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Chapter 911 – Hiding! Fast!

Hetun’s heart was extremely heavy.

He stayed outside the door of the operating room.

Fortunately he had delivered it in time, Feng Xinglang’s broken leg had been saved.

Holding his son’s hand, who was still under the effects of the medicine, Hetun’s eyes were red.

Just as his son Feng Xinglang had said, because of his own stupidity, not only did he force his own daughter-in-law and his beloved grandson to leave, he had even almost lost his own son’s life!

Seeing that Feng Xinglang’s leg had been fixed, Hetun’s heart tightened and hurt.

This was his own child, the blood of his lineage!

“Nuonuo… Nuonuo… Xueluo… “

As he slept, Feng Xinglang murmured the names of his wife and children.

Regardless of the reason he had forced them to leave him due to their distrust of his husband and father, he would never hesitate to bring them back.

Her son must be missing his wife and children …

Hetun rubbed his reddened eyes and stood up, “Eighth brother, you stay behind to take care of Ah Lang; Old Five, follow me to s.h.i.+ Zhu County!”

The Hetun wanted to bring Xueluo and his mother back before his son Xing Lang woke up.

It was time to correct and compensate for his foolish mistakes!

As for the person who hid in the shadows and plotted against his Hetun, he definitely would not let him go!

But now, the first thing he had to do was to find Xueluo and his mother.

“Old Five, take it easy. Don’t be so ferocious! Take good care of your foster father! “

Xing Ba originally wanted to change missions with the Xing Wu, but seeing as the foster father Hetun viewed his own son, Feng Xinglang, more important than his own life, he would definitely not allow the reckless Xing Wu to stay and serve him!

Furthermore, if Feng Xinglang really wanted to go find his wife and children, the simple-minded Xing Wu would definitely fight with Feng Xinglang again! How could the Xing Wu be a match for such a treacherous person like Feng Xinglang!

Hetun walked a few steps before turning around.

“Eighth Brother, call fourteen over. We must ensure Ah Lang’s safety! “

“I understand, foster father!”

It seemed that for the sake of his own son, the Hetun had even revealed his trump card beforehand.

This was a huge taboo, but Hetun could not care so much.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the more dangerous the situation, the more Hetun would leave a person behind to wait for an opportunity to act.

After Hetun left, Xing Ba fell into deep thought as well.

Who could have played such a ghostly trick on his foster father? This person must know foster father Hetun’s way of doing things very well!

Vaguely, Xing Ba thought of one person — Cong Gang!

But Cong Gang had already disappeared for several months, and he had not seen any activities that had in the Shen City.

Didn’t his base at the ghost house in Qibei Mountain City have already been exterminated by second brother?

If it was really Cong Gang, then it was terrifying!

Xing Ba thought of an even stranger thing: Lan Youyou’s disappearance!

After Lan Youyou left Shallow Water Bay, he went to find Feng Xinglang, and everything was in Xing Ba’s line of sight. However, after Lan Youyou was chased out of the GK Vanguard, he lost her too!

Xing Ba thought that Lan Youyou was taken away by Yan Bang, but then he realised: Yan Bang’s men also lost Lan Youyou!

How could a living person disappear so quickly?

Could it be that Lan Youyou was taken away by an alien?

Could Lan Youyou’s disappearance have something to do with him?

If it was related, what would Cong Gang want to do by abducting Lan Youyou?

It really made one’s head grow big!

Looking at the pale Feng Xinglang on the sickbed, Xing Ba faintly sighed.

“I hope that Cong Gang’s target is not you! Or else, us foster son who don’t care about our parents will suffer again! “

The children in the village all thought that the children that came from the city were spoiled, but the behavior of Linnuo’s children made them have a whole new level of respect for him.

It was as easy as climbing a tree or digging out a bird’s nest.

The key point was that Linnuo’s little friend’s brain was quite useful: to put it nicely, he would call it resourceful; to put it bluntly, he would be using trickery.

Compared to the children in the kindergarten, who only knew how to cry and report to their teachers, Linnuo really liked the simple and honest nature of the children in the col.

It would be fun if they fought, wouldn’t it!

Seeing that his son and the children in the village were getting along quite well, Xueluo only warned them a little, but did not bother about them.

I can see that my son is having a good time here!

She liked to see her son release his virginity when he returned to nature.

It was only when it was deep into the night that Xueluo and her son would be depressed at someone’s failure to appear!

It had already been five days, did that man really not want them anymore?

Or was she angry at him for leaving without saying anything?

In fact, Xueluo who had calmed down had thought of many details in the past few days: Should I face my husband Feng Xinglang face-to-face before I leave?

But the Hetun said that he had already done the paternity test! Not only did he do it for Feng Xinglang and Feng Xinglang, he even did it for Feng Lixin and Feng Tuantuan. He couldn’t possibly make a mistake both times, right?!

With the Hetun’s power, how could he be mistaken!

However… In his subconscious, Xueluo was still unwilling to believe that Feng Tuantuan was his husband’s, Feng Xinglang’s, illegitimate daughter!

Furthermore, she was’s illegitimate daughter!

Xueluo really couldn’t accept it!

That man still hasn’t appeared. Could it be that he feels ashamed for her and her son?!

That was why he did not dare to face her, Lin Xueluo?

But, with a man’s arrogance and arrogance, how could he not dare to face her, Lin Xueluo!

Furthermore, even if Feng Xinglang could abandon his wife, he could not bear to not see his own son for a few days!

Of course, if that layer of window paper was broken, then that man might lose his longing for his son after having his own daughter! Perhaps, at this very moment, he was hugging Feng Tuantuan with all sorts of deep fatherly love!

Xueluo felt like his brain was going to explode!

She had already decided to take her child and leave that man, so why was she still thinking about him?

How is this shameless? Or was it to be shameless?

In short, even the tiniest bit of a woman’s face had been thrown away by her, Lin Xueluo.

Zuo An Yan raised his head and looked at Uncle Qiu’s family on the mountain, then turned his head and glanced at Xueluo who was sometimes in a daze.

“Xueluo, for the last house today, I will go alone. Nuonuo is still waiting for you at the Village Chief’s house, you should hurry back to give him a bath and make him something to eat. “Don’t bother with the children.”

“Nuonuo and Qiang Zi are already familiar with each other, it’s alright.”

Xueluo glanced at the setting sun, “Let me accompany you! The Village Chief has already said that Old Uncle Qiu is the most stubborn. Little Chen and the others were driven out by him yesterday! “

“Alright, let’s try to capture Uncle Qiu in one go!”

The last few days of thinking had left Zuo Anyan and all his teammates exhausted. It was one thing to be physically exhausted, but the key people saw them as traffickers of children. All kinds of hard work was not enough to please him!

Turning his head, Zuo Anyan saw a Land Cruiser trudging past on the far side of the hill.

It did not look bad. It was actually able to drive through the narrow path and only stopped when it reached the entrance of the dried up well at the entrance of the village.

“Xueluo look, is that Feng Xinglang’s car?”

From Zuo An Yan’s point of view, for such powerful vehicles to appear in the village, the only one who could do so was the tyc.o.o.n Feng Xinglang.

Feng Xinglang?

Xueluo’s heartbeat suddenly slowed down by half a beat!

She followed Zuo An Yan’s line of sight and really saw an extremely overbearing SUV.

But the person who came out of the jeep surprised Xueluo.


She exclaimed and immediately squatted down.

Although she was still quite a distance away and could not be seen by the Hetun due to the cover of the mountains and trees, she was still quite frightened.

“Puffer fish?” Was it a person’s name? “Why did you pick a fight with a fish?”

Zuo An Yan teased as he followed up with Xueluo, half-squatting together. He mumbled to himself, “Why are we so nervous? It’s not like he can’t see us.”

Xueluo was so nervous that he stopped breathing: Why is Hetun here?

There was no doubt that the Hetun was here to find his biological grandson! He was definitely not looking for her, Lin Xueluo!

With this little self-knowledge, Xueluo still had it!

In the eyes of the Hetun, he was just an ‘outsider’ who was only dependent on his mother!

Wasn’t it enough to have a granddaughter to hug? What kind of grandson would he want?!

With Hetun’s greed, it seems like she wants her own granddaughter and her own grandson! It would be great if he could go home and collect the word ‘good’!

He was so beautiful!

But why did the first to arrive wasn’t Feng Xinglang, but the Hetun?

“Xueluo, who exactly are those two? “He looks really fierce!”

Zuo An Yan started to worry about Xueluo and her son’s safety. Because it seemed that Xueluo recognized these two people.

“He’s Nuonuo’s foster father …”

Xueluo paused for a moment, then changed his words, “My biological grandfather.”

“One is my foster father? One is my biological grandfather? “

Zuo Anyan casually asked.

His understanding of Xueluo’s words was completely from the point of view of a normal person.

“No… The older one was not only Nuonuo’s foster father, but also Nuonuo’s biological grandfather. The one in front is a bodyguard! “

“No!” I have to hide Nuonuo first! must not take it away! “

Without waiting for Zuo An Yan to respond, Xueluo immediately ran towards the Village Chief’s house at the foot of the hill.

“Xueluo, slow down.”

Zuo An Yan followed closely behind.

Xueluo sprinted back to the village chief’s house. Little friend Linnuo was playing with Qiangzi on a gla.s.s ball.

“Nuonuo… Nuonuo… Quick… Hide! “Faster!”

Not only did Linnuo not hide anything, he stood on his tiptoes and looked outside the courtyard with his big and clear eyes.

“Mommy, is it that b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s dad?”

The little guy’s eyes were filled with joy, but showed Little Ao’s pampered emotions, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang, why have you only come? We will never forgive him for letting our wife and children suffer so much! “

“It’s not your b.a.s.t.a.r.d father! It’s your b.a.s.t.a.r.d foster father! “

Xueluo anxiously looked towards the direction of the village entrance, while looking for his son’s hiding place.

“Nuonuo, if your foster father took you back, you wouldn’t be able to see your mother anymore!”


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