asked calmly.

Xueluo was choked once again by the man’s strong logic. Suddenly, he thought of what he had said the last time. ‘My brother is a sick man, and is unable to meet some of your needs.’

Perhaps only a man with a l.u.s.tful mind like him would think of such a reason.

“Isn’t it my duty and duty to marry into the Feng Family to take care of your brother? Since you, Feng Xinglang, aren’t worried about me, and aren’t willing to let me get close to your brother, then I will follow your wishes and eat and drink in your Feng Family. “It’s easier to save energy.”

Xueluo did not want to continue discussing this with Feng Xinglang. Otherwise, this man would feel that he had a ‘strong desire’ towards his elder brother Feng Lixin. To the heavens and earth, how could he have any presumptuous thoughts about Feng Lixin?

I really can’t be bothered to argue with someone like Feng Xinglang!

“I agree with you very much. In Feng Family, you only need to serve me well! ” Feng Xinglang said as she lifted her lips.

Xueluo glared at the arrogant man in front of him, and was so angry that he couldn’t say anything.

The phone in the living room rang. It was the Nanny An who answered.

After talking for a bit, Nanny An covered the microphone and asked Feng Xinglang, who was on the sofa, for instructions: “Second Young Master, Madam’s senior has called the police. He is currently at the security office with the police, the security team leader wants to inform you.”

Feng Xinglang’s handsome face carried an indistinct sneer, “Let them in. Say that the tea has been brewed and is waiting for them to come drink it. “

Nanny An was slightly startled, but in the end, he still replied to the Captain of the security guards according to Feng Xinglang’s orders.

Upon hearing that it was a senior, Xueluo thought of Fang Yi Yan: Why did he go to the police? Do you think you haven’t been beaten up enough? How stubborn.

Xueluo immediately stood up, wanting to go out and persuade Fang Yi.

“Halt!” Just as he took two steps forward, Feng Xinglang’s stern voice sounded from behind him, “Madame Feng, are you going to go out and meet that bookworm?”

“Shall I persuade him to leave? Please respect a scholar. ” Xueluo replied.

“We Feng Family do not need you to make a public appearance. Your three ways of doing things are as follows: Stay at home for me! ” Feng Xinglang said coldly.

He had had enough of this man’s arrogance. Xueluo did not bother with Feng Xinglang’s overbearing and domineering att.i.tude, and rushed to the door of the hall without looking back.

It was so fast that Xueluo was not even able to touch the handle of the door with his hands.

When Fang Yi and the two policemen walked in, they just happened to see Lin Xueluo snuggled in Feng Xinglang’s embrace.

Being carried like this by Feng Xinglang, Xueluo was anxious and embarra.s.sed. She struggled with all she had, but never thought that the man’s arms were like iron pincers, unable to struggle free no matter how hard she struggled.

“Be good, don’t flirt in front of the police uncle, you’re too embarra.s.sed. “You can go back to your room and cause trouble again soon!”

Feng Xinglang used his extremely loving words to coax the disobedient woman in his arms. His voice was neither loud nor low, loud enough for Fang Yi to hear.

Xueluo was ashamed, “Feng Xinglang, let go!”

She tried her best to pull Feng Xinglang’s arm around her waist, but the man was too strong, Xueluo could not move him at all.

The two policemen didn’t seem to think that the plot would turn out like this: They didn’t know if it was a man and a woman hugging each other, flirting, scolding, and not avoiding their attention.

“Mr Feng, I’m really sorry for disturbing your rest so late at night.” However, this Mr. Fang insisted that someone was being placed under house arrest in the sunroom on the third floor of your villa … We are also routine. ” The leader of the police quickly apologized.

“Oh, I had a misunderstanding with this Mr Fang.”

Feng Xinglang glanced at Fang Yiyan who was staring at the woman in his embrace, her thin lips curled up, and she said: “I don’t have a good temper, coincidentally, Mr. Fang was holding a rose in his hand downstairs, so I impulsively went up and hit him. I will compensate this Mr. Fang for his medical expenses. “

What made Xueluo surprised was that Feng Xinglang did not make things difficult for Fang Yi, nor did he make things difficult for the police.

“Since the misunderstanding has been resolved, we will no longer disturb Mr Feng and your family’s rest.”

The police, who had seen countless people, could tell with a single glance that this was a small fight between husband and wife. As for Fang Yiyan, he had become the third person to covet his wife with a rose in his hand. It was only right for him to be beaten up. Furthermore, they had already agreed to pay the medical fees. Naturally, it would be a small matter, a small matter.

However, Fang Yi did not have the intention to leave, and continued to stare at Xueluo who was in Feng Xinglang’s embrace.

She was clearly marrying Feng Lixin, why was she so close to this Feng Xinglang? What was their relations.h.i.+p?

It seemed like the relations.h.i.+p between Lin Xueluo and this Feng Xinglang was not simple!

“Fang Yiyan, you can go back. I’m fine now. I’m sorry I beat you up. The Feng Family will pay for the medicine. “

Xueluo only wanted to advise Fang Yi to leave. She was truly unable to fathom Feng Xinglang, this uncertain man. It was unknown when he would be beaten to a pulp by Fang Yi.

“Xueluo, it’s good that you’re fine. As long as you’re fine, it doesn’t matter if I get hit a little. ” There were bruises on Fang Yiyan’s chin and eyebrows.

“Fang Yiyan, I’m so sorry …”

Xueluo suddenly felt that the hand around her waist was slowly tightening and tightening, strangling her to the point that she almost couldn’t breathe.

It was a red warning.


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